November 1, 2020

leadership books for women

You may as yourself why a guy would publish a list of 38 Leadership Books for Women? Well, my wife is an executive, and I have a daughter. That's probably the standard answer (it is true, my wife is an executive and I do have a daughter.) 

But beyond that, I was a bit curious. I did a DNA test and the curiosity trait came back as "very high." This is probably why I ended living in Bangkok, Tokyo, Beijing and Shanghai... I was curious about the vision of the business world that women have. That's it. 

I hope you enjoy the list, and feel free to reach out to let me know which books moved you, both emotionally and in terms of career.

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Top 3 Books: My Recommendations

leadership secrets of six figure women barbara stanny

Secrets of Six Figure Women by Barbara Stanny

In 1998, the Department of Labor revealed that average women have an annual income of lower than $25,000. It means that a woman only earns around 50 to 75 cents for every dollar that a man earns and this is not a surprise at all. However, little by little, women have started to earn six-figure incomes and even higher.

As of the moment, over 15 million women enjoy earnings of $100,000 and higher and these numbers continue to increase faster than those of men. What is even notable is that these women work in various industries.

Why are these women successful in their fields? Out of sheer curiosity, author Barbara Stanny decided to look into this phenomenon. During her research, she found out that while the women she talked to who earn high incomes have varied backgrounds and have very different work experiences, all of them share some common characteristics.

Her book is one of the best leadership books for women and is considered as a breakthrough book for all high earners who wish to improve their success, guarantee their wealth, and learn from people who are just like them. This book provides motivation, guidance, and inspiration to people who hope to make more.

In 1998, the Department of Labor revealed that average women have an annual income of lower than $25,000. It means that a woman only earns around 50 to 75 cents for every dollar that a man earns and this is not a surprise at all. However, little by little, women have started to earn six-figure incomes and even higher. As of the moment, over 15 million women enjoy earnings of $100,000 and higher and these numbers continue to increase faster than those of men. What is even notable is that these women work in various industries.

Why are these women successful in their fields? Out of sheer curiosity, author Barbara Stanny decided to look into this phenomenon. During her research, she found out that while the women she talked to who earn high incomes have varied backgrounds and have very different work experiences, all of them share some common characteristics.

Her book is one of the best leadership books for women and is considered as a breakthrough book for all high earners who wish to improve their success, guarantee their wealth, and learn from people who are just like them. This book provides motivation, guidance, and inspiration to people who hope to make more.

business bossypants tina fey

Bossypants by Tina Fey

Tina Fey used to be a young girl who had a recurring stress dream where her middle school gym teacher was chasing her through the local airport. She also dreamt of becoming a TV comedian. She was able to turn both of these dreams into reality.

And this time around, the rest of the world will learn about her story. Bossypants is the book where Tina Fey reveals everything about her and she is a proof that you are actually no one until others call you bossy.

Although Bossypants cannot be considered as your traditional business book, it is still among the most sought-after leadership books for women as it covers all types of advice that Fey learned through her career.

From dealing with how the word bossy was used to refer to women to funny tales of time online, this book is the fair representation of the self-image of Fey as an unyielding and smart woman who was able to reach the top of a profession where men are the ones who thrive more. Expect to be entertained as you read through this book and learn more about the perfect example of a successful woman that you can look up to.

entrepreneurs women leapfrog the new revolution for women entrepreneurs nathalie molina nino

Leapfrog The New Revolution for Women Entrepreneurs by Nathalie Molina Nino

This book is an unapologetic and smart collection especially made for lady entrepreneurs and those who want to break free of the status quo. 

It provides its readers 50 proven hacks to leapfrog over challenges and become successful in business.

For the longest time, the book has served as the ultimate bible for startups that has long been overdue. This contains uncompromising guidance on how to win at business in your own unique way. This is one of the leadership books for women meant for all types of entrepreneurs who are sick and tired of the advice on status quo, the kind where you are assumed to have a rich family and friends and a team of the public relations experts.

 A witty and frank book in a refreshing way, this is penned by the serial tech entrepreneur Nathalie Molina Niño who is proud to be the daughter of Latinx immigrants and the CEO and founder of BRAVA Investments. With this book, she reveals her finest secrets in the form of 50 leapfrogs or clever shortcuts and loopholes to jump over, outsmart, or directly destroy the somewhat intractable obstacles that block the way of entrepreneurs with no family money, connections, or cultural capital.

