January 3, 2021

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Webinars are getting increasingly popular these days. Whether you use webinars to gather leads, book calls, make prospects buy a course or if you simply use webinars to build an audience and deliver content, we reviewed a vast selection of webinars on the market. 

You will see reviews of livestream webinars, evergreen webinars (e.g., to show replays,) hybrid webinars as well as meeting platforms that you can use to chat. 


"The Most Powerful All-In-One Webinar Platform. See Why Over 50,000 Businesses Across 40 Different Industries Love WebinarJam."

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WebinarJam is a browser-based webinar platform from Genesis Digital, a company that was established in 2013 specifically to create an easy-to-use and cost-effective Webinar Platform. WebinarJam was subsequently launched the following year.


WebinarJam Features

  • High-Definition Broadcasting: Webinar Offers High Definition 30fps per second Webinars (Depending on a stable Internet connection)
  • Up to 5,000 Participants: With WebinarJam you can broadcast to up to 5,000 subscribers. It also allows you to use up 6 presenters.
  • Chat Options: WebinarJam comes complete with a range of chat options. Within the platform you can run a live chat, private comments, question and answer sessions, highlighted comments, and sticky announcements. All easily configurable and with full moderation control.
  • Virtual Stage/Attendee Spotlight: This is a great feature for getting your audience involved. This webinar tool allows you with a single click to give the stage to one of your attendees. They can share their webcam footage, speak to the entire audience and share their screen.
  • Mobile Friendly: WebinarJam is completely mobile friendly, you can use a mobile phone or other smart device to either host or attend a Webinar.
  • Easy Page Builder with Split testing: You can choose from a selection of templates and customize to suit your needs. There is also a feature which allows two pages to be rotated with real time stats to show which is the most effective.
  • Auto-Recover (Panic Button): One blight of Webinars is technical failure, WebinarJam has a nifty ‘Panic Button’ feature. If there is a failure for whatever reason, simply click the button and WebinarJam will automatically create a new room and transfer the audience and presenters into it automatically. In under twenty seconds the whole situation is resolved.

WebinarJam is a feature rich Webinar tool and is one of the best Webinar platforms on the market, as well as the above features the platform also includes Surveys, Handouts, Whiteboard, easy one-click registration and much more.

WebinarJam Pros

  • Easy to setup and run: WebinarJam have gone to a lot of effort to ensure this is a simple and intuitive platform to use.
  • Panic Button: This auto-recovery button is a fantastic feature for when the gremlins strike.
  • Solid Connectivity: Whilst the Panic Button is a great feature, WebinarJam have gone to great lengths to ensure it is rarely required. The solid connectivity that they have built-in to the platform is bulletproof.
  • Great Live Chat Features: Featuring a whole array of simple to configure and powerful chat options.

WebinarJam Cons

  • Templates could be improved: Not a huge issue as the option is there to easily set up pages from scratch, but a wider and more varied selection would be good.
  • Mobile Issues: A few users have reported issues with WebinarJam when using a mobile device.

WebinarJam Pricing

WebinarJam offers 3 packages.

  • Basic $499 Annual: Excludes panic button and is restricted to 2-hours max length and 500 attendees.
  • Professional $699 Annual: Panic Button included, 3-hours max limit and includes always on live room, up to 2000 attendees.
  • Enterprise $999 Annual: 4hrs max length, includes a control room and up to 5000 attendees.


"Run more effective webinars with less work."

demio screenshot

Created by two frustrated marketers in Florida in 2014, Demio has grown to be one of the biggest players in the Webinar market. They are so invested in their technology that every one of their employees work from home!

Demio Features

Multi Event types: Demio has support for: 

  1. On-demand webinars – Pre-record your webinar and make it available for viewing at any time.
  2. Hybrid webinars – Broadcast a Webinar using a combination of pre-recorded and live videos.
  3. Automated webinars – Create a broadcast using a mixture of elements and pre-recorded presentations.
  4. Live webinars – Fully HD streamed Live Webinars.
  5. Series webinars – Run a series of Webinars, great for running courses or sales seminars.

As well as other features like:

  • Full Marketing Package: Demio has a complete set of features in-built to help effectively market your webinar. There is a large range of templates to choose from to create a registration page. There are also email tools and easy form embedding to create effective campaigns.
  • Fully Featured Chat Functions: Dedicated Q and A features to streamline and organize live questions. Private and public chat rooms available, and the ability to invite participants on to the stage to address your entire audience.
  • Full HD Recordings: A complete HD recording of your Webinar is saved in the cloud. You can download this to watch and learn from, or make available as a download to subscribers etc.
  • Integrations: Demio integrates easily with just about every tool used in marketing, including MailChimp and most other CRM software.
  • Unlimited Webinars: Available on all plans, Demio allows unlimited Webinars and allocates storage capacity to allow up to 100 recordings to be saved.
  • User Statistics and reporting: Available throughout your webinar, real-time analysis lets you know how well engaged your audience is and how well your Webinar is performing.
    Demio Webinar software has all the features you’d expect from Webinar software. It is simple to use and is supported by plenty of clever marketing templates and sales solutions.

Demio Pros

  • Cloud based platform: With no software to install, potential loss of audience is avoided by negating the need to install a client. Simply log on using any of the common web-browsers
  • User Friendly: Simple to use for both the host and the audience, means that Webinars are simple to set up and to participate in.
  • Great Customer Service: With a 24/7 live chat support available for all plans and a massive online knowledge base Demio has a fantastic customer support feature.
  • Integrations: Demio integrates with just about any software/platform you use in your web-marketing.
  • Unlimited Webinars: Regardless of what package you subscribe to, you can organize unlimited Webinars.

Demio Cons

  • Basic Plan is quite limited: The entry level plan only allows for up to 50 attendees.
  • Older Versions of Windows Struggle: This will be increasingly less of a problem, but Windows 7 and 8 users have reported video and audio issues.

Demio Pricing

Although the prices are listed as monthly, packages are all paid annually.

  1. Starter $34 per month: Features a 50-person limit and a 1 host limit.
  2. Growth $69 per month: Upgrades the attendee limit to 150 and includes Automated events.
  3. Business $163 per month: 500-person attendee limit, priority support and a whopping 8hr session limit.


"Most Advanced Webinar Software. Collaborate Anywhere. Try an advanced platform for webinars fully tailored to your business."

livewebinar website

LiveWebinar Features

  • Complete Webinar/Meeting Solution: From running Online courses and sales pitches to staff recruitment and employee stand-up meetings, LiveWebinar has the functions to cover every scenario.
  • High Level of Compatibility: LiveWebinar integrates with just about every conceivable platform you’d ever need it to. Integrations include MailChimp, Office 365, Zapier, iContact, Hubspot and much more.
  • Completely Browser Based: No software to install and work with all the major browsers.
  • Reliable and Secure: Uses SSL and HTTPS encryption to ensure your data and both you and your attendee’s privacy is protected. The platform is fully GDPR compliant.
  • Highly Customizable: Each feature of LiveWebinar is highly customizable, from the design and features of your registration page, to the look and feel of your Webinar, there are over 1500 customizable elements.
  • Broadcast Options: With LiveWebinar you can broadcast your webinar over many platforms including Social Media, YouTube, Periscope and Vimeo.
  • Hosting Options: LiveWebinar allows you to host Webinars from just about any device. While some platforms tie you to a computer to host, with LiveWebinar you can host or participate in a Webinar from tablets, phones and even Smart TV’s.
  • Connection tester: Not sure if your internet or browser is up to the job? Run LiveWebinar’s connection tester, with two or three clicks it will test your system and even set the correct permissions to allow your webinar to run smoothly.

From the design stage onwards LiveWebinar have put a massive emphasis in making their platform one of the most versatile and customizable on the market.

LiveWebinar Pros

  • Feature Rich: One of the most feature packed webinar platforms on the market, if you require a highly customizable tool that can do everything from hosting evergreen webinars to a recruitment drive, LiveWebinar has the tools for the job.
  • Stable Platform: By placing a lot of emphasis on the security and stability of their connection, LiveWebinar have really delivered one of the most reliable webinar connections.
  • No Client Software required: Many people are reluctant to download and install yet another piece of software or app. LiveWebinar is accessible through most browsers without the need of any third-party software or plugins.
  • Multiple Layouts: With LiveWebinar you can adjust the layout of your webinar presentation to suit your needs.
  • Free Package Available: LiveWebinar has a free option available.

