January 4, 2021

law of attraction books

The Art of Growth Marketing introduces you to our handpicked selection of the 38 Best Law of Attraction Books. Feel the empowerment of the energy that brought you here!

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Top 3 Law of Attraction Books: My Recommendations

success principles ask and it is given

Ask And It Is Given by Esther & Jerry Hicks

Jerry and Esther Hicks’ Ask and It Is Given is a Law of Attraction book that talks about the teachings of Abraham, a nonphysical entity. It helps you learn how you can manifest all of your desires for you to live the fulfilling and joyous life you have always deserved and wanted.

When you read the book, you will soon understand and realize how your career concerns, finances, health problems, relationships, and others are actually influenced by those universal laws governing your time, space, and reality.  You will also discover all the powerful processes to help you live a positive flow of life.

It has been your right since birth to live a kind of life that is filled with all good things and the book will teach you how you can make it possible each and every time.

The book has served as an inspiration for numerous contemporary writers and teachers on the Law of Attraction and this is usually quoted for the teachings it has on Abraham Hicks, the nonphysical entity that represents the ebbs and flows of the universe.

Even though there are aspects of the book that were criticized because they seem supernatural and unrealistic, its powerful teachings on manifesting the perfect careers, relationships, health, and wealth make the book worthy to read.

power of book leveraging the universe

Leveraging the Universe: 7 Steps to Engaging Life's Magic by Mike Dooley

A New York Times bestseller, this book uses a series of easy and simple steps that will teach how you can take advantage of the Universe and its power to achieve your highest goals. There is no way for you to tell when or where the Universe is going to take part in your affairs but one thing is for sure, it will.  

This is the very first how-to book from Mike Dooley that spells out the exact things that you must, should, and can do to harness the magic of life and the Universe and what you should never do at all costs.

With only seven steps that starts from understanding the reality’s nature to aligning all of your beliefs with your dreams, the author shares what can be done immediately and exactly to develop a course to help you see long lasting results.

The Law of Attraction book is interwoven with the inspiring personal history of the author, from his fears to fortune, to show firsthand how you could start anywhere you might be, discover traction, and move forward to your success. This book is all about making use of the gifts of deed, word, and thought to

harness an endless grace that diligently works to surround you with good friends, sweep you off your feet, and enjoy the life you wanted the most.

mastering how the secret changed my life: real people & real stories

How The Secret Changed My Life: Real People & Real Stories by Rhonda Byrne

This Law of Attraction book by Rhonda Byrne is the awe-inspiring compilation of some of the most powerful and uplifting real life stories from the readers of The Secret, the worldwide bestseller. Through this, you will get to discover how ordinary people were able to totally transform their lives through application of the teachings they learned from The Secret.

Since The Secret’s very first publication 10 years ago, the bestselling book by Rhonda Byrne has paved the way to the rising number of everyday people who share actual stories of how their lives were changed for the better like a miracle.

How The Secret Changed My Life contains a selection of some of the most moving and heartwarming stories in a single inspirational volume. Every story offers a real life and authentic illustration of the road which points towards success in every aspect of life, including money, family, health, career, relationships, and love. The people in the book show all over again that every person has the chance to live the kind of life that they have always dreamed of.

Best Law of Attraction Books

Business the power of now

The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle  

The message of Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now is quite simple – being able to live in the now is definitely the truest path to enlightenment and happiness. Even though this message might not seem that fresh or original, the supportive voice, enthusiasm, and clear writing of Tolle make this the perfect manual for those people who are wondering about the real meaning of living in the now.

Tolle, a world-class teacher, explains complex concepts with the use of concrete language. What is even more important is that after finishing one chapter of the book, you will already be able to hold the world in an entirely different container. You can become more conscious of how your emotions and thoughts block your ability living in genuine happiness and peace.

You are probably wondering why The Power of Now is considered a Law of Attraction book but if you want to manifest the things that you want, you need to be joyful and happy and the most important of them all is for you to live in the present.

