October 31, 2020

money affirmations

If you are reading this we assume that want to attract money, be wealthy, and maybe become a multi-millionaire.

Need inspiration to reprogram your mind, go beyond self-limiting beliefs and attract money?

We created a bank of subliminal affirmations to reprogram your mind.

You deserve to be rich.

You deserve to be wealthy. 

You deserve abundance.

You deserve financial freedom.

You deserve all the money you wish for.

Affirmations Work: a no-BS personal story

I used affirmations and the law of attraction to get a scholarship at a top-notch university in Tokyo, get a job in the biggest advertising agencies IN CHINA, working with brands like Disney, Nike, Porsche, Tiffany, Mercedes, Audi, Fendi, etc. Learning to speak/write/read both Japanese and Mandarin Chinese. Plus getting paid a six-figure salary doing what I like. Pretty good for a guy that comes from a village in the Canadian Boreal forrest!

What is money?

It's what some may call a "duh" question. Nonetheless, it is important to know what we are dealing with when we start with affirmations... I like to think of money as energy. I enjoy FEELING money.

The reason behind this is: money is an intangible concept. On the other side of the spectrum, we have "currency," which is a tangible asset (e.g., gold, a $100 dollar bill, silver, etc.) 

Why use Money affirmations?

In a nutshell: to reprogram your subconscious, and put you in a "money mindset."

How to use Money affirmations?

Step 1: Select 5-10 affirmations. The affirmations cannot be too long as you need to be able to memorize them. 

Step 2: Every morning, write the affirmations on a piece of paper. Put the paper in a box, or a nice area in your bookshelf.

Step 3: When you fall asleep, and when you wake up, repeat the affirmations and imagine yourself being rich and wealthy. You need to FEEL THE AFFIRMATIONS.

Step 4: Repeat the affirmations all day long, especially before lunchtime and in late afternoon. 

Step 5: Rinse and repeat for at least 60 days, 20 days if you are already seeing results. 

Reminder: Affirmations work when you visualize them, when you see them engaging with you, when you write them, say them... and when you take action. You need to take action in the real world, a series of actions, a ton of actions. This is what Grant Cardone calls 10X. Without action, nothing will manifest in the material world! So keep moving, and get stuff done!

Keep in mind that the affirmations below are made to speak to your subconscious, some may not be 100% grammatically correct; nonetheless, they work. 

Remember, you need to feel, visualize, breathe, move and say the money affirmations. By doing so you engage all aspects of your being.

Let me know how it went! 

Feel free to reach out via Facebook.

