April 29, 2020

best social proof software

Using a Social Proof Software is THE BEST decision you will ever make to grow your business. Social Proof notification pop-ups help you convert leads and boost sales. 

Social Proof software work.

And you do not even know how to code! Anyone can use social proof software. 

Sounds good?

A Social Proof software is an essential tool that should be part of all marketing stacks: it is an extra arrow to your bow, helping you convert more people, enhance your credibility, get more leads and boost sales. 

If you are like me, you may (or may not) have stumbled upon a Social Proof software while visiting a website.

And it picked your attention.

Indeed, movement catches our attention. 

You know, the little pop-up that comes on the screen, usually at the bottom-left corner, that says “John from California recently bought this pair of shoes. Verified by [insert name of company]”? 

Other messages like:

  • “Great room, fantastic view. 5 stars” 
  • “Only 2 pairs of shoes left in stock” 
  • “There are currently 75 people online looking at this webpage” 
  • “25 people joined the webinar,” etc.

Then, I went and tried a bunch of them and selected 3 widgets for the websites that I am managing. 

If you are looking for a social proof software, we did a review after testing a bunch of them. 

You are at the right place.

There is a wide selection of available Social Proof tools on the market.

You may get confused, trying to understand which features and functions you need for your marketing activities. 

We're here to help you. 

We compiled a list of the Best Social Proof software just for you. 

After reading this post, you will know about: 

  1. The features of Social Proof software
  2. How Social Proof Software can help you
  3. The best Social Proof software for you
  4. The pros and cons of each tool
  5. Who each software is for (and if it fits your needs)

To assess those questions, we approach each software by looking at: 

  • Features
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Pricing
  • Who it is for

We tried almost all of them and our favorite is ProveSource

We love the design of the pop-ups, the detailed analytics (and goals setting), and the reasonable pricing. But feel free to have a look around and see what other software has to offer. 

Also, feel free to ask questions in the comments (we will provide you with a personalized answer) or reach out to us via email here. 

Let’s go. 

What are the best Social Proof Software?

best social proof software provesource

What it is

When using a Social Proof Software, you want something that is built on robust tech, looks slick and provides detailed data. The real deal. 

With customers in 84 countries, ProveSource is probably the most versatile tool out there. 

According to ProveSource, they display 20 million notifications per day, 107 million events tracked, 72 million visitors became leads! Yes, million like in millions. 

Skyrocket Your Conversions with Social Proof 18,000 websites use ProveSource to increases trust, credibility, conversions and sales using social proof.” source: provesrc.com

We believe there are 3 areas where ProveSource distinguishes itself:

  1. Data Analytics: detailed data
  2. UX: excellent User Experience
  3. Tech: plenty of integrations, localization, as well as the possibility to use Webhooks, Regex and much more.

Data analytics: One of the most exciting aspects of ProveSource is the detailed data it gathers with its tracking and monitoring. List the data. 

Data available in the backend is: visitors, engaged visitors, engagement ratio, impressions, hovers, clicks, CTR, view-through conversion, hover-through conversion, click-through conversion, ProveSource conversion-driven rate. 

Amazing right?

User Experience is truly amazing; the flow to set, customize and update pop-ups is hassle-free.

We love the step-by-step process of creating notifications.

Tech side. Customizations are versatile and cover all your needs. Installation of the snippet is easy, and you have multiple options: HTML, Google Tag Manager, WordPress and other platforms (e.g., for eCommerce)

Love it.

Native Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento apps and CloudFlare are made available for eCommerce store owners.


  • Stream & product Purchase 
  • Reviews 
  • Live Visitors 
  • Combo 
  • Informational 
  • Page Visits
  • Social Counter
  • Aggregates reviews from Trustpilot, Reviews.io and Google Reviews
  • +20 localization for your language and community
  • Integrations with 100+ tools like Zapier, MailChimp, Stripe, etc. 

Other Details about features

  • Live Visitors Count: “There are X visitors online right now.” 
  • Page Visits Notification: “X people visited this page in the last 30 days.” 
  • Product Purchase Notifications: “X just purchased this product.” 
  • Sign Up Notifications: “X just signed up to our email newsletter.” 
  • Add-to-Cart Notifications: “X shoppers added this item to their cart today.” 
  • Download Notifications: “X just downloaded this product.” 
  • Social Media Notifications: “X people followed us on Instagram today.”
best social proof software provesource notifications
best social proof software provesource notifications1


  • Free plan, like in FREE
  • Fully customizable pop-ups: how the pop-ups look, where to display, what information to gather.
  • One-click Google signup available for people who hate creating new accounts
  • Onboarding flow is swift: a 3-step process, you can be up and running within a few minutes right after signing up. No headache.
  • Snippet installation is quick and easy for both websites and eCommerce users
  • UX conceived with the user in mind: a step-by-step process where ProveSource guides you in the creation of campaigns from A to Z
  • The design of the ProveSource backend is also pleasing to the eyes with a beautiful color palettes.
  • The backend is minimalistic and easy to navigate, and sections are clearly named.
  • Customization of the pop-ups is easy to achieve for both design (the appearance) and functions (the display rules and the mechanics.) 
  • Online chat and documentation are easy-to-reach when needing help
  • Possibility to add Goals in the Tracking Dashboard
  • Plans for non-profits, NGOs and educational institutions
  • 14 day money-back guarantee, no need for credit card to try ProveSource


  • No removable branding for Free and Starter Packages (but eh, ProveSource itself provides YOU with Social Proof, so why not!)