LiveWebinar Cons

  • Can be confusing at the beginning: Due to the high number of features and the customization options, it can be tricky to find your way about the User-Interface initially.
  • No live chat support: This would be a nice feature; However, this con is somewhat negated by a large knowledge base and fast support response times.

LiveWebinar Pricing

The prices listed have a 20% discount already applied for paying annually.

  1. Free: up to 5 attendees and 2hrs of recording.
  2. Pro $11.20 per month: Up to 100 attendees, 6hrs of recordings and YouTube and Vimeo functionality.
  3. Business $84 per month: Up to 500 attendees, 8hrs of recording and banner ads.


"The #1 Video Platform for Webinars, Summits & Virtual Conferences."

bigmarker website homepage

BigMarker is another cloud-based webinar platform that is a fully featured marketing tool in its own right.  This is the first platform that can integrate a Twitter chat into its webinars. BigMarker can host events of up to 1000 attendees and also has its own library of pre-recorded and live webinars featuring experts in their field from across the world.

BigMarker Features

  • Integrations: For Webinar software to be effective it must be used in conjunction with your other CRM and MAS platforms. BigMarker integrates easily with just about any platform you wish.
  • Powerful marketing Tools: From eye catching landing page to automated emails the platform is designed to maximize the show up rates to your webinars.
  • Automation: With BigMarker you can build interactive Webinars then set to run in auto-mode. These can then be run at any time and still have audience interaction features; this frees you up to concentrate on your audience and negates those live glitches that can occur during fully live webinars.
  • Webcasting and Live Streaming: Stream live physical events to your website or Social Media platforms and maximize your audience across two platforms. You can also include all the features available in any good webinar including audience interaction, lead generation and monetization.
  • Studio: BigMarker’s browser-based studio app lets you create professional looking output for your Webinar. In this app you can adjust the layout of your screen, embed videos and captions and much more.
  • All-in-one Software solution: BigMarker is a cloud-based software solution that integrates the whole webinar process in one platform. From setting up landing pages, to email marketing and creating video content, BigMarker has everything built in.

BigMarker has produced a great platform that has the capability to both run and market any form of Webinar. Great for those who are just starting out and have no web-marketing experience.

BigMarker Pros

  • Easy to Use: A very intuitive interface that is quickly mastered lies at the core of BigMarker’s product. There are plenty of onscreen hints and tips to keep you pointed in the right direction.
  • Constantly Updated: One of the things I loved about BigMarker was the frequency of the updates and improvements to the platform.
  • Plenty of features: You get a lot for your money with this product. It has the functions to allow you to create the whole Webinar experience, from video creation to marketing all in one place.
  • Integrations: Although it does have most features you could ever need, it still offers integrations with just about every CRM and MAS software platform.
  • Cloud based Platform: No need to install any software by either the host or the attendees.
  • Streaming Options: Stream live events and webinars to your social media, YouTube, or webpage.

BigMarker Cons

  • Mobile Pages: Pages aren’t always as mobile friendly as they could be.
  • Marketing features are Limited: Although does have everything built in, some of the marketing features have limited features when compared against specialist platforms.

BigMarker Pricing

BigMarker has three set packages and can create a custom package that you can discuss with them.

  1. Starter $79 per month: Run unlimited Webinars with up to 100 attendees and a single host.
  2. Elite $159 per month: Attendee limit rises to 500 and you can run two hosts.
  3. Premiere $299 per month: 1000 attendee limit and 4 hosts.

All the above packages have full marketing and automation features included.


"Earn More Without Working More. Create Pre-Recorded Webinars That Look And Feel Live."

everwebinar screenshot homepage

EverWebinar is from the same company that brought us WebinarJam. EverWebinar is a platform that concentrates mainly on running evergreen webinars. It is this specialty that makes this an ideal choice for those who mainly run this type of Webinar.

A great platform for evergreen webinars (same company as Webinarjam.)

EverWebinar Features

  • On-Demand Webinars: Set up your webinar then get it out there! With this feature you can set your webinars to look like they’re just about to begin, giving you audience the impression that they have arrived just in the nick of time.
  • Import WebinarJam Live Webinars: This feature called Replica Replay allows you to use a previous WebinarJam webinar as an evergreen Webinar.
  • Hybrid Webinars: Run an evergreen webinar with full customer interaction, including chat and Q and A with the Hybrid feature. With this feature your audience won’t even be aware they aren’t watching a live webinar
  • Chat Simulator: Create the illusion of a live webinar with the chat simulator. You can either import chat history from a previous webinar or create your own and have them placed wherever you like in the webinar.
  • Polls and Surveys: Even though it's not a live webinar, you can preconfigure polls and surveys to gather your audience’s thoughts through the webinar. It is also another great way of giving your evergreen webinar a live feel.  
  • Dynamic Audience: Give your audience the feel of being part of a crowd by simulating an audience. You can preset the audience peaks and troughs and make it look like a well-attended and natural event. Great for when you’re just building your subscribers as people tend to stick with a webinar if they feel they are part of a crowd. 

EverWebinar Pros

  • Evergreen Webinars with a live feel: Webinars are a marketing tool that works through making your audience feel involved. EverWebinar lets you run pre-recorded webinars with a live look and feel.
  • Great templates for registration pages: Create great looking pages and marketing material with a simple point and click design interface.
  • Split Testing: Find which pages are generating more interest with EverWebinar’s split testing feature.
  • Great Data Analysis: EverWebinar has fantastic analytics so you can track your audience and their behavior in detail.
  • Email and SMS System: Keep your audience engaged with an automated email and SMS system for follow-ups, reminders, thank you’s etc.
  • Hybrid Functions: Run live chats during pre-recorded webinars with Hybrid Webinars.

EverWebinar Cons

  • No Live Webinar: Okay so it is designed for Evergreen Webinars, but it would be nice to have some live features.
  • Support could be smoother: The support system seemed somewhat overcomplicated.

EverWebinar Pricing

The pricing structure for Webinar differs from most other platforms as there is only one package available, which has all the features. The price difference is simply down to how you pay.

  1. Regular Price 3 * $199 for a one-year Subscription.
  2. Annual $499 per year saves $98 over the regular price.
  3. Bi-Annual $799 saves $395 over the regular price. 


"Engage your audience with better video communication."

livestorm homepage

Only formed in 2016 they are a relative newcomer. But don’t let that put you off, Livestorm have established themselves as a serious player in the webinar market. Livestorm pride themselves in their customer care and are one of the few on the market that offer complete multi-language versions.

Livestorm Features

  • Unlimited HD Webinars: With Livestorm you can run as many Webinars as you wish and all in HD. However, the HD features are available only if your own internet connection has the bandwidth to support it.
  • Cloud Based: No need for any software to be installed, the entire Livestorm platform can be accessed by host and attendee alike through most major browsers.
  • Chat and Q & A Options: Fully featured and integrated chat and Q & A options that really involve your audience, the Q & A function also allows attendees to upvote questions.
  • Guest Presenters: You can have up to 6 hosts on the stage simultaneously. You can also invite audience members onto the stage with just a single click.
  • Multi-Language: With Livestorm you have true multi-language support. It is available in English, French, Turkish, German, Spanish, Korean, Russian, Portuguese and more.
  • Host large events: With Livestorm you can host events with up to 1000 attendees.
  • Integrations: Livestorm has a fantastic range of integrations. It can integrate with your entire marketing stack. It also provides more than a thousand integrations through Zapier.

Livestorm Pros

  • Simple to use: Nicely laid out interface that is easy to understand and use.
  • Feature Rich: Just about any feature you could hope for is included in the Livestorm package.
  • Multi-Language Support: Livestorm have gone to great efforts to ensure that their product is available in just about every major language.
  • Integrations: Livestorm integrates with just about any other platform you are likely to use.
  • Great Chat Features: A fantastic set of chat tools makes sure your attendees feel fully involved in your webinars.
  • Landing pages: Create great looking landing pages to get the customers rolling in.

Livestorm Cons

  • Support: It isn’t bad support, but it is based in France, this means that US customers have time zones to consider when contacting support.
  • No Private Rooms for Hosting team: If your team needs to have a private discussion during a webinar.

