May 11, 2020

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The Manifesto: the Art of Growth Marketing

The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step.” -Confucius


How it all Started

I worked with the most prominent companies and the most well-known brands on the planet. I have done all sorts of projects: websites, eCommerce, blogs, campaigns, complex systems, video shootings, interactive installations, etc.

I worked at the two biggest independent (and creative) agencies in the world. I worked at creative agencies, production houses, consulting shops, etc. 

From writing contracts, hiring, SEO audits, writing pitch decks, UX, wireframing, UI design, prototyping, development, testing, maintenance, mail systems integration… WordPress, Drupal, Typo3, CoreMedia, WeChat API, and the list goes on and on.  

I have done it all. I was working 60-80 hours a week, even 100 hours a week, sometimes, including the weekends. 

I have worked with startups, entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses, and even inventors. 

On top of that, I have done this in French, Japanese, Chinese, and English… 

I have done the first WeChat campaign in China plus dozens and dozens of very successful projects for the Chinese markets for brands like Disney, Nike, Fendi, Beat by Dre, Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Costa, Bosch, and the list goes on and on. 

Are you impressed by 1,000,000 visits on a website? Imagine the numbers I have seen in China! One million visits here is nothing. 

I have seen all sorts of things, good and bad. 

All sorts of people, good and bad. 

Every single thing has been teaching me a lesson. 

Lifelong Learning and Grit  

I never stopped learning and experimenting. I have always been curious. 

Some people are more intelligent and more talented than I am, but they settled, they settled for less. 

I have many friends and colleagues who are more intelligent, talented, and lucky than me. 

I kept going, no matter what. 

I just never stopped. I kept going. So, in the end, the turtle won against the hare. 

I am from a small Canadian village; I literally lived in the forest. And here I am living in Shanghai, one of the biggest cities in the world. This is after living in Tokyo, Bangkok, and Beijing. 

So why start the Art of Growth Marketing? There are millions of blogs and websites out there. 

Answer: To share my experience, my knowledge, my skills, and my passion for building things, growing them and scaling them. 

It is also to help me grow as a human being, to make the world a little bit better… and to connect with people. The people side of things always has been my flaw. 

In 2000 I lived in Bangkok and Berlin; both cities opened my eyes to the possibilities in this world… Traveling was a big thing for a village boy. In 1996 I met a man who spoke fluent Vietnamese, and it truly impressed me. I told myself, “This is what I want to be.” That was the trigger of it all, and I have to admit, my ego as well.

So in 2000, I took a long flight from Montréal to London, then to Bangkok. It was February, and there was a massive snowstorm, and the flight was like being in a washing machine for 6 hours. No wonder I have a fear of taking the airplane! To this day, I still remember when the doors of the Bangkok International Airport opened: I felt the sultry and hot wave of air hit me.

When I came back home, I joined an agency that was managing dating websites, now, think 2001… before Facebook and before digital cameras were even mass-market items. Users would send us pictures, and we would scan them, then upload them manually onto their profile!

I was working full/part-time, and I was going to the university full time. Hustling, you know. 

I have always had a foot in technology, my dad was a big technology geek, and he pretty much teach me everything about computers and the internet. He learned all by himself, and university teachers would even visit us to learn from him. 

I had a Coleco in 1984, an Atari computer in 1990, a Pentium III, IV, and V, and I bought my first Mac in 2006. I made my first website in 1998, around the same time, I got a Hotmail address and a Sony mobile phone (monochrome screen, and it had an antenna.)

 I studied at a Business School (read: university) and another Canadian university where I graduated in International Business, East Asian Studies, and Japanese studies. I also did one year in Philosophy. I have the equivalent of 2 BAs in terms of credit. 

In 2004 I got a scholarship to study at a top-notch university in Tokyo, Keio University, and after spending 4-5 years in Japan doing odd jobs like teaching, modeling, marketing, translation… I decided to move to Beijing. China. 

After a few years in Beijing, I moved South to Shanghai, where I am currently based. I have been in China for almost a decade now. 

