January 3, 2021

groovefunnels vs clickfunnels logos comparison software

We know how each online business owner or digital marketer today is faced with a lot of challenges... create offers, drive traffic, convert leads into buyers. 

Most people selling stuff (or services) online, may or may not be aware that they are using Sales Funnels. When it comes to creating Sales Funnels, the first name that comes into mind is Russell Brunson's ClickFunnels


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A newcomer for instance who is still learning may start building sales funnels and go through every feature of most of the sales conduct building programs available. These software tools are mostly designed to assist start-ups and beginners in their launch of sales funnels.

For the business owners who have already made strides – they could be thinking of growth.  We know that this is the natural progression for any business.

What big steps should you do? What will keep you consistent? Or perhaps, make it through the top! 

If you want to upgrade your online business to the next level, you need to do some analysis and then, decisions.  Mind you, these are important decisions!

You have to go through each phase with the sales funnel paradigm. One sure foolproof way is to get the best Sales Funnel Builders to help you out. 

Now, that is the question!!!  We can help you on that.

Let’s check the two most compared sales builders in this internet marketing realm, ClickFunnels and GrooveFunnels.

Would you go for the old, reliable ClickFunnels that has been in the industry for long…with all their proven and tested features? They’ve got lots of online resources available for you, too.

Or rather try the latest knockout of a software in the market now, GrooveFunnels which is creating a lot of positive buzz these days…. oh, why not? Their “18-in-one” all-in one marketing suite just can’t be ignored eh?!

This comprehensive and insightful review of both ClickFunnels and GrooveFunnels will help you decide in no time. You do make great choices when you are well-informed, so let’s go:

What do GrooveFunnels and ClickFunnels have in common: 

User-friendly Interface

It is such a breeze to use these tools, literally.  A website developer is not needed nor should you employ any coding skills here. Both programs help you create, manage and navigate funnels and pages with just a simple interface using drag-and-drop dashboard.  So easy even for those who are just beginning to use these tools, thus, no time is ever wasted.

User-friendly Interface

Using both GrooveFunnels and Click Funnels means that you are not in any way starting from scratch. They come with various pre-made templates that will help you create your funnels and pages. These templates are fully-customizable – better for you to adjust accordingly to your business and branding needs.

Membership Portal for Online Courses

For both platforms, you can create a membership portal for online courses or perhaps, a program that would require a special access.


Affiliate Management Program

Affiliate programs are great to acquire new customers. They both employ this feature on Affiliate Management but the difference is in implementing it. For GrooveFunnels – you can have the software free without limitations via GrooveSell. For ClickFunnels – you have to upgrade to the 297/month plan to be able to use their Affiliate Management tool, the Back Pack.  

Read this:  GrooveFunnels has their own platform for managing all their affiliates. ClickFunnels uses a 3rd party platform to be able to handle these affiliates.  This might be a concern after all.  Overall, both offer excellent affiliate programs for you to earn extra income and that’s good!

Email Marketing Platform

GrooveMail has just been recently launched and considered a full-scale e-mail marketing tool.  It can do a lot for you like tag subscribers, segment your leads, create e-mail campaigns, schedule follow-ups and send messages based on respondents’’ behavior.

You can have as much as 25,000 e-mail lists for a paid plan or you may purchase an add-on feature. Free plan has a limit in additional e-mail addresses. At the other side, Click Funnels has just a built-in feature aptly called “follow-up funnels” that goes with their $297/month package. It allows for customer engagement with SMS or e-mails. But the setback is that Click Funnels is not really an e-mail service provider so an external SMTP account is needed to send e-mails.

Sharing Funnels

You can share funnels with other people through ClickFunnels.  You will be given a URL that has a replica of your funnel which can be provided to any other user. What’s great is that there’s a capability at GrooveFunnels to let you import any page on the web.  In effect, this will allow you in replicating   websites’ templates.

Sales Platform or Shopping Cart

Both ClickFunnels and GrooveFunnels have good sales platforms. ClickFunnels has its own built-in online shopping cart and safe checkout system. Absolutely, no third-party software so you can just as easily and safely sell your products and services online.

At GrooveFunnels, you have a free GrooveSell.  It is a fully-loaded sales and affiliate management platform with useful features like receiving payments for both physical and digital products, services and subscriptions. With GrooveSell, you are free to create your own checkout pages offering high conversion rates, specifically with apps such as “people also bought” in the checkout.