Livestorm Pricing

  1. Basic: This is a free version that still allows you to make unlimited webinars which are restricted to 20-minutes per webinar and up to 10 registrants.
  2. Premium $89 per month: Allows for unlimited registrants and a limit of 100 attendees. You can run unlimited webinars of up to 4hrs in length. If you need to increase your attendee limit this can be increased to 250 for a payment of $89 and 1000 for a $179 payment.
  3. Enterprise: Contact Livestorm for prices with this package.


"Easy-To-Use Webinar Software Focused On Helping You Sell More."

easywebinar webinar software screenshot

EasyWebinar offers a complete Webinar solution all under one roof, they have made it easy for beginners to get a Webinar up and running including marketing, with a minimum of fuss and little prior knowledge.

EasyWebinar Features

  • Live Webinars: High-definition interactive live webinars that are easy to set up and run are at the core of the EasyWebinar platform. You can have up to 4 presenters on stage and run live chat simultaneously.
  • Advanced Analytics and Reporting: Full statistics allow you to review your webinar and see how it performed in minute detail. Overall stats can show you at a glance how many registrants turned up on the day, individually you can see how specific attendees interacted and all reports can be exported to an easy to read report.
  • Integrations: EasyWebinar is widely compatible with most CRM and MAS platforms. Integrations include Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Drip and more. Easy to set up these integrations are a great way of getting your Webinar marketed.
  • Automated Webinars: You can create evergreen webinars and automated sales funnels that can be used to generate sales, present online course material and attract subscribers.
  • Recurring Webinars: Run recurring evergreen webinars as often as you like to generate sales and attract subscribers.
  • Free training: EasyWebinar has free training courses specifically geared to get your webinar up and selling quickly.

EasyWebinar have produced a great package that is suitable for the beginner and the pro alike. Easy to use and with all the features you would expect from a webinar package, this is a great all-rounder package.

EasyWebinar Pros

  • Fantastic Automation: EasyWebinar’s Automation services make this a great platform for running evergreen webinars.
  • Training and Instruction Videos: Easy to follow videos and training material make this a great choice for beginners and also for users with more experience who simply need to find their way around the platform.
  • Ease of use: Simple to use and intuitive User Interface makes for a quick learning curve and an experience that is less frustrating than some of its competitors.
  • Works Great on Mobile Devices: With a large percentage of your customer base accessing your webinars from mobile devices EasyWebinar have ensured that they have a flawless experience.
  • Constantly Updated: Not content to sit on their laurels, EasyWebinar are constantly developing and updating their product.

EasyWebinar Cons

  • Evergreen Webinars: The webinars themselves are fantastic but it would be great to have more features to give them the appearance of being live webinars.
  • Not a great template selection: The choice of templates for creating landing pages etc. could be better.

EasyWebinar Pricing

EasyWebinar has 3 packages to choose from and can discuss custom packages as well.

  1. Standard $78 per month. This is the entry level package and includes a 100-attendee limit.
  2. Pro $129 per month: One of the upgrades when selecting this package is an increase to 500-attendees for both live and automated webinars.
  3. Enterprise $499 per month: This is the top package and includes support for up to 2000-attendees for live webinars and unlimited for automated (latter only applies if paid annually)


"Better webinars. No worries. With WebinarNinja, you get the best webinar software for independent creators. The audience? They get you."

webinarninja webinar

WebinarNinja was set up in 2014 with the specific goal of simplifying the whole process of setting up and running a Webinar. Simplicity of use is the driving force behind the whole ethos of the product and has made it one of the most popular platforms on the market.

WebinarNinja Features

  • Ease of Use: As mentioned, the company goal was to simplify Webinar creation and running. WebinarNinja allows users to create a webinar in seconds.
  • Customizable Landing Pages: WebinarNinja have created and tested a range of highly effective templates that can be easily customized using their Page Builder Editor. You can also save your template for reusing when required.
  • WebinarNinja Academy: Exclusive and large range of training videos is available to their customers. Videos cover all aspects of Webinars from creation to marketing.
  • Marketing Tools: A complete range of marketing tools are available, specifically developed to quickly attract audiences. And all webinars are automatically added to the ‘The Webinar Finder’ which is the most popular webinar search engine on the planet.
  • Browser Based: No need to download any software, WebinarNinja works on most modern browsers for hosts and attendees alike.
  • Integrations: WebinarNinja has all the integration capability that you would ever want. It can integrate seamlessly with any platform in your Marketing Stack.
  • Great Pricing: WebinarNinja is one of the most competitively priced products on the market, with prices starting at $39 per month.

WebinarNinja Pros

  • Ease of Use: WebinarNinja was designed with one goal in mind – To simplify the whole webinar process, and it has succeeded.
  • Great training resources: With a collection of training videos that has been dubbed the ‘Netflix of Webinars’ there is a video available on just about any subject you would ever need.
  • Complete range of Webinars: Live, Evergreen and Hybrid Webinars are all available in many of the packages.
  • Great looking templates: WebinarNinja have gone to great lengths to ensure that your registration and thank you pages are an effective part of your sales campaign.
  • Fantastic value: WebinarNinja has some of the best value for money pricing in the market.

WebinarNinja Cons

  • Support: Although personally I always found them to be super helpful, other users have reported delays in getting a response from the support team.
  • Uploads: Heavy uploads can take a while, so make sure you have everything uploaded well in advance.

WebinarNinja Pricing

This is one of the best priced products on the market with even the basic package offering great functionality.

  1. Starter $39 per month: Set up Live and automated Webinars with up to 100-attendees for live and unlimited for recorded webinars.
  2. Pro $79 per month:  300-attendees for live webinars, it also features Webinar series and summits.
  3. Plus $129 per month: 500-attendees for live Webinars, you can also run Hybrid Webinars.
  4. Power $199 per month: Up to 1000-attendees for live Webinars.


"Get your business online and connect with your audience anywhere, anytime."

getresponse webinar

Established over twenty years ago as an email marketing solution platform, GetResponse have used all their marketing knowledge to produce a Webinar solution that puts marketing at the core of its design ethos.

GetResponse Features

  • Browser Based Software: No software required to get your Webinars up and running. Simply sign up and logon and you are up and running.
  • Great Marketing: One of the brilliant aspects of GetResponse is that their company heritage is in email marketing. With such expertise underlying the platform it is no wonder that this is one area where this product excels.
  • Mobile Compatibility: A free accompanying app available for both Android and Apple devices allows you to host Webinars directly from your mobile device. And attendees only require using a browser on their mobile devices.
  • Unlimited Webinars: With GetResponse you can host unlimited Webinars and can host Webinars with up to 1000-attendees and with 3-presenters.
  • Inbuilt SEO features: All landing page templates have been designed to be SEO friendly and can start generating leads in no time.
  • Evergreen and Live Webinars: With GetResponse you can host live Webinars or prerecord them and schedule them to rum whenever you like.
  • Fantastic Analysis Features: GetResponse has powerful reporting and statistical analysis tools. Some of the data recorded includes Average attendance time, attendee location, survey results and device used.

GetResponse Pros

  • Email Marketing: With a background in this niche, GetResponse apply all their expertise to this area to ensure your email marketing is effective.
  • Easy to set up and run: Having been around for over twenty years GetResponse have honed their product to make it simple and intuitive to use.
  • Competitive Pricing: The pricing structure for GetResponse is amongst the most reasonably priced on the market.
  • Great SEO Optimized Templates: Create fantastic looking landing pages that are SEO friendly in a matter of minutes.
  • All-in-one email and Webinar Solution: No need to use a separate email autoresponder, this is at the core of the GetResponse product.

GetResponse Cons

  • No free option: There is no basic free package available.
  • Not as well featured as some others: With the Webinar side of things not the main product of the business, the Webinar side of things isn’t as feature rich as some of the others.

GetResponse Pricing

The first package that GetResponse offers that features Webinars is their Plus Package.

  1. Plus Package $49 per month: 5 Webinar funnels and an attendee limit of 100.
  2. Professional Package $99 per month: Unlimited Webinar Funnels and an attendee limit of 300, also includes paid Webinars.

