January 3, 2021

groovefunnels vs builderall

We are reviewing two of the most popular tools in the digital marketing now: Builderall and GrooveFunnels

This post will give you a clear idea of the peculiarities and the benefits of each platform.

Builderall and GrooveFunnels

Builderall needs no major introduction. It has been in operations for 10 years.

It is a complete suite of various tools in one platform. 

Whether you want to create landing pages, build funnels, sell products, design your courses or do some e-mail marketing - you can use this platform.

Builderall is so popular with digital marketers and entrepreneurs that’s why it counts to more than 200,000 its active users today. Most of them are on the free plan though but the tool is designed to hold a million users and more. 

That makes this tool one of the largest in the online business niche.

In fact, it is one of the best website builders for newbies, small business owners, those in SEO and e-commerce.

It is one complete marketing platform aimed to help both digital marketers and online entrepreneurs to start then eventually scale and grow their businesses.

Now, as for GrooveFunnels – it is touted to be the future industry leader.   With “18 tools-in-one” marketing suite – where can you go wrong?

 Among its most powerful and professional tools are – GrooveMail, GrooveMember, GrooveVideo, GrooveSell, GrooveKart and GrooveCalendar.  It is aimed to help businesses of any size today as well as seasoned entrepreneurs or not. 

GrooveFunnels is certainly promising and full of potentials…. many are excited about it!

 Are you one of them? 

GrooveFunnels vs. Builderall

What are their similarities?  

E-Mail Marketing

Builderall’s MailingBoss is a fully-integrated email auto-responder which lets you do the following:  create campaigns, manage subscribers, filter lists and import leads.

GrooveFunnels has GrooveMail – with a free plan up to 500 subscribers. Paid plans can go up to 5,000 subscribers. For added cost, you can still add more subscribers. Unlike Builderall, it has no disk space limits.  Everything you do with MailingBoss is also possible at this platform like sending text messages, voice SMS and creation of sequence automations and broadcasting.

Both tools perform great in this category in so far as organizing leads and lists and using tags and behavioral prompts.

Both platforms are great for e-mail marketing but clearly, if you need one that is more advanced in features, then you have to choose GrooveFunnels.

Free Templates

Both Builderall and GrooveFunnels’ GroovePages provide free templates that are SEO-optimized.

It’s great that you can have a number of choices for integrations and check-out options as well.

On the other side, GroovePages has a URL importer that gives you the ease to copy any website template to make it as personalized as possible.

There are various types of templates, too, like sales funnel, lead capture page, membership, webinar or thank you page.  Whatever niche or industry or area of business you are in, there will surely be a template according to your need.

For professionally-designed templates – Builderall may not be the right tool as most of their templates are outdated.

If you prefer the professional-looking templates and be able to import any website template, go for GrooveFunnels. If you’re only after having a number of templates – Builderall will suffice.


For Builderall, they have an e-commerce store where you can simply showcase your products into the so-called Builderall Marketplace.  

You can select payment and delivery options as well. You can have access to a lot of helpful e-commerce features like coupons, pop-ups and more. For your business options, this tool has seamless integrations with popular platforms such as Shopify, Stripe and PayPal, etc. to enable you to have a smooth business streamlined experience right for you.

GrooveFunnels, on the other hand, has 2 platforms: GrooveSell and GrooveKart that are matched with Builderall tightly.  For GrooveKart, it allows you to have zero credit card transaction fees for paid plans and a 2% minimal fee for free plans.  Again, GrooveFunnels has the edge in this feature vs Builder all.

Membership Sites

Builderall and GrooveFunnels   come with good subscription management systems to create and sell content to their customers. What this feature means is that it allows provisions to create tiered accounts on different levels and drip content to one’s members so as not to feel overloaded.

Both are good tools for membership sites but Builderall has a little edge over GrooveFunnels here because of its feature to help restrict parts of your website.

Video Hosting

Disregard Vimeo or You Tube.  These tools have built-in video hosting tools to help you create and publish branded videos.

You’ll have total control for Builderall since the video hosting tool is fully integrated with the total suite.  The same scenario is what you’ll get at GrooveFunnels plus more features.  Its video hosting is more advanced and integrated with split testing tool.  What’s more: GrooveFunnels’ capabilities include tagging your videos and doing follow-ups automatically.

GrooveFunnels wins in this category.  Agree?

Affiliate Program

Both platforms provide great opportunities for consistent income stream via enormous commissions, which includes 2-tier ones.