Who should use

  • Pretty much anyone 
  • Especially if you are into the Lead Generation, Travel, Retail, and eCommerce fields. 
  • Whether you are on a tight budget or not. 


All plans except free include unlimited impressions and unlimited notifications. 

No Credit Card needed!!!





0$ (Free!)


















14 Day trial here

NO Credit Card required

We wrote a post about “Is Verified by ProveSource Legit or Fake?”

Have a look if you want to know more about how it works. 


2. Proof


What it is

Backed by the famous Y Combinator, Proof is probably one of the most popular, if not THE most popular Social Proof software on the market. Neil Patel, SamCart, Demio, Foundr, Consulting, Drift and plenty of other big names are using Proof. 

Proof’s Social Proof tool is called “Pulse.” Proof says that 20,000 websites are using “Pulse” and that they average a 10% boost in conversion. 

Easily personalize your website for every visitor. Relevant, personalized experiences are proven to increase conversions. Proof makes it easy. Let's make the internet delightfully human.” source: useproof.com

As of Q1 2020, they just launched a completely revamped website with a new tool called “Experiences,” which is now the primary tool they are promoting. 

“Pulse” is the Social Proof pop-up notifications.

“Experiences” is an enterprise-level content customizer. 

It allows you to customize content depending on who is looking at the webpage.

Now, the topic of this review is not to talk about “Experiences,” but long story short, this specific tool is to customize the content of your website depending on the type of visitor: change text, swap CTAs, hide elements, change images.

For example, a UX designer would see different content than a Web Developer when looking at the same webpage. 

It gives you an idea of where the web is going!

Possibility to use 2 products: “Pulse” for Social Proof tools and “Experiences” for customized messages based on user persona. Of course, if you have the budget to afford those two tools. 


  • We are only listing the Social Proof pop-up features from “Pulse”:
  • Hot Streaks (*the highest converting as per Proof)
  • Live Visitor Count
  • Recent Activity
  • A/B testing

What we genuinely like about Proof is the simplicity of the onboarding. 

The UI looks good (design of the pop-up notifications is also good looking), and UX is remarkably top-notch. 

For example, when creating a campaign, you choose the pop-ups, where to show the pop-ups, what information to gather and hop, you are good to go. 


  • Proof lists the average increase you can expect from each tool (e.g., Hot Streak) on their website
  • Dashboard’s color palette is stunningly beautiful
  • Installation of the tracking pixel is fast, and you can start building a campaign within a few minutes
  • UX: the creation of campaigns in 4 easy steps (Type, Capture, Targeting and Customize)
  • Customization of timing, position, and display rules for each campaign is easy to operate
  • The pop-ups’ design is beautiful
  • Dashboard's sections are clearly identified and easy-to-navigate
  • Plenty of integrations via Zapier and webhooks (as well as URL “contains” and “exact match”)
  • Contact email of customer service is directly listed in the Footer (rare these days)
  • Exceptional blog with compelling articles AND a video series show called “Scale of Die”!
  • A/B testing feature for Social Proof is impressive as all marketers are looking to make decisions based on actual data. 


  • Entry-plans do not include all notification types
  • Entry packages are on the pricey side
  • Basic plan does not include Live Visitor Counts and Hot Streaks

Who should use

  • Medium-sized companies and enterprise-level (especially in the case of Enterprise)
  • Freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners may want to consider other options unless they are on an exponential growth trajectory with a big stack of money. 


Definitively on the pricey side

Basic 29$ 1k unique visitors

Pro 79$ 10k

Business 129$ 50k

Premium 199$ 100k

Platinum 299$ 300k

Enterprise Custom Pricing





We also have an article about “Is Verified by Proof Legit?” if you are curious. 


What it is

If there is one website design you will remember after reading this post, it is FOMO’s.

 FOMO stands for “Fear Of Missing Out,” one of the most fundamental concepts of Social Proof.  

FOMO almost gives the impression of being the “hipster of Social Proof” with the borderline weird (let’s say peculiar) website design (and the ads you will see when being retargeted.) 

Nonetheless, it is a fantastic product, and the team behind it looks like amazing people. 

FOMO lists New York, Ljubljana, Calgary, Austin, Charlottesville and Seoul on its site, proof that teams working remotely can achieve exceptional things. 

