October 24, 2020

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Find the best link tracking software for your needs.

"Track & Improve Your Marketing with TrueTracking™"

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ClickMagick is considered the best tool for affiliate marketing. It can easily track links of your website, advertising or marketing campaign, sales funnel and more. You can use and implement this software without much difficulty.

In fact, those in online businesses and marketing will appreciate the help in tracking easily retarget visitors as well as assist you in building e-mail lists. You can even track your entire sales funnel from thee opt-in stage up to the last in real-time.

Links in advertising aren’t excluded like: Daebook ads, Google Adwords, Solo Ad Clicks and Bing Ads. 

Outstanding Features of ClickMagick

Monitor and Maximize the Entire Sales Funnel:  Monitor and maximize the performance of your entire sales funnel. Has a funnel builder tool to assist you in analysis in the steps in the sales funnel. Just add a tracking pixel to your conversion page and the tool does the rest for you.

Filtering of Traffic Bots – Bot clicks are quite common and can have bad effects on your business with false marketing stats. This tool automatically filters such bot clicks for more accurate data.

Superior Retargeting – Add a retargeting pixel from any Ad network; leads to heightened exposure to all your offers that can increase your sales tremendously

Automatic Link Uptime Monitoring - can monitor links 24x7 so there will be no wasted links

Magic Pops – this option allows to add variations of pop-ups to your websites

Affiliate Marketing Tools - provides many tools to make you become a top-notch affiliate. Tools include the following: automated split testing, dynamic affiliate links and automated post back builder


  • Unlimited custom domains
  • Monitor sales funnels
  • Can quickly track and optimize sales funnels
  • 2-year data retention for Pro Plan; 1-year data retention for Standard Plan 


  • 6-month data retention only for Starter Plan
  • Starter Plan does not have all the core features of ClickMagick 


"Control all your campaigns from one ad tracker."

voluum screencap website homepage

Voluum is an AI web-based click tracker tool which performs well in tracking solutions used in blogging and affiliate marketing. It is mostly considered as the best of all the link tracker tools available as well as the most recommended.

In fact, it is the most recommended affiliate marketing software for affiliate marketers by Financesonline. It has remarkable like collaboration, instant notifications, and more. It really has a number of advanced analytical features as well as built-in optimization tools.

What does Voluum do? It lets you track all your advertising campaigns real-time in one place. It also maximizes ad performance for conversions using A/B tests. It scales your working affiliate marketing strategies. Most of all, it helps manage your traffic and working teams. Pretty cool, ‘right?

Voluum’s API or Application Programming Interface is capable to access your data and process it locally afterwards. It can work with any traffic source so you can track links easily be it from e-mail marketing, social media, or from a website. It can support all advertising parameters like ad links in Native Ads, Display Banners, E-mail, Pop-ups, Search and Push ads.

It surely fast tracks a system of bringing visitors to your offers through Direct Tracking Pixel. It is possible for you to advertise heavily even in places where there is slow internet. It can easily detect suspicious visits or clicks for unrealistic conversions via bot traffic.

Key Features of Voluum

Reporting API – Use API to connect reporting processes to its tracking app. API is in full control on any part of the Voluum account.

Performance Tracking – It can track your banner ads to measure your display touchpoints’ performances

Innovative Targeting – it allows you to split the traffic to various landing pages and offers for your company based on set rules and alerts

A/B Testing for higher conversions – Know which campaigns produce the best results for your business goals and know where to adjust and implement changes for improvements

Mobile tracking Functionality – Can keep up-to-date and control data using mobile applications on Android and iOS


  • Simple and easy to use tracking platform with very less downtime.
  • Clear User interface and smooth navigation – it is integrated with main advertising platforms
  • Provides all functionalities needed to work with more insights on how to optimize ad performances
  • Can scale for higher revenues – use anti-fraud tools, shared reports and team’s workspaces


  • Steep learning curve
Provides information that can still be drilled down to more details 


"Track, Test and Optimize Your Online Marketing. Join Over 7,000 Marketers Using Improvely to Track Results and Detect Fraud."

homepage improvely link tracking

Improvely is one of best tracking platforms helpful to bloggers and marketers. It is being used as a link tracker for one’s website. It can also work with different Ad networks, namely – Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Adroll, Bing, and many more.

