October 15, 2020

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I like to say that "Done is better than perfect." If you agree with this statement, you are likely a good candidate to become a Terminator-like Content Machine that creates tons of content fast and generates massive amounts of traffic. If you do not agree with the statement, you probably do not product a lot of content. The truth is: the game on the internet is about publishing as much as possible. 

In the course of my digital career working for brands like Porsche, Nike, Disney, BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Fendi... I have experienced all sorts of scenarios when it comes to Content Production. I have produced all sorts of contents from social media posts to interactive installations in many different languages including Chinese, Japanese, French and English. 

Is an efficient, effective and productive content machine really that significant? YES, absolutely.

The proof? Consider the 3 arguments listed below:

  1. The more content you publish, the more keywords you end up ranking for. While your competitors are still figuring out where to add commas, you are creating non-stop, just like a Picasso of the internet. After all, content quantity has a direct impact on the amount of traffic you drive to your blog or website. 
  2. You Repurpose Content to squeeze as much Content Juice as much as possible. Each piece of content can be used to its full potential, just like our grandmas used to make fries out of potato peels. 
  3. You leverage a mix of SEO-focused Content Strategies like producing short, medium, long, super long and pillar posts... as well as Low-to-Medium Keyword difficulty, Low-to-High Search Volume, Long Tail Keywords and KGR (Keyword Golden Ratio.)

The more efficiently you can plan, research, produce and REPURPOSE content, the more quantity you will produce in a short amount of time, the fastest you will deliver your content to the public and the bigger the audience will be. 

The amount of content you can write and publish in a given amount of time makes a humongous difference in your SEO rankings.

Depending on how your approach towards content creation is structured, you may or may not be able to outrank enormous companies on Google. However, to do that, you'll need to get to know content a little better and how it works. Below is a comprehensive guide that will make you set for your journey on Google as a content creator.

What is a Content Machine

A content machine is someone, a freelancer or an agency that creates a lot of content in a short span of time in the most efficient manner in order to extract as much potential as possible from each piece of content produced. 

To recap what a Content Machine is, here are a few keywords:

  1. Creates a lot of content
  2. Publishes content fast
  3. Extracts as much as possible from the content
  4. Repurposes content
  5. SEO-Focused
  6. Content Strategy Mix (Post length, Keyword Difficulty, Search Volume and KGR)
  7. Efficient, effective, fast and productive
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1. Initiate an Execution Plan to become a Content Machine

Before you can create an efficient and product content machine, you need to make sure you've got a thoroughly structured and high-quality plan. Moreover, it's essential to have an idea in mind.

Without a plan, nearly every idea you get will fail.
Such a plan doesn't need to be complex, but it needs to be detailed enough to communicate an idea to your entire team or you as an individual. A high-quality content machine plan will always include:

  • a description of your primary goal, a timeline and your resources to achieve the said goal.
  • the general structure of your content workflow and content creation production pipeline from the initial idea to the finished piece of content.
  • an outline of appropriate SEO being implemented in the content.
  • any other steps you or your team will need to take to be successful.
  • consider possibilities to outsource and use software to produce more. 

In the beginning, coming up with a working plan can be tough, especially if your project is vast and detailed. However, spending time coming up with ideas is the best way to ensure your success further down the road of content creation.

You also need to understand that the workflow has elements that you will be able to estimate accurately, while some others will not be as easy to estimate. For example:

  • creative work like research and writing is difficult to time estimate due to the inherent nature of the task.
  • execution work like correcting, editing and publishing is a little bit more mechanical, and can usually be streamlined and estimated accurately. 

2. Establish a Consistent Content Schedule and Workflow

Once you've come up with a plan to guide your path in the realm of content creation, start thinking about a comfortable yet consistent content uploading schedule. The ideal content uploading schedule will not only satisfy the needs of any reader, but it will also fulfill the harsh requirements of SEO.

Of course, your content schedule may vary depending on factors such as efficiency, the number of people or employees working, the complexity of each piece of content, etc. However, it's crucial to come up with something consistent. It isn't necessary to create content rapidly as long as you create that content regularly. The most important factor to consider when making an appropriate content uploading schedule is the idea of quality over quantity; it's better to have one piece of content that is of high-quality than many pieces of content that are all low-quality.