What Builderall has is a system that offers 3 rewarding commissions:  personal sales commissions for 100%, while personal sales recurring commissions and 2nd tier recurring commission are both pegged at 30%.

GrooveFunnels’ affiliate program is dependent on the plan you purchased and consequently, the plan that your affiliate will be getting. Free members get 20% commission while paid members are paid 40%.  For 2nd-tier members, 5% commission for free members & 10% for paid members.

The 2 tools are quite equal in this category – they both provide valuable incentives for their affiliates.

Customer Support

If you talk about making sure that extensive knowledge base as well as various materials to help one use the tool with all their features are provided, both GrooveFunnels and Builderall are matched along this area. 

In fact, there’s a Facebook group for GrooveFunnels that lets you connect with other GrooveFunnels’ users for some interactive learnings. This platform also offers different learning sessions weekly. While Builderall has practically the same features, its Facebook group is not as active as GrooveFunnels. 

If you want to be part of a more interactive customer support site, choose GrooveFunnels over Builderall.

Differences between Builderall and GrooveFunnels

Builderall has the following features and tools:

  • Click Map Feature – this will let you determine the attitudes of your audience and the navigations of your audience.  It will help you easily track what specific pages are the most popular or which are mostly attention-catching and which are not.
  • Animated Video Tool this comes with different elements like animated characters, backgrounds and sound effects for you to create a fully-animated video.
  • App Builder Tools - this enables you to create your own mobile apps that you can share across various platforms at no cost at all

Please take note that comparing the differences of GrooveFunnels and Builderall - bear in mind that some GrooveFunnels’ tools are still in Beta.  Thus, they are still lacking in some essential features such as animated video makes up tools, app builder tools, heat mapping which are still for development. Until such time that these features are working for GrooveFunnels – it’s safe to say that Builderall works better along these categories for now.

But, wait – at the other side, let’s check as well.

What does GrooveFunnels have vs. Builderall?

  • GrooveDesk – this helps you to handle tickets and issues of your customers real- time.
  • Calendar tools (Builderall has this, too…) - But what sets GrooveFunnels Calendar apart and GrooveDesk more exciting is when users GrooveDesk for your GrooveDesk, you will have contact in GrooveMail and then ѕеt up for automated follow-up sequences.
  • Grооvе Survey and GrooveQuiz - ensure that you actively stimulate and improve your interactions with your customers.

PROs and CONs of GrooveFunnels and Builderall  

Builderall Pros

  • Wide range of useful and high-demand tools under one marketing platform
  • Constant updates for old features and comes up with new tools and improvements
  • 14-day Free Trial and Forever Free Plan
  • Free Plan includes an autoresponder (MailingBoss) which the competitors do not have
  • Affordable Option even at its most expensive pricing (vs. other alternatives other than GrooveFunnels)
  • Has a rewarding affiliate program
  • Recommended for low-budgeted, beginners or entry-level entrepreneurs
  • 30-day money back guarantee

Builderall Cons

  • Too many tools quite overwhelming for beginners
  • User Interface and most tools are not professional-looking
  • Inconsistency in user experience between the tools 
  • Technical Support could still be improved

GrooveFunnels Pros

  • Simple to navigate landing page tool
  • Easy to create funnels
  • All-in-one marketing tool
  • Unlimited funnels, custom domains and web pages
  • Mobile-First responsive feature
  • With free web hosting and advanced options
  • Up to 3 custom domains are allowed for the free plan (nothing like this for other platform under their free plans)
  • Cost-effective – no need for other third-party apps, go for lifetime deal 
  • High quality product including user interface, tools and features
  • Fastest growing all-in-one platform with new features and tools till 2023 and expected to be the future market leader

GrooveFunnels Cons

  • Steep learning curve
  • Most tools included in the suite can be overwhelming for beginners
  • Not all tools are available yet, some are still for launching but will happen soon
  • No reference of previous user experience – other tools still in beta testing
  • May be a pricey platform vs. other alternatives so it will not be for everyone


Integrations: GrooveFunnels vs Builderall

Builderall Integrations 

For work automations and super powers for productivity – connect Buiderall’s Mailing Boss to about 2,000 apps via Zapier, such as: Google Sheets, Facebook Lead Ads, GMail, MailChimp, ClickFunnels, Eventbrite, Hubspot, GoogleForms, Webinarjam, Shopify, Calendy, Dropbox, Omnisend, Wave, Tapfiliate, Sendpulse, Sendowl, and a lot more.