I have always been freelancing here and there. I was getting contracts to build websites, do translation, marketing work. I have always been hyper hypo. 

When companies hire, they are looking for “T” people. Very specialized in one thing (the vertical line) with a shallow knowledge of a variety of things (the horizontal line.) In my case, I believe that I have many vertical lines. 

As I write these lines, the world just started a new decade, and I am also stepping in a new decade of my life. 

I want to invite you to share this journey all together. What journey? 

Life, entrepreneurship, best tools, growth marketing tactics, best practices, great software, building stuff, being more productive, growth tricks, etc.

And if those lines speak to you, feel free to drop me a line via the comment section below or via the Contact page. I am always pleased to hear from fellow marketers, entrepreneurs, and business owners. 

I am also glad to help people who are new to building websites, blogs, courses, and pretty much any type of online business. 

Two businessman playing chess game to plan strategy for success,

Luck and the Law of Attraction  

Is there an amount of luck needed to achieve great things? I believe so. 

Is the game rigged? Yes, to a certain extent. 

But in the end, I believe in the Law of Attraction. 

The Universe is energy. 

And you are The Universe. 

So you also are energy. 

I have dozens of stories about the Law of Attraction. 

You need to want something so much that it becomes like air, you need it to breathe and to live.

You need to have a burning desire to achieve great things.

And that burning desire will attract the right people and the right circumstances.

Does it take time? 

Yes! It takes a while for things to manifest in the material world. 

Start NOW!

Time is ticking. Tick tick tick. Can you hear it? 

Start… right NOW. 

Not tomorrow, not in a week, not in 5 minutes… now. 

Can you feel jittery inside? Excited? 

When you close your eyes, can you see the “new you”?

What is your goal? What gives meaning to your life? 

If you want to build a castle, you need to lay bricks, one at a time. 

Rome was not built in one day.

I love the city of Kyoto in Japan. I visited the city about 15 times since 2005. 

Kyoto was the Imperial Capital for almost a millennia.

Before Kyoto, every time the Emperor died, they would move the whole capital. Not very convenient, right?

The grounds for the city were found by the nobility while on a hunting trip.

It was deemed an auspicious spot by a Fengshui Master who read the natural flows of energy in the area. 

Did you find your spot? THE Thing you can focus on and build something that may last a millennia?

Find your ONE thing and stick to it until it is completed. The grass may look greener elsewhere, believe me, it isn’t.

You can also throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks. 

Stickiness also helps build an audience and your own Brand. 

Every single step is vital; even the smallest most trivial things are crucial in the grand scheme of all things… 

What did you do today to make your ONE thing move, even if it is just a little bit?

Yesterday is a memory, and tomorrow is a dream, you only have the present moment. 

Jump right in, as deep inside yourself, you have unlimited power!

The only Free Cheese is in the Mousetrap!

Passive Income? Get rich quick schemes are fairy tales, so you will not find any here. 

Every successful entrepreneur works a lot, even after achieving success. 

The lazy way does not give any meaning to life. 

Yes, it is cool to have multiple sources of income, but remember that the only free cheese is in the mousetrap. 

I love passive income! But money should not be your motivation factor. Money is an illusion. The proof? Listen to the printer; it goes brrrrrr. 

Money is a concept, and it is an illusion. At the same time, it is a force used to take action in the real world. 

Using money is a transfer of energy. 

Your Vision is what will make you wake up the morning and enter into Action Mode.

Your Vision will help you through the lows when there is no money and plenty of problems to deal with. 

When I see someone in front of a Lambo, doing some kind of cringy promo ad on YouTube, I always think that their ego took control. 

I would even say that it is a bit immature to want to flash in a Lambo. “The ego is the Enemy” is the title of a book by Ryan Holiday, an outstanding marketer, a great writer and inspiring Stoic. 

Stuff will not make you happy. 