Best Books

best leadership book  how to succeed in business without a peeenis karen salmansohn

How to Succeed in Business Without a Penis Secrets and Strategies for the Working Woman
by Karen Salmansohn

From the moment that this book by Karen Salmansohn was released, this became a certified bestseller right away for one primary reason. This book divulged insightful and different business styles practiced by men and women together with actionable techniques that they can learn from each other.

Salmansohn reveals 10 advantages of males, with some to be scorned and others to be learned. She then cites the benefits and downsides of the attributes of women. She also provides her actionable advice using her very own trademark of irreverent humor that proves that she indeed got the soul of that of a standup comedian.

This book also teaches its readers how to discover Career Waldos or hidden career goals and ensure that they stay firm with the help of exercises that can develop the so-called wills of steel, which are the most critical muscles to be able to climb up to the peak of the corporate ladder.

Ever since the release of this book which is regarded as one of the best-selling leadership books for women, Salmansohn has already authored more than 20 other books.

women identity girl code unlocking the secrets to success cara alwill leyba

Girl Code Unlocking the Secrets to Success by  Cara Alwill Leyba

Another book that deserves a spot on any list of leadership books for women is none other than Girl Code.

Blogger and master life coach Cara Alwill Leyba authored this book that makes you feel good as it helps you form connections and build confidence that are both essential attributes to achieve success as an entrepreneur.

Women from different parts of the world responded to this book with a big yes. In fact, even top companies including Macy’s and Kate Spade have worked with her to teach “the Code.” It was even named as among the top 9 inspiring books that all female entrepreneurs need to read.

Girl Code serves as the ultimate roadmap for professional women, female entrepreneurs, side hustlers with a part-time small business and a day job at the same time, and anyone in between. Just don’t expect that this book will teach you about finance, systems, or how to establish your own multimillion-dollar company.

Instead, this will teach you how to get rid of jealousy, how to reconnect with your why, how to build your self-confidence, and how to take advantage of the power of connection. After all, this is what business and life are all about.

"women leader an economist walks into a brothel  allison schrager"

An Economist Walks into a Brothel
by Allison Schrager

You might not realize it but every person in this planet is taking both small and large risks on a daily basis. There is no way for you to opt out of these risks even those who are cautious. However, the question now is what risks you should take and not if you should be taking all of them.

In this book, Allison Schrager teaches its readers the 5 principles on how to deal with risks, and these are the same principles used by some of the most interesting risk takers of the world.

For example, she talked to a professional poker player to know how to remain rational even when stakes are high, a Manhattan paparazzo to learn how to identify different types of risks, Kentucky horse breeders to discover secrets to minimize losses and diversify risks, and even a war general who was the leader of troops in Iraq to find out the secrets for preparing for the unexpected.

Once you begin to see risky decisions with the help of the new framework developed by Allison Schrager, you can expect to make the most out of any situation and mitigate all the drawbacks.

leadership story dare to lead brave work brené brown

Dare to Lead Brave Work  Brené Brown

Brené Brown is an acclaimed professor at the College of Social Work in University of Houston and is also the woman behind one of the most watched TED Talks right now.

 She makes use of her years of vulnerability research that back up her thesis that the best leaders encourage and support instead of dominate. 

She emphasizes on the need for people who know how to care and even suggests that knowing how to encourage others will cultivate successful leaders and employees.

Brené Brown spent the past 20 years looking into the emotions that really give meaning to people’s lives. For the past 7 years, she discovered that leaders in different organizations that range from Fortune 50 companies, to civic organizations, nonprofits, family-owned businesses down to small entrepreneurial start-ups all ask the same questions again and again. How will you cultivate braver and more daring leaders? More importantly, how can you instill the value of courage in the culture of your business or organization?

As one of the top leadership books for women, Dare to Lead finds answers to these questions and provides real examples and actionable strategies from her new program for building courage based on research.

story telling books thrive the third metric to redefining success arianna huffington

Thrive The Third Metric to Redefining Success by Arianna Huffington

The editor in chief and co-founder of the Huffington Post Media Group Arianna Huffington is acknowledged as among the most influential women in the world.

 Her book Thrive is the reason why a new definition should be given to the word success.

In this book, she talks about how people’s relentless pursuit of money and power has resulted to an epidemic of stress-related illnesses and burnout. She also discusses how people need to learn focusing less on their resumes and pay more attention instead to the things that really matter. Huffington also talks about her personal struggles while counting on solid research to highlight the importance of laughter, kindness, wonder, compassion, and wellbeing.

As expected, any book by Huffington is expected to make it to the list of the best leadership books for women. The book was the result of Huffington’s light bulb moment and serves as a guide on how to look after yourself just as how much you work. This book is meant for those ladies who cannot seem to achieve work-life balance even when they are aware of its importance.

