June 10, 2020

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You may have stumbled this article while looking for the Best Website Builder for Video Content. 

So we assume that you already have video content. 

Our article has been written for all levels of experience, whether you are a beginner or a connoisseur

You want to showcase your videos on a website. 

In the course of my career, I built hundreds of platforms. You are in great hands. 

Note: this article is not about video hosting. We will have separate articles about this topic. 

You will find the 3 best websites builders to display your video content if you are in one of those categories: 

  • film director
  • following categories: 
  • online education, where you show your courses or lectures
  • training
  • health and wellness
  • travel 
  • real estate
  • coaching
  • music, musician, singer, DJ, promotion
  • events
  • weddings
  • fashion
  • architecture
  • and on and on. 

As you can see, you can pretty much use a website builder to build all sorts of websites for all kinds of categories. 

What we look for in the Best Website Builder for Video Content

  • popularity
  • features
  • templates design
  • easy-of-use
  • support
  • SEO
  • pricing
  • difficulty-level 

What is needed to select the Best Website Builder for Video Content

  1. a template design that fits your brand or fits the appearance you have in mind
  2. your assets (images, logo, videos, etc.)
  3. your copy (aka the written text)
  4. video hosting like Youtube, Vimeo, Wistia, etc. 
Famous vlogger recording video

What are the best website builders for video content? 

1. Wix


Why use Wix

You may have seen WIX ads here and there online.  

Wix is a hugely popular website builder. 

It is one our number 1 recommendation for beginners looking into building a website, the easy way!

The coolest thing with Wix is that they have a wide variety of templates.

So no matter what your niche is, you will find a template that fits your needs. 

It is a self-hosted solution, which means that you do not have to get web hosting separately. 

WIX has a trial period, so it is an excellent opportunity to jump on!

Here is why you should select Wix:

  • fantastic variety of good-looking templates
  • easy-to-use, even for beginners
  • reliable platform reasonably priced
  • widely used and very reliable
  • available in plenty of languages, including Chinese and Japanese

Let’s see what the benefits of using Wix are.


  • 500 templates
  • wide selection of templates for video content
  • massive app market to boost functionalities 
  • ready-to-go contact forms
  • web hosting included
  • mobile-optimized (very important)
  • professional mailbox
  • analytics for traffic insights
  • contact management
  • SEO tools to assist you in handling Search Engine Optimization
  • SSL Certificate for security
  • Media galleries (you can even secure images with watermarks if needed)
  • Create a branded video channel 
  • Add videos from Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook or your computer Ability to promote and sell subscriptions to your video channels (no commissions taken)


  • 14-day free trial 
  • so many templates!
  • perfect website to display videos and other visual contents 
  • simple setup
  • no matter what your budget is, you should find a plan that fits your budget
  • great for freelancers, small businesses and entrepreneurs
  • attractive to creatives, photographers, artists, musicians, movie directors
  • drag-and-drop editor that allows you to update content and create new pages easily
  • efficient support


  • entry plan includes ads
  • support is done in writing
  • template cannot be easily changed, make sure you select the right template at the beginning!


I have to say that WIX’s pricing is cheap, without any compromise on quality. 

The female doctor welcoming the public while she makes a video b

My opinion

  • An old colleague asked me to help him with his WIX website last year. 
  • It was my first experience, and honestly, I was astounded by the simplicity and the beautiful appearance of WIX websites. Stunning really.

Great solution to start. No need to do complicated installations; all tools are available at the click of your mouse. 

Quick sign-up and smooth on-boarding process: I have to say that setting up everything is really easy, especially if you are a beginner. 

Editing pages is so accessible, anyone can use Wix, and I mean everyone, even my grandma. 

Templates design and variety: for a self-hosted solution like Wix, it is impressive to see the effort they put it on deliver visually outstanding websites. You can find the type of template that fits your niche within a few seconds. 

All-in-one: Wix is genuinely a complete package, with a single click you can have a whole website setup, including contact forms, about us page, homepage, plenty of content webpages, etc. 

Have a look at all the beautiful Wix design templates here.

thrive architect homepage

Full disclosure, I have been using Thrive Architect (and their whole suite of tools like Thrive Leads, Thrive Apprentice… for the past few years.)

Why use Thrive Architect

The tools’ suite is called Thrive Themes (do not be confused by the word “theme.”)

I built plenty of websites with Thrive Architect, and I mean plenty. 

Thrive Architect is not a self-hosted solution, so you will need to get a web server and WordPress, then install Thrive Architect. This is honestly super easy to do, and it takes about 30 minutes. I will eventually make a “how-to” video about this. Let me know if you need help!

Thrive Architect is a top website builder for video content. 

No coding skills and no design skills needed. 

Thrive Architect also includes Thrive Optimize and Shapeshift Design Templates. 