FOMO says that 13,351 small and large companies alike use their tool to generate “meaningful” revenue. The emphasis is on the concept of “honest marketers” who genuinely want to connect with their audience and make a difference in the world. 

Honesty is the best marketing Fomo increases trust, credibility, and sales with live social proof.” source: fomo.com

One thing to note is that FOMO’s pricing is listed per impressions, as opposed to other software that records per unique visitors. On the website, there is an area where you can figure out the pricing per visitors. 

I think it makes more sense to charge per impression! 

I did a secret Excel sheet with the pricing of all Social Proof software and one of the cheapest per visitor was, you guessed it, FOMO. 

The most exciting feature of FOMO is by far its usage of Machine Learning algorithms to ensure that you can make data-driven decisions. According to FOMO, “Machine Learning is applied to 6 billion rows of buying behaviors” and “[…] 10 billion data points every hour” to give you the optimal performance and optimization.

What FOMO says it can:

  1. Increase Initial delay CTR ↑ up to 96.7% 
  2. Display in random order ITC ↑ up to 69.2% 
  3. Increase Delay between CTR ↑ up to 113.1% 
  4. Decrease Maximum per page ITC ↑ up to 182.8% 
  5. Decrease Time ago threshold CTR ↑ up to 74.7%


  • Filters, fallbacks, automation
  • customizable AF (messages details are fully customizable)
  • templates rules, styling, theme builder, CSS customizer, page rules
  • Geo-location with advanced IP techniques
  • Track: impressions, clicks, engagements, conversions, conversion revenues (co)nect with Google Analytics or Scorecard
  • Forms submission, customer behavior, roundups, broadcast (automation for Facebook)
  • A/B testing
  • FOMO gives you cards when you reach particular objectives


  • Machine Learning to help you leverage the most performant settings
  • Setup is fast and the first thing you do is play with the pop-up builder (first impression of the main feature of the product at the first step, smart, clever)
  • ROI of FOMO automatically calculated in the dashboard
  • Astonishing blog posts and Twitter content
  • Email address and phone listed in the footer
  • Plenty of integrations, even for eCommerce
  • Open API (they also have an open-source design library)
  • Localization in 26 languages
  • Integrate with +89 apps


  • No biggie: UX flow when checking if the FOMO tracking snippet is detected should be a bit improved

Who should use

  • Hip marketers, anyone with a website or an eCommerce store


Fantastic pricing for your buck, all plans include unlimited websites and integrations

**note that the plans are priced per impression, you can scroll down to find prices per visitor 

Starter 19$ 10k visitors 25k impressions

Essential 39$ 25k visitors 50k 

Plus 79$ 105k visitors 250k 

Advanced 199$ 105k< visitors 3,000,000


best social proof software notifia

What it is

Notifia is a Saas company that develops a wide variety of widgets to help you before the user conversion, during the activation period and after the sale. 

I love the slick design of the website, the onboarding, selection of the widgets, etc. 

What makes Notifia unique is the number of widgets they have, the variety of widgets and their speed of delivery when it comes to launching new products. You have to see it to believe it. 

Notifia says that it is trusted 13,815 companies on the planet. 

30+ Growth Widgets, for your Website. Marketing Tools, Plugins and Pop-ups to Convert, Engage and Retain Website Visitors.” source: notifia.io

Each category has a precise set of tools developed precisely to achieve the goal of the category type. For example, under “Retention” you would find tools that help you “reduce churn, get cancellation feedback, give offers to stop users’ motivation to cancel.” 

Some of the widgets even include gamification, reviews collection, NPS scores, exit survey, upsells, content locks and many more. 

So with Notifia, with ONE software, you can do pretty much everything in terms of opt-ins, information display, social proof, etc. 

The design of their website is also pretty slick. 

You have to see it to believe it. 


  • Notifia has +30 widgets that cover the following categories:
  • Acquisition 
  • Activation 
  • Feedback
  • Referrals 
  • Retention
  • Revenue
  • “Live Preview” on your website (before even signing up)
  • Syncing with Facebook Ads and Google Ads
  • Integrate with +1,500 apps
  • Open API, Webhooks and Zapier available for customization 
  • Unlimited Websites & Visitors 
  • visitor IP enrichment 100+ templates 
  • Personalization and Segmentation


  • One-click account creation 
  • The variety of tools is awe-inspiring
  • Design of the pop-ups is beautiful  
  • Overall UX is also pretty good
  • Installation of tracking snippet is easy
  • Tools cover the whole consumer journey, including “on-site Failed Payment” notification (a colossal problem Saas face)
  • Helpful and readily-available documentation
  • Customer service is easy-to-reach, even via Whatsapp
  • Localized in 181 languages
  • Fast code snippet installation
  • 7 day free trial


  • Ginormous price differences between the 2 pricing packages 
  • Differences between standard and enterprise packages are not clear.