Steep Learning Curve 

Undoubtedly, both platforms offer remarkable features that are user-friendly. But one needs to take a fairly reasonable amount of time to navigate and practice before mastering its usage. It

would be worth the effort so just put up with the first few days of learning as surely all your hard work will be paid off!

Online & Social Media Communities

Social media presence is the current trend and both of these platforms have active Facebook communities for help, networking and support.

Customer Service & Support

What’s outstanding from ClickFunnels and GrooveFunnels is the usefulness of their real-time customer support via live chat and e-mail.

Where do ClickFunnels and GrooveFunnels differ? 

After checking out their similarities, it’s now time to compare their differences:

Video Hosting

ClickFunnels is quite a failure in this category. It does not support video hosting. What you need is to use a third-party popular video platform, such as Vimeo and YouTube. As you do so - this means you can also set-in the video in your sales funnels.

With GrooveFunnels – they have their very own video hosting tool which is the GrooveVideo. Down the line, GrooveVideo is like having a built-in Wistia or Vimeo by itself.

It has a number of interesting features such as the various customization options as well as the capability to add tags and ‘calls-to-action’ for every video. Aside from this – GrooveVideo let users do A/B testing and produce in-depth analytics for every piece of content.

Calendar Feature

Moving forward, GrooveFunnels will be launching the GrooveCalendar app which will take care of users to arrange their schedules, make appointments and integrate them effortlessly into your sales funnels.  

This is not the same with ClickFunnels. It might be frustrating to know that they do not have such a tool of appointments booking in an easy, organized fashion. If this system will be integrated as well – it might be a little costlier on your part.  

SEO and Blog Features   

With GrooveFunnels – there is the GroovePages that allows pages to load super-fast. Why? The whole HTML structure is preloaded eliminating the pinging of the servers. This is an advantage since site speed is one of the significant factors for SEO, most especially at this time.  GrooveFunnels is clearly the only platform that makes mobile first technology a key ranking factor. This results that many sites built on GroovePages are better optimized.  

Isn’t that cool?  

One significant SEO factor is the fresh, new content – which is almost always presented in blog articles. GrooveFunnels enjoys a fully-functional blog tool called GrooveBlog. This is for launching very soon. Blog functionality and fast loading times are a potent combination for higher SEO rankings so it is pretty obvious that GrooveFunnels will perform better than ClickFunnels in this category.

One big advantage of ClickFunnels is that its pre-designed templates do not really need SEO optimization per se. Why you may ask? Because you will drive traffic to your funnel via paid ads, referral traffic or from a website that already has some established organic traffic. Just my 2 cents.

A/B Testing

A/B testing is a remarkable method to maximize the marketing campaigns and sales funnels you created.  With ClickFunnels’ customers – they can always optimize conversions via split testing. The process goes by splitting different funnel versions to determine which one is better.  Not to worry if GrooveFunnels does not have this A/B testing feature yet as they ‘re set to introduce this feature very soon so watch out for it.


GrooveFunnels’ advantage will be its  GrooveKart --- which is so much like Shopify but with definitely better pricing options. It can be used by free members with its freemium version and just pay a transaction fee (much like Shopify does but without any other monthly charges).  But there are no transaction charges for the paid users of GrooveKart.

ClickFunnels do not have this as part of their features and this is one letdown.  


There will be a GrooveDesk app to be launched by GrooveFunnels shortly.   The objective is to allow users to submit their support tickets, access to an in-depth repository of knowledge plus have real-time assistance via chat.  Sadly, ClickFunnels doesn’t have one like this – a helpdesk and we do not expect them to have one in the future.

Community Membership

Regarding the length of time it took to build their online communities, GrooveFunnels had achieved this within 5 months only vs 5 years for ClickFunnels.  Yes, this true!   It cannot be overemphasized that the GrooveFunnels has built the bigger user base, too. With this as a head start - GrooveFunnels’ community surely get their feedback or assistance really quick. Of course,

moving forward - there’ll be a live chat for GrooveFunnels. In addition, they also have available online training programs where one can join, ask and share sites - these are apparently good learning activities.   Undoubtedly, it is GrooveFunnels that is leading in this online community category.


What ClickFunnels have is the FunnelFlix which is an amazing reference for both experienced marketers and start-ups. This is what GrooveFunnels lacks as they do not have this feature.

GrooveFunnels Affiliates Program vs ClickFunnels Affiliates Program

There’s a big discrepancy in the affiliate program for both platforms.  