Success is much more than the material world; happiness transcends the material world. This statement was hard to believe when I was in my twenties, but I know I understand that the old folks were right. Just look at how many celebrities are addicted to alcohol and drugs… and look at how many wealthy business owners not addicted to those poisons are still working, even after making millions!

What’s in it for You

The Art of Growth Marketing is dedicated to:

help your business and projects grow

help you grow as a person, a marketer, and an entrepreneur

help you polish the art of growth hacking, your productivity, mindset, skills, psychology…

introduce you to the best tools, case studies, and tactics

The Art of Growth Marketing is for people who:

want to start, grow and scale their own business or the business they work for

find the best tools to help them build an audience, boost conversions and sell more 

be more productive, focused and performant

get insights about trends in growth hacking and digital marketing

If you are an entrepreneur, a marketer, a coach, a consultant, an agency employee, a small or medium business owner… you are in the right place. 

Art of Growth Marketing is:

  • tools reviews
  • software recommendations
  • growth hacks
  • case studies
  • productivity tricks
  • SEO tips
  • a community where you can exchange
  • everything from building a website, integrating a mail marketing system to making webinars and using social proof to boost conversions
  • …and much more.

And last but not least, the Art of Growth Marketing hopes to engage with you and inspire you in your journey. 

We hope that all the resources we provide you will make your life better. 

Build it and Sell it, and They Will Come to Buy it

If you build it, they will come. 

They will engage with the Brand. 

And eventually, they will purchase the Product. 

And they may even connect on a deeper level with the Person behind the Product, that is you. 

The raison d’être of the Art of Growth Marketing is to help you build, sell and scale Products:

Monetize Blogs


Saas software

Niche sites

Online courses

Affiliates marketing

Membership-based communities

Consulting services

OEM products

…and the list goes on and on.

From now, I will refer to both product, software, and service as “The Product.”

No matter what you build and what you sell, digital, or in the material world, a service or actual stuff, in the end, it is a “Product.” 

Key - business success and solution concept

Build a Brand

It always starts with the Brand. Always.

I spent years working in ad agencies and production houses, and I can tell you this:

Brands have an incredible amount of power over ourselves, whether we like it or not.

Even the smallest website is somehow a “Brand.” Also, the mom n’ pop corner shop is a Brand. 

I was the one working with a team of Art Directors, Creative Directors, Developers, Engineers, Copywriters, Testers, Movie Directors… implanting ideas in your subconscious and making you buy stuff. 

I realized the real power of brands after I launched one of the first interactive WeChat campaigns in China, back in 2013. 

Two women at the table next to me were discussing, in Chinese, the campaign that I had just launched. The client sold out all their accumulated stock, and to this day, almost ten years after the campaign, I still see women, even to this day, wearing the product as a symbol of their success. The campaign I made started a whole movement. 

It does not matter if the Brand speaks to a 1,000 or 100 million people, as long as it speaks to the right crowd and that you can convert them into buyers. 

The Brand is the product or service. 

The Brand is also yourself as a marketer or an entrepreneur. 

The Brand is the Product you sell or want to sell.

The Brand is how the Product looks, the values it conveys, the tonality of its messages, and plenty of other factors.  

You are What you Eat… and your Brand and Product are “You.”

The Product is the baby that got your DNA and vice versa.

Growth is Built Right from the Beginning

Growth is another element of the DNA of the Brand and the Product. 

Growth should be thought even before you start working on the project. 

A good growth base will help you scale your business, and it will give space to other people to jump in and help you expand. 

Our platform is called the Art of Growth Marketing for a reason. 

Growth is an art.

Marketing is also an art. 

When you think about it, most marketers and entrepreneurs are Right-brainers: they tend to be creative and intuitive, as opposed to Left-brainers, who are more data and logic-oriented. 

It does not mean that marketers and entrepreneurs are not data-focused, it merely means that they approach challenges in a different manner. I consider myself to be a logical, intuitive right-brainer. 

Everybody may be creative, but not everybody is a creator. A doer. 