Who should use

Any company really (even freelancers); and enterprise-level for access to advanced features.


Get a lot for your buck. Cheap, lots of widgets.

Notifia recently updated their pricing strategy, so instead of being 9$/month for all widgets and a hefty Enterprise level plan, they switched pricing strategy to the below:

Growth 9$ Per widget

Unlimited 49$ For all widgets


best social proof software provely

What it is

Provely is a push notification software that can help you boost sales and conversions. 

The website feels like it would be a good fit for users of Sales Funnels. 

Boost Conversions By Over 250% By Adding One Line of Code and Real-Time Social Proof To Any Site” source: provely.io

I was a little bit surprised to find out that Provely is quite popular; the Homepage feels like the typical “salesy” Sales Funnel webpage. 

After digging a little bit more, it seems that the company behind Provely is indeed a Sales Funnel-type company that develops tons of different services for online sales. Don’t get me wrong; I love Sales Funnel.

I believe they have been around for a while. 

One thing is sure: Provely are great at promotion!

It makes sense for a company like Provely to develop plenty of different tools to target specific needs in the marketing market. They answer the needs of different types of marketers and entrepreneurs, and that’s brilliant. 


The usual suspects when it comes to push notifications features

  • Integrates with pretty much any tool online
  • World region localization for targeted activities
  • Vast variety of effects (and even sounds) for pop-up customization (e.g., bouncing animation)


  • Can import past purchases data
  • Leads and sales notifications can be localized for specific regions
  • Wide variety of behavior are available in the pop-up builder (transition effects)
  • Pro package has Unlimited visitors, domains and notifications
  • Works with pretty much any platform
  • Reasonably priced
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • UX and overall experience (onboarding, pop-up design…) could be better
  • Web design appearance could be improved, the homepage’s design, the pop-up builder, the support area, etc.

Who should use

Someone or a company that owns multiple websites


Unrivaled pricing strategy for people who are looking for a tool that can be used on unlimited websites

Billed yearly

97$ 1 domain 

147$ 5 domains 

197$ Unlimited Domains 




Here is a post called “What is Verified by Provely?” if you want to know more. 

best social proof software socialprove

What it is

SocialProve uses the essential tools to get the job done. 

The system is easy-to-use, and you will not have to spend hours figuring out what each widget does. 

Small notifications boosting your website conversion +15%” socialprove.com

The tool does what it is supposed to do: provide basic social proof tools to help you increase conversions, trust, revenue and decrease acquisition cost. 

SocialProve says that 1,000,000 notifications shown every day. 

The backend of SocialProve is very straightforward when we compared it to other tools that have complicated dashboards filled with options, features, and information. 


  • Live activity 
  • Live count 
  • Visitor combo 
  • Activity combo


  • Cool feature that randomly shows you a website using their tool https://app.socialprove.com/random
  • +160 integrations via Zapier 
  • 20 platforms to integrate tracking pixel
  • Real website preview, you can see how the tool looks like of different websites
  • Pop-up design is slick, so no advanced customization is necessary
  • Backend is minimalistic
  • SocialProve is used by companies all around the world in France, Ukraine, the US, etc. 
  • No complicated instructions to use the tool, everything is explained clearly, so you will not lose time looking for into
  • One-click signup, 7 Day trial, no credit card required


  • Entry pricing is a little bit high for the number of tools available
  • No A/B testing

Who should use

Someone looking for basic Social Proof tools


Unlimited websites

Removable brand, Live Activity, Activity combo, clickable notifications only available with Standard and Business plans

Starter 29$ 25k notifications 

Standard $49 250k notifications 

Business 199$ 2,500,000 notifications



7. Crowdy


What it is

Crowdy.ai consists of a mix of different Social Proof tools that help you achieve higher conversions, decrease CPA, and increase trust. 

Although the variety of tools is somehow limited, Crowdy.ai provides the most fundamental tools used in Social Proof. 

Build trust, increase conversions, and generate more sales on autopilot.” source: crowdy.ai

Available in English and German, this is good news for users based in Europe.

Their blog has some interesting articles and, surprisingly, achieved a prominent ranking in the search results as we came across their content twice, organically!


  • Conversions 
  • Social count 
  • Star ratings
  • Testimonials
  • Video testimonials
  • Visitors


  • Agency account available for agencies who manage multiple clients and websites
  • Rich snippet tool: a must for anyone who wants to rank higher in SERP
  • Excellent blog for marketing insights, topics also cover the usage of Social Proof tools
  • Ability to send emails from the dashboard (for Testimonials and Star ratings)
  • eSign contract tools is an exciting feature, especially in a world that is more and more legalized
  • Setup is fast and straightforward; documentation is readily available 


  • Pricing does not reflect the variety of tools available
  • UX is OK, but the design of the backend should be a little bit polished


Who should use

Someone looking for the basic Social Proof tools 

German-speaking audience?


