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360° Content System: GROW your AUDIENCE and BOOST SALES.

A new approach to leverage every bits and pieces of content. 

My work has been seen by millions of people around the world

Hi, my name is Martin Couture and as a Content Marketing Consultant, I help you squeeze all the juice from your old, current and future content.

In the course of my digital career I have built tons of digital experiences for the biggest companies in the world covering the US, European, Chinese and Japanese markets.

We Help You With

360° Audit to Win the Content Game

Get the full picture of you current position to win the Content Game, and make a plan to future-proof your business.

Improve your SEO & Keywords Mapping

Techy-geeky talk made simple. Technical SEO, On-page and Off-page SEO, links analysis and competitors' landscape to increase organic traffic and identify backlinks opportunities.   

Content Efficiencies: More with Less

Squeeze as much as you can from your old, current and future content. Work smart with better workflows and repurpose content to improve output efficiencies.

Legit Link Building & Outreach

Improve qualitative and quantitative performance of both organic and paid traffic. Plus, build backlinks via outreach campaigns and collaboration opportunities. 

User Journey Optimization

Provide customized experiences and messages to your ideal client archetypes to make people fall in love with your content, stick around and click on the "Buy" button.

Revenue Diversification

We cannot control 3rd party channels and their policies. Diversify your revenue streams to build a future-proof business.

What is a Content Marketing Consultant?

A Content Marketing Consultant is a marketing expert specialized in growth marketing, content strategies, traffic boost, technical SEO, link building, outreach guest posting, keywords research, promotion, PR and more.

Change the Course of the Rocket

Let me start by asking you 3 questions: 

  1. What could you do differently to improve your content and your business?
  2. Do you feel that you are missing out pieces of the puzzle? 
  3. Is there anything that you could recalibrate by 1 degree now and eventually reap the benefits of extra 50 degrees later on?

If you think carefully about the above questions, you will realize that the honest answer is a big YES to all 3 of them.

The reality of our material world is the following:
what you do now will have a direct impact on the results you will get 6, 12, 24 months from now. It is possible to change the course of your trajectory, no matter what stage you are in your digital journey.

Your business is like a rocket. If you recalibrate the course of your business today, even just a little bit, you can easily a destination much farther than you previously set on reaching. Make sure you got your ticket to fly high!

As Content Marketers we have a 360° approach to content.

Clients I Worked with

Credentials? Look below.

In my past digital agency career I have worked with and for the following brands. 

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“Cash is King” they say. 

Well, “Content is King” (or Queen, you decide.)
Take a deep breath in… as we are going deeper the rabbit hole.

Content is more than written words, videos with hip music or funny cat GIFs.

Content is the staple of the internet.

Content is what Google, Bing and Yahoo eat.
Content is what oils the Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok machines.

Content is what we all consume, you, me, us and them.
Content is what attracts visitors, followers, leads, buyers, consumers and repeat buyers.

The more content you publish, the bigger your audience becomes and the more revenue you generate.
The more value content you provide, the more sticky your content is.

Content needs to flow for money to flow.
We soon realize that “Content Flow” is “Cashflow.”

The beauty of the internet is that Content Marketing Consultants can help you diversify your online business’ revenue streams and monetization strategies.

If we push it a little further, we also realize that we all fall for, and get hooked to… “Sticky Content

What is Sticky Content you may ask?!?

Sticky Content is borderline addictive; we are attracted to it like bee are attracted to flowers‘ pollen.
Sticky Content has a je ne sais quoi that makes us love it on first sight.
It also brings value, a lot of value.
Sticky Content makes us connect with the brand on a deep emotional (and subconscious level.)

Sticky Content is almost magical.
Again, what IS Sticky Content.

I am sure it happened to you just like it did to me: you find a piece of content by accident, or fate (?) and ask yourself “How come I have not discovered this before? This is so me. I need to follow, read more, share and here we go.”

Each piece of Sticky Content is always created with one unique goal in mind.
The goal is always, and we really mean always, to bring the user to take specific action on top of the emotional/rational connection.

Whether it is to buy a product or something trivial like subscribing to a newsletter, no piece of content is ever created without stickiness.

Content Marketing Consultants understand the soft part of Content (psychology, the human side) and the hard part of Content (the tech side, the internet itself.)

I am a small business marketing consultant as much as I am a big brand consultant. 

The Truth is: NOBODY masters all the Pillars of Content.