It works so easily so you can start doing your integrations anytime.

GrooveFunnels Integrations

GrooveFunnels has two types of integrations: 

  1. Native integrations  
  2. Zapier integrations

GrooveFunnels Native Integrations

The most incredible fact is that all of Groove apps integrate with each other – yes, you read that right!

There is no need to get various external tools to make the whole program work.  What the GrooveFunnels lacks for now is a sales pipeline (but hey, it seems   they really have no have no plans to build it as well). They believe that the PipeDrive already is doing a good job so that’s it! GrooveFunnels will have integration with it.

GrooveFunnels Zapier Integrations

You will be able to integrate GrooveFunnels with Zapier to get the most out of its extensive coverage of more than 2,000 apps.  Yes- it is! You can enable triggers, have CRM, automate forms, sheets, follow-ups and e-mails. You can also have payment processing and phone and SMS management.

Some significant apps like MailChimp, BirdSend, Automizy, Flodesk, Mailerlite, Slack, HubSpot, GetResponse, Active Campaign, Kajabi, Teachable. Sendinblue, Call Loop, Keap, Dubsado, Google Sheets, Google Calendar, Google Contacts, Facebook Pages, WordPress, PipeDrive, Kartra and ClickFunnels.

What you need to do is just set up any of these apps from your Zapier account.  This can be done free though only 100 tasks per month is allowed.  You can have 14 day-trial of premium features then get an upgrade to a monthly package of $19.19 annual billing or $24.99 on a monthly basis.

Pricing GrooveFunnels vs Builderall 

The pricing is an important component in choosing which marketing platform to use.  If we are thinking of Builderall with its functionalities and features – this seems reasonable.  

However, what is lacking there is the lifetime offer which GrooveFunnels does which makes it much more affordable.

Let’s check more details below:

What’s a FREE Plan for GrooveFunnels?  How about for Builderall?

There is a Free Plan for GrooveFunnels.  With this, you can have access to the following for free as you sign up: GrooveFunnels, GroovePages, GrooveSell and GrooveAffiliate.

For Builderall’s Free Plan – you can have 100 subscribers, 0 domain, ticketing support and 1 GB disk space.


GrooveFunnels has 4 different Pricing Options that you can choose from – but one of the BEST deals to date is the Platinum Lifetime Deal.  This is only available for a limited period so it’s better for you to go and purchase that deal to have an unlimited lifetime access to GrooveFunnels and all the included features.

Base Plan (FREE)

This GrooveFunnels Base Plan is completely free for a limited time.    There’s a lifetime limited access to these 3 useful tools such as GrooveAffiliate, GroovePages LITE and GrooveSell, along with future updates for those apps. Note that this plan is available for everyone, most especially for beginners.  Don’t lose any minute– just grab this opportunity if you are interested. 

Silver Plan - $99/ month

If you have an online start-up business, this plan is highly recommended for you. It has all the core marketing tools essential to you. What does it include?  A lot!

These apps will give you the boost in running your business online and start earning.  Among the rest of the features, you will note that this plan includes these 2:

  • GroovePages Pro – provides you access in creating unlimited websites for all your businesses.
  • GrooveMail - you can have 25,000 free contacts.

 The SILVER Plan includes the following:

  1. GrooveSell
  2. GrooveAffiliate
  3. GroovePages Pro
  4. GrooveMember
  5. GrooveVideo
  6. GrooveMail
  7. E-Mail Leads
  8. E-mail Affiliates
  9. E-Mail Buyers
  10. E-Mail Cart Abandons

Gold Plan - $199/ month 

Unlike the Silver Plan, this plan is directed more towards those who have been in the online industry longer.

 It has most of the core apps needed by the business owners. But it doesn’t prevent beginners in availing the package and gain a competitive edge. What does this plan include? Everything there is in the Silver Plan plus more professional tools that can help you along the way in your business. Check it out below.

This plan is tailored for a professional business that has been in the game for a longer time. Although, beginners can also gain a lot of learnings from this plan.

This plan includes all those included in the Silver Plan plus more specialized tools to help you grow in your business.