I believe that imagination trumps raw intelligence. Why? My experience working with plenty of people, some even had PhDs, some had IQs in the 150-60 range, and all I can tell you is that people who are imaginative and creative out-perform the geniuses most of the time. 

Growth means that your Product should be thought and delivered in a way to facilitate Growth, and eventually, scalability. 

Growth can be vertical or horizontal or both; it can be developing similar Product lines, partnering up with another company that has a similar Product, etc. 

Growth can also mean that you build a Product, knowing who will eventually be interested in buying your company. This is true, especially when you start eating the margins and market of a more prominent company… ask Coca Cola and Vitamin Water. Coca Cola did a copycat and was unsuccessful in its attempt, and it eventually had to buy the company to win the war. 

Growth also means taking a massive amount of the right actions.

And to take the right actions, you need to have the imagination to understand intuitively what people want to buy, the messages they are sensitive to, and what will likely bring them to action.  

Every time I send a recap email after a meeting, I list “Recap” and “Next Actions.”

Under Next Actions, I list what action needs to be taken, who needs to take action, and when. 

Take Massive Amount of Actions

Until we can prove 100% that we live in a multiverse and can travel in time and parallel universes… we are stuck in the current material world.

And the reality we live in is based on taking action. 

Massive amount of actions. 

Not all at the same time, of course, as things will get messy if you do so. 

Even when you do not feel like it

Even when you feel down. 

Even when there is resistance stopping you from taking action. 

Nothing beats action. 

Even someone who is messy and is all over the place may be able to outperform someone who is structured, disciplined, and productive, especially is the latter is not action-focused. 

Ideas are just the beginning. Winning lays in execution. 

Everything else is just in the realm of thoughts until it appears in the real world.

Take, for example, 100 people writing on computers, and one person taking action in the real world. 

Needless to say that the person taking action will get more results than the 100 persons sitting and typing on a keyboard (unless you tell me the ones sitting are coders haha). 

When you reach a certain momentum, it is counter-productive for you to do everything by yourself. 

That is when you see help and start outsourcing, hire freelancers, hire staff, use an agency that can deliver what you need, etc.

Business success and promotion concept

Be a Creator, Not Only a Creative

Creativity is cool, but it does not necessarily get stuff done. 

Everybody is creative; even my 5-year-old daughter is. 

The Art of Growth Marketing has been built with the following actionable items in mind:

Art: master the tools, develop the skills, learn the tricks and tactics

Growth: growth as part of the DNA, grow as a person, and grow your audience, boost your sales and scale your business

Marketing: bring the Product to Market and sell, measure, write, develop, maintain, engage, segment, retarget, cross-sell, upsell, sales funnels…

All of the above require Creativity, indeed, but they require taking a massive amount of actions as well. 

And when we say taking actions in this context, we mean that you need to be the Creator of your Business, your Brand, your Product, etc. 

You need to create a Service or a Product, create a Unique Selling Proposition, create ads, create Value, create trust, create relationships, create content, and so on.

Being a Creator does not mean that you should spend 6 hours playing around with the color of the buttons on your website, but it does not mean that you should be recording videos in front of your pile of dirty clothes (or your kitchen) either.

We do not want to sound esoteric, but it means Creating something like the Creator of a new reality, and that reality is what you sell.  

If you create something, you create something that other people consume and interact with. You build something that may even influence the behavior and feelings of others. 

Own it All: Own the Product and the Platform

You should own everything.

Build your Brand.

Build your own Platform.

If you own everything, you are independent, and nobody can steal what you worked for. 

A lot of people invest time and energy in building a Brand and offering a Product via 3rd party platforms like Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, etc. 

There are many stories out there of people losing everything, without any prior warning (and legitimate reason.)  

We suggest that you build your own platform where you can control everything and set the tone and say what you want to say in the manner that you want to say it. 

Of course, you can use other platforms as entries into your sales funnel, but your business should not depend on Youtube, Twitter, etc. 

Does it make sense?