Aside from tracking clicks, this tool is also used for testing results of the clicks which is optimized for best results.

Improvely can also identify the source of each conversion and can monitor the click-fraud activities in real time. Aside from that, it gives you a glimpse of real visitors to your site with their activities.

Key Features of Improvely

Conversion Attribution and Tracking – You can monitor online conversions and optimize these clicks for higher revenue. 

Metrics for Link Clinks – Allows you to know enough metrics about your click links such as the source, campaign, medium, keyword, device, country. Other data are the channel, referrer, city, day of the week, rate and more. 

Creates a Profile for every Site Visitor – Can track repetitive visits in weeks and months

Can detect, block and avoid click fraud – Provides you a report with all the relevant fraud details that you need to report it to the Ad network. Data includes the following: physical location, exact date and time, IP addresses where it was initiated from and the referring URL. With details and Improvely’s instructions, you can also use such data to block these fake Ad clicks.

In-built Agency Ready Marketing data to Reports – Enhances your digital marketing efforts especially if you’re working for clients or with a team.


  • Helps online marketers to test, track and analyze source of every sale or website sign-up. 
  • Can use key performance indicators in advertising results showing the costs and revenues of your campaigns.
  • This can help you evaluate properly your conversions.
  • Checks every click for signs of suspicious activities on your ads for possible alerts to fraud. You can get the necessary tools to get your money back and avoid more losses.
  • Can try the 14-day free trial.


  • Need to spend a fair amount for its services if you operate a large agency.


"Get the most from your Links. Monitor, compare and optimize all your marketing links in one place to increase the conversion rate."

link tracking clickmeter

ClickMeter is one of the best link trackers with a click-based tracking capability. If you want to know and track where your visitors come from and how they end in your marketing funnel – then, this software is a good choice. This is usually the tool used by advertisers, agencies, affiliates and publishers.

Want to make a link in a few seconds then use it in your ads and receive real-time reports? That’s ClickMeter working for you! No wonder this platform is being used by about more than 100,000 businesses, both big and small.

Big companies which are using this tool are: Payoneer, AT&T, L’Oreal, and many more.

Here are their detailed benefits: 

  1. Advertisers: tracking sales and conversions for those showing which campaigns are good and not; avoid click-fraud activities; verify data from your paid marketing sources
  2. Agencies: customer campaigns monitoring as well as tracking conversions; deter fake clicks; can share real-time results with your customers
  3. Affiliate marketing: for cloaking affiliate links to protect your commissions; for tracking affiliate sales conversions; to shorten affiliate links and detect clicks from both visitors and bots. If you want to shorten or customize affiliate links, this platform is a good option.
  4. Publishers: verify visibility through views, clicks and conversions; can share real-time reports with clients 

ClickMeter’s Main Features 

  • Affiliate Tracking and Management
  • Banner Ad Management
Commission Management
  • Multi-Level Marketing
Social Media Promotions
  • Fraud Detection 


  • Can track, share and analyze data for web marketing. All marketing campaigns can be seen in one software.
  • Easier version of Google Analytics – quick and easy to create UTM Links and pull data for reports
  • Great for team collaborations
  • Outstanding for keeping track of social media metrics – you can target, monitor and share links anytime


  • Website interface can be overwhelming – needs time to get used to it


"Control Traffic, Increase Profits. Track clicks, conversions, and ROI from all your online marketing."

clickgum link tracking site homepage

ClickGum is a link tracking platform that’s useful for tracking clicks, conversions and ROI from all your online marketing programs. What it offers are features such as the following: rotate between links, geo-location, filter fraud clicks and more. It enables you to organize and compare all your marketing links while in the process, optimize your mix. You may split your traffic among multiple landing pages and identify which ones turn in higher conversions.

You can also segment your reports and export in CSV File format. There is also a fraud detection system. These are just some of its many outstanding features to their users. The ones who usually go for this tool are the developers, publishers, advertisers as well as small and medium-sized businesses. ClickGum 

Other unique features of ClickGum

Get segments & metrics – can get detailed reports on each click. Reports included are as follows: Timestamp, IP, ISP, OS, Device Type, Browser, Destination URL, Referrer, Language, and Location.

Cloak and track affiliate links – can track all your affiliate links and cloak links with less effort. No need to depend on your affiliate networks to track links. It provides reporting tools to help you summarize all your PPC ads and campaigns. 