The book will teach you all the basics regarding your mind that makes this book a worthwhile read. It has been written in an understandable and simple way as it answers most of the questions that you ask every single day.

scientific books the power of intention

The Power Of Intention by Dr. Wayne Dyer

In general, intention is regarded as that kind of strong determination that propels you to become successful at all costs through refusing to give up on the inner picture. With this view, the way to become successful is to combine indefatigable drive and hard work toward excellence.

But, with this Law of Attraction book from Dr. Wayne Dyer, intention is seen in a different way. The author has researched and found out that intention is a kind of force present in the universe allowing the act of creation to occur. The book delves into intention and instead of being something that you do, it is seen as a kind of energy that you are a big part of. Everyone is intended her through intention’s invisible power. This is so far the very first book that regards intention as an energy field that you could gain access to start the co-creation of your life with the help of the power of intention. 

Every part of the book tackles different subjects, such s Part I that discusses the principles of intention and offers true examples and stories on how you will be able to form the connection. Part II contains an intention guide while Part III is the extensive description of the author vision of the world that is in perfect harmony with intention’s universal mind.

success the new earth

The New Earth by Eckhart Tolle 

The New Earth is the much awaited follow up to The Power of Now. With this Law of Attraction book, Tolle expounds on the powerful ideas to teach readers that being able to transcend their state of

consciousness that is based on ego is not just important for personal happiness as this also serves as the key to end suffering and conflict all over the world.

The author describes how your attachment to your ego results to the dreaded dysfunction that paves way to unhappiness, jealousy, and anger and teaches you how you can awaken that new state of consciousness and walk down the path to a completely gratifying existence.

The book delves into the way ego can limit your growth and thinking. Ego has a quite broad meaning in The New Earth. Tolle also talked about awakening your purpose in life and argued about the importance of transcending the state of consciousness based on ego.

While The Power of Now was more like a handbook with questions and answers, The New Earth was written in the form of a traditional narrative that offers philosophies and anecdotes in such a way that everyone will be able to access. Uplifting, enlightening, and illuminating, The New Earth is a profound spiritual manifesto to have a better life ahead and to build a much better world.

law books practical law of attraction

Practical Law of Attraction: Align Yourself with the Manifesting Conditions by Victoria M. Gallagher

Practical Law of Attraction is a Law of Attraction book that serves as a complete user guide that is more than theory alone and help you develop a success mindset for manifesting your desires with the use of easy to follow and every day action steps.

This book shows light on the concepts of attracting and manifesting. This will help you understand as a reader in certain and definite terms that practical personal development really works and is necessary to attract success.

Included in the book are dozens of meditative scripts, strategies, mental techniques, and downloadable worksheets to help you in developing yourself to become the kind of person with a manifesting power to help you create and start your dream life.

The book eases away the burden of wondering if the genie was able to hear your message or not. Instead, it makes you realize that there are no genies that will grant your wishes in the first place. That power to manifest lies within you and needs a level of belief that only comes as the result of the ability to release negative subconscious programs that were deeply embedded and being motivated enough to take actionable steps on achieving your goals and dreams.

getting rich the science of getting rich

The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles

You can easily tell what this Law of Attraction book is all about with its opening sentence alone. It states that instead of being philosophical, the book is more of pragmatical and is a practical manual and not an exposition of theories. This is meant for those who have the pressing need for money, for people who want to become rich first then philosophize afterward.

This is an easy to follow, incredibly useful, and direct book that was originally published in 1910 and has helped and served as an inspiration to the contemporary phenomenon The Secret. The book shows you how you can conquer the barriers in your mind and create for yourself everything you ever wanted.

The Science of Getting Rich is the landmark guide on how to create wealth. Wallace D. Wattles spent his life considering all the laws of success as he discovered them in the works of the greatest philosophers of the world. He turned this lifetime effort into one slender and simple book with a volume that he promised to replace entire libraries of self-help, spirituality, and philosophy for the objective of achieving one specific goal and that is a prosperous life.

Wattles also described a concrete science on how to attract wealth built on a foundation of a single commanding idea.

poer book infinite possibilities

Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams by Mike Dooley

Another Law of Attraction book from the author, featured speaker, and teacher Mike Dooley, Infinite Possibilities contains more enriching wisdom on how to live a joyous and abundant life. 