We strongly recommend that people build their own platform:

  • host videos on a private platform
  • own your website
  • use reliable tools for email marketing, landing pages, webinars, SEO keywords research, etc.
  • bring people to follow you on your own platform and engage them via multiple channels like email, social media, video, podcasts, courses, etc.

Online businesses are like investing in the stock market: diversification can save you. 

For example, all your video content is on Youtube… avoid at all costs. You can have some videos on Youtube and the crucial videos, the core of your Product, on Wistia or Vimeo, for example. 

Do not put all your eggs in one basket! 

How to Eat a Whole Elephant

If I told you that tonight we would eat an elephant for dinner, how would you proceed?

Every time we start a new project, it looks overwhelming, there is some degree of internal resistance, uncertainty, and stress. 

Building a business takes time. It requires a lot of different skills:

  • building website
  • design of the website, assets, images, etc. 
  • keywords research
  • creating content
  • SEO optimization
  • optimizing for SEO
  • growing your audience
  • converting people into buyers
  • developing products or services

We strongly recommend that you get help. 

The best strategy is that you laser-focus on ONE PART.

Focus on what you are good at, and what you are interested in, and get help with the other parts. 

Attention is like jam. The more you spread it on the toast, the less flavor it has. 

Focus your attention on content and building products or services; get help with the rest. 

Outsource, hire someone, leverage an agency… 

The easiest way to proceed and jump into action is to cut the project into smaller parts. Or to get back to our previous analogy, cut the elephant into smaller pieces. 

Then you identify the areas where you lack knowledge, where something could potentially go wrong, where you need to pay more attention, etc. 

Work Smart, Don’t Work Stupid

Working hard is hard.

Working smart is not stupid.

Working smart and hard is not stupid, but it is hard a little bit. 

There are smart ways of handling challenges.

And there are hard ways. And there are dumb ways. 

Nothing is easy, but you should definitively seek out techniques and tools that will help you be more productive, efficient, and faster.  

Working smart means that you use proven strategies to approach challenges. 

It means that you proactively go out to find shortcuts, techniques, insights, develop healthy eating habits, sleeping at the right time, etc. 

Working smart means that you understand yourself, your flaws, your skills, how you deal with people, the power you have to influence people, how you control your mood and emotions, etc. 

In the world we currently live in, there are many resources out there to help us achieve a higher degree of performance, there are no excuses, work smart!

Do not save 100$ and spend 3 days on something if you can pay 100$ and make 1,000$ during the same 3 days.

The Art of Growth Marketing wants to introduce you to the techniques and tools that will make your life easier. 

Everything is Nothing: Focus is Everything

I like to say that Everything is Nothing.

You can have 10 projects that have 10% of your attention OR 2 projects with 80% and 20% of your attention. I bet the person that only works on 1-2 projects gets stuff done, and the other person freaks out as nothing is really moving. 

Focus = Attention + Time

Time is fundamentally all we have. 

We have as much time as Stephen King, who publishes I don’t know how many books every year.

And as much time as the President of the USA, whether you like the President or not, is irrelevant. 

Point is: we all have 24 hours in a day. 

My best advice would be: get help as soon as you can. 

Talk to the pros. 

Buy courses to educate yourself (this helps taking shortcuts).

Schedule a call with someone that has experience building an online business. 

Read reviews that can guide you and recommend the right tools for your needs and your budget.

You cannot do everything by yourself!

Get shortcuts. 

Focus on what you are good at and let others help you with stuff you may not be the best at. 

A prime example of this would be: you write an eBook and make an online course, and you outsource the building and maintenance of the website. 

Imagine having to review all the tools out there for mail marketing… then you add webinar tools, social proof pop-ups, landing page builders… it would take you months building such a platform. 

It is tough to do everything, building a website, integration a mail marketing system, the autoresponder, maintaining the website, writing tons of copy for the newsletters, and the blogs, and the list goes on. 

A Bad Plan is Better than No Plan

The quote “A Bad Plan is Better than No Plan” is from Peter Thiel, co-founder of Paypal and chess master. He also wrote From Zero to One, great book about building businesses. 