If you haven’t read a word in Thrive yet, make sure you schedule some time so you can finally see for yourself why people are gushing over it.

amazing leader been there run that

Been There Run That by Kay Koplovitz

Been There, Run That is actually an anthology of blog posts written by though leaders in the field of technology, ecommerce, life sciences, and media curated by the Springboard Enterprises chairman and USA Network founder Kay Koplovitz.

Koplovitz cofounded Springboard in 2000 as the accelerator for the expert network of female entrepreneurs. During their initial 6 months, Springboard companies were able to gather a total funding of more than $165 million and almost $200 million during their first year alone. After several years, the companies that belong to the Springboard portfolio were able to raise more than $6.5 billion with positive liquidity events for the investors that include IPOs and high value acquisition.

As one of the best leadership books for women, it provides insights from several Springboard advisors and alumnae on how to raise capital, how to start up, how to foster, and how to set company culture, the ultimate tool chest for any entrepreneur.

For aspiring entrepreneurs and early-stage founders, serial entrepreneurs, and veteran business owners who are looking for tips on new technologies and crowdfunding, readers will discover value in the real life advice from people who have been there and run that.

professional more than enough claiming space for who you are

More Than Enough Claiming Space for Who You Are by Elaine Welteroth

Condé Nast’s youngest editor in chief and the first ever Black beauty editor Elaine Welteroth is a journalist who uses More Than Enough, her hybrid memoir manifesto, to leave what she refers to as signposts for the future leaders.

 As she shares her own stories about imposter syndrome, burnout, and politics, Welteroth encourages her readers to claim their own space despite self-doubt or naysayers.

She provides a timely and poignant memoir regarding her personal experiences as a Black woman who broke barriers in the fields of fashion, entertainment, and media. Welteroth knows all too well what it is really life to fight just to make sure that your voice is heard. Aside from that, she also highlights her triumphs and strugglers in a quick ascendancy to career and offers the most important lesson that she learned and that is to never let other people tell you that you are not enough.

new leader the next generation of women leaders

The next generation of women Leaders by Selena Rezvani

An empowering and groundbreaking collection of helpful pieces of advice, this is one of the best leadership books for women with rich illustrations of stories of ladies who are at the peak of their respective fields. This advances the outlook of leadership for Generation X and Y women that no other book has ever made before.

For a period of one year, Rezvani talked to women executives in different job functions, roles, and industries. These include president of Los Angeles Dodges Jamie McCourt, president of Saks Fifit Avenue’s Saks Direct Denise Incandela, CEO and president of Boys and Girls Clubs of America, and chair of the Equality Employment Opportunity Commission Naomi Earp.

These interviews with high caliber women resulted to this eye-opening, penetrating, and remarkably empowering narrative that contains stories of notable women who were able to navigate the maze of leadership and emerged triumphant.

Although the leadership landscape is now changing in favor of women, they are still far from having an equal presence in the leadership roles unlike men. The achievement of Rezvani was engaging some remarkably accomplished ladies as mentors and all of them offered information and tools that young ladies can refer to when shaping their own careers.

women identity goats of anarchy one woman quest to save the world one goat at a time

Japanese research revealed that looking at images of cute cats online for several minutes can help you become more productive and refocus. Although this is true, Leanne Lauricella, the author of this book, stated in her Instagram account that looking at the photos of goats in the book provides such as welcomed respite from a day filled with things to do with a business.

This book not only serves as the perfect distraction. After getting married, Lauricella decided to move to the countryside of New Jersey from Manhattan and there, she was able to rescue two goats.

She decided t resign from her job in the corporate world, posted a photo of the two goats on her Instagram, and gained more than 30,000 followers in just several hours and since then, she was able to garner hundreds of thousands of followers. Inspired by helping the two goats, Lauricella decided to start a nonprofit business that rescues goats. She has an inspirational message for everyone and that is to take a risk when you feel unfulfilled or unhappy, look for what you love, and do whatever you love.

inspiring leadership she means business turn your ideas into reality

She was only 20 years old when author Carrie Green established her very own business. She also founded Female Entrepreneur Association. As one of the best leadership books for women, She Means Business is filled with visualization and motivation even if it is a bit lacking on practical tips.

Carrie Green is a thriving the successful young businesswoman with the determination of inspiring her generation.

This is also among the best books recommended for the new female managers if you belong to the younger group.