The Gold Plan includes everything on the Silver Plan plus the following:

  1. GrooveBlog
  2. GrooveSurvey
  3. GrooveQuiz
  4. GrooveDesk
  5. GrooveCalendar

Platinum Lifetime Deal 

This is the highest tier among the subscriptions for GrooveFunnels.  It has all the features on the Gold Plan plus a lot more, like GrooveWebinar Live and GrooveWebinars Automated.  Eventually, GrooveWebinars LiveStreaming, too. What these apps do: host both automated and live webinars in your site.  If your goal is to get more customers to trust your products or services – then, this plan is the best option for you.

More Additions to this Plan:

  • GroovePages for Shopify – lets you use GroovePages with your Shopify store.
  • GrooveKart – is a remarkable alternative to Shopify. You can build and open an online store for all the various products or services

These are the options for you to pay the GrooveFunnels Lifetime Deal: 

  1. 1 payment of $1,897
  2. 4 payments of $497
  3. 6 payments of $388
  4. 12 payments of $249

Builderalls Pricing

Now, let’s go check the other Plans under Builderall:

  • Builder Plan – What’s in store for you are:  3 domains; up to 100 subscribers, and ticketing and live chat support plus 2GB Disk space - all these for $19.90//month.
  • Marketer Plan – This is allowable for 5 domains; up to 5, 000 subscribers, and ticketing and live chat support plus 5 GB disk space.  Pay for $29.90/month.
  • Essential Plan – You may have up to 10 domains; up to 15,000 subscribers, and ticketing and live chat support plus 10 GB disk space. Pay for $49.90/month.

Other features include all the Builderall apps plus unlimited usage of the MailingBoss e-mail marketing platform and SSL certificates for all your websites, and many more. 

This is quite like the GroovePages free account of GrooveFunnels – that is literally FREE for life!

Premium Plan – You have provision up to 15 domains; unlimited subscribers, and ticketing and live chat support plus 10 GB disk space.   Pay for $69.90/month with list import and funnel club.

This is the complete package if you want to launch a successful business online or if you already have one, improve on it. Of course, it is a bit costlier the Essential Package. It surely offers more remarkable and helpful features in building a website.

What’s included in this Premium package are as follows:  e-commerce and affiliate features, the CDN hosting, webinar app, plus many more.

As you can note, GrooveFunnels and Builderall varies in their pricing and each plan caters to varying needs of the customers. If you want a test-drive first before plunging and investing, there’s a 2-week free trial under Builderall.  Suffice it to say that this will be a great opportunity for new marketers who still are scrimping on their budget. They need to have an informed decision before settling down on their subscriptions.

But if you compare the 2-week trial and the FREE for life package – who do you think wins?!?

Affiliate Program: GrooveFunnels vs Builderall 

GrooveFunnels Affiliates Program

For GrooveFunnels – you have 2 Affiliate Programs:

  • For PRO (meaning under PLAN) members where you get 40% commissions for Tier-1 and 10% for Tier-2;
  • For FREE members who only get 20% commissions for Tier-1 and 5% for Tier-2.

In this program – you can have the following:

  1. manage your affiliates plus check your earnings;
  2. see how many visitors your link generates;
  3. know how many of those leads eventually signed up;
  4.  track how many sales is provided

These proactive measures are actually the promotional tools you should utilize to entice and get more users on board.

A good advantage about GrooveAffiliate is that they have a feature called “lifetime lock-in with parent/child hardcoded affiliate tagging.”  Simply put – this means that whenever you refer someone, their system will tag them.

 Doing this – you wouldn’t have to worry about cookies being overwritten or when a You Tube or another website review grabbing your sales. Or when they’re signing up from a different device.  You have a referral for life!

Plus: It doesn’t matter if your referral upgrades in days, weeks or a number of months after as the sale will still be credited to you. Your commission is guaranteed once upgrade is done. Perfect, ‘right?!

Builderall Affiliates Program

Builder pays 100% commission on every plan on the 1st month.  After which, you get a recurring commission of 30% every month.  This means that every month, one-third of your customers’ monthly fees are given to you.

Personal Sales Commissions – 100% 

All affiliates earn 100% commission on your customer’s first payment every time a sale is made. The new affiliates will be able to withdraw these commissions only after 35 days while the qualified ones may withdraw their commissions 5 days after the payment.

Personal Sales Recurring Commissions – 30%

You earn a recurring commission of 30% every time your customers pay their monthly fees. You may withdraw commissions 5 days after the payment.

2nd Tier Recurring Commissions – 30% 

Same is true with 2nd Tier recurring commissions – you can withdraw them 5 days after the payment as your 2nd-Tier customers pay their monthly fees. You also earn a recurring commission of 30%.