Traffic Reports – present conversions as well as revenue sources, each with details. This tool is hosted on the cloud and scaled for high-volume traffic

Other Features

  • A/B Testing
  • Campaign Tracking
  • Dashboard
  • Performance Metrics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • ROI Tracking
  • Website Analytics


Ease in setting-up the custom links
  • Has all the features suitable for small businesses
  • Good pricing options


  • No social media metrics
  • No customer journey mapping and channel attribution 

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"Your Brand on Your Links®. Rebrandly is the industry-leading link management platform to brand, track and share short URLs using a custom domain name."

rebrandly screenshot

Rebrandly is easily the link management tool to think of when you share, brand and track short URLs with custom domains. Users will find it engaging to have both their user interface and click tracking dashboard. Some of the well-known companies using Rebrandly are the following: TESLA, Lamborghini, United Nations, Harvard, Dell, Accenture, Oracle and SAP.

They’ve been using Rebrandly’s branded links as the best option vs. generic short URLs. For custom projects or for advanced users – it is the most scalable-link management platform. They provide a remarkable set of API and expertise to set-up all types of projects around links. This includes transactional messages, SMS, affiliates and influencers, oAuth, single sign-on and many more.

Key features of Rebrandly 

Work Collaboration – collaboratively work on your tracking links as a whole team all together
Account Building & Handling – Able to build and handle links into your account by importing them
Customizable Reports – provide customizable reports with analytics for all your branded links
Link Retargeting – retarget users of other tools after your links have been visited or clicked
Deep Linking – Link clicks are classified by parameters such as device, browser and location
Dedicated Onboarding – provides personalized training and onboarding


  • Free version allows to change your URL destination and the overall user interface to manage well all your short URLs
  • User-Interface is efficient and user-friendly
  • Ability to edit links once created
  • Allows sharing of branded links fast where brand name is embedded in the link - Branded links are completely customizable and increase brands’ awareness).
  • Creates multiple custom domain names and links that are easily managed from your Dashboard
  • Very useful and constantly upgraded


  • User Interface could have some improvements in the dashboards
  • More sorting and filtering options in looking through the links 

"Brand, Track & Optimize. Marketing Campaigns, Social Media Accounts and Affiliate Links in one place!."

link tracker link shortener trck.me

Trck.me is a web-based link tracker tool that allows you to brand, track, and optimize your marketing campaigns, affiliate links, and social media accounts all in one dashboard. You can manage well, track and understand your marketing metrics and customers’ experiences on every link and channel. It can maximize and segment your links real-time.

These are some of the outstanding features of Trck.me

Enhanced Filters:  These filters assist you in analyzing the traffic sources. It can also show the viewers of your ads as well as place rules to set which ads or links will be used.

Custom Links and Branding:  This tool can create custom links and shorten ugly links to fit your brand like using http://yourdomain.com/customlink or http://ydn.ly/link, and more.

Auto-Tagging – This means the tool tags your traffic sources automatically so you need not go through the effort of doing special links for all your channels of marketing.  

Geotagging – Determines what countries are clicking your page or you may target specific countries

Conversion & Sales Tracking: You can track your links in different channels. You can track among affiliate links, sales, social media, conversion rates and even cloak your links in affiliate marketing campaigns. 


  • Track all your ads from one place and with no limits. Can also update your ads without log-ins into all the ad sources.
  • Can execute advertising campaigns with just one link. Takes charge in full of your dashboard’s content.
  • You can add more links or delete links on instantly. You can also change the links or you can add different links within the same track link.
  • Enhances your website to attract more customers.
  • Analytics provides you with the results you would need to make informed decisions on your blog, website and online ads. Helps identify your perfect target market, too. 


  • Standard Plan has no sub-accounts and social media reach tracking. 

Link Trackr

"Link Cloaking Made Easy. Double Your Profits With Accurate Tracking. 10-Year Proven Track Record & Over 12,000 Users."

linktrackr homepage screenshot

Link Trackr is one of the web-based marketing tools that is simple and easy-to-use. It keeps track of your ad campaigns and affiliate links on a real-time basis. It can also help you in getting data about the which ads and links are doing good or not. Here’s more: It can give you almost the same functionalities that the more expensive software provides in the market today. 