Dooley is very much aware that you can create your own luck, fate, and reality. You are a being that abounds in infinite possibilities that are just waiting to explore your true power. Hard work is not the

only basis to manifest the glory of your dreams and instead, it is about expectation and belief.  These principles go beyond belief to make you see and realize the truth of your nature as a human.

The dreams that you have are not inconsequential or accidental. You must be able to recognize it if someone tells you that the reality, truth about life, as well as the powers you possess. Your life is filled with adventure that is so much better than just climbing the highest mountains or going skydiving. As you read this book, you can expect to applaud, laugh, and find inspiration from the wisdom and wit of Mike Dooley.

scientific the power of your subconscious mind

The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy 

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind is probably the most wonderful Law of Attraction book that will take you into the depths of your subconscious mind. The book discusses the workings and functions of your subconscious mind. Everyone in this world has the great power within the subconscious mind and the only question now is how you can use this power. With this book, you will discover how visualization can help you reach your goals and why it is important to make a good wish and be grateful for other people as well as its effects on your life. These things and are all tackled in the book.

The book has been a bestseller from the first time it was published in 1963 as it was able to sell millions of copies since then. It is among the most beloved and brilliant works on spiritual help of all time that is guaranteed to help you banish all your fears, sleep better, have better relationships, feel happier, and

heal yourself. The techniques you can learn from the book are quite simple and you can expect results to come fast. You can look forward to being able to improve your physical health and wellbeing, your finances, and your relationships.

Grab this chance to open a world of happiness, prosperity, success, and peace with the help of this book.

nature of science the success principles(tm) - 10th anniversary edition

The Success Principles(TM) - 10th Anniversary Edition: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be by Jack Canfield

This inspiring and practical guide by Jack Canfield was published a decade ago and since then, it has been helping thousands of people change themselves to achieve success. Today, he decided to revise and update this essential guidebook to keep up with the changing times.

It is a Law of Attraction Book that will help you go to where you hope to be from where you are right now. This teaches you how you can become more confident, deal with everyday challenges, realize your ambitions, and live with purpose and passion.

The book is filled with all the inspiring and unforgettable stories of celebrities, CEOs, world renowned athletes and even everyday people.

 It tackles the 64 timeless principles that the most successful people in history used. These are all proven and tested strategies and principles that you can adapt and apply

to your own life, whatever your purpose or dream might be. Maybe you want to become a topnotch architect or your company’s best salesperson.

Maybe you want to lose weight or get high grades in school. Maybe you want to enter the job market again, buy your dream house, or earn millions.

No matter what your goal is, the principles in the book will help you I changing your life for the better more than what you have ever imagined.

universe tips e-squared

E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality by Pam Grout 

Reality isn’t something that you face and instead, it is something that you create.  You can best describe this Law of Attraction book as a laboratory manual that contains is simple experiments that will prove the malleability of reality once and for all. This will show you that consciousness beats matter and you can use your mind to shape your own life.

Instead of just trusting it all on faith, you will be invited to perform nine experiments that run for 48 hours to prove that the universe indeed has a totally hip, positive, and loving force.

Yes, you can prove it. You can conduct each of the experiments with very little time spent and no money shelled out.

These experiments will show you that the spiritual principles are as consistent as the laws of motion of Isaac Newton and as dependable as gravity itself. If you have long been praying and hoping for the truth of these spiritual principles, now is the best chance for you to know.

There are many things that this book can prove, such as the presence of the field of infinite possibilities or invisible energy force. It also proves how you can affect the field and draw from this based on your expectations and beliefs.

Habits for Success: Inspired Ideas to Help You Soar by G. Brian Benson

If you want to strike the perfect balance to become successful and change your habits for the better, you will surely love this Law of Attraction book.

Habit for Success is a motivation and practical book that serves as the ideal blueprint that will help manifest a purposeful, fulfilled, and progressive life. G. Brian Benson, the author, offers a unique, informative, and inspiring look at self-awareness, growth, and success.

