GrooveWebinars: Create Evergreen and Live Webinars

Many modern-day marketers rely on webinars as a means to get in touch with both existing and potential customers.

They offer a golden opportunity to reach out and communicate whatever messages you have across in real time.

You can increase awareness of your products, services or events helping your customers understand why the need for such is valuable.

Maybe most of you are already familiar with webinar tools such as EverWebinar and WebinarJam.

There’s a new kid on the block which is part of the powerful software suite, GrooveFunnels.

GrooveWebinars is the answer to provide better webinar hosting options for you. 

Is GrooveWebinars different vs other online tools? 

The answer is YES.

But we will have to wait as this software is still on its launch stage and hasn’t been released for beta testing yet. We can then really compare and review this platform once we’ve fully checked and experienced all its features.

Meanwhile, let’s have a look at what can we expect from this powerful webinar platform. Read on….

Why GrooveWebinars? 

GrooveWebinars are here to assist you in creating, hosting and launching live or automated evergreen webinars for your business.

Formerly called WebinarGroove and developed by the same creator of both WebinarJam and EverWebinar.

It will be the best alternative to these old webinar platforms.

You will be able to do the following:

  1. Optimize your replays
  2. Track your webinar views via GrooveVideo
  3. Set up tags in GrooveMail (for sending personalized automated follow-up e-mails later on….)

Timeline for GrooveWebinars

As it will still be launched in the later part of this year 2020, you can get early access to it through their beta testing program for GrooveFunnels.

As GrooveFunnels is gaining popularity with thousands of new sign-ons daily, this super software suite consists of a number of marketing tools to run your whole online and marketing business.

GrooveDigital will take-off initially with GrooveWebinars having automated webinars.

GrooveWebinars will launch once the developers are satisfied with how their other tools, such as GrooveMember, GrooveVideo, GrooveMail, and GrooveSell will all perform.

Starting off now with automated webinars like GoToWebinar in hosting live webinars

(Online marketers need to automate their business now via automated webinars and thus, generate passive income).

Where is GrooveWebinars right now? 

70-80%% done already – codes, calendar and UI kit

Have to be postponed after customer feedback

Best Alternative: GrooveVideo where the developers also worked hard for hosting your webinar videos

But what’s left to complete are the sequences for e-mails to set-up all integrations plus the online wizard.

GrooveDigital – another tool will take care of using the elements right out of GrooveSell.
Listing that stuff, going to this e-mail and getting tags – will be under GrooveMail for the automated sequences.

GrooveWebinars and the Registration Process 

  1. Access the GroovePages > select a webinar funnel and a landing page.
  2. A few clicks on the Web Form here and there.
  3. Go through the dropdown to GrooveWebinars.
  4. Select your Webinar.
  5. DONE!

Setting up Webinar Funnels 

The entire set-up sequence for a webinar goes with these Pages:

  • Webinar Registration
  • Upsell
  • Thank You
  • Lobby
  • Webinar Replay 

Templates can be designed but with some restrictions mainly for GrooveWebinars.
You may start creating and designing all the pages!

EXCEPT: Webinar Replay Page since it has a video you can’t replace.
Let’s dig deeper on to the other Pages:
Thank You Page – There are elements for you to move around but this block can’t be deleted. 

There will be a caption: “Your Thank You page is missing a crucial element.” (Plus, the critical element is the dynamic portion with this --- “The webinar date starts on ______. Here’s the link.”)

Upsell Page - can be selected at GrooveWebinars with this question,” Do you want an upsell or not?”

Are you getting a feel of GrooveWebinars, so far, right now? Pretty cool, right?!
Let’s continue….

Lobby Page- cannot delete the block on Countdown Timer as a redirect functionality

  1. Once your GrooveWebinars is ready – SAVING is the next step in the whole process.
  2. Afterwards, choose the webinar funnel you want and move on to the next steps.
  3. So quick and easy – it’s just like there’s really nothing much to be done, literally!!!!!
  4. Just take note that you are creating out of a Template in

GroovePages, not GrooveWebinars!
To follow are these dynamic blocks such as these (and you can design it):

  1. add to the Calendar – choose TIME
  2. add Header and Footer
  3. add Terms of Service, and more.

GrooveWebinars- How to use it? 

For GrooveWebinars – you just choose a Template and voila!

Everything is really auto-filled (read: Webinar Host, Date, Time, so on…)

There will be restrictions here and there on some particular elements though plus deletion of some elements, too.

You can edit blocks and customize or change colors but you can never delete these elements! Add styling for critical elements or maybe add additional elements like your logo and other stuff you deem to have in a block.

Having these features makes GrooveWebinars’ Registration Pages a lot better and more flexible than those from competitors.

GrooveWebinars’ automation is basically same as that of GrooveVideo with real-time chat.

This chat can even be simulated (though initial version can be without a simulated chat in a live session). To make the automated webinars available soon – the chat feature could be rolled out much later.

GrooveWebinars Pricing

If you avail of the GrooveFunnels Platinum Plan - GrooveWebinars will be part of that software suite.

You may purchase GrooveWebinars separately but this maybe later on as it is launched.

But having a lifetime access is a better deal so why not take a chance? You will not only have the best online marketing platform like GrooveFunnels but you’d get to experience this brand-new webinar tool.

The price is worth it if your idea is to dominate the market and outrank your competitors.

Go and check it soon! 

If you are interested in reading a full (and detailed) review of the marketing suite, have a look at our GrooveFunnels Review.