A book base on her tried and tested and personal experience, Green provides powerful exercises and valuable guidance. She aims to help you get clearer business vision and move past your doubts and fears that might block your way.

This book will also teach you how you can better understand your target audience to help you reach out to them. It can also help you learn how you can develop your brand and form a tribe of raving customers, subscribers, and fans.

Read this book to discover how you can maintain your focus, manage your time well, and continue to move towards the right direction so you can condition yourself better for success and a whole lot more.

books boss up

Lindsay Teague Moreno is a simple stay at home mom who became the owner of a business that earns multimillion dollars. Aside from her genuine passion for entrepreneurship, she also nurses a deep passion and commitment to help women from different walks of life to gain the necessary skills and confidence in tapping into their ambition and becoming successful in their business endeavors.

With her book, Lindsay teaches women how to become more confident to now that being ambitious won’t make them bad wives or mothers. She will tell you that there is nothing wrong with wanting more than dealing with the continuous cycle of looking after kids and doing household chores.

This book also shows that whatever their experience or education level might be, women can still tap into their own passions and launch a business that can give them more financial security, flexibility, and sense of fulfillment.

Boss Up! is the book that helps women put their businesses on the map and the ideas that they just used to dream of into the marketplace. This helps them overcome their guilt and fears to find the kind of fulfillment that will make better changes not only for them but also for their families.

business all the single ladies

All The Single Ladies by Rebecca Traister

While Rebecca Traister’s All the Single Ladies cannot be considered as a business, its meticulous discussion of single women’s important role that they play in shaping history is more than enough to give reassurance to self-identifying ladies that they have a valuable role in the world of business, even if it isn’t easy and even when it sometimes seems like it is not.

As one of the popular leadership books for women, this is a thought-provoking and informative read for everyone, including those who are not single ladies. This is because of the way it tackles modern American life, making it the perfect book for those who want to get a better understanding of such a pivotal moment in the United States history.

All the Single Ladies is the exceptional portrait of modern American life and the way the society got there, looking at things through the lens of an unmarried American woman.

This covers sexual orientation, class and abounds with vivid anecdotes from the fascinating historical and contemporary figures. Nothing beats reading Rebecca Traister when it comes to America, politics, and women.

good leadership get over your damn self

Get Over Your Damn Self by Romi Neustadt

Former PR executive and lawyer Romi Neustadt was able to reach the peak of corporate life yet decided that she wanted so much more. Combining creativity and tenacity, she developed a direct network marketing and sales empire that endowed her with the flexibility and freedom she craved for.

Get Over Your Damn Self is one of the leadership books for women that was able to cut through all the noise of usual business advice and offers honest coaching for the ladies dealing with challenges that men don’t see often.

From mastery of mindset to team management, Neustadt gives readers the empowerment they need to get rid of doubt, welcome positivity and turn confidence to cash.

Neustadt has the passion of helping other people establish lucrative network marketing and direct sales business that can help bring more flexibility and freedom to their lives as well a greater purpose and lots of fun.

This book is where Neustadt provides the same no-BS and direct coaching that she has already given to thousands of others to guide you in acquiring the skills you need to build the business of your dreams and empower your own team to do exactly the same.

images of women leaders blackberry winter my earlier years

Blackberry Winter my earlier years by Margaret Mead

Since an equal work-life balance is less than a fact and more like a fable, the key for both sanity and success is to fine-tune your expectations and your approach. Known for her fierce independence, Margaret Mead has become the epitome of the new type of woman who was able to successfully combine motherhood and marriage with a career.

She has become the embodiment of most successful female entrepreneurs hoping to speed up their companies’ growth. Their passion lies in what they do and they have the determination of taking the companies they started to greater heights of success.

Throughout her life, Mead also represented a lot of things to the general public in the US. She was a scientist, a sage, a crusader for world peace, a non-conformist, and an archetypal grandmother. She is truly a lasting cultural icon with the singular concern for the role of work-life balance in ordinary people’s lives.

To this day where there is a scarcity of memoirs of successful female scholars and scientists, Blackberry Winter originally published way back in ’72 continues to offer rare glimpse of the formative journey of a pioneering woman.

life story of leaders what will it take to make a woman president

What Will It Take To Make A Woman President by Marianne Schnall

During Barack Obama’s election in 2008, Marianne Schnall’s daughter asked her why the country never had a female president.

This question has inspired her to start a journey to learn the answer.’s Executive Director, interviewer, author, and widely published author started to look at the problems from different perspectives and angles and gathered the points of view of influential names from  various sectors.