A good way to construct a solid foundation is to test each elements by doing micro-tests of each part of the production pipeline. From my experience, we tend to underestimate the time it takes to do creative work. 

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3. Hone Your Skills and Understanding of SEO

At this point, you should have a rough idea of what you'll be doing and why. Now's the time to hone your content writing skills and understanding of SEO. Even though introducing yourself to more complex aspects of your content isn't a bad idea, it's better to focus on the creative side of content creation. Start by slipping into the shoes of your reader or customer – what are they so desperately trying to find? Understand how your prospect thinks and acts, and you'll be able to hook their attention in no time!

Google's role is to match what its users are looking for with THE best answer possible. This is called Search Intent. Your role as a content publisher is to match the user's search intent and come up with the best answer possible. 

As for SEO, try to implement as much of it as you can in your content without harming the quality and engagement rate of the content itself. Currently, knowledge resides in a world of freedom and creativity, so you don't have to buy a course that costs thousands of dollars. Instead, head to YouTube or read some blogs and analyze what works and what doesn't; try to see and understand other peoples' success or failure.

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4. Repurpose Your Content

When creating a successful content machine with a well-structured plan and schedule, keep in mind that you're not obligated to keep everything gray and stale. Moreover, you can take the content you've already written and repurpose it into something new. Content repurposing is becoming more popular by the day, and it's overpoweringly efficient. Sure, there are many ways to repurpose your old content to give it a fresh aroma, but these are a few of the most popular methods: 

  • Go ahead and make that long-form article you've written into something shorter, more engaging, and exciting.
  • Try making your written content into videos or interactive presentations.
  • Have a go at email content or some other sort of marketing strategy.
  • Consider making infographics out of video content or written content.
Content machine

5. Get to Know the Omnichannel Content Workflow

An omnichannel workflow is a content marketing strategy that reinforces exceptional customer experience. It's something that can help countless businesses and companies thrive, and you're no exception! 

The omnichannel workflow content marketing strategy works by improving user experience through a multichannel approach. When you go looking for something to buy on a website, you'd subconsciously expect that website to have a mobile app or something portable to help you choose what you're looking for in any environment. That's exactly what the omnichannel workflow strives to accomplish.

Making sure that your content, whatever the type, is pleasant and easy-to-use is essential to attract prospects or readers. When creating an efficient content machine, ensure that it is flexible and user-friendly.

6. Have a Go at Streamline Content Creation

Finally, when creating a highly effective content machine, understand that clutter is the only thing that will get in your way. Once you've dealt with the central plan, schedule, workflow, understanding the prospect, and repurposing your content, check the little crevasses and nooks hidden in your content. Analyze them and check to see if any clutter or obstacles are present. 

If you notice a flaw or imperfection in your content or workflow, make your workflow more streamlined right away—maintaining and keeping your workflow as efficient as possible is the key to long-term success, as it will ensure that you or your team won't have to keep tripping over tiny, meaningless obstacles.

Coming up with a decent content machine is difficult, not to mention outranking huge and successful companies is what everyone thinks about in the beginning, but all an individual or team needs to gain traffic and momentum is a good plan, schedule, and content marketing strategy.

All the way from omnichannel marketing to simply streamlining your workflow, you'll find strategies that'll almost guarantee a boost in the search engine of your choice.

SEO is essential, but so is content repurposing and enforcing the quality of your work. Most newcomers sporadically post their content, ignoring SEO, quality, and a whole bunch of other factors. Ultimately, this leads to the demise of their content machine.

We offer Content Marketing Strategy services that include a 360° degree approach to content. If you are looking for a team that can help you become a Terminator-like Content Machine, have a look at our Content Marketing Strategy introduction.

On the other hand, some newcomers believe that their key to success and excellent content writing skills is a course that costs hundreds of dollars, but that's just ridiculous. All you need to attract readers and make sure they won't fall asleep from boredom is a bit of theory and a lot of practice. Test the waters, clear the clutter, streamline your workflow, make the perfect content machine, and repeat the process anew. 

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