This self-help book to will guide you towards an authentic life was written with heart in a creative and conscious manner. With the use of his own hero’s journey, triumphs, and growth process, Benson weaves vulnerability and authenticity into his stories, ideas, and habits to inspire and entertain the readers.

 These serve as the beacons of possibility, light, and hope that guide the readers to their personal version of happiness and success while also giving them the permission to start their journey and build a long term foundation of strength.

Habits for Success is the book to help you manifest all your dreams and improve your self-awareness. Despite being written in layman’s terms, the book holds an amazing amount of depth that will give you the chance to reach higher levels of growth and understanding. This book is the perfect combination of informative ideas, entertaining journey, and heart.

art book the power of positive thinking

The Power Of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale 

The Power of Positive Thinking is a Law of Attraction book that shows you that the very roots of success can all be found in the mind.

This teaches how you to break free from your habit of worrying, how to believe in yourself and how to be in full and better control of your own life through changing your attitude and controlling your thoughts. Norman Vincent Peale, the author, stated in the book that your world is all about the thoughts that you have regarding your own experiences.

This book is the precursor to the highly acclaimed The Secret and has already helped millions of people achieve lives of complete fulfillment.

 This phenomenal bestseller shows how powerful faith in action can be. You can use the practical techniques discussed in the book to invigorate your life while giving yourself the necessary initiative to carry out your hopes and ambitions.

Through this book, you will learn how to expect and get the best, how to harness the power of reaching your goals, how to belief in yourself and all the things you do, how to break free from your

worry habit and enjoy a more relaxed life, how to improve your professional and personal relationships, and how to be kinder to yourself.


secrete solution law of attraction

Law of Attraction: The Science of Attracting More by Michael J. Losier 

It might be unknown to you but there is a rather powerful force working in your life.

This is none other than Law of Attraction and at this very moment, it attracts relationships, jobs, situations, and people in your life. However, not all of these are good. With the help of Michael Losier and his Law of Attraction book, you will be able to learn how to use Law of Attraction in a deliberate way and transform this into a powerful positive force that can bring positive changes to your life.

If you ever feel as if your life has gone south and has become a bad TV series with lots of dramas and crying scenes, it is time for you to finally grab a copy of this book.

 It is an easy to use and simple book filled with tips, scripts, tools, and exercises that will help you make the most out of Law of Attraction for you to incorporate such a powerful force in your day to day life.


habits for sucess neville goddard

Neville Goddard: The Complete Reader by Neville Goddard 

This Law of Attraction book is actually a life-changing compilation of Neville Goddard’s top 10 spiritual classes. Goddard was among the pioneering people behind the idea of how you own mind can create your reality.

One of the things that you will surely love and appreciate about Goddard is how he takes the Bible’s old spiritual scripture and translates it to its true and real meaning. Those words that you read in the Bible are actually metaphors and they teach you how you can use your mind’s innate power to manifest all of your experiences.

Goddard’s books are the type that you could read again and again and still gain something new that you didn’t notice before.

The author is very profound and very deep that makes his books deserving of a spot in your collection of manifesting books.

If you have heard of this outstanding American mystic, you can expect to find a precious goldmine of spiritual wisdom all in a single book. And if you are not that familiar with his writings, you can look forward for a one of a kind spiritual journey that will surely last for your whole life.

Make sure that you read the book not only once or twice but as many times as you can to devour this with such fervor on your quest for the Holy Grail.

living the master key system

The Master Key System by Charles Haanel 

The Master Key System by Charles Haanel is a Law of Attraction book that has been structured into several blocks of lessons that are easy and simple to follow. This provides a step by step guide on the concept of Law of Attraction as well as how you can form into a way of life that can bring you the highest level of fulfillment and happiness.

The pages of the book provides details and in-depth instruction for the best way of using the Law of Attraction, making it one of the top books for people who want to change their life for the better permanently.

It was way back in 1916 when the book was first published and is among the oldest books that took inspiration from many authors such as Napoleon Hill who wrote Think and Grow Rich.

This book is then what inspired Rhonda Byrne to write the bestselling book The Secret that was turned into a movie of the same name.