Acclaimed as one of the best leadership books for women, What Will It Take To Make A Woman President? contains interviews with public officials, politicians, thought leaders, activists, writers, and artists in an attempt of discovering the challenges that stop women and what kind of changes should be made to elect a female in the White House.

With personal anecdotes and insights from Maya Angelou, Sheryl Sandberg, Nancy Pelosi, Gloria Steinem, Melissa Etheridge, Nicholas Kristof, and more, the book tackles provocative and timely concerns that involve women, power, and politics.

With the bigger goal of offering encouragement to the ladies to be the leaders of their own lives, communities, and world as a whole, Schnall together with her interviewees delved into the shifting paradigms taking place in culture and politics with the hopes of moving forward with effective and meaningful solutions and ultimately a world where women can become presidents.

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Top Books

story of leaders in the company of women inspiration and advice

In the Company of Women Inspiration and Advice by Grace Bonney

With inspiring and practical advice, this book by Grace Bonney lays out the secrets to success.

 Meant for makers and entrepreneurs, the book celebrates ladies from all over the world who have chosen to welcome creativity and entrepreneurship to their professional lives. Over 100 women from different groups have been featured through images and interviews in their respective workspaces.

This wonderful book is among the leadership books for women filled with inspiration, advice, and photos from 100 female designers, architects, media titans, tattoo artists, and so much more.

Grace Bonney was able to weave together their interesting stories of what can happen once you accept the challenge to lead and reach for your dreams.

In this world where it seems like accountability is a premium commodity, learning to own everything is essential and this is exactly what you can learn from this book. The amazing stories that you will find here are guaranteed to awaken something deep within your core and that is the courage to dream combined with the fortitude of making these dreams happen.

entrepreneurs women leading from the front

Leading From the Front by  

Angie Morgan and Courtney Lynch

If you honestly ask yourself, can you say that your professional life goes according to your plans? If you don’t develop your skills in leadership, there is one critical element amiss in your efforts to become successful. One of the leadership books for women, Leading from the Front, reveals how you can start to lead your own life instead of letting your life lead you.

A lot of women didn’t receive any formal training in leadership. No one taught them how to be commanding, how to be prepared to take on risks, and how to be decisive. However, it is not yet too late to make a significant change.

The authors of the book Courtney Lynch and Angie Morgan were not necessarily born as leaders and instead, they became leaders during the times they spent in the United States Marine Corps where they endured one of the world’s toughest training. This time, they want to share their experience and know-how in leadership from the training they received to their readers.

Learn how you can effectively face challenges that might come your way with the much-needed confidence to lead just how the toughest Marine does but this time, with the touch and flair of a woman.

inspiration daring greatly

Daring Greatly by Brené Brown

Houston Talk, and a graduate-level research professor, Dr. Brené Brown wrote this book where she uses her 12 years of pioneering research to eliminate the long-standing cultural myth believing vulnerability to CEO and founder of The Daring Way, the speaker of The Power of Vulnerability during the 2010 TEDx be a weakness. Instead, she argues that vulnerability is in fact the most accurate measurement of a person’s courage.

Tackling it from personal and academic perspectives, Brown writes about the importance and power of vulnerability, showing how this serves as the ultimate birthplace of belonging, empathy, joy, creativity, innovation, and love.

Most of you are probably familiar with Brown and her popular TED Talk but if you still haven’t read Daring Greatly, now is the perfect time to do so. The book’s premise is actually very simple. People are so afraid of vulnerability that they try to stay away from it and this kind of behavior costs them success and innovation. However, you don’t need to panic. The remaining parts of the book will teach you how you can harness and embrace your own vulnerability as a leader and in life as a whole.

women Career the 30-day money cleanse

The 30-Day Money Cleanse by Ashley Feinstein Gerstley

If you are struggling with your finances and you never got the time to plan your budget, this book can give you the lessons you need to do exactly just that. Say goodbye to your money-related anxieties and enjoy long lasting happiness when it comes to your finances.

To achieve this, you don’t need to create a blistering budget and instead, you just have to live the life that you love.

During her years in the field of financial services, she was shocked to learn that she herself was also stressed out because of her own finances. She realized right away that her stress was not only because of lack of knowledge but also because of the way the society treats and talks or doesn’t even talk about money.

This inspired here to create a system that will change things for the better. The 30-Day Money Cleanse has been hailed as one of the most groundbreaking books on money management that will point you towards the right direction to financial peace in interactive journaling prompts that will keep you on track and hold you accountable.