Aside from being a link cloaking and tracking system to all your affiliate and marketing referral programs, it tracks your entire sales funnel as well. Undoubtedly, Link Trackr is the trusted marketing tool of professional marketers and top-notch affiliates.

Here are LinkTrackr’s main features

Conversion & Sales Leads Tracking – can track where your sources of sales and leads are with simple tracking codes on your website. This is quite effective in its role.

Link Cloaking – helps keep your commissions intact via security for all your marketing links (LinkTrackr provides you a Link Cloaker to avoid affiliate theft from happening).

Link Tracking Analysis – simple process of just putting your destination URL and then customizing it for use in tracking links on your website, ads and other marketing programs. SubID Tracking is also being used for tracking your affiliate links.

URL Rotator Service – splits incoming traffic to various URLs and rotates traffic to unlimited number of landing pages and websites.

Other great features you need to know are as follows: Affiliate SubID Tracking, PPC Tracking, A/B Split Testing and Pixel tracking Codes.


  • Unlimited Links
  • Intelligent conversion tracking real-time leads to zero duplicate conversions
  • Access to real-time link tracking feature to view dashboard statistics on monitoring campaigns and their performance. Previous statistics can also be accessed for a complete picture of your campaigns’ overall performance = gives you opportunity to adjust or re-strategize for best results.
  • Custom and alternate domains
  • Downloadable Reports (also data download for offline use)
  • Password-protected links and never-expiring links


  • Basic Plan has no conversion tracking.


"Ad Tracking & Conversion Attribution Track, Manage, Optimize across all devices, channels, and platforms.."

redtrack homepage ad tracking software

RedTrack.io is an affiliate marketing tracking and SaaS performance tracking and analytics platform as a whole. It is very useful for affiliates, media buyers, online business owners and ad agencies. Here’s more: since this software is cloud-hosted, it enables you to maximize your campaigns. It even provides you with in-depth analytics. With this tool, you have the power to tackle complex performance and data tracking activities.

Key Features of RedTrack.io 

Custom Conversions – can actually monitor users’ experiences by transactions made from sign-ups

A/B Testing – can conduct simple or complicated A/B split tests to easily track the most successful campaigns

Direct tracking LP Pixel – can collate data sources from organic or direct clicks or visits. This enables you to execute advertising campaigns without re-directing on Google, Facebook, and more. 

Other features are: 

  • Advanced targeting
  • SSL support
  • 30+ attribution data points
  • Real-time alerts
  • API integration


  • Unlimited redirect streams – A/B tests redirect, redirect filter presets, and more
  • Landing Page Management – rotation, landing page multi-offer, landing page tags and protection, landerbolt integrations
  • Reporting – report templates, traffic source reports, offer traffic reports, offer conversions reporting, report filters, and more.
  • Affiliate Network Management - transaction tracking, custom event tracking, postback IP whitelist, custom postback domains, affiliate network templates, and more  
  • Postback conversions – made from Facebook, Google Ads and Bing Ads as they’re fully-integrated 
  • Professional support – developers join for non-standard issues or requests


  • Reporting overview can be slow at times 

"Free banner and link tracking service."

homepage link tracker clixtrac

Clixtrac is an awesome link tracker for banner ads. It is the best tool that lets you monitor the times your marketing links are being clicked and viewed. Best of all., it’s free and affordable. What Clixtrac provides is a simple URL tracking system to track the links on the URLs that you’ve set-up. It is basically the suggested option for a tracking software for most beginners.

Clixtrac’s Key Features 

  • Link Cloaking – protects your affiliate links to keep their commissions intact
  • A/B Testing – split-tests traffic to various landing pages to check which turn in the best conversions and provide the higher ROIs

Where Clixtrac usually track clicks on the following

  • Solo ad campaigns
  • Published articles
  • Press Releases
  • External websites and services
  • Software, e-book or report downloads
  • Links from affiliate partners
  • Newsletters
  • Emails


  • Free links and ads tracking service are helpful to keep your marketing programs in place
  • Easy to use and friendly graphic interface – dashboard is clearly understood
  • Quick management of online marketing campaigns with both ads and backlinks
  • Can use either built-in sharing or bookmark feature where multiple ads can be placed on a website classified
  • advertisement platform free of charge
  • No need to download any database, software and updating scripts


  • Expiring links - may mean visitors and potential customers not landing in your primary website
  • Limited capabilities 

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