The book discusses the understanding of the basic laws of nature and puts yourself in perfect harmony with these. It makes you realize that you are actually in tune with the infinite, and so much more around you.

identity the soulmate secret

The Soulmate Secret: Manifest the Love of Your Life with the Law of Attraction by Arielle Ford 

The author of this Law of Attraction book, Arielle Ford, was the very same woman who played a big role in launching the careers of Jack Canfield, Neale Donald Walsch, and Deepak Chopra.

Through this book The Soulmate Secret, she shows readers the secrets on how they can be in full control of their own destiny in romance.

This is the white magic counterpart to Rules of the Game by Neil Strauss wherein Ford will teach you how you can use the concept of Law of Attraction for attracting and delivering your soulmate right at your doorstep.

Well, it wouldn’t be too much to say that this book is the step by step guide to help you find your very own happy ever after.

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Top Law of Attraction Books

work dedication as a man thinketh

As A Man Thinketh by  James Allen

James Allen’s As A Man Thinketh is not really a Law of Attraction book and is actually an essay. However, this essay is very powerful and reading this will make you understand that those modern books that you probably read in the past probably have the same theory that has been explained and discussed in this book.

You can compare the mind of a man to a garden that might be allowed to just grow wild or it can also be intelligently cultivated. However, whether it is neglected or cultivated, the mind will and must bring forth. If you don’t plant useful seeds in the mind, useless weed seeds will soon invade and grow there and continue producing their kind.

As A Man Thinketh is truly the perfect example of a unique book that tackles the idea that everyone in this world is literally the byproducts of his or her own thoughts.

This book by James Allen is empowering and uplifting at the same time as it expounds on the idea that every single area and aspect of your life, including your health, relationships, finances, and happiness are fully within your control.

This book is highly recommended as it managed to discuss the basic of the workings of the human mind in a simple and easy to understand way.

master book key to living the law of attraction

Key to Living the Law of Attraction by Jack Canfield

Even before he became the co-creator of the bestselling series Chicken Soup for the Soul, Jack Canfield was already discussing and sharing about Law of Attraction and its ancient principles.

He has been deliberately living in harmony with the said universal law for over 30 years and testament to its potent power is none other than his own success.

This Law of Attraction book from Canfield is where he shares his experiences and knowledge with the readers and provides his proven techniques and tools on how you can apply the Law of Attraction in your life.

The book is actually a simple and easy how to guide for harnessing the power of Law of Attraction for you to create the kind of life that you have always wanted. Canfield offers clear explanations within the pages not just of the things that you should know but also the things that you have to do for you to attract the things that you truly want into your life.

 It also talks about the pressing concerns of action, clarity, and purpose. The guide provokes your thoughts as it takes you in every step of the process to define your goals, desires, and dreams. The book is the key for you to start your journey right now and right here.

nature manifesting love

Manifesting Love: How to Use the Law of Attraction to Attract a Specific Person, Get Your Ex Back, and Have the Relationship of Your Dreams by Elizabeth Daniels

If you want to use the Law of Attraction on a particular person for love, this Law of Attraction book will help you exactly with that. You might be surprised but it just takes a few moments for you to manifest the relationship that you have always dreamed off with a particular person.

This is just how long it will take for you to put together all of the strategies that you can learn from this guide on how to use the Law of Attraction. Whether you want to make a person love you, commit to you, or want to be with you, you can count this book to teach you the secrets on how to do it.

Those who want to get their ex back will also find this book quite helpful. However, it is important to remember that using the Law of Attraction to be back in the arms of your ex takes more than simple affirmations and visualization. But, this will be so much better than risking losing your ex for the rest of your life.

Use this book and learn how to manifest your love in the easiest and most effective way that you might have never thought possible in the first place.

habit tips the attractor factor

The Attractor Factor by Joe Vitale

Joe Vitale’s The Attractor Factor combines spiritual self-discovery principles with proven and tested concepts on marketing to show how people can live happy and satisfying lives both in and outside of their businesses. Vitale shares his very own search for success and wealth while guiding you through five simple and easy steps to make all of your personal and professional aspirations a reality.

