May 6, 2020

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Everybody loves spending time on the internet.

You may have stumbled upon a website where a pop-up notification appeared at the lower-left corner of the screen. The pop-up may have said something like “Mary from LA bought this 24 min ago” or something similar. 

And being the curious person that you are, you asked yourself: Is this “Verified by ProveSource” legit or fake?

At The Art of Growth Marketing, we use plenty of different tools to convert more visitors into leads and boost sales. Tools like ProveSource are one of the tools we use to increase leads and sales.

ProveSource is great for plenty of industries:  eCommerce, travel, hospitality, retail, lead generation, etc. 

The concept behind ProveSource is called Social Proof. And it works. 

After reading this article, you will know:

  1. If ProveSource “Verifier by ProveSource” is fake or real
  2. What is Social Proof 
  3. How the verification works
  4. and if you are interested, how to use Social Proof on your website.

Let’s find out more information about this great tool called ProveSource. 

What is ProveSource and Who is behind the software

ProveSource is located in the High Tech park of Beersheba, and being the successful technology company that they are, ProveSource developed a software that displays up to 15 million notifications per month!

ProveSource is a successful company that has been in operation since 2017 and does business in 84 different countries. More than 4,000 clients trust the software. 

ProveSource is a legit company that offers a social proof software, backed by powerful tech and a reliable tool that converts visitors.

They recently did a redesign of their website, and it looks much more beautiful. 

What is Social Proof

Social Proof works by leveraging aspects of human psychology. 

As social beings, we humans tend to copycat the behavior of others. The Social Proof concept is deeply ingrained in our DNA with our habit to gather in herds and our desire to be part of a group that gives us meaning and a sense of identity. 

Smart marketers know this and use this human behavior at their advantage: by displaying other people’s behavior, they can influence our purchasing decisions. 

There are plenty of tricks in the Marketer Magician’s hat when it comes to using Social Proof:

  • scarcity
  • testimonials
  • FOMO (fear of missing out)
  • authority
  • and much more

That is why pop-up notifications are so powerful: they show us other people, just like us, who are interested in the same things as us, and thus, make us more likely to replicate their behavior and make a purchase. 

If I see someone buying this product, this proves that it is a reliable product as other people are also buying it!

Is Verified by ProveSource really verified? Is it reliable? 

YES, "Verified by ProveSource" is legit. As we have seen, ProveSource is a well-established company, and they offer a reliable service built on robust tech. They are used and trusted by 4,000 clients spread all over the world.

ProveSource say on their website that they guarantee 100% that the information is correct and accurate. The software company aggregates data from reliable 3rd party platforms like Capterra as well as taking data directly from their customers' database.

When a website takes actions like subscribing to a newsletter, buying a product, looking at information on a website, the behavioral data is added to the website's database. So when other people visit the website, they see pop-up notifications of actions taken by other customers.


To get a clear picture of the topic, let’s have a look at the details step-by-step.

There are 3 parties we need to consider:

  1. The Service Provider: in this case, ProveSource
  2. The Website or eCommerce Store Owners: ProveSource’s clients
  3. The Customers: the people visiting the websites or eShop (aka the consumers, the users, the visitors, the subscribers, the members, etc.)

So if the information is correct and accurate, Verified by ProveSource is indeed legit and real. 

In the case of the website or eCommerce store owners, it is case-by-case. Some honest marketers are legit, and some dishonest marketers who are fake. 

It is probably that a small tiny minority of dishonest marketers use dirty tricks to manipulate people.

Let’s have a look at how ProveSource works. 

How does Verified by ProveSource work?

During the onboarding at ProveSource, the website or eShop owner copies a code snippet provided by ProveSource. 

The code snippet is then installed on the platform, for example, WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce, etc. 

The owner can then select a few pop-ups notifications, customize their appearance, behavior, and display, and then pushes the notifications to appear on the website or the store. 

When people visit the website, they take actions, for example, subscribing to a newsletter, downloading a Free PDF, purchasing a service like SEO Keywords Analysis, or a product like shoes, makeup, handbags, clothes, etc. 

The tracking snippet tracks every action, and the information is added to a database. 

ProveSource has access to the information and will display pop-up notifications based on:

  • the settings and customization of the notifications
  • the action and the behavior taken by customers
  • the webpage where the visitor is located

As you can see, the data that is used by ProveSource to display notifications is taken directly from the database, which contains data of actions taken by customers just like you and me. 

What about Privacy?

Privacy is a big topic nowadays. 

When you purchase something or subscribe to a service, the vendors may have access to your full name, that is, first and last name. 

To keep information private, as far as we know, ProveSource will only use the first name when displaying notifications. For example, “Alice from Paris bought this handbag 36 min ago.”

However, note that ProveSource also aggregates content from 3rd part platforms like Capterra, where reviews of products and services are listed. 

In some cases, if the name, picture, testimonial, and rating of someone is already public, there is a possibility that ProveSource will use the publicly available information. 

An excellent example of this would be a testimonial like this: “Amazing room, great via of the Colosseum in Rome.” 5 stars. Jane Smith”

How to use Verified by ProveSource on my eCommerce store or Website

ProveSource is very, very affordable; it is also easy to install. 

It integrates with pretty much any marketing tool out there for email automation, tracking, landing pages, autoresponders, etc. 

We love ProveSource.

ProveSource offers plenty of different pop-ups types: 

  • stream
  • product purchase
  • reviews (e.g., Capterra, Google, etc.)
  • live visitors count
  • page visits
  • informational (customize content)
  • combo (where you can display “a large number of visitors who did an action in the past XX hours.”)

What is excellent with ProveSource is that the design of their pop-ups looks lovely… and everybody is sensitive to things that look elegant. 

Another thing we like about the software is that selecting the notifications and customizing them is done step-by-step, it is fast, clear and hassle-free. 

The Art of Growth Marketing has a great post about the Best Social Proof Software.

If you want to find out more about Social Proof Software available on the market, we made reviews on single tools here. 

ProveSource is our favorite Social Proof Software on the market. 

Full disclosure: The Art of Growth Marketing uses ProveSource on websites we have built as side projects. 

We recommend ProveSource as THE Social Proof software to use. 

ProveSource is not only super useful; it is a great solution for eCommerce, Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce, and many more. 

FOMO is useful is you are looking for a cool hip brand and AI (Artificial Intelligence) based insights.

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