January 27, 2021

whiteboard software animation list

If you are like me, you may have seen some Doodle video on a platform like Youtube... and you wondered how they are created, if doodle and whiteboard animations are easy to make, and if you could create some by using a software.

Well, the answer is: doodle whiteboard animation software are easy-to-use and help you create videos fast (and without a fuss.)

We handpicked the best software for you.


"The Simplest Drag and Drop Doodle Video Creator."

doodly whiteboard animation software screenshot

Doodly is a drag-and-drop video tool which lets anyone create professional and realistic animations in just a few minutes. Videos are made to entertain, engage or just to have positive vibes to their audience.

Users can have various types of canvases to create doodle videos.  Aside from the usual whiteboard, options available are blackboard, green-board and glassboard. 

It is quite simple to use. All the users need to do is choose a doodle image which is pre-customized, click and drag to the canvas. The picture will be drawn naturally using the tool.

Or, users can upload their images while using the Smart Technology Draw. This will make for point-and-click custom draw paths. It will let you draw freely based on your uploads. 

You can also choose various hand types with both male and female options of different colors and ethnicities. Just add your voice or use a professional voice as instructed. It will just take a few clicks.  So quick and easy – right?  

There is really no limit to the creative styles and options you have. 

Doodly is ideal for: Youtube marketing, Facebook advertising, sales videos, training, teaching and many more. Or you can do it just for drawing and entertainment. 

Doodly PROs

  • Professional doodles with uploaded pertinent pictures
  • Customizes file sizes and video quality before final file is downloaded  
  • Can export video file in multiple resolutions (can set your custom resolutions) 
  • Unlimited free software updates 
  • Royalty-free audio tracks which you can easily add in your videos via drag-and-drop 
  • Compatible with both MAC and Windows – can install multiple times in any number of devices
  • With 20 multiple poses/backgrounds for all 200 characters 
  • With 30-days money-back guarantee in case this software is not for you

Doodly CONs

  • Program lags in some instances 
  • Will cost you more if you prefer colored characters and backgrounds (existing: black and white)


"2D & 3D Animation, Explainer, Doodle Sketch, And Motion Videos In Minutes"

explaindio video creator

For creating one-of-a-kind animations – you can count on Explaindio. It is a drag-and-drop video tool that does the work fast and easy.  

Whatever you need - be it full-motion videos, explainer videos, endorsement videos or doodles, Explaindio can create them for you. Or do you want 2D and 3D videos – Explaindio has a complete package tailored-fit for you. 

It provides a number of amazing animation designs with over 180 pre-customized ones. There are 300+ font options. It offers 800 doodle sketch images and 100 full HD background videos.

Guess what?

For you to create more effortless and engaging videos - there are 200 pre-done animated scenes as choices. You can make multiple videos simultaneously   It has 6 animated characters to be able to convey your stories effortlessly. Plus, with full multi-timeline editing - it allows for quicker video editing. Isn’t that great?

Explaindio comes with desktop software for both MAC and Windows. Hence, you can create offline videos as well. This tool also lets you process and export videos completely.  Best integration is with Pixabay which gives you free access to a lot of stock photos. You can edit these pictures and include them in your videos. 

Explaindio’s regular customers include the agencies, the start-ups and SMEs.  If you avail of the commercial license, you can even sell your videos.

Explaindio PROs

  • With built-in transitions 
  • Has keyframe animations 
  • Highly useful to make animated videos in multiple styles, animations and designs 
  • More engaging custom-based videos with 3D
  • Better videos with full HD background videos 
  • Technical or coding skills is not a requirement 
  • 14-day money-back guarantee

Explaindio CONs

  • Support is not for all languages 
  • Audio functionality can still be improved


"Make your own whiteboard video fast"

videoscribe whiteboard video website

Videoscribe is the most complete whiteboard video program in the market. It Is an outstanding program to make whiteboard videos due to its varied features. 

Plus, you can also choose the type of music apt for your videos. There are a number of formats to choose from as you record your videos in full HD.  Easy process to export images as well and use them.  

Another interesting feature is that you can select the hand that you write in the video – even a toddler’s hand.