He also discusses how a person’s inner state of being can create and attract outer results. Vitale also insists that when you practice The Attractor Factor, you can become a magnet for everything you want, whether it is to make your health better, find love, improve your business, attract more wealth, or anything that you want. He discusses the concept of Law of Attraction in such detailed steps that nothing is left to imagination.

There are people who found that the book’s preaching conflicts with their personal views. But, the book primarily focuses on self-improvement and positive thinking. Vitale is also confident that when readers apply positive attitude to all of the five steps that have been laid out for them to follow, they can also become successful in anything they choose.

There is nothing else you need to be happy today because your happiness is always your choice.

abundance book thought vibration

The Abundance Book by John Randolph

The moment you finish reading this Law of Attraction book, you will be able to start manifesting more abundance in your finances. The way that the painter has painted the picture of how your awareness on Source is your natural abundance stream will help you get it and understand everything.

The Abundance Book is among those very powerful reads despite being short and this even comes with an audio for free that you can listen to anywhere and anytime, whether you are driving to work or cleaning the house

This book opens your conscious to the real Source and Cause of lavish abundance. This revised version of the international bestseller of John Randolph Price is where the author draws from his own experiences to show to his readers that consciousness is the ultimate key to their lives and everything

is possible. These possibilities include the manifestation of financial independence and unlimited wealth.

In this very practical and enlightening book, Price offers a useful road map that will lead you towards the Land of Affluence that lies in each and every person in this planet. It leads you the joyful journey to the glorious realm of infinite certainties where all of your truest desires are fulfilled. The included CD will also help you bring more abundance to your life and grow your consciousness.

inspirational wealth beyond reason handbook: mastering the law of attraction

Wealth Beyond Reason Handbook: Mastering The Law of Attraction  by Bob Doyle

Bob Doyle’s Wealth Beyond Reason is a Law of Attraction book especially meant for people who strongly desire prosperity and wish it to come to them in a natural and fast manner.  With the use of a scientific approach and explaining the Law of Attraction that is often metaphysically categorized, every person in spite of background will be able to claim the kind of life that he or she truly wants to live with no limitations whatsoever.

Written with those who are skeptical in mind, the book will give you a complete understanding of the most prevalent physical law of nature. This will show and teach you exactly how to use it with purpose in the exact way that it was intended. You will discover how you can create 100% of your experiences in life in the precise way that you desire with passion.

abundance book thought vibration

Thought Vibration by William Walker Atkinson

William Walker Atkinson was one of the influential members of New Thought movement. Atkinson was among the first people who wrote about the Law of Attraction. He already knew everything way before Rhonda Byrne’s discovery of The Secret wherein your positive thoughts can be very powerful magnets with the ability to attract health, happiness, and wealth.

The original title of this Law of Attraction book is Thought Vibration although you can also find it titled as The Law of Attraction in the Thought World. It is among the oldest books that discuss Law of Attraction. Here, you will learn that there is one great law that makes up the world. Thoughts are merely energy fields and your thoughts have the ability to travel long distances. 

The book also delves into Universal Will Power, the great powerhouse.

confidence factor  secrets of the millionaire mind: mastering the inner game of wealth

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth by T. Harv Eker

T. Harv Eker’s Secrets of the Millionaire Mind unveils that missing link between wanting to become successful and actually achieving success.

Why is it that getting rich is easy for some people but a complete struggle for others? Is it because of differences in intelligence, education, work habits, skills, timing, luck, contacts or their chosen jobs, investments, or businesses?

Well, none of the above is the true answer.

With this Law of Attraction book, Eker predicts your lifetime financial future through identification of your success and money blueprint.

Every person on the planet has a personal money blueprint that has been ingrained in the subconscious mind. More than anything else, it is this very blueprint that will help determine your financial life. However, if your personal money blueprint has not been set for high levels of success, it will be hard for you to have lots of money. Even if you do somehow, chances are you will end up losing it.

But, you don’t have to worry because it is now possible for you to reset this money blueprint of yours so you can create success naturally and automatically.