With the help of this system, you can create a happier and healthier relationship with your finances in just 30 days.

women  writer i am malala

I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai

When Pakistan’s Swat Valley was taken over by the Taliban, there was one brave girl who spoke out and her name was Malala Yousafzai. She didn’t want to be silenced as she fought for her right to be educated.

She was only 15 when she faced the most terrible experience a girl her age can ever have. On the 9th of October 2012, Tuesday, Malala was shot at point-blank range in the head while riding a bus from school. Not a lot of people expected that the teenage girl will survive. But, she recovered and it was like a miracle. She then embarked on the extraordinary journey to the United Nations’ halls in New York.

The teen girl from northern Pakistan’s remote valley became the international icon of peaceful protest and was also named as the youngest ever recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Her book I Am Malala is the exceptional tale of the family whose roots were disturbed because of global terrorism. It also talks about the fight for education for girls and Malala’s father, a school owner himself, who encouraged and championed his daughter to attend school and write. It is a book about brave parents with a fierce love for a daughter amidst a society that puts sons on a pedestal.

successful life radical candor

Radical Candor by Kim Scott

It is not a simple task to get things done and earn the admiration and respect of your entire team.

In this book, Scott talks about her personal experiences and includes additional observations and research to showcase a unique style of management that is a blend of collaboration and drive. Just because you are the boss doesn’t mean that you cannot show some feelings.

Beating around the bush isn’t something that leader should do if they want to be taken seriously by their colleagues and teams. Labeled as one of the leadership books for women, Radical Candor written by the former executive of Apple and Google teaches its readers how to resist those old adages about humility and politeness with no need to transform into complete jerks as they do so.

From a very young age, women are taught to be silent or nice but Scott stands up against this perception. Instead of passivity, she offers a framework on how to make direct challenges and show personal care to empower female leaders to establish better relationships and advance their careers simultaneously.

aspriring female leader the likeability trap

The Likeability Trap by Alicia Menendez

What does it mean to be nice without being too nice or to be successful without being too successful? Women often find themselves in a tricky bind. Warm women in the workplace are considered as pushovers while strong ones are criticized for their coldness.

Alicia Menendez, an award-winning journalist, examined the fundamental paradox and through this book, she empowers her readers to break free from the old rules and try to re-imagine leadership instead with no need to reinvent themselves.

Based on extensive interviews and research and personal experience that was examined with care, The Likeability Trap offers a vital examination of the pressure placed on women’s shoulders to be likable at home, work, and in general public.

 It also delves into the price that women pay for every time they internalize these demands. Instead of telling readers to be amiable, Menendez urges them to look at their own perception of themselves and other people and explore how the likeability concept is filled with different cultural biases.

Thoughtful, inspiring, and funny most of the time, this book suggests practical and surprising solutions on how to confront cultural patterns that hold women back and remember that although being likable is part of the game, this won’t necessarily break you.

independent lean in

Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg

Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg is considered a colossal cultural phenomenon. In fact, its title became an instant catchphrase to empower women. This book made it to the top of the lists of bestsellers all over the world and ignited international conversations about ambition and women.

Sandberg filled theaters with large crowds, appeared on numerous TV show, became Time Magazine’s cover, swept opinion pages, and sparked heated debate about leadership and women. While women clamor for the right to equality in the workplace, the same women don’t have the confidence to ask for equal pay, a promotion, and a raise and this conflicting thought leads to silence. While the statistics has seen some improvements compared to the past decades, it is still not in favor of women, with only a very small number of females holding top positions both in the political and corporate world.

With this book that is also dubbed as among the best leadership books for women, Sandberg shares her personal experiences of working in some of the top businesses in the world and delves into what women could do to help themselves and create small life changes that can lead to more universal changes.

little leader expect to win

Expect to Win by Carla Harris

It doesn’t matter if you are in the middle of your career thinking of what to do next or just getting started with your profession, you can expect to learn some compelling advice from Carla Harris.

 In her book Expect to Win, she shares the lessons that she personally learned throughout her career. With the book, you will come to realize that the reason why you got your job was simply because you were the best one for it. You are someone who can learn quickly, someone smart and someone who can learn all those skills that you probably lack right now.

As one of the top leadership books for women, Expect to Win will lead you to having those winning moments that you deserve in the first place.

women Career shark tales how i turned 1000 into a billion dollar business

Shark Tales How I Turned 1000 Into a Billion Dollar Business by Barbara Corcoran

You might not know it but Shark Tank’s star Barbara Corcoran used to be a strong business force to deal with way before she became part of the show. Her story that she shares in this book is a gutsy and she tells it in such an engaging way.