No plan is like being a ship wandering on the sea, without any port to go to, and sailing here and there without an apparent goal. 

Have a plan with a list of:

  • what to do (clear list of deliverables, so that you just follow the program and do not enter into decision paralysis)
  • who does it (see if you can outsource part of the work, you cannot do everything)
  • when to (have a limit in time; otherwise things will drag, goals are like wishlists) 

Lacking a plan is a recipe for disaster. 

Be the master of your own kingdom, have a plan, have a map, then just follow the lead. 

Before you plan something, let’s say a 1,500-word blog post, try with one first to see how long it takes you to brainstorm, research, find keywords, edit, correct, publish and add links and images to the post. 

When you have a sample, it is easier to plan your schedule and know how long things realistically take. 

We hope that the Art of Growth Marketing will help you focus and find a port where to sail to!

Businessman target for success

Go to the Motivational and Productivity Gym 6x/week

You are your greatest enemy: work on yourself and become your best friend. 

Feed yourself with positive vibrations. You are what you consume.

I personally cut the news and do social media for max 30min per week. 

80% of the info is negative, and I do not need to feed myself with negative stuff. 

Same with alcohol, sugar, carbs, and caffeine.

Remove self-limiting beliefs with self-hypnosis (we will have a course about this one! I have used self-hypnosis to achieve great things in life)

Remove decision-paralysis but having a plan with specific deadlines and deliverables. 

Reduce anxiety by exercising and cutting off caffeine (especially coffee.) 

Boost energy by sleeping 8 hours and avoiding sugar. 

Now when we say top go to the motivational and productivity gym, what we mean is make it a habit to feed your ears and eyes with motivational quotes and videos. As for the productivity part, educate yourself on the best tools out there, the great strategies, the growth hacks… and mimic them. 

Every day you should feed yourself with positive vibes, the brain, and your mood will benefit from going to the gym. 

We hope that the Art of Growth Marketing can help you nurture your brain, your motivation, your productivity as well as your general knowledge. 

Find what motivates you and work with that frequency. 

Yin Yang

In China, there is something called the Yin and the Yang. It is part of the Taoist philosophy (also called Daoism.)

It is a circular symbol with two tadpoles and two dots in black and white. 

One represents the female energy, one the male energy. 

One represents the day one the night… and so on. 

You get the picture. 

Some days we wake up grumpy, some days we wake up in a good mood. 

It happens to everybody. 

But the real mastery is to understand our own emotions and how to switch to a more positive vibe.

After all, if the input is negative, how can the output be positive?

Well, I like to say that the world is divided between Thinkers and Feelers.

Are you a Feeler or a Thinker?

It is always about the mindset, the emotions, how we “feel.” We are emotional beings, and even the most rational people have feelings guiding them. 

I like the English language as when we listen to people speak; we can clearly say if they are “feelers” or “thinkers” (they will say “I feel that…” and the other camp will say “I think that…:”.) 

If you worked in agencies, you know that Creatives are, in general, Feelers and say “I feel,” even when talking about logical stuff like the flow of a campaign, using their intuition, and the Techies will state “I think,” seeing things more logically and rationally.

In the world, there are all sorts of people. 

And like the Japanese say, “ten people ten colors,” everybody is different. 

Understanding and accepting this is an outstanding skill. 

It helps you navigate the world and understand relationships, how to talk to people, how to influence people, and even how to know how your prospects see the world. 

If you can put yourself in someone else’s shoes, it is much easier to convert them into followers and then convert them into buyers. 

If you are a Feeler, learn to control your emotions and go beyond the feelings to see clearly. 

If you are a Thinker, try seeing the other person’ point-of-view! The world is not always about rationality, the proof: we are emotional beings. 

Know Thyself

There are 4 degrees of knowledge:

  1. we know that we know
  2. we know that we do not know
  3. we do not know that we know
  4. we do not know that we do not know

You need to be aware of what you know and what you do not know. The worst-case scenario is really to be stuck at the 4th degree, where you do not even know that you do not know. This can bring costly mistakes. 