My Own Conference

"Talk to thousands. Robust webinars so you can do the talking. Never fear dropouts with 99.98% uptime."

my own conference homepage

My Own Conference is an established player in the Webinar niche and offers a highly scalable pricing structure that can be tailored to meet your exact needs. They also offer support for 16-languages.

My Own Conference Features

  • No Installation: Neither hosts nor attendees require any software installed. The platform will run on any modern browser. This simple model keeps the registrant to attendee ratio as high as possible.
  • Fantastic Worldwide Connectivity: With a global audience at your fingertips, it is important to ensure that everyone has equally good access. My own Conference has 10 data Centers all at Tier III standard. Three cloud services and over 200 servers. Ensuring one of the lowest outage rates in the whole industry.
  • Polls and Surveys: Create great audience participation with a range of polls, tests and surveys features that make your audience feel like they are really playing a part in the Webinar.
  • Multiple Speakers: My Own Conference has the availability to allow up to 10 speakers to participate in your webinar. These can be 10 hosts or even audience members can take part.
  • Webinar Recording: Just created and ran a live Webinar that went absolutely brilliantly. The whole Webinar can be recorded and made available for viewing at any time. 

My Own Conference has created a Webinar product that is well thought out and feature rich. Also, other webinar platforms should follow the example of their scalable pricing system.

My Own Conference Pros

  • Secure and Stable connection: The solidity of the connection is crucial for a webinar to be successful; My Own Conference has gone to great effort to deliver with this.
  • Great Templates: A fantastic range of templates and an easy-to-use landing page creator.
  • A Package to suit everyone: The pricing structure for this platform means you can get exactly the package you need.
  • Cloud Based: No plugins or software required to run this webinar software.
  • Support: The support team is always quick to replay and address any issues you may have. Also, a fantastic knowledge base is available.

My Own Conference Cons

  • Chat not included in records: A record of chat isn’t kept in the webinar recording.
  • User Interface: The UI can appear a bit cluttered in places.

My Own Conference Pricing

My Own Conference has really only two price structures, the first is the free version which allows 20 attendees up to 20 minutes recording. Prices for paid versions begin at $25 for 60 attendees then scaled up depending on how many attendees you require. For instance, 500 Attendees costs $83 per month and 2000 costs $360 per month.


"The leader in webinar software. Tell your story. Reach more people. Grow your business."

gotowebinar homepage

GoToWebinar is part of the LogMeIn company, who have been around for decades and began life as a remote access platform. From this base it was a logical step to move into Webinars. GoToWebinar was the result and is a great platform from a company with a fantastic pedigree.

GoToWebinar Features

  • Well thought out branding and marketing section: GoToWebinar have put great effort into creating a marketing solution including well thought out Landing page templates, automated email reminders, well laid out branding features and SEO ready pages.
  • Live and Evergreen Webinars: GoToWebinar can host both live and evergreen Webinars. It also has the function to record live webinars and reuse them. There are also a host of ‘simulated live’ features that you can tag onto evergreen webinars to give them the live feel.
  • Analytics: A full reporting system gives all the stats you need to track the performance of your webinars. Including tracking which channels created the greatest webinar signups, Attendee reports and full event analytics.
  • Integrations: GoToWebinar is compatible with most major plugins and platforms that make up your marketing stack. Including Marketo, Zoho CRM, Leadpages, Zapier and Salesforce.
  • Free Trial Period: GoToWebinar has a 7-day free trial period so you can check out whether it is the package for you.
  • Easy to Use Interface: A Well laid out UI makes for a simple experience. It is a simple procedure to set up and schedule a Webinar and the Templates are simple to edit to meet your own needs.
  • Reliability: Both the software and the connection are stable and reliable. This means the Webinars themselves from a technical point of view at least, run flawlessly.

This product comes from a company with a long history of making stand out products, and their Webinar software is another example of this. Easy to use and run it is one of the best on the market.

GoToWebinar Pros

  • Easy to Use: A well designed intuitive interface makes for a great user experience.
  • Nice Landing Pages: With many templates to choose from and all of them well designed and laid out, there is a great selection of registration and thank you pages to build on.
  • Flawless streaming and connection: GoToWebinar have obviously got their hosting infrastructure spot-on, the connections and quality of the video can’t be faulted.
  • Reuse Recorded Webinars and Live Simulation: A successful Webinar can be used over and over and with simulated live features it will look like a live event.
  • Integrations: Integrates with just about anything you’d ever need it to.

GoToWebinar Cons

  • Chat Feature: It isn’t the best chat feature on the market.
  • No Option to Mute Participants: A lack of this feature is somewhat of an oversight and hopefully will be fixed in an update.

GoToWebinar Pricing

GoToWebinar has 4 packages and at the time of writing there was an offer on, the prices quoted reflect this.

  1. Lite - $49 per month: Allows for webinars of up to 100 participants.
  2. Standard - $99 per month: Up to250 participants
  3. Pro - $199 per month: Up to 500 Participants
  4. Enterprise - $399 per month: Up to 3,000 participants.


"Funnel more leads in less time with a live automated webinar."

stealthseminar webinar app screenshot

StealthSeminar launched in 2010 and quickly grew to become one of the most popular Webinar platforms on the web. It is a fully featured platform that features a full 30-day trial to allow users to make their own mind up with no risk.

StealthSeminar Features

  • Choose from 4 Webinar Types: With StealthSeminar you can choose from Live, Automated (evergreen), Hybrid or YouTube Webinars. The simulated Live feature on the Hybrid seminars let you reuse your automated webinars time after time and always give them a live appearance.
  • Built-in Templates: from creating your landing and registration pages to templates for your google or PowerPoint presentations, there is a complete range of snazzy templates to impress from signup to presentation.
  • Authority Building Features: If you want to sell then you need to come across as an authority in your field. With a series of features that help you achieve this, StealthSeminar has it covered. Features include Fake audience, live chat and surveys and polls.


  • Online Training: To make sure you get the most from your package and start out on the right foot, StealthSeminar has a range of training materials to help you. Not only is there an excellent Knowledge base, but there is also Live Webinar Coaching and a host of other free resources to get you going.
  • Integrations and Plugins: StealthSeminar is compatible with just about any other CRM platform you use.

Stealth Seminar have produced a great product that offers a full range of Webinar types at a reasonable cost. The simulated live webinar features are amongst the best on the market.

StealthSeminar Pros

  • Cloud based: Run and attend Webinars from a browser, with no software or plugins required.
  • Simple to use: The whole platform looks modern and the User Interface is easy to follow and understand.
  • Free trial and money back guarantee: StealthSeminar not only has a 30-day free trial, but they also have a 60-day money back if it hasn’t worked exactly as it should.
  • Great training and Customer Service: With live training seminars, a massive knowledgebase and responsive customer service StealthSeminar is one of the best on the market in this category.
  • Great hybrid and ‘fake’ live features: Save money and time by reusing seminars and giving them that live feel.

StealthSeminar Cons

  • No Zapier Integration: StealthSeminar doesn’t have the function to integrate with Zapier.
  • Customizations: The options to change the templates are limited as far as moving elements around goes.

StealthSeminar Pricing

StealthSeminar has two packages which have set prices, for more advanced packages you will need to contact them directly.

  1. Starter Plan - $69.95 per month: Allows up to 150 attendees
  2. Growth Plan - $135.00 or $220 per month: Depending on the number of attendees which are either 300 or 500 respectively.


"In this together. Keeping you securely connected wherever you are."

zoom for webinar software screenshot

Zoom is one of the most famous and versatile of all Webinar platforms. Because so many people already use Zoom as a way of keeping in touch remotely it is already a well trusted platform.

Zoom Features

  • Easy to set up and register: Zoom has made it easy for both you and your attendees to get up and running.
  • Choice of Webinar types: On-demand, live and recurring webinars are all catered for.
  • Great attendee and host capabilities: With up to 100 live panelists and 50,000 attendees this is a truly powerful platform.

Zoom Pros

  • No Software install: Attendees simply follow the links to attend.
  • Lag-free streaming: Great for streaming videos.
  • Record Webinars: you can record all your Webinars to assess them and even reuse them.
  • Easy to use: Simple and clear interface makes setting up webinars painless.
  • Works on all platforms: use on any PC, Mac or smart device.

Zoom Cons

Chat feature: It isn’t the best in the market.