 Shark Tales is part how-to and part memoir that provides both fun laughs and useful information.

Learn about her inspiring story and her insightful advice for those who want to start their own business. After she failed at 22 jobs, Corcoran decided to borrow $1,000 from a boyfriend, resigned from being a diner waitress and opened a small New York City real estate office.

Witt the use of unconventional lesson learned from her homemaker mother, she was able to build a $6 billion dollar business little by little. Today, she rose to more fame for her no-nonsense wisdom that she gives to businesspeople on the hit reality TV show of ABC, Shark Tank.

Shark Tales is frank, down to earth, smart, and heartwarming all at the same time.

strong women alpha girls

Alpha Girls by Julian Guthrie

Women only get to raise a small slice of venture capital funding. However, the ladies on the table’s other side can help aspiring female entrepreneurs to solve this imbalance.

 Julian Guthrie’s Alpha Girls tells the stories of four ladies who were able to reach the top of the world of venture capital without compromising their family lives during the process.

Guthrie harnesses her skills as an award-winning journalist to reveal how Sonja Hoel, Theresia Gouw, Mary Jane Elmore, and Magdalena Yesil came from extensively different backgrounds that were often disadvantageous as well to form the modern-day Silicon Valley.

The moment you learn about their stories, you will feel inspired to look beyond that glass ceiling and clamor for the more exciting rewards that await you.

These four women were able to juggle family and work as they also molded the tech landscape that everyone has come to know today while fighting against actual punches, unequal pay, betrayals and that sexist attitude common not only in Silicon Valley but also other industries everywhere that were dominated by men.

women struggle the memo what women of color need to know

The Memo What Women of Color Need to Know by Minda Harts

If career advice books all felt like one size fits all solutions for you, Minda Harts made sure that The Memo won’t be. Widely acclaimed as one of the best leadership books for women and the counterpart of Lean In for women of color, this book delves into the unique challenges in the workplace that women of color often had to deal with.

Harts’ personal experience as a former fundraising consultant and an entrepreneur backed up her pragmatic and frank advice for navigating networking opportunities, office politics and micro agressions followed by action items and solutions.

From wage gap and beyond, The Memo gives empowerment to women of color with helpful actionable advice on how to deal with challenges and provides a clearer path to success. With candor and wit, Harts acknowledges all those ugly truths that stop women of color from landing a seat at the corporate table.

Through this book, she shows how to make actual changes to this system and offers long overdue advice and support on how women of color will become more successful in their chosen careers.

motivational leaders nice girls dont get the corner office

Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office by Lois P. Frankel

It was in 2004 when this book was published for the very first time and to this day, it remains at the top of the lists of the best leadership books for women even after almost two decades of its original publication.

This book talks about the mistakes that women often make as well as the ways of fixing them. All of these are told in Frankel’s unique no-nonsense tone.

Every single page of the book discusses things that you or your friends are probably doing on a daily basis. This is a quick and simple guide to encourage women to present themselves as the bold and strong women they are.

Written especially for the corporate world, this is among the most recommended books for any new female manager. Frankel explains that female leaders should manage both their dos and don’ts. If they don’t, they might make mistakes unconsciously that could jeopardize their journey to success.

She also notes 101 unique patterns in behavior that women learned during childhood that could hurt their profession together with advice on how to break these patterns.

identity drop the ball achieving more by doing less

Drop the Ball Achieving More By Doing Less by Tiffany Dufu

Just because you have it all doesn’t automatically mean that you need to do it all.

This is what Tiffany Dufu learned when she gave birth to her first child and she had to balance childcare and work responsibilities but never felt like she was reaching her goals at all. With her book, she encourages women to embrace their imperfections and learn to let go.

Despite the fact that half of today’s workforce is composed of women, they only represent 18% of the top leaders. There is one obvious reason for this and that is, women start their families just when they reached middle management.

The increasing responsibilities at home and work rob them of them chance to do things that can pave the way to their success.

 Providing a fresh perspective on the reasons why the leadership movement of women has stopped and filled with actionable pieces of advice, this book will teach women how to accept that they are not perfect and that they need to expect less from themselves and expect more from other people.

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Recommended Books

work dedication take the lead motivate inspire

Take the Lead Motivate Inspire by Betsy Myers

Betsy Myers, the leadership expert and White House insider, is the one behind this life-changing book that is perfect for those who want to unleash, develop, or understand their true potential as a leader.

Have you ever wondered why there are people who drain your spirit while others seem to motivate and challenge you? What kind of magical quality do people have that you cannot help but to fully engage with them?