How the 2-Tier Affiliate System works?

If one of your clients wants to sell also this software. That’s something big for you!


Simply because every time your client makes a sale through their funnels – you also have a 30% commission from this sale. And not only that – you also get 30% commission every month their client pays for their recurring subscription.

Users of GrooveFunnels vs Builderall

Who are the most likely users for each platform?  

Let’s dive into that now.

Builderall Users

No doubt, Builderall is an extensive platform at an affordable price.  If you want all your tools under one roof – this platform is for you.

You may want Builderall if any or all of these seem like you:

  • Beginners- Start off with the drag and drop website builder, landing pages and sales funnels – all very easy and simple to navigate.
  • Affiliate Marketers – This tool can help enhance your trust and credibility as you do affiliate marketing or any money-making online endeavors.
  • Application and Web Developers – If you are just a beginner or a pro, you can easily create apps in this platform. For the web developers – you can create responsive and powerful websites for clients.
  • E-Mail Marketers – It is incredible not to go for this tool with up to 10K subscribers for your program.
  • Product Creators/Designers – All your sales pages can be professional-looking from the 1st phase of collecting e-mails then making follow-ups and eventually, making sales funnels. All will be taken care of by Builderall.
  • Small Businesses or Start-up Companies - In order to build a solid credibility and attract more customers, all you need is an engaging, professionally-made site that would have all the elements to increase sales

GrooveFunnels Users

GooveFunnels is the best platform if you are any or all of the following:

  1. Online Marketer
  2. Online Content Creator and Promoter
  3. Have a membership site to launch and run
  4. Does both funnel-building and landing pages
  5. Have shown much interest in advanced digital features and more that this GrooveFunnels Package/Suite will be launching soon
  6. You do not prefer monthly subscriptions for using your sales funnel tool
  7. You want to get GroovePages and GrooveSell for FREE
  8. You are determined to be a part of an awesome lifetime opportunity that would be for a limited time only (this would not last forever!)

FINAL VERDICT Builderall vs GrooveFunnels 

So, at this point – which tool is for you: Builderall or GrooveFunnels?

Both tools are what I call "marketing suites." They offer a vast variety of tools, or apps, whatever you want to call them.  

What about Builderall?

Builderall is a good starting point for newbies and small business owners who are still tight with their budget.

  • It is a complete platform with all the essential tools:  landing page, product selling and promotions, email marketing, funnel building and even, course creation.
  • You can also have webinars, e-commerce and build apps or websites. 
  • Some apps might be quite lacking as compared to other more dedicated tools but they are workable. 
  • For those who want to streamline all their marketing activities into just one platform, this could be the answer. 
  • As an update: Builderall 3.0 which has been launched is an upgraded version with more promising benefits categorized as:  Builders, Email Marketing, Design Section, Traffic Management and Social Media Engagement.
  • Plus, for an affordable price – they are value for money.

So much to look forward with Builderall.

What about GrooveFunnels?

GrooveFunnels is a sales funnel builder plus a lot MORE than that.

  • GrooveFunnels is the better platform if you’re forward-thinking. 
  • More powerful tools to suit your various business needs are still to come.  
  • GrooveFunnels is a whole suite of apps – 18 different tools (both free and paid) to help you with your online business. So, if you’re thinking of the COMPLETE Package – look around no more!
  • Whether you are a small or start-up business owner, an established entrepreneur or a big organization - GrooveFunnels will be your helpful assistant.

GrooveFunnels is better in almost anything you can think of in digital marketing:  Sales funnels creation, setting-up websites and landing pages, webinar hosting, e-mail marketing, affiliate marketing and membership sites. For affiliate marketing, promote not only GrooveFunnels but you can build your own affiliate marketing network, too.   Yes – plus all these tools are in just one roof. 

Sounds like you are running a total business with GrooveFunnels!

Some of the tools are still in beta, nevertheless, GrooveFunnels shows remarkable potential as an alternative to Builderall with cheaper pricing, too. 

GrooveFunnels is clearly for those who prefer to use the most useful and professional tools in terms of features, ease of navigation and functionalities.

You are in for growth with GrooveFunnels and this is just the beginning!

Alternatively, Builderall has a well-built product that is stable and filled with options, so it is a great choice if you connect more with the brand, and its features are a good fit for your needs.

Have a look at our GrooveFunnels Review.

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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