January 3, 2021

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Remote working has taken off in a big way in the last year or so. While the current pandemic crisis has without doubt accelerated this change, it has only been a catalyst for a movement towards remote working that was already happening. Remote working is here to stay.

Here comes RemoteWorkly, an "asynchronous video messaging software that allows you to create trackable actions points in your team work, assign actions to teammates, set reminders and connect to your favorite work tools in one place."

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For many people remote working has thrown up its own set of problems. Zoom fatigue from lengthy and unproductive meetings is now a real thing! RemoteWorkly is different. It allows users to collaborate with other members of their team in a way that is designed to minimize time wasting and tiring meetings.

What is RemoteWorkly?

RemoteWorkly was designed from the bottom up to minimize the reliance on unproductive meetings. Uniquely for team management software, they have developed a system where meetings can be conducted asynchronously.

This is the framework upon which the product is built. RemoteWorkly is developed specifically with ‘hybrid teams’ in mind. One of the major issues with remote working is getting all the members of a team available at the same time.

Some may have connectivity issues; others may be away from their workstations or rushing to meet a deadline. With asynchronous meetings these issues are negated.

The system is simple to use. A user creates a thread and records a video to begin the thread.

The video itself is auto transcribed and the transcription is searchable.

 Others can then watch the video in their own time at speeds of up to 2x and record their reply.

This method allows participants to rewind videos to clarify points, rather than interrupt the flow of a meeting. Reply in their own time, with a researched and precise answer, which is not possible during the course of a meeting.

The transcription also is a ready-made set of notes from the meeting.

It is also a great tool for sharing thoughts and outcomes from client and customer meetings. Instead of waiting perhaps a week for your next sales team meeting, you can share the details of your meeting immediately, while it is still fresh in your mind.

It has many other built in features. Within RemoteWorkly you can set timelines on projects, assign tasks to achieve deadlines and monitor in real-time the progress of these tasks.

How does RemoteWorkly Work?

As we have already touched upon, RemoteWorkly works by replacing meetings with an asynchronous thread of videos that can be posted and interacted with by other team members at times that suit them.

It is a web-based platform that works on most browsers. To test it we used Edge, Google Chrome, and Firefox, it worked perfectly on all platforms. Users are allocated a login and once they are onto the system, they can see what videos have been posted on existing threads and respond at times that are optimum to their own schedule.

Users can also create their threads, schedule ‘Stand-Up’ meetings and reminders. Easily set tasks and objectives for the day and track them throughout the course of their workday.

Perhaps the easiest way to show it working is to set out an example scenario that shows the mechanisms and benefits of the system.

Let's go.

  • In this example we will look at an imaginary company based in the UK that sells widgets and has a sales office in the United Kingdom.
  • The head of UK sales has a 9.00am meeting scheduled with an important client in London. During the course of the meeting the client mentions that they would be interested in doing business in the USA as well.
  • This is obviously a crucial point, but at the conclusion of the meeting it is still 5.00am in New York and the UK based sales manager is in customer meetings all day.
  • Simply by creating a thread and recording a video explaining the points covered in the meeting the information will be available as soon as the New York sales team begins its day.
  • They can follow up on the points raised and leave a return video explaining to the UK team what action has been taken and what follow-up is required.

All this is possible without having to type lengthy emails, organize meetings that are difficult to schedule because of time-zone and workload considerations and without any major interruptions to existing calendars.

Features of RemoteWorkly

Asynchronous Meetings with Auto-Transcribe

This is the main feature at the core of the RemoteWorkly system. A user can record a meeting or stand up at a convenient time and place and make it available to all other members of their team. At the time of recording a searchable auto-transcript is produced that accompanies the video.

Watch at Double Speed

The video player allows the user to watch at speeds of up to 2x. This allows them to get all the relevant information faster.


At a meeting it can be frustrating to stop every few minutes to go over points that need clarification. And the more people there are taking part the more frustrating this becomes. Because you can watch the video in your own time and replay it to catch key points again, this need to stop meetings every few minutes is nullified. If there are points that need clarification it is simply a case of recording your personal video to ask for a further explanation.