I think that the word “know” in the above list can be replaced by other terms like:

  • “competence” like the Wolf of Wallstreet would say (e.g., conscious competence, unconscious incompetence…) 
  • “feel” like I say (e.g., I feel that I feel, I do not feel that I feel)

If you know yourself, you are aware of the 4 components of life:

  1. emotional
  2. logical/rational 
  3. physical
  4. mental/spiritual

Understanding yourself is absolutely essential in the world of business:

  • am I disciplined?
  • can I focus?
  • do I have a Vision?
  • do I have a purpose?
  • am I solution-driven?
  • do I have good habits?
  • am I productive?
  • do I procrastinate?
  • do I have self-limiting beliefs?
  • do I master my emotions?
  • can I switch my vibration?
  • do I have great friends, a family, and a partner I can count on?
  • do I have a network of people, partners, clients, vendors?
  • do I have grit?

You are your biggest enemy, and being successful means that you need to be:

  • disciplined
  • focused
  • attentive
  • productive
  • efficient
  • emotionally-stable
  • eat healthy 
  • sleep well
  • stop complaining
  • stop finding excuses
  • …and the list goes on and on.

So you must know yourself well, your shortcomings, your skills, how much you can deliver within a certain period… so that your journey is a successful one. 

A lot of people think that business is only about the Product, the sales, the mechanical aspect of it. 

They are very wrong. 

All your emotions, your beliefs, your values… will be part of the Product’s DNA. 

Invest in Yourself

If you know your flaws, you can work on your character.

If you know your lack of knowledge, you can invest in your education. 

If you know your missing skills, you can train yourself. 

Invest in yourself. 

Use efforts to understand your personality, how to connect with people, what motivates you, etc.

Spend time on your personal development; there are plenty of amazing books and videos out there.

Invest money in trainings to learn new skills or sharpen your current expertise.

 Try new things and be open-minded. Be ready for the transformation; become someone new.

Exchange with other people. We are social beings before anything else. 

Do not be afraid to reach out to people.

If I had invested less time drinking and partying, and more energy on personal development, reaching out to other people and becoming a more skillful person, I would be even closer to my objectives than I am now. 

Do not hesitate one second to get help for:

  • productivity and efficiency
  • meeting new people online or offline
  • your character, your personality
  • mental help
  • self-limiting beliefs
  • low self-esteem
  • feelings of hopelessness

Find Meaning in Adversity

“If you're going through hell, keep going” -Winston Churchill

Nothing is easy.

We all have problems and issues. 

Family members who are sick, internet not working, shitty boss, partner that left us, the pressure to pay the rent, social anxiety, psychological stress…

In the end, you cannot avoid negative things from happening to you.

You can only give it meaning. 

You need to build an armor and go beyond adversity.

Otherwise, adversity will colonize our whole mind. 

Every bump on the road to success is only a bump. Keep driving. 

Reprogram your Subconscious

95% of what we do is preprogrammed. 

So the trick is to reprogram the subconscious to overwrite the self-limiting beliefs and the beliefs causing you anxiety. 

Stop reading the news and social media. Stay away from negative people.

That is already a good start. 

Positively talk to yourself, over and over. 

Use a daily mantra, a quote, whatever you want to be “I am super productive, and I am focused, I produce so much, look at how much stuff I am doing.”

We hope that the Art of Growth Marketing Manifesto will inspire you!

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Are you ready to be successful and productive?

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Martin Couture

I help people just like you start, grow and future-proof their online business. After years of creating digital experiences for brands like Disney, Nike, Tiffany, Fendi, BMW, Mercedes... I decided to start blogging and making niche websites. Now, I want to help you achieve what I have achieved. I worked at the 2 biggest independent agencies in the world: Wieden+Kennedy and Serviceplan. Martin Couture is Content Marketing Consultant at the Art of Growth Marketing.

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