ClickFunnels – a recurring commission of 40% is given on each referred client provided they remain in good standing as an active customer. As for Tier-2 commissions – they are not offering anything.

GrooveFunnels runs programs of 2 kinds for their affiliate programs:

  1. FREE members – provided with a lifetime commission of 20% for Tier-1 referrals; for Tier-2 referrals:  it’s 5% commission.
  2. PAID members – provided with a lifetime commission of 40% for Tier-1 referrals and a 10% commission for Tier-2.

Competitive Pricing Plan 

GrooveFunnels easily is the hands-on winner in this area of pricing battle.  If you consider all the various functionalities that they offer vs. ClickFunnels, then you will know why.  For a start, there is a free basic plan for GrooveFunnels that you have for as long as you want. This free package

comes with all the important features you need, which includes the affiliate management. At the other end, ClickFunnels’ basic plan is restrictive and you will only have limited access to the different funnels, pages and visitors.

GrooveFunnels vs Click Funnels:  Pros and Cons 

GrooveFunnels Pros

  • Simple to use landing page tool
  • Easy to create funnels
  • All-in-one marketing tool
  • Unlimited funnels, custom domains and web pages
  • Mobile-First responsive feature
  • With free web hosting and advanced options
  • Cost-effective – no need for other third-party apps, go for lifetime deal 

GrooveFunnels Cons

  • Steep learning curve
  • Can be overwhelming for beginners (with most tools included in the suite)
  • Not all tools are available yet, some are still for launching but will happen soon
  • No reference of previous user experience – other tools still in beta testing

 ClickFunnels Pros

  • High number of integrations
  • Can easily create and build complete funnels
  • Easy and flexible editing
  • Regular upgrades in features
  • Availability of professional templates
  • Free training sessions; weekly webinars are ongoing

ClickFunnels Cons

  • Standard plan has limited number of pages and funnels
  • Quite pricey - you will pay more for the unlimited pages and funnels package
  • Hosting Failure has zero recovery: all your pages and funnels will also go down
  • Low customer service image & reputation

Which is better:  ClickFunnels or GrooveFunnels? 

ClickFunnels was primarily designed to help entrepreneurs control their business.

They can create websites and convert the prospects into revenue-generating customers.  

This is done basically on their own --- without the need to hire high-paying web designers or digital marketers.

In terms of experience – ClickFunnels is obviously leading the battle.

In fact, ClickFunnels is clearly the pioneer in software platform for easy landing pages and creating funnels. 

It is the most successful in the industry in creating sales funnels through the years.

It has other features like e-mail marketing and course hosting program – but it remains to be a sales funnel creation software more than anything else.

It would seem that ClickFunnels has proven its strength due to its years in service but a lot of online business owners and digital marketers are switching.

GrooveFunnels for More Features, and a Cheaper Price 

Most are lured by the extra services and features that GrooveFunnels offers them at a competitive price.

GrooveFunnels’ important features like calendar, e-mail automation and helpdesk (which ClickFunnels does not have) are truly helpful. Who doesn’t want a “18-in-one” marketing tool? 

Definitely, GrooveFunnels has the clear advantage now.  

But of course, if you need a platform to create sales funnels that are high-converting – ClickFunnels is always a viable option.  But if you want to enlarge and expand– you should go further than that.

You can choose GrooveFunnels for a judicious decision based on future plans and growth for your business.  This is the perspective of the forward-looking and tech-savvy business owners. 

I would say that your decision should be based on the features and functions that you need. 

ClickFunnels’ vs. GrooveFunnels’ Integrations 

ClickFunnels Integrations

ClickFunnels has plenty of integrations:

  • Kajabi -connecting ClickFunnels’ products or services with the Kajabi’s membership areas
  • PayPal – can accept payments at your ClickFunnels account via Paypal 
  • WordPress – putting together your ClickFunnels account and WordPress website
  • Shopify –   joining together your ClickFunnels account and Shopify website
  • Sales Force – integrating your Salesforce account with ClickFunnels account with no coding needed 
  • Disc Delivered — integrating your product with both ClickFunnels and Disc Delivered accounts will result to automatic order fulfillment when a customer places an order in your funnel 
  • Stripe Payment- for payment integration and providing funnel customers’ receipts directly
  • Sly Broadcast - for sending voicemails from this app to your customers 
  • Embed A Calendar into Your Funnel — where leads can schedule themselves accordingly on your calendar; can be also used for different other calendar software for integration
  • VWO Engage —for push notifications in your funnels.
  • Twilio- personalizing and scheduling SMS
  • Shipstation - for order fulfillment management
  • Zapier -  integrating Click Funnels account with any other popular app or service
  • Zen Direct - for customer information for shipping items directly
  • YouZign - hosting custom images and publish such images on Click Funnels

GrooveFunnels Integrations

Two types of integrations: Native integrations and Zapier integrations

GrooveFunnels Native Integrations 

The most incredible fact is that all of Groove apps integrate with each other – yes, you read that right!