Thrive Optimize to A/B test your website (and select the most performing page)

The company also offers a whole suite of tools that include Thrive Ovation, Thrive Comments, Thrive Apprentice, and many more. 

Here’s why:

  • Thrive Architect allows you to customize the content on your website thoroughly; it is an authentic website builder. It comes with templates out of the box, but you will need to build the pages one-by-one. 
  • In the end, it depends on the level of customization you want. Also, Thrive Architect supports embedding videos from Wistia.


  • massive amount of stylish templates, all fully customizable
  • ability to host videos directly on your website and embed from Vimeo, Youtube. Wistia and vooPlayer
  • wide variety of templates for landing pages, sales pages, blog posts, webinars, product launch, etc. 
  • customizable testimonials, countdown timers, and lead generation form
  • visual theme builder let you visually update content and create new pages
  • You can easily add CTA buttons, Testimonials, Lists, Videos, Image Galleries, Content Reveal, Guarantee Boxes, Pricing tables, etc.


  • 334 templates
  • amazing support
  • high-performance loading page speed
  • intuitive drag-and-drop building tool with plenty of options 
  • great how-to content on Youtube and their website
  • Responsive Video Embed, Google Maps, Click to Tweet, Disqus Comments, etc.
  • you can get a license for 1, 5, and even 15 websites!

Culinary art on video


  • questions you ask support are public
  • for beginners not as easy-to-use as Wix


  • For 5,60$/month, you can get the powerful Thrive Architect. 
  • For 19$/month, you can have access to the whole suite of tools of Thrive Themes; it can be used on up to 25 websites.

So if you ad cheap hosting, you end up paying around 12$ to 25$ per month.

It is a bargain for everything you get. This is why Thrive Themes is popular and has a strong reputation. 

My opinion

If you enjoy having full control over the customization of your website’s design, Thrive Architect is amazing too. 

If you are selling something, Thrive Architect has plenty of high performing sales pages that can be installed with a click. 

Thrive Architect is the right solution for people who want to display videos and promote a course, a webinar… or simply grow their email list. 

I just love the flexibility of the building process, all the features available for the price, the support, and the ability to customize everything fully. 

You can have a look at the 327 Thrive Architect templates here

Join the other 19,184 people (and myself) who use Thrive Themes

squarespace homepage

Why use Squarespace

Squarespace also does a lot of advertising, and you may have seen some on Youtube as pre-roll ads. 

Squarespace provides stunningly, beautiful designs. 

Squarespace is a great website builder for video content. 

My personal opinion about Squarespace is that it appeals to artists and what I call the “Instagram crowd,” people who like beautiful visuals. 

Squarespace is an excellent platform to easily setup self-hosted websites, just like WIX. 

No matter what niche you are in, there is a Squarespace template for you out there. 


  • Award-winning design
  • Embed videos from Youtube, Vimeo, Animoto, and Wistia
  • Ability to add background videos
  • Plenty of templates for photography, blogs, podcasts, community, non-profits, events, weddings, musicians, DJs, real estate, portfolio, etc. 
  • detailed knowledge-base that even includes videos 
  • SEO feature to help you manage search optimization

Caucasian male blogger with camera recording video review of gadgets at home


  • 14-day free trial 
  • 24/7 support via email and chat
  • stunningly beautiful web design
  • great website builder
  • step-by-step on-boarding
  • backend is easy to navigate
  • free logo maker!


  • entry plan could be a little bit cheaper
  • more marketing tool would be great


Reasonably priced, but a little bit more expensive than Wix. 

My opinion

Love the step-by-step sign-up and on-boarding process; this is especially useful for beginners. 

Squarespace is an outstanding option if you love websites that are focused on beautiful visuals.

Have a look at all the Squarespace templates here (click on “I’m Just Browsing” on top-right.)


  1. We suggest Wix if you are looking for an all-in-one solution; also, good if you are on a budget
  2. We recommend Thrive Architect if you have high customization needs and are looking for a website that will grow into a sales, course, or webinar platform. Consider getting the whole suite if you want extra features! Keep in mind that you will need separate web hosting. Most web hosts offer a one-click WordPress installation. 
  3. We suggest Squarespace if you want a website focused on visuals. This also applies to WIX as well. 

Before selecting a website builder for video content, make sure that you check if they support the platform where your videos are hosted. If you use Youtube or Vimeo, pretty much all platforms support them. However, not all website builders can embed videos from Wistia, for example. 

About the author 

Martin Couture

I help people just like you start, grow and future-proof their online business. After years of creating digital experiences for brands like Disney, Nike, Tiffany, Fendi, BMW, Mercedes... I decided to start blogging and making niche websites. Now, I want to help you achieve what I have achieved. I worked at the 2 biggest independent agencies in the world: Wieden+Kennedy and Serviceplan. Martin Couture is Content Marketing Consultant at the Art of Growth Marketing.

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