How cool is that? 

Videoscribe does all the work for you   – you just have to select images, text and add the voice over. Have access to a large library of copyright-free background music. 

Or you can import and add your own music for more customized videos. Extremely fuss-free to use with a simple user interface. Helps you to identify the things fast and place them in your animations.

Plus, the sounds and images provided by this platform makes the work efficient.  With all these – does Videoscribe fit your best option for whiteboard animation software?  A great choice, by all means! 


Videoscribe’s Key Features

  • Pre-built Templates – Multi-categories such as business, education, tutorial, community and animation (lets you create a video in minutes)
  • Extensive Library – Allows you to add stickers and animations from its huge library. You may also import files of your choices as an option. 
  • Voiceover –   Add directly to the video or you can incorporate it with background music and text.


Videoscribe PROs

  • Animated text with variety of fonts with different styles of animation (options available for hands and pen)
  • Unlimited number of pages on your storyboard
  •  Pre-built templates can be customized with a number of different options 
  • Can export the video as an image sequence
  • Excellent results as you organize the screen of your own choice 
  • Promotes your thoughts to creativity (“Think and Draw”)  
  • Availability of video maker for MAC and Windows (with endless online storage)
  • 24/7 Customer Support Team (with regular email updates)
  • 7-day free trial 

Videoscribe CONs

  • View to screen and screen to view perspectives can be included 
  • Other standard features can be added such as: masking, snapping and coordinates information  

Easy Sketch Pro

"Create sketches in 3 easy steps."

easysketchpro doodle creator

Easy Sketch Pro is one of the best alternatives versus the complicated video editing platforms in the market today.  This software tool does not require highly advanced technical skills or knowledge. 

It is a doodle creation tool that lets you produce sketch videos in a few minutes. It is easy to use and has presentation software that allows you to do sketches, doodles and presentations.

It is mostly used by content creators, influences and graphic artists.

Other users include: start-ups, creatives and businesses which are on the verge of improving user engagements to increase their sales.  

Easy Sketch Pro uses a drag-and-drop interface that lets you create engaging videos quick and fuss-free.  It is equipped with tools that can easily combine text, background images, video and music. The good news is that it has an easy, simplified voice feature.

This makes for straight and seamless videos with voice overs. All Easy Sketch Pro content can be published directly to multiple platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook. Other integrations include:  Google Videos, Wistia, Twitter, MailChimp, Soundcloud, Send Reach and Campaign Monitor.   How cool is that? 

Easy Sketch Pro’s key advantages are its ease of use, speed, integrations, value for money, and improved engagement. It also offers professional canvas types to create live sketch videos if you don’t want to start blank.

Plus, Easy Sketch Pro has over 50 pens, brushes, chalk, and crayons to create the specific video you want, such as in marketing campaigns

Easy Sketch Pro PROs

  • One license you avail can be utilized for an unlimited number of computers.
  • Allows export of your video in MP4 
  • Hundreds of royalty-free images to choose for your video.
  • Can add voice or music to the animated or uploaded video 
  • Vast library of pre-recorded music 
  • Drag and drop feature allows personalization via animated text 
  • Cost-efficient option due to one-time payment
  • Works with both Mac and Windows computers

Easy Sketch Pro CONs

  • Language support for English only 
  • No free trial


"All-in-one branding platform"

renderforest video images

Renderforest is one of the leading whiteboard animation software that counts their cloud-based features and customized scenarios as their biggest selling points. 

Renderforest is more than just a simple whiteboard animation software, it is a suite of tools to help you create "high-quality videos, logos, graphics, mockups, and websites with minimal time and effort."

It has ready-made whiteboard scenarios you can always use. What’s best is that it has a free version so you can eagerly use the product. It offers a huge collection of toolkits and animated objects.

As a kickstart, you can access 50,000 unique scenes for your video editing.  If that’s not enough – a vast catalog of custom logos, images, text and color palettes will help personalize your videos.  

Plus, they have a large music tracks collection that you can set for your background music.   Renderforest can also create short video for your intro or logo such as You Tube intro, minimal logo and 3D logo. 

You may want to try it if you need to make one for personal or business reasons. 