Videos can be shared with clients

Instead of trying to tie a busy client down to a meeting time, simply share your proposal or update via a thread. The client can then watch it in when it suits them. Of course, you can always re-do your video to make sure it gets your points across exactly as required, something not possible in a face-to-face meeting.

Easy Team and Goal Management

With built in scheduling, objective and task management, it is easy to keep in touch with the progress of each team member and the tasks they are working on.


Instead of having to wait a week for your next sales team meeting, share the outcome of client meetings immediately when the relevant points are still fresh in your memory.

Then there are those times when a relevant point occurs to you ten minutes after the meeting has finished. These can be shared instantly, without any disruption of other team members schedules.

Time Saving

In a survey undertaken in the UK remote workers on average, have up to four virtual meetings a day. These meetings normally last for up to an hour. Of the workers surveyed, 81% of men and 68% of women thought that most of these meetings were a complete waste of time.

This is a huge drain on personal and company time. Asynchronous meetings can eliminate most of these meetings and free up productivity. 

RemoteWorkly Pros and Cons

Having tested RemoteWorkly extensively on different platforms, we found it to be an easy to use system that delivered on most of its promises but did have a few minor niggles.

In this section we shall list some of the major advantages and discuss some of the cons.

RemoteWorkly Pros

Simple to use

One of the big problems of remote working is that not everyone I as tech savvy as they could be. With RemoteWorkly there is no need to install and configure team meeting software like Zoom.

The interface is user friendly and uncluttered. The reminders are clear and concise and explanations and instructions in each section are always clearly visible.

Time Saving

I loved the time saving features of RemoteWorkly, it is what it was designed to do, and it does it very well. Although the asynchronous video meetings are its largest time-saving feature, other features like simple objective and task tracking are also great time-saving features.


RemoteWorkly can integrate with existing calendars and work and team management systems.

Risk Free

Try RemoteWorkly for fourteen days free, also for smaller operations of less than five people it is completely free.

No Third-Party Software required

Full browser integration means that no software is required to use RemoteWorkly.

Access from Anywhere

Following on from that point, a further advantage is that any computer or smart device with a modern browser will be able to securely access RemoteWorkly simply by logging on.

Automatic Searchable Transcripts

This feature was more useful than I believed it was going to be (although not without a niggle, which we shall cover). The ability that this gives the user to find a particular piece of text and read it as opposed to hear it, is something I use frequently. Particularly for points that came across as unclear, this enables the user to look at the actual spoken text and digest its meaning without having to continually replay a portion of the video.

It also creates a complete copy able transcript that can be lifted to include in other documents, to-do lists etc.

Great for Working Across Time-Zones

Virtual meetings across time zones have always been difficult to schedule and usually end up being at an inconvenient time for at least one of the parties involved. The asynchronous meetings that RemoteWorkly use are a fantastic solution for this.

Great for Time Management

The ability to track team members progress on allocated tasks in real-time, is a huge plus when it comes to time-management and resource allocation.

RemoteWorkly Cons

Restricted to One Team

Currently, there is no ability to work with more than one team. However, this is being addressed in a future update. At the time of writing there isn’t a release date.

Free Version has Limited Functionality

Apart from being restricted to five users there are other limitations in the free version. Users are restricted to two threads a day and five videos per thread amongst others.

Video Limits on Threads

For the paid version there is still a 20-video limit on threads, for larger threads with say 10 users per thread this can be a hindrance. It is rare that this would be an issue, but it would be nice to have this limit a bit higher.

Auto-Transcription sometimes gets things wrong

It has never been an exact science so hard to point fingers, but the auto-transcript system does make mistakes from time to time. A good example is on an instructional/welcome video created by RemoteWorkly. In this case, the transcription for the word RemoteWorkly, reads Remote Work, Lee.

Now while this error is almost inevitable it does highlight one of the common issues faced.

However, as the text can be copied and edited and most mistakes like this are easily recognizable, it isn’t a huge problem.