A bit on the pricey side for the tools available 

Off the Ground 79$ 10k 3 websites

Business Plan 109$ 50k 5 websites

Enterprise Plan 209$ 200k 10 websites



8. Cavako

best social proof software cavako

What it is

Cavako is a new player in the pop-up notifications market. 

Cavako offers 2 product categories: social proof pop-ups and personalized deadline offers.

This means that Cavako is also suitable for people who operate eCommerce stores and need to create fear of missing out and urgency on their platform. 

CONVERT MORE SITE VISITORS INTO LEADS AND SALES Using Authentic Urgency, Scarcity, Social Proof” source: https://cavako.com/

The website itself looks beautiful, and it seems that their blog is oriented towards people who build websites and have an interest in eCommerce. Have a look when you have a minute. 


  • Conversion count 
  • Recent activity 
  • Real-time visitors 
  • Testimonials 
  • Conversion cards
  • A/B Testing

The features are pretty basic, but having A/B testing and eCommerce features absolutely make a difference when compared to other software that only offer basic stuff. 

Cavako lists ChatBots and Lead Magnets are their upcoming products. 


  • User Interface (UI) is minimalistic and hassle-free
  • Knowledgebase is easy to navigate, and answers do not require much effort to find
  • A/B testing’s conversion performance is acutely listed
  • +30 integrations with landing page software, chats, email systems, etc. 
  • 14-day free trial


  • A lot of links on their website do not work 
  • No one-click sign-up

Who should use

People who want basic Social Proof widgets


Unlimited domains for all plans

Unlimited campaigns for all except Starter that is up to 5 campaigns

Starter 49$ 10k sessions 

Pro 97.99$ 50k sessions 

Business 199.99$ 50k sessions



best social proof software dynamicyield

What it is

Probably one of my favorite websites in terms of web design and brand, DynamicYield is a giant when it comes to innovation. DynamicYield, similarly to Proof’s Experience, delivers personalized (and customized) content based on the user. However, DynamicYield is the Rolls Royce of Marketing Suites.  

True end-to-end personalization One platform to personalize all aspects of your customers' journey.” source: dynamicyield.com

DynamicYield is an enterprise-level solution for entities looking for a laser-focus degree of customization and advanced eCommerce features. 


DynamicYield offers all necessary widgets for eCommerce personalization, up-sells, cross-sells, targeting, retargeting, and many more.

DynamicYield has a very well garnished toolbox when it comes to marketing surgery. 

The best way to demonstrate this would be to use 2 examples of what DynamicYield can do: "Highlighting product feed filters based on user affinity” (e.g.love red? love purple?) and “Free shipping threshold calculators to increase order size” source: dynamicyield.com

DynamicYield has a 360-degree approach and delivers via multiple channels: web, mobile, apps, email, and ads.

An API is also available for people engaging in advanced customization.


  • Covers all the consumer journey before, during and after
  • Personalization, segmentation, targeting, recommendations and retargeting
  • Leverages all channels to communicate
  • Bayesian A/B testing (oh yeah) 
  • Inspiration libraries showcase how performant the product is
  • Behavioral messaging and use of personalized content to boost sales and conversions
  • Personalize even for anonymous users
  • Backed by robust tech and AI
  • Multilingual


  • Dream-like features accessible for Enterprise-level companies
  • Entrepreneurs and SMEs can only dream about this software.

Who should use


Curious marketers (have a look at their dozens of marketing reports:
and DynamicYield mobile eCommerce checklist )


No pricing available, so I imagine it is sold via a representative with custom-made offers.


DynamicYield video



10. Fera

best social proof software fera

What it is

Fera consists of a set of Social Proof tools to improve your conversion and sales performance as an eCommerce store owner.

 The software is specially made for eCommerce platforms working on an established platform. 

+24% average increase in brand trust +104% average boost in conversion rates - 34% average reduction in acquisition costs” source: fera.ai

Fera says that it is used by more than 10,000 stores and delivers plenty of different options for eCommerce store operators such as seasonal promotions, testimonials, upsells, counters and many more.

Integration with Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce and Custom Platforms


  • Popups
  • Feed of Shopper actions 
  • Show live viewers
  • Orders and donations numbers
  • Curated testimonials
  • Support for +9 languages
  • Learning behavior system to enhance performance


  • Customize content depending on the user’s region (a rare feature to be honest)
  • Sales gain calculator is made available to calculate ROI of using the tool (I love those original ideas)
  • Plenty of pre-made templates are available
  • Templates are good-looking and fit all the requirements of your platform
  • API documentation and PHP SDK and Ruby Gem are made available for your tech team
  • Easy-to-use and to install
  • 30-day trial 


  • A/B testing only available to mid-size package and above
  • Who should use

Mid-sized eCommerce stores and above


Small 29$ you make less than 50,000$/month 10 active skills

Small 99$ you make less than 200,000$/month 20 active skills

Custom if you make more than 200,000$/month and unlimited active skills




What it is

WPfomify is a Social Proof Softwares build with WordPress in mind. 