Outstanding Features of Renderforest 

  • Freemium – Free version lets you create 1-minute videos with all the pertinent features
  •  Explainer Animation – Design an explainer animation in just a few steps: add a scene, load the presets you want and finally, type your content. Renderforest will work from there to provide you a stunning explainer video shortly,
  • Logo Creation – With hundreds of templates for your brand’s logo. Choose a template, enter your brand name and tagline. Boom – a new logo for your brand is ready! You can also customize your logo.  Be a step ahead in your business with the logo you’ve created.  Use it for online presence, too.

Renderforest PROs

  • Best with 3D animation – a vast listing of animated scenarios to help you create the videos you want
  • Fresh, lively and highly customizable animations to add to your videos 
  • Get videos with all the features without payment (free previews) 
  • More engaging videos due to high-quality and massive listing of video shots, commercial videos and music tracks as add-ons
  • Responsive Customer Support – via e-mail and phone
  • Website Blog – offers helpful tips on branding, marketing, video production and gives features updates

Renderforest CONS

  • No offline editing features  
  • Limited only to a number of slides 
  • No dedicated IOS or Android app (though mobile website is friendly)


"A platform for beginners, non-designers & professionals to create Animation and Live-Action videos."

animaker animation video maker screenshot homepage

Animaker is one of the fastest growing whiteboard animation software in the industry. Animaker over 7 million global users in 22 countries. This tool is simply making its presence felt in the content and video creation market. 

This platform helps you create seamless whiteboard animation videos fast and easy. As with the other tools, the simple drag and drop feature allows you to build commanding characters for your storytelling. You can choose from over a billion characters, too.  Action videos? Do it in just few minutes with Animaker. 

With Animaker – you can choose to create videos in 4 new styles – blackboard videos, notepad or whiteboard animation, stitchboard and glassboard.  Who says whiteboard should always be white? Even without any technical knowhow, you can easily create professional 4k quality videos, either live or animated.  

Where do you usually use these videos?

You may use them for On-boarding, Branding, Marketing, Simplifying Concepts – all for optimizing your company’s competitive advantage. Now, businesses should be able to adapt to market changes without much difficulty.


Animaker offers a huge library of over 100 million pictures and videos. Aside from that, first you have the option to choose from over 1000 templates. There’s certainly a template that you can use in every event, occasion or requirement.  Their popular video creating-features are the extensive facial expressions, auto lip-sync and gradient backgrounds. That’s pretty cool.

Do you know that Animaker can support several languages? Yes, this includes languages such as Arabic, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, simplified and traditional Chinese.

Outstanding Features

  • 4K Video – can edit and upload 4K videos 
  • GIF and Short Video – can create GIFs and short videos with customizations on text, color, font size, background and video
  • Resizing – can instantly resize the video for social media posting (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube)

Animaker PROs

  • Real-time tracking of all changes through the live video editing feature
  • Freedom to create powerful and engaging characters with over 15 facial features, 20 facial expressions, and 10 accessory slots.
  • Can add voice-overs and see your characters talking in your voice with auto lip-sync.
  • Smart Move’ feature - can do intricate animations in one click 
  • Can tie different animations together while changing the expressions quickly
  • Supports multiple languages

Animaker CONs

  • Should improve speed in downloading (currently being worked on by Animaker) 
  • Quite pricey for Enterprise version (but has many features)


"Professional video editing made easy."

filmorapro video editing software homepage site

FilmoraPro is one of the best video editors in the market used to create whiteboard animation videos. It has amazing features like supporting 4k/HD and 2D/3D animations. It allows keyframes for smooth animations.  

What are its other features?  It has a simple and easy-to-use interface as well as professional tools that include audio mixer and color correction. The color correction puts the perfect colors for the settings on a file or photograph.

You can automatically remove background noise while replacing it with higher quality audio. You can experience more in audio functions such as: noise reduction, audio compression and transitions. These enhancements help you manage your audio professionally. 

With FilmoraPro, you can easily tie texts or graphics to moving points of an object in the video. You can also customize your own animation with their motion templates. You can even change the duration and speed of the animations. Videos become cohesive and seamless.  To add to that - you can also add some camera movements in your video, such as real zoom-ins. 