RemoteWorkly Integrations

RemoteWorkly has been designed to integrate with many existing and popular platforms. When you first log in the availability is to integrate with: -

  • Google Calendar
  • Trello
  • Slack
  • Jira

However, one of the nice things about RemoteWorkly, is the community feel on the webpage. And this extends to integrations, RemoteWorkly are happy for you to contact them regarding any integration requirements you may have. If they can add it quickly, they will.

Who is RemoteWorkly for?

RemoteWorkly, as the name suggests, is geared towards remote workers. Within this field it is suitable for just about any organization that has frequent meetings. As it is a communication tool, and most organizations need to communicate, it is difficult to think of any firm that wouldn’t be able to benefit from this platform.

Sales firms or organizations with constant tight deadlines and a widespread workforce would really benefit from using it as a method for cutting down on sales team meetings and all organizations and staff would appreciate the time trimmed by cutting out wasteful meetings.

Smaller businesses and freelancers could also benefit and in some instances the free version would suffice.

Is it any Good?

It does have a couple of minor glitches, but it is new on the market and the people behind it have rolled out a good product that delivers on most of its promises. They are also rolling out frequent updates and are responsive to customer queries and suggestions.

The conclusion here is yes, it is. RemoteWorkly is a good product, but also a product that has the potential and happily, a road map, to get even better.

Is RemoteWorkly easy to use?

A simple interface that is easy to master is what you are presented with when you first login. The support and instructions are also of high quality and when selecting a feature for the first time, an informative tip box appears explaining what the section is and how it works.

Overall an easy product to use and master.

How much does RemoteWorkly cost?

There is a free version suitable for smaller teams. For the pro version the cost at the time of writing was $4.00 per month, per user.

Benefits of RemoteWorkly Pro upgrade

Whilst the free version is still quite powerful it can be quite restrictive in terms of features like the number of videos you can post and a limited time that search functionality is available for. The major benefits that upgrading gets you includes: -

  1. Unlimited Threads (2 threads a day is the free version limit)
  2. Twenty Videos per thread (5 in the free version)
  3. Unlimited Videos (100)
  4. Unlimited Search (7 days)
  5. Unlimited Integrations (limited)
  6. Unlimited Objectives and Key Results (10 per month)
  7. Unlimited Templates
  8. Priority Support
  9. Live Chat Support
  10. Role Management

And many more besides. Ultimately for anything other than the smallest operation, the Pro version is far more powerful.

How to save money with RemoteWorkly

RemoteWorkly is all about time. And as the old saying goes ‘Time is Money’. The pricing of RemoteWorkly is generous and as such it would take less than an hour saved in pointless meetings for each team member to save the cost of their subscription.

By helping to streamline your workflow and free up team members time to concentrate on their projects, RemoteWorkly can save you money just by using its in-built features.

RemoteWorkly Reviews

You are currently reading one of the best RemoteWorkly reviews. 

RemoteWorkly Testimonials

There are some testimonials on the web! All very positive.

Is RemoteWorkly right for you? Is it worth it?

If you spend a good percentage of your time either on the road or working from home or remotely then this is a great platform to simplify your schedule and ease the logistical nightmares of time zones and frequent meetings.

Its ability to almost negate all but the most urgent of meetings means that, yes for most operations RemoteWorkly could have a big part to play in the streamlining of throughput and as such it has to be worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions about RemoteWorkly Answered

How can RemoteWorkly make my Work Better and more Efficient?

By freeing up the time spent in unproductive meetings and simplifying communication and goal sharing within an organization.

I Work with People all Around the World, is RemoteWorkly a Good Fit?

It is a fantastic fit in this scenario, in fact the asynchronous meeting system could have designed for this very scenario.

How can the Software Improve Meetings?

Meetings are easy to get off track and skip important points and with many people all trying to get their own point of view across it can quickly be the case that ‘they who have the loudest voice prevails’. This doesn’t happen with asynchronous meetings.

Can I have Virtual Meetings with Clients and Customers?

Yes, that is a feature that is integral in the design of RemoteWorkly.

Does RemoteWorkly have a Notes?

A note taking function is part of the RemoteWorkly software.

Can I share Meeting Notes?