WPfomify is an excellent tool, whether you are into eCommerce or not. 

We have to say that the features are basic (and at least reasonably priced.)

The #1 Social Proof Plugin for WordPress” source: wpfomify.com

WPfomify was developed by an agency who saw an opportunity in the market to not only develop a new tool but also to use their own tool! I love to hear stories like that, of people who are pro-active and develop solutions to solve their own itch. 

You can “display conversion data WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, GiveWP, CSV file or any kind of Form on your website.” source: wpfomify.com

What makes WPfomify stand out from competitors is its pricing strategy, which is not based on the number of visitors or impressions. 


  • Recent Activity
  • Conversion Count
  • Visitors Count

Although WPfomify has a limited set of features, the features are the most performing features of Social Proof software toolkits. If you are looking for the basics, you’re good to go. 


  • WPfomify can be used on your clients’ websites (excellent for agencies, freelancers and developers)
  • Two upper pricing tiers allow you to use on unlimited websites
  • Pricing is not dependent on the number of visitors/impressions (as opposed to other software)
  • Lifetime license available
  • Discount on renewal
  • Documentation is easy to reach
  • +15 integrations (a little bit limited, but fine for WordPress I guess)
  • 14 day money-back guarantee


  • Limited to WordPress website (self-hosted)
  • More widgets would be better.

Who should use

WordPress enthusiasts who need basic Social Proof widgets


Pricing is yearly and based on the number of websites

Lifetime license also available

1 site 99$/year 

unlimited sites 299$/year 

lifetime 399$/one time



12. JustUno

What it is

JustUno is a Social Proof company that offers 2 levels of service: JustUno and JustUno Plus. 

JustUno is the typical social proof software with inline opt-ins as well as pop-up notifications.  

On top of that, JustUno Plus also offers campaign and development with its professional content creation team, as well as analysis and strategy consulting. Offering agency-based production services is almost unheard of in the Social Proof software environment, but eh, why not. 

The AI Visitor Conversion Platform Intelligent lead captures, personalized website messaging, and audience analytics to convert more visitors into customers.” source:


JustUno offers 4 types of products:

  1. Sales
  2. Messaging 
  3. Lead Capture
  4. Commerce AI, upsells and cross-sell (for JustUno Plus)

The software has features such as exit offer, age verification, push-notifications, spin-to-win, Messenger welcome message as well as the more traditional features. 

  • JustUno also offers Segmentation of consumers, data analytics, and A/B testing. 
  • Around 75 integrations available for all range of 3rd party services


  • Multi-channel marketing that includes SMS marketing, Messenger, Desktop notifications, etc. 
  • Mobile-only promotions also available, which is excellent as many people shop on their mobile nowadays
  • Conversion analyzer tool
  • Agency and Partner accounts are available
  • 14 day free trial, no credit card required


Phone number required to create an account (used for “onboarding”)

Who should use

  • Agencies
  • Businesses looking for a rock-three-birds for a social proof product, design, and data insights.


JunoPlus pricing is custom-made

For standard Juno

29$ 10k visitors 

49$ 25k visitors 

99$ 50k visitors


13. Poptin

best social proof software poptin

What it is

Poptin is a tool built around 3 products: pop-ups, embedded forms, and email autoresponder. Poptin can be used by individuals, agencies as well as operators of eCommerce websites. 

Straight off the bat, we need to say that Poptin does not have the same functions as other social proof software that use dynamic data to generate pop-ups (e.g., John Smith in California bought this pair of shoes 25min ago.)

The great thing about Poptin is that it provides 3 tools that cover the whole flow of the consumer: catch attention with the pop-ups, capture leads with forms, and engage via email with the autoresponder. 

Engage and Convert More Visitors Into | Create engaging popups and forms for your website in minutes.” poptin.com


  • Pop-ups to display information
  • Embedded forms for lead capture
  • Email autoresponder for retargeting
  • Poptin has different types of widgets available, ranging from countdown pop-ups, social share to bottom bars, and lightboxes. 
  • A/B testing and real-time reports are available.
  • +40 customized integrations and +1,000 integrations via Zapier


  • Very detailed targeting options (e.g., by country, date, time of the day, blacklist IP, etc.)
  • Drag & Drop editor with pre-made templates (rare among Social Proof software)
  • Ability to capture leads via embedded forms and engage them with automated emails (we call those “inline” as they are part of the content)
  • Agency account for agencies that manage multiple accounts
  • Pop-up gallery to get inspiration for the pop-ups
  • Quick email signup
  • Live support
  • Free plan, no credit card required.


  • Not really a con, just be wary that pop-ups are used to get subscribers and communicate static information (e.g., countdown,) not to display dynamic information taken from your database. 
  • Pricing includes a set number of autoresponders, an overly complicated approach.