There is no need to get various external tools to make the whole program work.  What the GrooveFunnels lacks for now is a sales pipeline (but hey, it seems they really have no have no plans to build it as well).

They believe that the Pipe Drive already is doing a good job so that’s it! GrooveFunnels will have integration with it.

GrooveFunnels Zapier Integrations

You will be able to integrate GrooveFunnels with Zapier to get the most out of its extensive coverage of more than 2,000 apps. 

 Yes- it is! You can enable triggers, have CRM, automate forms, sheets, follow-ups and e-mails.

You can also have payment processing and phone and SMS management.

Some significant apps like MailChimp, BirdSend, Automizy, Flodesk, Mailerlite, Slack, HubSpot, Get Response, Active Campaign, Kajabi, Teachable. Sendinblue, Call Loop, Keap, Dubsado, Google Sheets, Google Calendar, Google Contacts, Facebook Pages, WordPress, Pipe Drive, Kartra and ClickFunnels.

What you need to do is just set up any of these apps from your Zapier account.

 This can be done free though only 100 tasks per month is allowed.  You can have 14 day-trial of premium features then get an upgrade to a monthly package of $19.19 annual billing or $24.99 on a monthly basis.

What about PRICING: GrooveFunnels vs ClickFunnels?

First off – what’s a Free Plan like for GrooveFunnels? How about for ClickFunnels?  Read on.

GrooveFunnels and ClicFunnels: Free Plan?

GrooveFunnels has a FREE Plan. What’s great is that you can have access to GrooveFunnels, GroovePages, GrooveSell, and GrooveAffiliate for free immediately when you sign-up.

ClickFunnels does not have this free plan as GrooveFunnels. But what it offers is a 14-day FREE trial with money-back guarantee.  Plus, you need to provide your credit card information as you sign-up for this free trial.

GrooveFunnels’ Pricing 

Let’s check in detail the GrooveFunnels’ Packages: 

  • GrooveFunnels has 4 different Pricing Options that you can choose from – but one of the BEST deals to date is the Platinum Lifetime Deal.
  • The Lifetime Deal is only available for a limited period so it’s better for you to go and purchase that deal to have an unlimited lifetime access to GrooveFunnels and all the included features.

Base Plan (FREE)

This GrooveFunnels Base Plan is completely free for a limited time.    There’s a lifetime limited access to these 3 useful tools such as GrooveAffiliate, GroovePages LITE and GrooveSell, along with future updates for those apps. Note that this plan is available for everyone, most especially for beginners.  Don’t lose any minute– just grab this opportunity if you are interested. 

Silver Plan - $99/ month

If you have an online start-up business, this plan is highly recommended for you. It has all the core marketing tools essential to you. What does it include?  A lot!

These apps will give you the boost in running your business online and start earning.  Among the rest of the features, you will note that this plan includes these 2:

  1. GroovePages Pro – provides you access in creating unlimited websites for all your businesses.
  2. GrooveMail - you can have 25,000 free contacts.

 The SILVER Plan includes the following:

  1. GrooveSell
  2. GrooveAffiliate
  3. GroovePages Pro
  4. GrooveMember
  5. GrooveVideo
  6. GrooveMail
  7. E-MailLeads
  8. E-mail Affiliates
  9. E-Mail Buyers
  10. E-Mail Cart Abandons

Gold Plan - $199/ month 

Unlike the Silver Plan, this plan is directed more towards those who have been in the online industry longer.

 It has most of the core apps needed by the business owners. But it doesn’t prevent beginners in availing the package and gain a competitive edge.

What does this plan include? Everything there is in the Silver Plan plus more professional tools that can help you along the way in your business. Check it out below. 

This plan is tailored for a professional business that has been in the game for a longer time. Although, beginners can also gain a lot of learnings from this plan.