Meeting notes can be shared to the channel of your choice, RemoteWorkly are working on upgrades to password the notes to allow them to be shared anywhere.

What About RemoteWorkly and Sales teams?

RemoteWorkly is a great product for sales teams. It can be used to interact both on a customer and team level and the outcomes of customer meetings can be shared with all relevant parties as soon as the meeting concludes.

Can RemoteWorkly be used for Project Management?

Yes, with its objective and task-based options it is perfectly designed to be used in Project Management. The time saving features like asynchronous meetings are as relevant in this field as in any other.

Can Freelancers use RemoteWorkly?

Yes, and I am living proof of the fact, Freelancers can get their work from anywhere in the world and very often they are working whilst their client sleeps and vice-versa. RemoteWorkly is perfect in these situations.

Is RemoteWorkly Made for Startups?

Once again, RemoteWorkly fits the bill. Startups can quickly get bogged down in meeting after meeting as they get established, RemoteWorkly can free up much of this time to get on with the business of actually getting started.

Is RemoteWorkly Great for Agencies?

It is a great choice for agencies. The ability to communicate with contractors and subcontractors whilst matching them with potential clients is dealt with superbly by the software.

Is it a Good Solution for Small Businesses?

Yes, it is a good solution. If you have less than 5 people in your operation, then it is a no-brainer try the free version and see if it suits your purpose. Even slightly larger firms can try the RemoteWorkly 14-day free trial.

Does RemoteWorkly have Live Chat support?

Yes, it is included with the pro version.

RemoteWorkly and Privacy: is my Data Safe and Secure?

RemoteWorkly are experienced in data security, your data is hosted on Amazon Web Services and the main servers are locked within a virtual private cloud with only one external point.

Is the User Interface (UI) User-Friendly and Easy-to-Use?

This was one of the most pleasing features of using RemoteWorkly. The interface was intuitive, clutter free and easy to use.

How is RemoteWorkly Support?

Seems to be pretty good, I always had a good and quick response to any queries. For pro users there is a web-chat function and the help options on the interface are concise and clear.

Who is behind RemoteWorkly?

The team behind it are led by Vaibhav Namburi and have also worked on projects for the likes of William Hill Bookmakers, Auto trader and NewsCorp.

Does RemoteWorkly Work?

Yes it works very well, it was designed to streamline workplace practices and save time on wasteful meetings. It does both these very competently.

Does RemoteWorkly Have a Money Back Guarantee?

I am not aware of any money back guarantee, however it does offer a free trial and subscription can be cancelled at any time.

Is RemoteWorkly offered in other languages?

Whilst it doesn’t currently have native support for other languages, the translation functions available in most browsers can help non-English speakers and the intention is to add further languages in the future.

Can I Make Money with RemoteWorkly?

It isn’t in itself a money-making platform, more of a money saving platform. So, in the sense it can help existing operations increase profits, the answer is yes.

Is RemoteWorkly Free?

There is a free version that supports up to 5 users, although the ceiling on this may be raised to 10 users in the near future.

Any Free Trial with RemoteWorkly?

There is a 14-day free trial period available.

Is RemoteWorkly Any Good?

As far as fulfilling its product claims it is very good with the potential to get better.

Is RemoteWorkly Safe?

The team behind RemoteWorkly are experienced IT professionals that understand security and have designed the system to be as safe as it possibly can be.

Is RemoteWorkly Legit?

Yes! It is a legit and functioning scheme that allows you a trial period to judge for yourself.

Where Can I Get RemoteWorkly At a Discount?

The team behind RemoteWorkly should be contacted in this instance.

Does RemoteWorkly have an Affiliates program?

Although there is no openly advertised program in their literature, it is worth contacting them.

Is RemoteWorkly a Pyramid Scheme?

No, definitely not.

RemoteWorkly YouTube

You can have a look at the founder's Youtube channel Vaibhav Namburi

I have questions about RemoteWorkly, but not listed here. How do I ask?

You can contact the company via email, more info here: https://www.remoteworkly.co/

Have a look at our article 26 Best Webinar Software (which includes software for online meetings, etc.)

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