Who should use

  • Folks looking to collect information and display information that they wrote/edited themselves
  • Agencies


Pricing is a bit peculiar as it includes “autoresponders”

Free account is branded and does not include autoresponders

Free Free 1k visitors 1 domain unlimited poptins

Basic 19$ 10k visitors 1 domain 1k autoresponders

Pro 49$ 50k visitors 4 domain 1k autoresponders

Agency 99$ 150k visitors unlimited domains 15k autoresponders



14. Nudgify

best social proof software nudgify

What it is

Nudgify is built by the convertize.com team behind the book “Smart Persuasion How Elite Marketer Influence Consumers.” So with Nudgify, you are in good hands. 

I feel, emotional argument here, that their website is pretty slick. According to their website, the brand is trusted by more than 1,800 brands in 83 countries.

Create Moments That Matter Increase sales and sign-ups by up to 15% with ethical Social Proof and FOMO powered by real-time data.”

Nudgify calls notification pop-ups “nudges,” hence the name “Nudgify.” For those of you, like myself, who are not native English speakers, a “nudge” is a nudge is a gentle push to gain attention.

What is cool with Nudgify is that as the tool is developed by marketing specialists, they truly understand the strategies needed to counter mental barriers that prospects may feel: doubt (use Social Proof), decision paralysis (FOMO) and anxiety (reduce friction.)

Nudgify offers 6 types of notifications which help you convert traffic into sales, no matter if you are a Saas software, tickets seller, hotel, travel, fashion, finance, insurance or eCommerce company:

  • popularity nudge 
  • order soon 
  • review
  • low stock and free delivery 
  • recent activity
  • custom nudge

Nudgify has hundreds of integration that go beyond your imagination, compatible with platforms like Blogger, Prestashop, Clickfunnels, Wix, BigCommerce, Lightspeed and Trustpilot, and Google Reviews for reviews, ThriveCart, Gumroad, Webfow, etc.

The website is bilingual French-English.

App is available in 16 languages, including Chinese, Turkish, Indonesian, Japanese Malaysian, Russian, German, Italian, etc. 


  • Notifications for all your needs
  • Nudges filter helps you select relevant notifications for your specific industry (e.g., Lead generation, finance & insurance, etc.)
  • Analytics is detailed, with visits, notifications, interactions and "assisted conversions."
  • Backend is easy-to-use and intuitive (e.g., Recent Activity allows you to select Picture or Map, Picture, Map or Icon, simply select which one you want

You can set plenty of different types of notifications and display information like stock data to create scarcity and capture data to build leads list


  • The tool is made by marketing experts with insider knowledge of the psychology of persuasion
  • Display Rules has notifications URLs overlapping
  • Drag and drop workspace to create sequences (a rare feature for this type of software)
  • Custom-URLs
  • Nudge Library looks quite lovely and has pre-made templates
  • Website has excellent case studies, so you can learn how to boost conversions and sales
  • Free 7 day trial 


  • No one-click sign-up

Who should use



Lite and Genius plans cover one website.

Lite plan is branded with Nudgify branding and limited to Social Proof Nudges

Enterprise has higher degrees of customizations

Lite 0.99$/month 10k visitors  

Genius 34$/month Unlimited visitors 

Enterprise Custom Fee


best social proof software hoversignal

What it is

Hoversignal is not your typical Social Proof app. 

Hoversignal is a software that offers 6 apps: 

  • social proof
  • scratch to win 
  • easter eggs
  • spinning wheel, content locker, and quizzes
  • feedback, NPS and forms
  • chat 

The software allows you to engage your audience and capture information for leads and callbacks. 

The significant advantage of hoversignal is that it engages visitors in a pro-active manner. 

As you can see, hoversignal is deep into gamification.

Name it, and they have it.

The 2 things I enjoy about the software are:

  1. the amount of pre-designed templates (hundreds)
  2. the ability to test each app by simply clicking on the “Demo” button (this is missing from most software no matter the industry) 

The company has a roadmap of the following widgets in the pipeline:

  • Facebook reviews
  • Instagram testimonials
  • Facebook feed
  • Instagram feed

The website is available in both English and Russian. 


  • Gamification: easter eggs, lucky draw, spinning wheel 
  • Collect leads, information, callbacks, etc. 
  • Give coupons, special offers, etc. 
  • Provide interactive surveys, games, 
  • Forms, bookings, ratings, reviews, etc. 
  • Plenty of discount coupons options (text, code, chance to win, etc.) 
  • Feedback chat, online consultation, etc.
  • hoversignal integrates with Shopify, WordPress, MailChimp, Zapier, and many more. An API is also available


  • Demos are available on their website (e.g., get a chance to win 25% discount off legal services, you can have a look at the widget here)
  • Real Estate development price calculator example
  • Pop-up animations make the notifications eye-catching (e.g., Easter Egg gift box animating up/down)
  • Template gallery: Love the fact that they display all the 287 different designs available
  • Email recheck to avoid duplicate emails
  • All mobile friendly


  • Some pop-ups’ design is too minimalistic, could be polished a little bit
  • no one-click sign-up

Who should use

People looking for engagement, distribute coupons, and gamification.


all 6 apps for 34$ per month or one individual app for 19$/month 


best social proof software nextsale

What it is

Next sale is a software that helps you Generate Leads, Create Urgency, leverage Social Proof, and use SMS Marketing.