Through Take the Lead, Myers shows that you don’t need to be out in the battlefield, inside a boardroom, or cast your vote just so you can make a significant impact on people around you.

The best kind of leadership is not about being the most powerful or knowledgeable and instead, it is about the way you make other people feel.

Using her personal experiences from the playground to the Oval Office, Myers discusses the seven primary principles that will make you realize that true leadership is within you, and not around you.

great women leadership reframe shift the way you work innovate, and think

Reframe Shift the Way You Work Innovate, and Think by Mona Patel

A beautifully packaged book that is also immensely useful at the same time, Reframe focuses on the 8-step process developed by Mona Patel that she refers to as Reframe work. The goal of this process is simple – to help you unstuck yourself and get out of a rut.

Patel is a disruption and innovation evangelist and she runs her own company this way and hopes that you also run yours similarly. One of her best insights is the chapter about creative openers on how to solve problems. In the exercise, there are 8 creative openers you need to ask that can help you discover all sorts of things.

Patel applies numerous principles of design to a plethora of challenges that entrepreneurs need to face and the amazing thing is that they actually work here. Another notable advice she gives is that in design, once the first try you made didn’t work, you just try another one. There is no need for you to be afraid or to get stuck in a paralysis analysis.

viral leadership book how women rise

How Women Rise by Sally Helgesen and Marshall Goldsmith

Marshall Goldsmith is the business guru acclaimed for his bestselling book What Got You Here Won’t Get You There. However, he came to realize that although some habits included in his bestseller are applicable to men and women alike, women are dealing with different and specific challenges while struggling to climb the corporate ladder.

He decided to work with Sally Helgesen, his longtime colleague and an expert on women’s leadership to come up with this priceless handbook for ladies who want to take their careers to the next level.

They discovered that as far as women are concerned, the same habits and skills that brought them to success during their initial years in their profession might also be the same things that stop them from advancing to a higher level in their careers.

Similar to What Got You Here, How Women Rise helps women pinpoint particular behaviors that prevent them from reaching their fullest potential, whatever stage their career might be.

spiritual women leader girl stop apologizing a shame-free plan

Girl Stop Apologizing A Shame-Free Plan by Rachel Hollis

Rachel Hollis, an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and bestselling author, came up with one of the top leadership books for women that will inspire you to reach for your dreams and empower you to do it with no need to be afraid of judgments or failures throughout the process.

This might be different from traditional leadership business books for women yet it offers a lot of valuable and helpful lessons that you can use towards your path to being a leader.

The phenomenon of empowerment during early 2019 discusses all the difficult questions that any ambitions woman should answer before she succeeds. Through this book, Hollis helps ladies in unraveling lifelong passivity lessons so that they won’t hesitate and pursue their dreams instead.

She also teaches the female readers how they can define themselves better using their personalities and not through the roles that they have, such as being a wife, mother, daughter, or employee.

The book discusses all important lessons women need to unlearn to thrive and switch bad habits with essential skills.

role models how remarkable women lead

How Remarkable Women Lead by Joanna Barsh

How Remarkable Women Lead by Joanna Barsh shares research that spanned for 5 years revealing the things that sustain and drive successful female leaders.

The book is the hopeful examination of various leadership opportunities and strategies for women and discusses provocative concerns like whether feminine traits of leadership for women and men alike are more suitable for the modern hyper-competitive, increasingly complex, and fast-changing world. Barsh also talks about centered leadership and tells the stores from notable women like Andrea Jung, Julie Coates, Eileen Naughton, Ruth Porat, and Alondra de la Parra.

This is among those leadership books for women that are guaranteed to really resonate with female readers. This is revealing, personal and powerful and true to how women lead and live.

empowering  women own it the power of women at work

Own It The Power of Women at Work by Sallie Krawcheck

Another powerful book that deserves a spot in any list of leadership books for women authored by an accomplished and experienced executive is none other than Own It.

 This is set to become the next best book for female leaders. It keeps things funny and optimistic while discussing harsh truths regarding the reality of women at the workplace.

Sallie Krawcheck teaches women how they can harness their own power to stay on top of the business world with its dynamic landscape.

Krawcheck states that the world is now on the brink on what she refers to as the Fourth Wave of feminism that will welcome extraordinary opportunities for the women in the corporate realm.

 She uses her personal experiences at the peak of business levels both as an entrepreneur and as among the selected few women belonging to the highest tiers of the world’s largest boy’s club. She shows how women could tap to the increasing power to take their careers to the next level.

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