Creating content is sometimes frustrating. We all have phases where we feel that our content should be better and attract more eyes.

Either that or we feel that the process of creation requires too much energy (or time,) and that there should be shortcuts, little tricks, you know.
Do you feel the same?

Or even spinning existing content (big no no.) Why not hiring Malboro-smoking monkeys who type on typewriters (yeah, it’s a Simpsons’ joke.)

I like to say that creating and publishing content on a website is like playing a dice game; it is multi-faceted.
There are always 2-3 sides of the dice that are out of your vision field, invisible to you.

For the person in front of you, it is the opposite; the person can see parts of the dice that you cannot see, and vice versa.

I call this dice game, metaphorically, the Content Game.

The Content Game is mastering all the elements that constitute Content with a capital "C."
Again, NOBODY masters all the Pillars of the Content Game.

Some people are good at technical SEO.
Some are content machines who publish content daily.
Some people are good at building links.
Some are better at repurposing content.
Some are amazing at revenue diversification.
Some know how to manipulate the emotions of their audience.

Nobody will ever Master all the elements needed to run a successful affiliates website, a niche site, an eCommerce platform, a blog, a paid online community, etc. 

The only difference is that some people understand the rules of the Content Game more than others.

No matter how savvy you are, there are always areas that you can, and should, improve.

As a Content Marketing Consultant, my mission is to help you squeeze all the juice from your old, current and future content.

I split my time delivering value doing...

SEO Consultant: I help businesses rank higher in the search engines results and optimize their websites in order to generate visitors, leads and sales.
Content Marketing Consultant: I help entrepreneurs, bloggers, agencies and businesses just like you improve their content and their content strategies.
Digital Agency: Building Wordpress and Squarespace websites, blogs, eCommerce platforms.

Why offer 3 services? Because they are all linked together.

SEO is linked to Content, Content is linked to Web Development. SEO is also linked to Web Development.

The Content Marketing Consultant: Benefits

  • 360° content audits !
  • SEO off-site and on-site plus technical SEO
  • transform keywords research into a creative activity
  • clever keywords mapping strategies
  • link building processes via legit websites
  • outreach campaigns via targeted customized messages
  • insightful competitors landscape analysis
  • channel-rich content strategies
  • convey the right messages to the right audience
  • more efficient content production workflows
  • retargeting visitors, subscribers and buyers
  • repurpose content to squeeze as much as possible
  • revenue stream diversification tactics
  • content monetization strategies
  • user flow optimizations that consider both user journey and psychological archetypes

Focus is like jam, the thinner you spread it, the less it tastes.

We believe it is better for you to keep focusing on what you are already great at, and get help from people who are excellent at the other areas that you do not master.

It sounds cliché, but Time IS Money.
Time that you spend learning is opportunity cost.
Plus, like Malcolm Gladwell says, becoming a master at something requires 10,000 hours of practice.

We are not saying you should not learn.
What we are saying is: execution trumps learning.
And that by leveraging the skills that somebody already learnt, you will reap more for your buck than if you spent time acquiring the skills.

The content that you publish now will compound over time.
The faster, and the more you can publish, the more Content Compounding you will eventually get.

Now the question is: should you spend more time learning new skills OR get help from people who already master those skills?

That’s when a Content Marketing Consultant comes in.

Tell us about YOUR DREAMS and your business objectives 

Hurry Up! Avoid Strategy Cannibalization

As a Content Marketing Consultant I offer solutions that are customized for each individual client.

In order to avoid cannibalization of marketing strategies between my clients, I do not work with clients that are in the same niche or are in the same niche as a previous client. It would be counter-productive for you if I worked with clients in the same niche as you are, and vice versa.

This implies that I may reject opportunities if I previously worked with a client in the same niche as yours (and vice versa.)

It also implies that if in the past I worked with a client in your niche, I may not be able to offer you solutions

Clients will be prioritized on a “first come, first served” basis. 

Hurry up and make sure that you get your place on the rocket before someone else steals your ticket.

Content Marketing Consultant, Martin Couture aka "MC"

Future-proof your business. 

We help entrepreneurs, bloggers, agencies and businesses just like you grow their audience and boost sales. 

We leverage a 360° degree approach to content that considers ALL aspects of content: mechanical, technological, psychological, etc. 

Our 360° degree approach to content is unique, and sets us apart from other consultants.

Questions? Comments? Feel free to reach out via Facebook or the Contact Us page.