Money Affirmations for You

  1. I AM money, and money is me
  2. Making money is my hobby
  3. Money flows to me (close your eyes and imagine money flowing, and flying to you, from multiple directions)
  4. I am a successful money-making machine
  5. Opportunities to earn a lot of money are plentiful
  6. I, hereby state, that I will be rich and live a live of absolute abundance and prosperity
  7. I have unlimited power when it comes to money
  8. I am rich, I am abundant, I am limitless, money comes to me
  9. Money is magic, and I am a money magician
  10. Earning money is my only duty
  11. Affluence, prosperousness, plenty, riches, abundance, ease, luxury, opulence are all for me
  12. It is my destiny to be rich, I just need to accomplish it
  13. I am evolving into a money-generating me
  14. When I touch money, I feel electricity and energy
  15. Money is in my DNA, it runs through me
  16. I’m making so much money; money sticks to me
  17. I'm so rich that my name is on the 1,000 dollar bill (imagine such a bill)
  18. I believe in myself and in my power to earn money
  19. I want more money, and do not feel guilty
  20. My level of awareness opens up new opportunities
  21. I vibrate the energy of abundance and opulence
  22. I am the master of the money kingdom and money is my servant
  23. Money is a tool, and my toolbox is full of money
  24. I am a millionaire, I am a multi-millionaire, I am rich
  25. I am a winner at the money-game
  26. I deal with huge sums of money without a fuss
  27. Hardships are bumps on the road to financial success
  28. I am a thriving individual, I am so successful, so self-confident, money just come to me
  29. I live the life I have always desired
  30. My income is high, my expenses are balanced
  31. I have so much cash, I earn so much money, I generate so much income from all over the place 
  32. I accept all the wealth that is flowing to me
  33. Broke is not woke, wealthy is healthy
  34. Abundance feelings overwrites scarcity thinking
  35. My bank account is overflowing with money
  36. I push the boundaries and go beyond my capabilities when it comes to money
  37. I have the power to influence the world around me as well as money
  38. I grow along with my financial growth
  39. My business brings me so much money, I don't know what to do with it
  40. I conquer the world of business and my reward is money
  41. The Law of Attraction is powerful, the Universe is listening to me
  42. I am blessed to have so much money
  43. Unexpected money comes to me out of the prosperity energy field
  44. I create multiple sources of income for myself 
  45. I am financially free
  46. I was born to live a life of abundance, it is my mission to go get it
  47. Good fortune comes to me
  48. Everybody, including me, enjoys plenty of opportunities
  49. I am so motivated that I wake up before my alarm clock
  50. I have more than enough money, so much money
  51. Bitcoin, gold, real-estate, cash... all stick to me
  52. I am positive on my way to becoming rich
  53. I am aligned with the energy of prosperity
  54. I accept all the money coming to me
  55. My economical growth is unbelievable
  56. I am rich in so many ways and areas of my life
  57. I have no resistance to money, I welcome money 
  58. Money money come to me (repeat it daily)
  59. I am lucky, money flows to me daily and makes me wealthy
  60. I cannot procrastinate, money is waiting for me
  61. The time I invest and the skills I develop earn me the money I deserve
  62. My money mindset is on 24/7
  63. I allow abundance to flow into my life
  64. Success is my duty, making money is my mission
  65. I surrender to the universe of wealth
  66. Money makes me realize all my dreams
  67. I commit to live a live of abundance, wealth and prosperity
  68. I am grateful for all the abundance and all the chances
  69. I always find money-making solutions to money-eating obstacles
  70. Debt is not part of me, money is part of me
  71. Every dollar spent comes back to me multiplied
  72. I have faith in myself and believe that money is my right
  73. Watch me, I have the ability to become a multi-millionaire
  74. I am rich, I am wealthy, I am successful
  75. Security is found in money, and money comes to me
  76. Money makes me feel amazing, and I make money feeling amazing
  77. I love to work for money, and money works for me
  78. Money provides for both my family and me
  79. The universe provides us with an unlimited supply of money
  80. The money I own grows exponentially
  81. I have a PhD in money-making
  82. I take actions towards more money
  83. Wealth creation is my passion
  84. I am open to money and its energy
  85. My finances benefit from money effortlessly
  86. The money I generate gives me liberty
  87. Prosperity is for me and my family
  88. Money open the doors of new opportunities
  89. I am open to receive all the money I deserve
  90. Money is energy
  91. I give myself permission to be rich and enjoy the material world
  92. I fulfill all my potential on this planet
  93. When I donate money, the karmic spirit of wealth gives it back to me
  94. Prosperity and money come to me easily
  95. I feel no negativity towards money
  96. I understand how to use money, I am financially literate
  97. I am capable, and nothing can stop me from attracting money
  98. My loved ones love to see me earn a lot of money
  99. Money provides me with all the experiences I dream of
  100. Money benefits me and my community
  101. Peace is with me when money comes to me
  102. Everything I desire, I can get, nothing can stop me getting what I want
  103. Financial freedom is for me and my family
  104. I am abundant in all aspects of my life
  105. Everything I touch turns to gold
  106. I am on my way to becoming rich
  107. Money is the root of a fruitful life
  108. My life is a bank, I live in prosperity
  109. I am a money magnet, and money comes to me
  110. Money is abundant in this world, money is everywhere to be found
  111. I love passive money, and money loves me
  112. I am the master of my financial freedom
  113. My income is constantly growing, day after day
  114. Money brings me peace of mind
  115. I am in control of all the money in my life
  116. I can enter the temple of prosperity as I wish
  117. All actions I take are rooted in the energy of money
  118. Money makes me and my family happy
  119. I am free to gather as much money as I wish
  120. I am rich and prosperous, money, Bitcoin and gold come to me (repeat this before falling asleep)
  121. I radiate vibrations of prosperity
  122. Living wealthy is my hobby
  123. I am excellent at making money
  124. I overcome all obstacles in my thoughts, my feelings and in the real world
  125. I was born to be rich, hence I deserve money
  126. I go beyond self-limiting beliefs, I constantly take effective actions
  127. I live a life of abundance day and night
  128. I have a fearless faith in money and my abilities
  129. I am a thriving individual recognize for bringing in vast amounts of money
  130. Attracting money is easy in a world of abundance
  131. I deserve to be wealthy, I am godly
  132. Money comes to me easily and effortlessly
  133. I have many sources of income that bring me riches
  134. I take a massive amount of actions that bring me money
  135. I am grateful for all the energy that money brings me
  136. I create products and experiences that is sticky and brings money
  137. I have a money mindset
  138. Money makes me feel worthy of a lavish lifestyle
  139. I am unstoppable when it comes to making money
  140. Money is attracted to me
  141. I deserve prosperity in abundance
  142. I am a multi-millionaire, I am rich, money just comes to me
  143. I work smart and earn smart money
  144. Nothing is stopping me, I am making money
  145. I am super focused on wealth
  146. I am rich, I am rich, I am rich, money come to me
  147. I am self-confident in all spheres of my life
  148. My ideas are attractive and bring me a lot of money
  149. I have no barriers whatsoever to make money
  150. I own a business that generates a lot of money
  151. My income is increasing daily, non-stop, always, at every moment of the day
  152. Money overflows from my pockets
  153. I embody a galaxy of limitless money
  154. My business makes me rich, and people love my products
  155. I create offers that people buy in unlimited quantities
  156. Money comes naturally to me
  157. Ideas to bring a lot of money come to me easily
  158. I execute money-making ideas rapidly
  159. I am pro-active and action-oriented when it comes to making money
  160. I make plenty of money fast, fast, fast
  161. The word "debt" is not part of my vocabulary
  162. I swim in the vast ocean of abundance
  163. I am talented and creative when it comes to generating income
  164. I dance with abundance and enjoy money like honey
  165. Money is no mystery to me
  166. I find money no matter where it hides
  167. I come up with money-making ideas at every opportunity
  168. I allow all events to bring me prosperity
  169. I dream of seas of money
  170. The seed of money brings me prosperity
  171. All ways bring me to the kingdom of wealth
  172. Success is my prowess
  173. I want luxury and a lavish lifestyle without any shame
  174. People look at me and envy me
  175. I will earn a fortune over my lifetime
  176. My bank account is fat, obese and ginormous
  177. I dream of money

Let us know what your favorite money affirmations are (and why not reach out to us to tell us what your goals are)!

If you would like to have a money mindset, read the 14 ways to Boost your Money Mindset.

Alternatively, you can have a look at our Best Motivational Slogans.

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