This plan includes all those included in the Silver Plan plus more specialized tools to help you grow in your business.

The Gold Plan includes everything on the Silver Plan plus the following:

  1. GrooveBlog
  2. GrooveSurvey
  3. GrooveQuiz
  4. GrooveDesk
  5. GrooveCalendar

Platinum Lifetime Deal

This is the highest tier among the subscriptions for GrooveFunnels.

 It has all the features on the Gold Plan plus a lot more, like GrooveWebinar Live and GrooveWebinars Automated.  Eventually, GrooveWebinars Live Streaming, too. What these apps do: host both automated and live webinars in your site.

If your goal is to get more customers to trust your products or services – then, this plan is the best option for you.

More Additions to this Plan:

  1. GroovePages for Shopify – lets you use GroovePages with your Shopify store.
  2. GrooveKart – is a remarkable alternative to Shopify. You can build and open an online store for all the various products or services that you sell through this platform.  

     These are the options for you to pay the Lifetime Deal:

One-time payment of $1,897

  1. 4 payments of $497
  2. 6 payments of $388
  3. 12 payments of $249

ClickFunnels Pricing

Basically, ClickFunnels has two different plans as well as payment options.

ClickFunnels does not offer a free lifetime plan like GrooveFunnels does but instead, you may use the software for a 14-day free trial scheme.

Standard Plan - $97/ month 

This is their most popular plan with the following features:  

  1. 100 pages
  2. 20 funnels
  3. 3 custom domains
  4. 20,000 visitors per month

Platinum Plan - $297/ month 

This plan is tailored-fit for those entrepreneurs with multiple online businesses. It has more features such as:

  1. Unlimited funnels
  2. Unlimited pages
  3. Follow up funnels
  4. Unlimited visitors
  5. 9 custom domains
  6. Funnel Flix
  7. Funnel Hacker Forum
  8. Email marketing integrations and solutions (no automated emails)
  9. Daily Hack-a-thons

So, which do you think is cheaper – GrooveFunnels or ClickFunnels? 

We believe GrooveFunnels has the upper hand in pricing.  Why?

Just look at the GrooveFunnels' Silver Plan that’s $99/ month. It is offering a number of features than ClickFunnels’ $97/ month plan.  YES, it is!  As GrooveFunnels is still in Beta mode, you can expect more deals, you can definitely much better than now which of course, you wouldn’t want to pass up!

Affiliates Program: GrooveFunnels vs ClickFunnels  

GrooveFunnels Affiliates Program

For GrooveFunnels – you have 2 Affiliate Programs:

  • For PRO (meaning under PLAN) members where you get 40% commissions for Tier-1 and 10% for Tier-2;
  • For FREE members (yes, there’s commission, too!) -  get 20% commissions for Tier-1 and 5% for Tier-2.

In this program – you can have the following:

  • manage your affiliates plus check your earnings;
  • see how many visitors your link generates;
  • know the count of those leads who eventually signed-up;
  • track how many sales is provided.

These proactive measures are actually the promotional tools you should utilize to entice and get more users on board.

A great advantage about GrooveAffiliate is that they have a feature known as: parent/child relationship tagging that’s hardcoded for you as an affiliate.

Simply put, this means that whenever you refer someone, their system will tag them back to you. 

Doing this – you wouldn’t have to worry about cookies being overwritten or when a You Tube or another website review grabbing your sales. Or when they’re signing up for upgrade from a different device (smart phone sign-up then upgrade is done in a laptop).  You have a referral for life!  

Plus: It doesn’t matter if your referral upgrades in days, weeks or a number of months after as the sale will still be credited to you. Your commission is guaranteed once upgrade is done. Perfect, ‘right?!

ClickFunnels Affiliates Program

For purchases of ClickFunnels subscriptions for what your front-end buyers made, new affiliates will also earn 20% commissions.

 What do you know?

The most amazing fact:  this commission is recurring every month. (This means that as long as these customers pay for their Click Funnels accounts – you are entitled to your commission).

After earning $1,000 in commissions in a month, you can then apply to become an approved affiliate. 

Your earning goes up to 30% monthly recurring commissions!!!


The moment you have at least 40 active Click Funnels’ members who have made membership payments via your Affiliate ID for at least 30 days ---

  • You can qualify to have your commission up to a higher level! Yes – you get 40% monthly recurring commissions.
  • Take note that this scenario is applicable only to NEW affiliates. Nothing has changed for the old affiliates though.
  • They still earn continuously the 40% commission on Click Funnels subscriptions.