As a whole, the tool validates your changes to produce a more visually-pleasing video. Plus, there is also masking that allows you to hide parts of your video with customized shapes or presets. 

FilmoraPro PROs

  • Platform is user-friendly: can edit or animate modifiable text; 
  • Variety of effects, transitions and overlays
  • Can transform your video in different ways using ‘Distort’ and ‘Warp’ settings 
  • Can automatically enhance the quality of images and video using Highlights, Shadows and Midtones 
  • Comes with preset transitions 
  • Built-in screen recorder aids in doing videos right from your computer
  • The automatic Stabilization feature makes for super steady and consistent videos 

FilmoraPro CONs

  • Missing design functions
  •  Some effects are too cartoony in nature 
  • Cannot export some of the videos from timeline

My Simpleshow 

"Create your simpleshow explainer video in minutes"

mysimpleshow explainer video maker image website

My Simpleshow is an online tool used mainly for creating explainer videos. If you want to get a message across in a simple, easy and fun way - this software is right for you.

Great story and visuals – those are the keys to an amazing video. This software helps you write a story and automatically provides visuals for the keywords identified in the script.  

Those who’ve been using My Simpleshow include: content creators or marketers, corporate trainers, HR professionals, talent development agency people, digital and video marketers, social media managers, crowdfunding advocates and project managers.  

Creating videos using My Simpleshow is done by choosing a template and writing down the script. Visualizing the video on the storyboard and finalizing with speed and voiceover.

Importing and sharing the video wherever you want. Save it on your computer but you can also export it directly to your YouTube channel. Just in case you’re not satisfied with the results, they have the Explorer Engine. This will help you create the perfect video with a recommendation for other options. 

Other outstanding features of My Simpleshow

  • Text-to-speech - No need to fret if you don’t have voiceover as this tool will create a high-quality voiceover based on your text quickly 
  • Preview - Can create a preview at any point and you can go back to editing if you don’t like the results 
  • Illustration - Thousands of images for free and if there’s something that you can’t find – can import files to use in the videos easily

My Simpleshow PROs

  • Availability of the most suitable storyline with relevant images to go with it
  • A detailed listing of graphics, audio and images for interesting whiteboard animations 
  •  With 16 video templates you can use in any of the following: personal, professional, and educational purposes.
  • Provides examples and suggestions for an amazing video script 
  • System uses smart algorithms to make good transitions and illustrations of story/script
  • With helpful guided instructions for beginners
  • Uploads logo or text for more personalized branding 
  • Freemium plan with limited features (can create a free video as part of the trial package)

My Simpleshow CONs

  • Limited images for some ideas or concepts
  • Lacking in some animated characters and storylines (room for growth since still new) 
  • Not too many features unless you’ve bought the Professional Package  

Adobe Animate CC

"A new age for animation."

adobe animate website images

The most distinguishing feature about Adobe Animate CC is its numerous animation techniques.  It helps animators create whiteboard animations with these techniques. With this tool, you can produce solid banner ads and animated characters.  

It integrates with a number of platforms, such as: Flash/Adobe AIR, HTML5 Canvas, WebGL and many more. The software helps you publish your videos on such platforms and specialized ones, like SVG. 

Here’s more:  are you fond of animated videos as augmented reality experiences?  You can share these videos here. Just create animated characters with features like walk, blink and talk using Adobe Fresco live brushes. You can share them automatically to your social media with just one snap. 

Some users like that they have easier access to Adobe Animate CC’s educational materials. Their website presents itself quickly, too. 