Support: Support can take a while to respond, but a comprehensive knowledge base helps negate this.

Zoom Pricing

  1. 100 Attendees - $370 annual
  2. 500 Attendees - $1300 annual
  3. 1000 Attendees - $3,160 annual
  4. 3000 Attendees - $9,210 annual
  5. 5000 Attendees - $23,160 annual
  6. 10,000 Attendees - $60,360 annual


"Intermedia AnyMeeting™ is a powerful online meeting solution built for businesses of all sizes."

anymeeting woman in front of computer

AnyMeeting was founded in 1995 it has a long history of providing reliable platforms for remote meetings. Now it has brought all that experience to bear on the Webinar market with their AnyMeeting Webinar platform.

AnyMeeting Features

  • Complete Webinar Solution: Create custom landing pages and emails from a large selection of templates.
  • Large Audience: Webinars can have up to 1,000 attendees.
  • Recording: Webinars can be recorded onto the cloud with one click.
  • Chat Functions: Comes with fully featured chat functions including Q and A and the ability to conduct polls and surveys.
  • Easy Screen Sharing: Anything that you can display on your computer can be shared to the entire webinar with one click.

AnyMeeting Pros

  • Supports Multi-Presenters: AnyMeeting Webinar software supports up to 12 hosts on screen at any one time.
  • Comprehensive analytics: Allows you to study the performance of your webinar in many ways, including attendee behavior and registration to attendance ratios.
  • Great marketing Features: From registration to follow up emails, the platform is designed to funnel attendees towards a purchase.
  • No Software required: Attendees have no need to install software or plugins.

AnyMeeting Cons

  • User Interface: Whilst it is still simple to use the interface can be quite cluttered and feels a bit dated.

AnyMeeting Pricing

  1. Webinar Lite $48 per month: Up to 50 attendees
  2. Webinar Pro $128 per month: Up to 100 attendees
  3. Webinar Enterprise $298 per month: Up to 200 Attendees

Zoho Meeting

"Web conferencing software for your online meeting and webinar needs."

zoho for webinars

Zoho have placed themselves in direct competition to Zoom with their Webinar and Web Meeting Software. Their Webinar software package is a fully-featured app that is reasonably priced and simple to use.

Zoho Features

  • Record Function: Record your Webinar onto the cloud for reuse, sharing or download it and watch it offline.
  • Chat Functions: Set up Q & A sessions, allow users to speak, run polls and surveys are all available in the Webinars.
  • Customizable Registration pages: Create stunning looking forms and pages to hook your attendee straight away.
  • Cloud Based: No software required to attend webinars, simply go to the URL and login if required.
  • Full Analytics: Statistics are available for just about every aspect of your webinar, from location and duration of visits to attendee interactions.

Zoho Pros

  • Free Trial: See if Zoho is for you before you buy with a 30-day trial
  • Simple to set up and run: A no-nonsense simple to use interface that is easy to get the hang of.
  • Complete Package: From marketing to running the webinar, it is all under one roof.
  • Integrations: Integrates with all major CRM and marketing stack platforms.

Zoho Cons

  • Limited Templates: What they have is excellent but a wider choice would be great.

Zoho Pricing

  1. Webinar- 25 $15.00 per month: 25 Attendees
  2. Webinar- 50 $23.00 per month: 50 Attendees
  3. Webinar- 100 $31.00 per month: 100 Attendees
  4. Webinar- 259 $63.00 per month: 250 attendees


"Stay Connected. Empower Your Remote Workforce with Secure Video Conferencing"

bluejeans webinar

BlueJeans is a Verizon company and their Webinar software is an offshoot of their highly successful meeting software. Their top package has the capacity for up to 50,000 attendees making this an ideal platform for major events.

BlueJeans Features

  • Easy for Users: With one touch access to Webinars from any device BlueJeans have simplified the process of joining a Webinars.
  • Highly Secure: No need to worry about hackers. BlueJeans enterprise grade security with end-to-end encryption means your Webinars are always secure.
  • Host live Events: This feature allows you to involve up to 50,000 attendees with Q & A’s, polling, and chat features.
  • Record Functions: Record your Webinars to replay and analyze at a later date.
  • Flexible Pricing: With packages available for 100, 200 and 500 attendees and the capability for bespoke packages to deal with up to 50,000 attendees.

BlueJeans Pros

  • Unlimited Webinars: There is no limit to the number of non-concurrent webinars you can host.
  • Chat Features: Fully featured chat capabilities include running Q & A sessions, Up Voting and live polls and surveys.
  • Great Audio: Audio quality is superb thanks to their use of Dolby Voice.
  • Web-based: No need for any software installs, just logon to your dashboard from any device.

BlueJeans Cons

  • Less features than some: There are platforms that offer more features.

BlueJeans Pricing

  1. 100 Attendee Limit - $83 per month
  2. 200 Attendee Limit - $313 per month
  3. 500 Attendee limit - $499 per month

Further plans are available by contacting their sales department.


"We help you stay connected. Video conferencing, online meetings, and webinar software to bring your students, customers, and team members together."

clickmeeting screenshot homepage

ClickMeeting was formed by GetResponse, a leading email marketing service, in 2011. Since then it has grown to be one of the biggest Webinar platforms on the market.

ClickMeeting Features

  • Custom Branding: A simple to use Interface lets you create your own branded registration pages, waiting rooms, thank you page and emails.
  • Record Your Webinars: Easily record your webinars for offline use or to make available again.
  • Polls and Surveys: Unlimited numbers of polls and tests can be run to get valuable feedback from your attendees.
  • Integrations: ClickMeeting integrates with a huge range of platforms to help streamline your operation, including PayPal, Zapier, HubSpot and more.
  • Webinar Statistics: In depth analysis provides valuable data about how your webinar performed and how to improve it.

ClickMeeting Pros

  • Complete Solution: ClickMeeting is the complete Webinar Package.
  • Browser based: No need for any third-party software or plugins.
  • Simple Layout and User Interface: All the features are easily found, and the walkthroughs and tips keep you right.
  • Great Surveys and Poll features: One of the most comprehensive test and survey features available on any platform.
  • Reliable Streams: Robust connections mean webinars stream flawlessly.

ClickMeeting Cons

  • Customer Service: Can be slow to respond.

ClickMeeting Pricing

The price varies depending on the number of attendees, the number can be adjusted using a slider on the web page. For the prices we below we had the number set to 100 attendees

  1. Live $60 per month.
  2. Automated $75 per month.
  3. Enterprise – price on application.

Elastic Webinar

"Modern automated webinar software. Increase your online sales. Build trust. Reap the benefits of live webinars without the repetitive manual work."

elasticwebinar homepage with computer

Elastic Webinar is a dedicated Webinar company that has produced a complete package to cater for most webinar producers needs. Well priced packages are backed up with a free trial so you can try before you buy.

Elastic Webinar Features

  • Customizable Templates: There is a wide range of customizable templates to create your registration pages etc.
  • Simulated Live Events: Give your pre-recorded Webinars a live feel with these automated features.
  • Integrations: Integrates seamlessly with most CRM and other marketing tools.
  • Chat Options: Fully featured chat options allow for plenty of audience interaction.

Elastic Webinar Pros

  • Fantastic Templates: Easily customize all your landing pages with a well thought out range of templates.
  • Simple: Easy to use and intuitive interface makes for a great user experience.
  • Automatic Replays: The ability to replay Webinars is included.
  • Statistics: Live analytics always available.

Elastic Webinar Cons

  • Layout: Sometimes onscreen offers cover the chat box

Elastic Webinar Pricing

  1. Free: 10 attendee and 10-minute limit
  2. Starter $43 per month: 50 Attendee and 1hr session limit
  3. Professional $75 per month: 150 attendee and 3hr session limit
  4. Business $168 per month: 500 attendee and 5hr session limit


"Live Streaming & Video Hosting Platform. Broadcast and monetize your live events and channels."

dacast live streaming image

Founded in 2010 DaCast has risen to become one of the foremost video streaming platforms. If streaming premium content to your customers is of importance to your organization then DaCast have been winning awards and receiving plaudits since its inception.