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind is actually two books combined into one. The first part explains the workings of your money blueprint while the second part introduces you to 17 Wealth Files describing the exact way rich people act and think differently compared to most middle-class and poor people.

reading list meeting your half-orange

Meeting Your Half-Orange: An Utterly Upbeat Guide to Using Dating Optimism to Find Your Perfect Match by Amy Spencer

Do you want to have an adoring, kind, and suitable half orange who will become your true partner in crime, your perfect teammate, and your special other half? The phrase Half-Orange pertains to the Spanish phrase mi media naranja that describes a sweetheart or perfect other half.

What if someone tells you that your half-orange will come along soon? How will you feel? Will you be happy, excited, or relieved? Well, these are the feelings that you can get from dating optimism.

Instead of telling her readers to become more available or make it their full time job to go on dates, the dating optimism program of Amy Spencer is a results-oriented and fun way to find a happy and healthy relationship based on psychology and brain science to transform you into a more positive kind of dater.

Spencer will guide you on how you can sow the orange seed of your dream relationship and grow it to become a fruit-ion. Essentially, through a positive focus on dating, you will be able to alter your brain and as a result, it will also change everything including your body language and how you perceive other people and what you can attract in the end.

Meeting Your Half-Orange is a pep talk where you are given full control in searching for true love.

Millionaire you can heal your life

You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay

You Can Heal Your Life is a Law of Attraction book that discusses the workings of the belief system and how your beliefs can create a limit within yourself. You will also discover how you can deal with your own thought patterns and how you can change them. It will also teach you how you can control your life’s outcomes.

Hay’s key message in this extremely powerful work is that as long as you have the willingness to do some mental work, it is possible to heal almost anything and everything. Hay also explains how a person’s limiting ideas and beliefs are usually the main culprits behind illnesses and that being able to change the way you think can help you improve your life’s quality for the better.

Filled with strategies and ideas that already worked for millions of men and women all over the world, this definite bestselling self-healing book has changed these people’s lives. The book receives credit from people who claimed that it helped them profoundly change their awareness of the effects of the mind on their wellbeing and health.

This inspirational book from the acclaimed teacher provides profound insight on the connection between the body and the mind to help you change how you think for the rest of your life.

techniquesthe secret law of attraction: master the power of intention

The Secret Law of Attraction: Master the Power of Intention by Katherine Hurst

Are you familiar with the Law of Attraction but you are confused about its meaning and how it works? Do you want to know how to use this in the actual world but you weren’t able to find something to guide you in doing just that?

Katherine Hurst’s Law of Attraction book contains numerous practical exercises and tasks that you could put to use right away. Each page of this book has the purpose of encouraging a positive change, increasing your energy, and guiding you as you learn and perfect the power of intention.

Hurst will lead you in every step of the way to teach you how you can understand the true meaning of Law of Attraction, learn new studies on the power of the heart and genetic memory, see the things that might prevent you from becoming successful, and so much more.

 It doesn’t matter if you want to improve your love life, boost your abundance, or determine the right path towards your dreamt profession because this book will show you techniques that can help you into tapping and harnessing your true and full potential. Hurst uses her genuine desire and down to earth methods to help other people and you will soon discover for yourself that an existence filled with joy and fulfillment is actually possible for anyone regardless of the things that you have faced in your
success habit the map

The Map: To Our Responsive Universe - Where Dreams Really Do Come True! by Boni Lonnsburry

Are you frustrated with all of your fruitless attempts to have the kind of life you have always wanted to have, a life filled with material abundance, love, and boundless joy? Worry no more because the missing key lies in this Law of Attraction book.

The Map by Boni Lonnsburry will not only tell you of the possible things in your life. Instead, it will show you step by step on how you can get from where you are right now to where lie the biggest dreams of your heart.

Filled with lots of delicious details, The Map is your ultimate GPS that will lead to your dreams as it helps you pinpoint the right path to create the life meant for you to live. It also reveals how you can unveil all of your true dreams and not only those that you settled for through the years. It also identifies, roots out, and reprograms the limiting beliefs that were stopping you all this time.

This book will guide also guide you if you want to know how and then to put your dreams into action.

