May 6, 2020

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If you are here, we assume that it is because you saw a pop-up somewhere with the mention “Verified by Provely.” It picked your curiosity, and as you are a curious person, you decided to do more research… and ended up here. 

Good! The folks behind the Art of Growth Marketing use Social Proof software and have in-depth knowledge about the subject. 

After reading this article, you will know:

  • What is the meaning behind Verified by Provely
  • How the whole Verification concept works
  • If Verified by Provely is reliable and truthful
  • How to use social proof popup on eCommerce stores and websites

What is Provely 

Provely is a Social Proof notification software owned by a company called Digital Kickstart. They are based in Indiana in the US. 

When you look at the webpage of Provely, it feels like a Sales Funnel. When you look at the website of their parent company, you find out that they have almost two dozens software under their umbrella AND deliver plenty of marketing knowledge like podcast interviews, live streams, marketing insights. 

So Provely is a company specialized in delivering high-quality products in the field of analytics, sales, marketing, email, market research, and much more. 

You can see that Provely has a proven track record and a good reputation in the field of digital marketing. 

What is Social Proof

Social Proof is a concept that comes straight from Robert Cialdini’s book Influence. It does not mean that Professor Cialdini invented the whole concept, but he is the one that talked about it and made it into a book. Social Proof is, in short, when we influence people’s behavior by using the power of social influence. Whether we want to admit it or not, human beings are first and foremost social beings. 

Being social beings means that we are influenced by what others do, say, how they behave, and so on. 

We tend the mimic the behavior of people who we believe in having affinities with or admiring. Social Proof makes use of the fear of missing out, social influence, scarcity, etc. 

Using this core principle of human nature, marketers, website owners, and eCommerce store owners use Social Proof Notification Pop-ups like Provely to influence the behavior of visitors on their website. 

By displaying information like “Mary from London bought this lipstick 23 min ago,” you may be influenced into mimicking the behavior as both of you are interested in the same product… and you have the social proof that the product is excellent as someone else bought it too! 

Is Verified by Provely really verified? Is it reliable? 

Before we can answer the question, you need to understand two things:

The Input: Provely relies on information that their clients own (e.g., website owner, marketer, eCommerce store agency, etc.) 

The Output: the pop-up notifications.

The Intent: what the clients of Provely intend to do with the software, either being honest marketers or being tricksters. 

The Technology behind Provely is reliable (more on how it works below.)

However, when it comes to say if it is indeed verified or not, we can only bounce back to the owners of the original data. 

If we can now eat fake meat burgers that taste just like real meat, we can say that pretty much anything can be faked. It does not mean that Provely is faking anything. Still, it could mean that a small minority of people, who are not well-intentioned, could trick the system into delivering dishonest data. 

So the answer to the question is: if honest marketers use Provely, Verified by Provely is reliable. 

How does Verified by Provely work?

The owner of the website or eCommerce store installs a tracking snippet on the website they manage. 

It is a simple code that is pasted in the code. 

It can be done in 30 seconds. 

After the code is added to the website and detected by Provely, the website owner will create a widget or multiple widgets. 

The widgets will either be for leads or sales. A lead would be something like “Bret subscribed to the Buff Gym Tips newsletter 1 day ago,” and a sale would be “Natasha bought the Young Forever face cream 23 minutes ago.”

The way it works is simple:

  • when the prospect visits the website, the tracking snippet is activated
  • the tracking snippet tracks the behavior of the visitor; if the visitor buys something, the information will be added in the database of the website or the eCommerce store
  • at the same time, while the prospect is on the website, widgets are displayed based on the behavior of other prospects
  • the widgets are displayed based on the information in the database and the settings that were configured.

As you can understand, the output, the pop-up notifications (the widgets,) are based on the information available in the database.

The owner of the website does basic configuration, but in the end, the output is based on the input that comes into the database, the input being the actions taken by the prospects (e.g., buy a service like an online course or a product like a handbag, subscribe to a newsletter, download an eBook, etc.)

See, nothing complicated!

What about Privacy?

Like other pop-up notifications, Provely respects the privacy of the customers. 

For example, when someone buys something from a website, they will only display the first name of the person. For example, “John from Los Angeles bought a pair of shoes 1 day ago.”

As you can see, Provely ensures that the data they display is per the regulations in regards to privacy. 

How to use Verified by Provely on my eCommerce store or Website

Provely is easy to install and has many appealing features.

  • The customization of the pop-up behavior and appearance are quite advanced.
  • Provely offers pop-up animations like fading, bouncing, flippers, rotating, etc. 
  • Most Social Proof Software either do not allow users to add animation or only offer basic pop-up animation. 

However, we believe that the design of Provely’s website looks a bit like a Sales Pages directly taken from a Sales Funnel. That is their strategy, and we are use it works. There could be more information available on their website, in our opinion.

The onboarding process is relatively fast. 

However, the notification editing User Experience could be a little bit better. 

It gets the job done in terms of functions and features but lacks appeal on the design level.  

The Art of Growth Marketing made a review of the Best Social Proof Software.

Amazing right.

If you are interested in individual reviews Social Proof Software, we also have one-by-one reviews. 

Before you start using Social Proof software, you need to have a clear idea of the features you need, what you want, and the budget you have. 

A lot of companies charge amounts that are, let’s say it this way, not cheap.

Provely is quite cheap when compared to other software. 

Our recommended Social Proof software is ProveSource.

FOMO is proper is you are looking for a fresh brand and AI (Artificial Intelligence) based insights.

ProveSource is also a wise solution for eCommerce, no matter what platform you use, including Shopify and Woocommerce. 

About the author 

Martin Couture

I help people just like you start, grow and future-proof their online business. After years of creating digital experiences for brands like Disney, Nike, Tiffany, Fendi, BMW, Mercedes... I decided to start blogging and making niche websites. Now, I want to help you achieve what I have achieved. I worked at the 2 biggest independent agencies in the world: Wieden+Kennedy and Serviceplan. Martin Couture is Content Marketing Consultant at the Art of Growth Marketing.

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