So, now - which Affiliate Program works best for you, GrooveFunnels or ClickFunnels?

USERs:  GrooveFunnels vs ClickFunnels 

For GrooveFunnels – this is the best platform if you are any or all of the following (and are starting a business):

  1. Blogger
  2. Online Marketer
  3. Online Content Creator
  4. Have a membership site to launch and run
  5. Have to do funnel-building as well as create landing pages
  6. Have shown much interest in advanced digital features and more that this GrooveFunnels Package/Suite will be launching soon
  7. You do not prefer monthly subscriptions for using your sales funnel tool
  8. You want to get GroovePages and GrooveSell for FREE
  9. You are determined to be a part of an awesome lifetime opportunity that would be for a limited time only (this would not last forever!)

Do you still want to pass up on the GroovePages and GrooveSell offer? 

You will never have these worthy features unless you pay maybe at least $97 monthly in another platform. 

And if you’re signing up at GrooveFunnels for free – you will also have that limited opportunity to grab the lifetime deal – a real win-win for you!

For ClickFunnels, - the sales funnels builder is the best platform for the following people:

  1. High-ticket coaches and consultants
  2. Agencies
  3. Courses creators
  4. If your business is focused on sales and conversions (more than delivering content)
  5. You enjoy the ClickFunnels community
  6. Have read the books written by Russell Brunson and/or watched his presentations
  7. Want to generate sells and get into the Two Comma Club!

Going to the other side, you may use ClickFunnels if:

  • You are only after a simple, powerful sales funnel to use
  • You need a proven sales funnel tool that has stood well and long enough in the market
  • You are not willing to wait to see and check how amazing GrooveFunnels will compare to ClickFunnels

Does the above-mentioned seem like you?

Are you convinced that ClickFunnels is good for you – with all its advantages and disadvantages?   Even if they don’t have the best membership you know?

They surely still perform well on the rest of the features they have.

The Final Verdict: ClickFunnels? GrooveFunnels?

ClickFunnels is a sales funnel creation tool, first and foremost.

While it is doing its job remarkably well – it is not the most comprehensive program that GrooveFunnels is poised to be in the future.

If you are already building sales funnels, ClickFunnels is one amazing tool. I personally love the salesy look and feel of ClickFunnel's templates. They are all high-converting templates.  Remember that I used to work on projects with Nike, Disney, Tiffany, Mercedes... so I am very sensitive to great looking designs.

On top of that, I love the small details of ClickFunnels, the User experience, the User Flow, the upsells, the videos what start playing automatically, the easiness to duplicate funnels, etc. The templates look amazing and can be used out-of-the-box. Yes, ClickFunnels is pricey, but if you are running a business, the monthly fee will pay itself.

Besides that, it has a number of available resources online that are helpful like books, other software, 3 Comma Club, and more. Plus, you have a number of essential integrations.

In my opinion, you should go for ClickFunnels if you are selling a high-ticket service or product online. Emphasis on selling. 

GrooveFunnels is a sales funnel builder plus more than that.  

And yes, thinking about the future – GrooveFunnels may be a better platform, especially if you are looking for a wide range of features and functions (e.g., blogging, social proof, webinar, etc.) In fact, they’re still releasing various products to date and more still to come. GrooveFunnels is a whole suite of apps – 18 different tools (both free and paid) to help you with your online business. As we’ve mentioned earlier, easier to integrate, too. Why? Because you do not have to integrate different software made by different companies. So, if you’re thinking of the total package – this is it!

Sales funnels creation, setting-up website and landing pages, webinar hosting, e-mail marketing, affiliate marketing and membership sites - you can do them all with GrooveFunnels.

For affiliate marketing, promote not only GrooveFunnels but you can build your own affiliate marketing network, too.  What a bonus!

It’s like running a total business with GrooveFunnels!

Although some tools are still coming out of beta, GrooveFunnels shows great potential as an alternative to ClickFunnels with the cheaper pricing that it offers. Nonetheless, as I said, if you are looking for a platform laser-focused on sales and conversions, ClickFunnels may be the right tool.

Read our comprehensive GrooveFunnels Review. The ClickFunnels Review is in the making. 

*Affiliates Disclaimer: When you click on a link on the Art of Growth Marketing website, we may receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. This helps us deliver value to you and produce great content for people around the world. Thank you in advance!

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