DaCast Features

  • Advanced Video Hosting Library: If your organization has a large number of videos that require regular streaming this feature simplifies the process.
  • Analytics: A well laid out dashboard lets you see the statistics of your videos performance in one simple page.
  • Secure Sharing: Stream your video to your target audience only with the inbuilt security that DaCast offers.
  • Broadcast Live Events: If you want to broadcast an event to the world then DaCast can do it including concerts, live sports and live health and fitness classes

DaCast Pros

  • Full HD Streaming: DaCast specialize in High Quality streams of video and live video.
  • Fantastic Support: DaCast has 24/7 live support that is responsive and efficient.
  • Great Stats: From the location of your audience to the length of time they stayed with your broadcast it is all there in a quick to read format.
  • Adaptive Streaming: Detects a viewer’s internet speed and adapts the video quality to ensure there is a minimum of buffering.

DaCast Cons

  • Learning Curve: This is a complex system and there is a bit of a learning curve to master it.
  • Not best platform for webinars: While you can host webinars using this, it isn’t really its core function.

DaCast Pricing

Because this is a video streaming package the main price criterion is the amount of bandwidth used.

  1. Starter $39 per month: 1.2tb bandwidth and 50gb Storage.
  2. Event $63 per month:  6tb Bandwidth and 50gb Storage.
  3. Scale $188 per month: 24tb bandwidth and 1tb storage.

U Webinar

"The best solution for live broadcasting and distance learning."

uwebinar website screenshot

Cyberlink, the company that develops U Webinar, is another well-recognized name in the video field, their video players have been bundled with PC’s for decades. U Webinar is their all-in-one webinar package, and it has got a lot going for it.

U Webinar Features

  • Intuitive Interface: Cyberlink have brought all their experience to bear in creating a clean and simple interface.
  • Chat Features: Text or voice-based chats and Q & A sessions all feature in this platform.
  • Browser or App Access: Install the U App or join Webinars using Firefox or Chrome Browsers.
  • Live or Evergreen: Multiple Webinar types to select from.

U Webinar Pros

  • Analytics: Complete set of stats available for every webinar enable you to check performance and make improvements.
  • Free Package Available: A well Featured free version is available
  • Easy to set up: U Webinar interface makes it easy to set up and run your webinar.

U Webinar Cons

  • Limited Branding Options: There is little consideration towards the overall branding of your product

U Webinar Pricing

  1. Free: 25 attendees and 30-minute limit
  2. Pro-100 $49.99per month: 100 attendee limit and 8hrs per event.
  3. Pro-500 $149.99 per month: 500 attendee limit.

Webinar Centre

"Your webinar improved with the best tools in the world."

webinar center screenshot homepage

Webinar Centre is another platform that has a great free version available. Like GoBrunch it also has multi-language support, it is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Another great option for those wanting to test the waters first.

Webinar Center Features

  • Full package: With the free version you can create live and evergreen webinars with up to 50 attendees.
  • YouTube: With Webinar Center you can utilize YouTube as your video streaming server.
  • Google Analytics: Uses Google Analytics to provide a host of stats and data about how your webinars are performing.

Webinar Center Pros

  • Free Version: A feature rich free version lets you run a complete range of webinars for up to 50 attendees.
  • Great Pricing: Even the paid versions are fantastic value for money.
  • Reliable Streams: using the YouTube video streaming servers make for exceptionally reliable streams.

Webinar Center Cons

  • Help Centre: The help center is yet to be fully released in the English version.

Webinar Center Costing

  1. Free: Up to 50 attendees
  2. Enterprise $110 per year: Unlimited Attendees
  3. Professional $135 per year: Unlimited attendees and extra features.

Adobe Connect

"Welcome to the real virtual. Learning | Webinars | Meetings"

adobeconnect screenshot homepage

Adobe has produced a full feature Webinar package that is becoming an important part of the software giant’s catalog. The software can do everything from meeting, training to full blown webinars. You would expect a quality product from a company with a pedigree like Adobe, and it doesn’t disappoint.

Adobe Connect Features

  • Complete Campaign Management: Adobe has designed a single platform that sees your campaign through from its launch, to the marketing, to the delivery.
  • Branding: Design your room with complete control over all the aesthetics to match your company's branding and the theme of your webinar.
  • Integrations: it seamlessly integrates with just about every CRM tool on the market.
  • Create Presentations: As you’d expect from a company with a grounding in high-end graphics applications, the storyboard options allow you to create fantastic presentations.

Adobe Connect Pros

  • Complete Webinar Package: from design and marketing to delivery, it can all be done in the one package.
  • Design: Fantastic customizations for your rooms and presentations allow you to create stunning looking webinars.
  • Ease of Access features: Adobe have made it easy to create Webinars that help get the message across regardless of any physical or other disabilities of your attendees.

Adobe Connect Cons

  • Browser compatibility: Some users have reported issues with certain browsers on particular platforms.

Adobe Connect Pricing

  1. Webinar Manager 100 $130 per month:  Up to 100 attendees
  2. Webinar Manager 500 $470 per month: Up to 500 attendees
  3. Webinar Manager 1000 $580 per month: Up to 1000 attendees

google meets

Also known as Google Meets, this was rebranded as Google Meets in April 2020. Google obviously needs no introduction, but many people may be unaware that their Google Meets platform is great for webinars.

Google Hangouts (Meets) Features

  • Live Captions: Using Speech recognition technology live captions are displayed making this ideal for people with hearing impairments.
  • Browser Based: Works on any computer or smart device without the need for any software.
  • Great Attendee numbers: Stream to up to 100,000 attendees.
  • Highly Secure: Uses Google’s secure cloud-based system.
  • Excellent Free version: Google offers a free version which can have up to 100 attendees and can run for 60 minutes.

Google Hangouts Pros

  • Reliable: Uses Google’s own system to run reliable and secure webinars.
  • Host Meetings: You can have up to 250 participants in a single meeting.
  • Simple to use: Clearly laid out and easy to understand User interface.
  • Auto Live Captions: Using Google’s AI Voice recognition software.
  • All you need is a Google account: If you already have a Google account you can have meetings up and running in a few minutes.

Google Hangouts Cons

  • Missing a lot of features: not the most fully featured platform as far as webinars go.
  • Support: The support isn’t super-fast.

Google Hangouts Pricing

  1. Free – Up to 100 participants and 60-minute limit.
  2. Google Workspace Essentials: $8 per active user per month.

For other packages contact the Google Sales team.

Livestream Vimeo

"Livestream is now Vimeo."

livestream vimeo screenshot

Livestream is the video streaming service from one of the most recognizable names in the streaming business, Vimeo. If you are looking for packages that allow you to stream and sell your videos the world over then this is worth consideration.

Livestream Features

  • Custom Branding: Create your videos with existing templates that can be changed to suit your own branding.
  • SEO Tools: Generate new leads with Vimeo’s built in SEO tools.
  • Free Live Camera:  Sign up for the Premium or Enterprise edition and get a free Live camera worth $399 included in the price.

Vimeo also includes unlimited bandwidth, 4k support and the ability to embed your video anywhere.

Livestream Pros

  • Great Pricing: With Vimeo you get a lot for your money, the packages are great value.
  • Free Camera: No need to buy extra equipment, you get a live streaming camera when you sign up for the premium package.
  • Unlimited Videos and Bandwidth: No limits on either category.

Livestream Cons

  • Could be Simpler to use: Menu and Dashboard could be better laid out.

Livestream Pricing

  1. Plus $7 per month: 250gb Annual, single user
  2. Pro $20 per month: 1tb Annual, and 3 team members
  3. Business $50 per month: 10 team members and 5tb Storage
  4. Premium $75 per month: Unlimited and free camera.


"The ideal webinar platform for teaching and training."

gobrunch screenshot

GoBrunch is a completely free solution for running fully featured webinars with a great attendee limit. If you are unsure about whether Webinars are for you, this might be the answer, you can test the waters and see how powerful webinars are with no outlay.

GoBrunch Features

  • Free: The GoBrunch Webinar platform free version allows unlimited webinars with no time limit and up to 409 attendees.
  • No Install: Neither host nor attendee require any software to be installed, simply logon onto your control panel as the host, attendees just follow the supplied URL.
  • Multi Language: Available in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

GoBrunch Pros

  • Practical Free Version: Run fully featured Webinars for over 400 attendees with the paid version.
  • Simple to use: Very straightforward interface leads you through the process of setting up a Webinar in a seamless fashion.
  • Free Auto recording: Record your webinar onto the cloud for reuse and downloading to view offline.