  • NextSales is there to assist marketers and website owners to “increase conversion rate, optimize user flow, reduce acquisition cost.”
  • +15% increase in conversion rates
  • -37% reduction in acquisition costs
  • +42% increase in brand trust
  • 56M impressions generated

NextSale is used by 4,000+ businesses.

Onboarding cues before joining in: it is a smart idea to display the setup process to reduce mental barriers and friction


  • Social proof pop-up, promo, top bar, promotions and discounts
  • Proprietary link shortener
  • Plenty of options like activity, sales, promo, exit-intent, countdown, promo bar, cart timer, etc.
  • A/B testing
  • Collect emails and phone numbers


  • Builder gives the ability to set light/dark and triggers can be set to scroll and exit intent
  • Option to schedule the campaigns
  • Website is multilingual English, Spanish, German, French, Russian
  • Analytics has a Google Analytics feel with some rare and unique features:
  • dashboard conversion rates, views, engagements, and subscribers. 
  • Details about general website activity, users, campaigns and even countries
  • SMS marketing automation for Shopify stores with options like messages, automation, keywords, segmentation, and conversations. You can also add a discount code or URL (can be time-limited)
  • 14-day free trial


  • No clear demonstration of the difference between smart analytics and advanced analytics on their website

Who should use

Marketers looking for detailed analytics


Free, basic, growth and enterprise

Free 0$/month 1,000 impressions 

Basic 29$/month 10k impressions 3k visitors

Growth 99$/month 100k impressions 30k visitors

Enterprise 249$/month 500k impressions 150k visitors


17. TrustPulse

best social proof software trustpulse

What it is

TrustPulse is an optinmonster company. optinmonster is a hugely popular online lead generation and conversion optimization toolkit. 

Grow Your Business With Honest Marketing Leverage the true power of social proof to instantly increase site conversions by up to 15%!

TrustPulse works on Squarespace, Drupal, weebly, blogger, BigCommerce, Jimdo, Prestashop, and hundreds of integrations. 

TrustPulse counts users as “session,” which they say corresponds to “a single browser or device visiting the website”


TrustPulse tracks purchases, downloads, email signups, demo registrations, etc. 

Notifications like real-time actions, "On fire" notifications, and smart targeting.


  • Free up to 500 sessions 
  • Notifications can be resized to catch more attention (a rare features as most pop-ups are usually static in size)
  • AutoMagic™ listens to activity and submission and generates notifications in real-time
  • Ambiguity Monitor™, in case the visitor activity cannot be verified, users can stop it from being displayed.
  • Ability to set timeframe for activity to stop 
  • 14 day money-back guarantee


Billed annually


Basic 39$/month 2,500 sessions 

Plus 99$/month 10k sessions 

Pro 199$/month 25k sessions 

Growth 349$/month 100k sessions 

Who should use

Agencies, bloggers, marketers, eCommerce stores



We made different scenario of Social Proof software and we tell you which one fits best each scenario:

Best Social Proof Software of All: 

Our favorite social proof software is by far ProveSource for its ease-of-use, beautiful pop-ups and detailed analytics.

So which social proof software is best for you?

It depends on your needs and wants. 

Best social Proof Software for Websites: ProveSource

Best Social Proof for eCommerce: Proof 

Social Proof Software with most Features: Notifia 

Best social Proof Software for Shopify: Nudgify

Best Social Proof Software for Enterprise: DynamicYield

Most original Social Proof Software: FOMO

Best Social Proof for Analytics: NextSale

Cheap Social Proof: WPfomify 

Best Social Proof Software for gamification: hoversignal 

Best social Proof Software for Lead Generation: ProveSource

We wrote more posts about other Social Proof software that may be a better fit if you have different needs than ours.

If you want to know more about Social Proof, well, we wrote an article about the power of Social Proof here.

If you have questions, let us know in the comments below!

About the author 

Martin Couture

I help people just like you start, grow and future-proof their online business. After years of creating digital experiences for brands like Disney, Nike, Tiffany, Fendi, BMW, Mercedes... I decided to start blogging and making niche websites. Now, I want to help you achieve what I have achieved. I worked at the 2 biggest independent agencies in the world: Wieden+Kennedy and Serviceplan. Martin Couture is Content Marketing Consultant at the Art of Growth Marketing.

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