Other Features of Adobe Animate CC

  • Layer Parenting– simple Tool to customize and modify animated characters
  • Asset Panel   –   create videos faster as you’re able to gather animations through pre-customized assets in a user-friendly panel
  • Auto Keyframe – Add keyframes automatically; allows you to change to a video scene creation effortlessly

Adobe Animate CC PROs

  • Can share instantly your animations on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more 
  • Responsive and easy to use interface 
  • Can import images and videos from ADOBE Stock 
  • Can design 2D vector character animations with customized movements (publish in multiple formats) 
  • Asset Warp feature for customizing raw vector shapes and character modifications 
  • Maximize videos for various sizes, designs and resolutions 
  • Lot of documentations on the web
  • Easy integrations with other ADOBE applications 
  • Quite versatile as it plays well among all the programs in the ADOBE Suite 


Adobe Animate CC CONs

  • Too many updates constantly popping up in the middle of projects (causes shutdown & application restart = waste of time)  
  • Flash player requires lot of RAM and battery 
  • Limited capabilities


"Create professional and fully customized videos your audience will love."

powtoon whiteboard software image

How do you create compelling stories through animations? Animated characters and templates, soundtrack and video backgrounds are what you can use at Powtoon. With this whiteboard animation software, you need not have design or tech skills to start with.

You can make an impact by having seemingly professional results in over 20 minutes. They have the tools for you: storyboard builder, ready-to-use templates and the in-built drag-and-drop feature to be able to create a high-quality output in no time.  

Here’s more:  for optimized video organization and shareability, you can integrate Powtoon with Google Drive. The best thing is to create, manage and share directly the Powtoon videos from your Google Drive – that easy.  

Overall, Powtoon provides a huge video gallery for varied genres that include training, sales, marketing, education and HR.  

It is a helpful visual communication platform used in creating professional whiteboard animation videos.

For work – there is team collaboration since there is leverage shared media libraries.  It also integrates with your CMS as you publish, embed, attach and store videos with it.  

Another integration is with the popular Adobe Photoshop, a photo editor that can transform static Photoshop documents into animated videos easily. You can export all artboards to Powtoon and even edit it.

Powtoon PROs

  • User’s available 100 GB cloud storage 
  • Can upload mobile videos directly to YouTube accounts, Facebook Ad Manager and Instagram 
  • Can re-use videos and templates for new ones? 
  • Can have data, video or files discarded for good
  • Availability of tutorials, podcasts, blogs, live webinars as well as training center for any concerns, issues or challenges

Powtoon CONs

  • Other features like ability to encase videos and camera motion are anticipated 
  • Takes time to match-up timing of both image and audio 
  • Difficulty in playing portions of a program while developing (have to do it from the beginning  quite tough when you’ve listened to it for the ninth time) 


"Best all-in-one screen recording."

camtasia homepage

For those who are inclined to share tutorials and ‘how-to-videos’ – the perfect whiteboard animation software is Camtasia.  

This tool offers pre-made whiteboard animation templates.  After you’ve picked your template from your screen – just add a few effects and then you’re set. 

Camtasia also comes with a set of libraries of important elements like templates, images, audio files and motion graphics.

 These are all combined to produce an overall style and design for your video. If you’re someone who doesn’t have any experience working with a video, it will really help the video designers develop and create a more refined video product at a faster pace, too.

Compared to other more robust platforms, Camtasia is one system where tasks are easy to understand and execute. If you’re someone who doesn’t need to make high-end quality videos – then you might want to try Camtasia.

Although it isn’t just basic and it isn’t as strong as the rest – this platform meets the needs for its price point. 

Some of its key features include the usual drag and drop that can create professional videos.  There are multiple effects like transitions, effects, drag and drop text and animations that can personalize your video.

As expected, you can choose what music and background affects you may want from its huge library of royalty-free music. To highlight the product – it allows you to record and edit your own sound clips completely.  

As it is, there are added camera effects to your screen recordings, such as pan animations and zoom in and out effects. Interestingly, you can engage your audience by having interactive quizzes which you can make.

Learners are encouraged to be more attentive and really listen and watch to your videos. 

Camtasia PROs 

  • Directly uploads your video on YouTube, Screencast, Vimeo, or maybe your own website (or download an MP4 file)
  • Can use preview playback to monitor all changes before exporting the final video 
  • Good audio effects and annotations 
  • Transitions between slides and scenes is so valuable 
  • Easy recording and editing of your voiceover
  • 30 days free trial


Camtasia CONs

  • More functionalities in its library 
  • Enhancements on editing to get good color correction 
  • Limited options for motion or rotation videos 

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