GoBrunch Cons

  • Support: Only a basic support package comes with the free version.

GoBrunch Pricing

Apart from the free version there is the pro version which includes extra features like priority support, custom logos etc.

Pro Plan $10 per month.


"All New Webex. In-person or afar, Webex brings everyone together to do exceptional work."

webex website screenshot

WebEx is Cisco’s venture into the online meeting market. Although not a fully featured Webinar Platform, it is one of the best meeting platforms on the market. And backed by Cisco’s network infrastructure it is one of the most secure and robust platforms on the web.

WebEx Features

  • Simple to use Web-based Platform: A well laid out User Interface and no need to install software make this a simple to use system
  • Great Training Resources: With an entire section of their webpage dedicated to training and frequent live webinars, the training is of the highest order.
  • Live Translations: WebEx can provide a live translation of your meetings in up to 10 languages including Spanish, German, Mandarin and English.
  • Good Integrations: Integrates with Google, Salesforce, Box, Outlook and others.

WebEx Pros

  • Translation Feature: Run a professional meeting with the auto-translation feature.
  • Solid Connection: Cisco controls a huge percentage of online traffic; they are specialists at ensuring connections are as stable as possible.
  • Free Version: A well featured free version is available.
  • Support: Great support system and lots of online training

WebEx Cons

  • No Webinar Functions: Really this is for online meetings only.
  • Time restriction: The free version is restricted to 50 minutes every 24hrs.

WebEx Pricing

  1. Free: 1 host, up to 100 attendees
  2. Starter $13.50 per month: Up to 50 hosts and 150 attendees
  3. Business $26.95 per month: 100 hosts and up to 200 attendees.
  4. Enterprise: contact Sales: Unlimited hosts up to 100,000 attendees.

What is a webinar and how does it work?

Introduction: Webinars for Dummies

What is a Webinar?

A webinar is an online presentation in the form of a video workshop, presentation, or lecture. This type of online presentation can be used to connect individuals with an audience from across the globe.

A live webinar can be interactive allowing for real-time collaboration between the participants.

This makes it an ideal platform for the likes of: 

  • Business Presentations
  • University Lectures
  • Online-Courses
  • Sales Pitches

These are some of the most common usages. But in fact, a webinar can be used in just about any circumstance where a wide and geographically remote audience needs to be connected for whatever reason.

And in today's current climate with the need for social distancing and lockdowns controlling the way we live; webinars usage is soaring. 

What is the Meaning of Webinar?

The word "webinar" is derived from the combination of the words – ‘Web’ and ‘Seminar.’ 

A webinar is defined in the Cambridge Dictionary as – ‘An Occasion when a group of people go on the internet at the same time to study and discuss something.’

Of course, this is a very simplified definition. Increasingly a webinar can be defined as a powerful communication tool in a range of fields from marketing to education.

How do Webinars Work?

A webinar is a presentation that is broadcast over the internet to a selected group of users or subscribers.

It allows the company or organization running the seminar to interact with them.

It uses audio and visual components to achieve this. Typically, a user will be watching and listening using a web browser on a computer, or tablet, or another smart device. Whilst the organizers will be using webinar software.

The presentation type can be varied but is normally a mix of multimedia slideshows or video presentations and live interactions.

What is a Webinar Sales Funnel?

Put simply, a webinar sales funnel is a way of generating a targeted audience for your webinar.

It is a marketing tool designed to increase awareness of your up and coming webinar and attract potential attendees to sign up. It most frequently starts by inviting internet browsers or social media users to attend your event.

Of course, as any social media or web browser advertising is already tightly targeted the ‘funnel’ effect starts immediately. The funneling process increasingly tightens the target suitability as the individual is led further into the funnel.

As the individuals are fed further into the tunnel many will drop out, but that’s the point. A well thought out and implemented webinar sales funnel is designed to leave you with an audience who are most likely to be the right leads for your business.

Types of webinars

There are 4 types of webinars, although some people say there are only 2 (Live and Evergreen.)

Live Webinar

A live seminar is just as it sounds. In this type of seminar, the presentation or lecture is broadcast as it happens. Think of it as being the same as a live television production. Of course, the risk with this is that unforeseen problems or interruptions can occur.

Evergreen Webinar (aka Automated Webinar)

An automated seminar is a seminar that is pre-recorded and can be played whenever it is required and used repeatedly. The obvious advantage of this type of seminar is it negates the need to repeatedly host live events.

Hybrid Webinar

A hybrid is a mix of a physical event that is also broadcast to a wider audience as a webinar event. This mix allows both the physical audience and the online audience to receive the same content as it happens.

Series Webinars

A series webinar is several webinars all covering different aspects of the same topic. It can be broadcast on particular dates or times or made available to watch sequentially as the subscriber requires.

What are the features of webinars?

Webinars are becoming increasingly diverse with the number of features that can be offered, and as the technology matures this growth will only increase. Some of the most common features that are used in today’s webinars are listed below: -

  • Surveys and Polls
  • Online Courses and exams
  • Multimedia presentations
  • Quizzes
  • User Interaction
  • Sharing of documents

Most webinars will use a combination of two or more elements to make their content interesting and to hold their audience’s attention. User interaction is also used to keep interest high. This can be from ongoing chats throughout the presentation, or quizzes and polls to keep them involved.

Ultimately a webinar will succeed or fail on the quality of its features.

Why use Webinars?

Webinars have become a very powerful marketing and business tool. They are a cost-effective and successful method of getting your message across to a targeted audience. On its own that could be reason enough but there are numerous more reasons to use seminars: -


Everyone who attends your webinar has put time and effort into going through the registration process and of course, the actual time spent during the seminar. The fact that they have done all this to hear what you have to say, positions you as an expert in your field right from the outset.


When done correctly with engaging and informative content webinars are an extremely powerful marketing tool. Webinars can be geared towards producing ‘soft sales’ with the sales pitch woven throughout the content of the webinar.

This method has been proven to have a higher success rate than ‘hard sales’ pitches which can drive sales away.

Audience Reach

This is one of the most powerful features of a webinar, the importance of being able to attract a large and worldwide audience cannot be overstated. To be able to connect directly with an audience of perhaps hundreds of people is something that cannot be achieved any other way.

Generate New Business Leads

Not everyone that attends a sales pitch seminar will purchase your product. However, they have likely gone through some sort of registration process and to go that far they must have had a high level of interest. So, during this process they have highlighted themselves as being interested in your product, you now have a database full of high-quality leads.

Keeping your Audience engaged

Live seminars are unlike video recordings as they are one off-events. As such the audience can’t just wander off and return when they like. While at first glance this may seem like a disadvantage, the pros far outweigh the cons.

An audience will be more likely to keep watching because they know they can’t just walk away and watch the rest later. And with live chat and audience interaction to keep them interested they are far more likely to listen to the whole of your message.

Who are Webinars for?

Webinars are often, but not exclusively, business related. If you have an idea to sell, a message to get out there, or knowledge to share, then a webinar can be a critical component in achieving your goal.

Webinars are increasingly being used by businesses to sell and demonstrate products. On-line courses to educate and even political parties to build relationships.

One of the biggest advantages of webinars is their ability to engage a large number of people without large overheads.

 For a business wanting to train their remote workers a webinar is a perfect solution, similarly they may also want to engage with their customer base to inform them of a new product, once again a webinar fits the bill.

This diversity is what is fueling the surge in webinars, at some point a webinar can offer something for just about every individual, business, club or learning center.

How to use a webinar to make money

With their ability to attract and engage in large audiences, webinars can be used to generate income.

 are many ways they can be used to do this, below are listed some of the top methods of making money using a webinar.

Paid Webinars

The most obvious way is simply to charge people to watch your webinar. If you have unique content or knowledge to share, then this can be an effective way to generate income.

By offering quality content paired with expert knowledge in your field this can be the most direct and amazingly effective way to make money with webinars. If it is a series webinar then, obviously, you can keep your viewers coming back for more.

This method is most suited if you are offering an on-line course or training.

Selling your Products

One of the most popular uses of webinars is product promotion and sales. If you have a product to sell, then a webinar can be a crucial tool for getting your product known and generating sales.