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Thoughts Are Things by Prentice Mulford

Thoughts are Things is a precious Law of Attraction book that is more than 100 years old and was one of the very first books that unraveled the secret that people have come to discovered now and that is thought equals things.

Prentice Mulford discusses the power of thought and covers topics that a lot of contemporary Law of Attraction books also cover including health, love, wealth, and success. He also ventures into topics that are not often explored like courage.

It is essential to understand the power of thought if you like to create the kind of life for yourself that will make you feel proud. This is the very reason why you should never miss out on the chance to read this book when you get the chance.

Mulford was among the leaders of New Thought Movement. With this book, you will learn how you can harness the full power of your own thoughts to take your life to the next level and make you experience the peace of mind that you have always dreamed of. You will also discover how you can think in such a way that will guide you to your success and make you achieve the ultimate happiness in all areas of your life.

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Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering the Art of Manifesting by Dr. Wayne Dyer

This Law of Attraction book is meant to help you master the art of making your desires a reality. The gift of your imagination is the greatest gift that you have. All the things around you that exist right now were once imagined and all the many others that will exist in the future must also be imagined first.

Dr. Wayne Dyer’s Wishes Fulfilled has been meant to take you on a journey of discovery where you can start tapping into the amazing powers of manifesting that you already have in you and start a life where all the things that you imagined for yourself will become a present and existing fact.

For the very first time, the author explores the area of your highest self as he shows you how you will be able to alter your concept of your own being, begin a way of life that is realized with God and fulfill that spiritual truth that nothing is impossible with God.

Through practicing the special technique on how to retrain your subconscious mind, you are urged to not just imagine the things you want to manifest in your life as you will also get specifics on how to realign your life for you to live your highest calling and remain connected to the Source of your being.

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Recommended Law of Attraction Books

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Be Rich: The Science Of Getting What You Want by  Robert Collier

It is now time for you to finally unearth the secret of success and riches that remained buried deep for 1,900 years. Since the beginning of time, mankind has been on a quest to find this secret. It was found

only to be lost again many times over. The ancient people of all races of the world had an inkling of this based on the legends and folktales that were passed down from one generation to another, such as the Open Sesame of Ali Baba to the treasure trove to the wonderful lamp of Aladdin.

Don’t let the title of this Law of Attraction book fool you.

This merely serves as your simple guide on how you can be rich in every single area of your life. 

A quick read, Robert Collier’s book is an excellent pick me up every time you feel like you can use a quick refresher for attracting all the things you want to have in your life the most. Be Rich is a wonderful boo k that will let you restore your faith in yourself just when you most need it.

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The Law of Attraction: The Basics of Abraham by Esther and Jerry Hick

Another Law of Attraction book from Jerry and Esther Hicks presents all of the powerful basics of Abraham’s original teachings. You will learn through these pages how unwanted and wanted things alike are being brought into your life by the most powerful law that exists in the universe, and that is none other than the Law of Attraction.

You have probably heard how some of history’s greatest teachers have alluded to the Law of Attraction. But for some reason, it was not really explained in practical and clear terms and this book does exactly just that.

This is where you will discover more about this omnipresent Law governing the universe and how you can use all of them in your favor. You can take out all the guesswork in your day to day life once you read this book and understand everything that it says. You will finally come to realize all the things happening not just in your life but also in the lives of the people that you interact with.

The book helps you to have, do, and be anything you want in a joyful way.

Scientific Advertising think and grow rich

Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

The last but definitely not the least Law of Attraction book that you should add to your must-read list is none other than Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich.

The book will not only teach you how you can be rich money-wise as it will also help and guide you to become richer in every aspect of your life. This tackles about wealth in the form of finances, healthy relationships, business successes, happiness, and more.

The book provides the how-to on this concept and shows you how you should think so that you can become more conscious of money. It also teaches you how you can think yourself rich, how you can control your thoughts and minds so that you can become richer.

Desire is always the starting point of every achievement and this is what you should always keep in mind. A weak desire will only bring a weak result. After all, you can only expect a tiny amount of heat if the fire is also a tiny one.

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Law of Attraction Books Conclusion

Any suggestions? Let us know what your favorite Law of Attraction books are!

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