Well-crafted and organized webinars are an incredibly productive method of generating sales. Particularly when a sales funnel has been used to ensure the audience is correct for the product you are selling.

It could be asking prospects to book a call, buy a course, order something, etc. 

Selling other people’s products

Even if you don’t have your product to sell, then with use of an affiliate marketing program you can still use a webinar to make some profit.

 Affiliate marketing is increasingly being used to generate income through webinars.

Perhaps you are a fitness guru that uses a particular range of protein shakes and high energy drinks, then this method would be perfect.

There is no necessity to carry stock or worry about shipping and logistics, all you need to do is put together an entertaining and well thought out webinar.

Once again, a webinars versatility comes to the fore when generating income is concerned. With the right sales funnel, a quality presentation, and the right message, making money through a webinar can be simple yet incredibly effective.

How to Create a Webinar

It can seem to be a daunting task when you first decide to create a webinar. But if you could break it down into several steps then it is quite simple to get that first webinar up and running.

Pick the right content

This may sound obvious, but before you start to consider creating a webinar be sure in your own mind just what you want your webinar to achieve and how you are going to get your message across.

Spend time creating the content, this is what will make or break your webinar.

There should be a good mix of presentation slides (from a PowerPoint for example) and your face. 

I have watched excellent webinars where we could not see the host, so showing your face is not essential. 

Promotion = Traffic (and more Traffic = more Sales)

A webinar can be a lonely place if no-one turns up. Promotion is a critical aspect of setting up a webinar. This is where you apply a sales funnel to make sure that the right people in the right numbers tune in to watch your webinar.

Social Media, email marketing and landing pages are all essential parts of selling your webinar. Some people drive traffic by using ads. 

Choose the Right Platform/Software

This choice is dependent on many factors. Including: -

  • Budget
  • Required Features
  • Audience Size

There are pros and cons for all solutions, you should be aware of your expectations at this stage to help you select the right platform.

Hardware Considerations

There is nothing worse than watching poor quality video or listening to muffled sound and there is no surer way to generate a disgruntled audience. Make sure your camera, microphone and lighting are all up to standard and I can’t emphasize this enough, test everything well before you are due to go live.

Wherever possible have back up devices. Technical problems occur and you should try to minimize the disruption that they can cause by having back up plans and procedures in place.

What makes a great Webinar?

Webinars can fall flat on their face if not enough thought and effort are put into making sure your webinar is a great webinar. Just turning up on the day with a handful of scribbled notes about your subject isn’t going to cut it. By applying some simple steps, you can make sure your webinar keeps your audience enthralled.

Make sure you have the correct audience

There is no point in trying to sell a unique car wash wax to an audience of expectant mothers. By using appropriate marketing techniques and a sales funnel you ensure the audience is right for your webinar.

Great content on your Topic

Image heavy and informative content is critical to keep your attendee’s attention. But it must be backed up with enough knowledge to guarantee that you can provide an in-depth understanding of the topic. If you stutter and fluff over points people will soon realize that they are wasting their time.

Be Prepared

Being prepared on the content you are providing is just the start. A webinar is a blend of technologies. Ensure that you and other participants are fully aware of the technology and how it works and more importantly what to do if it doesn’t. Perform a dry run first, check everything from your slide show being in the correct order to the microphones and video equipment all working correctly.

Keep your Audience Engaged

Use polls and questionnaires and live chat forums to encourage your audience to interact. An audience that has interacted is more likely to feel part of an event rather than just an observer. An audience that feels they are included in something are far more likely to hang around.

To Summarize – The correct audience that can interact with fantastic content that is presented clearly will be a happy audience.

How long should my webinar be?

There is no one-size-fits all answer, but generally speaking, the higher the price of what you sell, the longer the webinar should be.

Short webinars are around 15 minutes long, middle ones around 45-60 minutes, and long ones are about 2 hours. 

Do Webinars Cost Money?

As an audience participant a webinar can cost money but in most cases, they are free. It depends on the content being offered and what the objective of the webinar ultimately is.

For instance, if you have signed up for an online course that is fully or partially webinar based then you may pay to enroll in a webinar. However, product pitches or marketing webinars are normally free.

Setting up a webinar can also be done free of charge or paid. As with most things the free versions are usually limited in their functionality.

What is the difference between a Webinar and an e-Course?

There can be confusion as to the difference between a Webinar and an e-course and there is a grey area where they can be one and the same thing. But for a simple explanation as far as course content goes, a webinar would usually offer a broad-brush approach to a subject possibly with a view to enticing you to enroll in an e-course.

Whereas an e-course is a more in-depth look at a particular subject matter and although webinars may be included as part of the curriculum, it is usually backed up with other course content. For instance, video lectures, PDF reading matter etc.

Is a Webinar interactive? Can a host see you in a Webinar?

A Webinar can have interactive functionality at the hosts discretion. The host may decide to run questionnaires or polls throughout the webinar and in many instances there will be a live chat function available.

Although by default a host will not be able to see you, it is possible that they can invite you to get on camera if both parties’ desire.

What do I need to create a webinar? 

You need the following elements to create (and distribute) a webinar:

  • Camera with microphone (plus ideally, lighting)
  • Presentation (e.g., PowerPoint presentation, Keynote, GoogleSlides, etc.)
  • A software to record the webinar:
    • Live Webinar software if you create a live webinar
    • Evergreen webinar if you want to provide a replay of your presentation

You could record a webinar with your phone! No need for big shot expensive equipment.

Now, how do people register to the webinar? You need to create what we call a user flow:

  1. People see your content (e.g., website, blog post, social media post, Facebook message, email) or your ad (e.g., Facebook ad, Youtube ad, etc.)
  2. They register to the webinar by providing you their email address and/or phone number (and name)
  3. You provide them access to the webinar by giving them a link (either given right after they input their information or after they opened the email you sent them)
  4. The users access the webinar room, then the webinar video streaming starts. 
  5. Et Voilà!

What is a Webinar Software?

Webinar software is the software you will require to set up and run your webinar. It is what allows you to stream your presentation live and lets the audience watch and interact with your webinar (this is called a live webinar.) You can also provide users with a replay of the webinar, which we call an "evergreen" webinar. Alternatively, you could create a webinar and just provide it as an evergreen webinar to the public, no need to do a live webinar per se.

There are free versions and paid versions available on the market. At the outset being aware of the requirements and content of your webinar will help you decide which software is right for you.

In this post we reviewed the most popular webinar software (above.)

How to drive traffic to your Webinar and get Webinar Registrations

Start early, begin with your subject matter. If you have a topic that draws people in, then straight away you are at an advantage. Without a relevant and topical subject, it doesn’t matter how clever your marketing campaign is, people just won’t have the interest.

Once you are confident that your topic is relevant and engaging, then it is down to getting the word out there. Check out Social Media, join relevant Facebook groups and post on them. Start an email campaign that is enticing and to the point. Create a landing page that quickly gets your message across and offers easy registration.

Always use a sales funnel to ensure that the people that do register are the right audience. Getting the word out to a broader spectrum initially, then refining that down to individuals who are more likely to be interested in your topic is what a funnel sales system is designed to do.

Using this system helps guarantee the success of your webinar.

How to select the Best Webinar Software

The first thing you need to do is be aware of what you are offering, how you want to offer it and what your expected results should be. Compare your requirements and expectations against whatever software packages you are considering.

You may also want to consider factors like:

  • Ease of Use: Software that’s over-complicated and crammed with features you will never use is probably not for a beginner. Keep it simple, look for the best package that offers features as close to your requirements as possible.
  • Budget: if you’re just organizing your first webinar then it is even possible to use free software to run your webinar. However, the limited functionality of these options will impose limits like audience numbers and interactive capabilities. The paid options come in a range of prices to suit most budgets and offer far more features.
  • Use a Free Trial: If you are unsure about which to choose, see if there is a free trial option available and take it for a test run.
  • Mobile friendly: Do you anticipate a lot of your potential audience will be watching on their mobile devices. Then you should ensure the package you plump for has this capability.
  • Think Ahead: If you are just starting out but have plans to grow your webinar then you would want to choose a package that will allow you to offer features in the future that you may not use initially. Having to change packages at a later date because your existing package no longer fulfills your requirements, will involve having to learn a new package and migrate settings etc.


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