Even in the 2020 decade, email marketing is a winning strategy that everybody that does business should focus on.

A lot of people assume that social media took the number one spot of email. They cannot be further from the truth. 

Let's see why.

GrooveMail is THE BOMB

Studies even show that e-mail marketing is a high-profitable marketing strategy with good ROI. When you put out an e-mail communication - people can see through if you are sincere in helping them with their problem. Or concern, perhaps. Even without a sales pitch, all you need is just a clear, powerful message.


The thing I love most about GrooveMail is that it integrates flawlessly with the GrooveFunnels suite. I was really tired of having to integrate different software and workflows; it's always very clunky and leveraging 100% of all platforms is always a challenge.

What is GrooveMail

GrooveMail is 3-in-1 toolbox mixing email marketing, autoresponder, and a CRM software that empowers you to build email campaigns, opt-ins, as well as A/B test different versions of your emails. GrooveMail is part of the GrooveFunnels marketing apps suite. 

Presented in a cool, amazing dashboard and design with a sophisticated user interface.

The dashboard is so easy to use if you’ve been used to MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit or GetResponse or any other e-mail marketing platform.

You can also do sequencing automations and behavioral targeting. But what differentiates GrooveMail from the rest is their advanced features. You get to use these features only from the more costly e-mail marketing platforms.


GrooveMail Features

In a nutshell:

  1. Use beautiful pre-designed HTML email templates.
  2. Create sequences (not all email marketing tools do this!)
  3. You can tag subscribers to laser-focus on the right messages.
  4. Segment your lists.
  5. You can send messages based on respondents’ behavior.
  6. You can do A/B split test to select the best performing emails.

All at a GO! 

Who is GrooveMail for

Groovemail is for the following people:

  • online or offline businesses doing email campaigns and/or sending newsletters
  • affiliates marketers, bloggers, coaches, consultants... who offer lead magnets such as opt-ins 
  • if you sell courses and need automated sequences and integration with payment
  • anyone who wants to have access to a high performing email marketing tool 

GrooveMail will help you: 

Create Outstanding Newsletters and Automated Sequences (the autoresponder function)
Make your writing as professional as ever – with correct spelling and grammar and less technical jargon.

You may add someone to your mailing list and assign a tag, say – a customer inquired thru the website and bought the product. As you add more tags, the more data you have about this customer which you can always use for targeted segmentation.

Use templates or send basic plain text e-mails using HTML – Do it from scratch. Or use astonishing email templates. Or make simple e-mails. Better yet, upgrade to more attractive full color e-mails with a theme or design.

Segmentation of people based on tags is a remarkable feature since you can e-mail everyone on the list, say - walked in the store, but exclude them in another list (purchased the product or availed the service). 

E-mails you send to your list are targeted and relevant to the recipients (Isn’t it there are a number of instances when you still receive promo e-mails about a product or service you already have?)

These e-mails can provide you with both high deliverability and inboxing rates.
Most importantly, they can give you awesome conversion rates.

Use pre-tested and designed e-mail templates or create your own.
Drag and drop is what you’ll just have to do.

User can just log-in and in an instant can:

  • Start creating your own lists.
  • Build e-mail sequences.
  • Send out broadcasts to your list based on your parameters. 

Easy peasy!
These features are not available in many e-mail marketing platforms, but quite easy to implement under the GrooveMail Dashboard.

Upcoming GrooveMail Features

GrooveMail is continuously improving its features and benefits.

Just to give you examples on what GrooveMail can do for your e-mail marketing automations:

Scheduled e-mail: Specify when e-mails are to be sent out. Who wants to send a message at 1AM? Users can set-up sending schedule based on the time zones of your customers. Better, decide to do it on the usual time customers open their e-mails, say 8AM? 9AM? Exactly how your customers are behaving – do they open their e-mails or not? You may subscribe them on another list at the end of a sequence. Use this for your next move.

Personalized e-mail: Use active variables for much better and personalized e-mail messages. If you’ve already collected a huge list about your subscribers and you now know their first names – start from there. Enter the customer’s first name in your e-mail so it becomes more personalized. A personalized e-mail can quickly increase sales as well as your credibility.

You are sending e-mails where writing needs to be distinct and engaging. The more people opening your e-mails, the less likely your messages get ditched in spam. Have a solid and functional list by creating a wonderful experience to your respondents.

GrooveMail can help you on that as your list becomes a happy audience appreciating your letters.
The best scenario is they are taking action (read: conversions) and this is what you aim for!
Just one of the best strengths you have as an online marketer is having your quality e-mail list.

Import Leads – This is a simple & easy process of bringing all your lists into each of your campaigns or through a .csv file.

Conditional Splits – Do you need to send promotional e-mails for limited-time sales offers? Send A if they do B and vice-versa. If your customer didn’t open his e-mail within a specified period, you can trigger another e-mail message to resend. Perhaps, you may use another subject line and edit accordingly. There are options for you to do full sequences. Your customers will be getting automated e-mail messages based on what they do - their behavior. This is so amazing! 

Strong Analytics – Creating better e-mails with the help of significant stats you need to monitor such as open rates, click-through rates, engagement rates and many more. Having these vital data surely trigger informed decisions in your business.

Check out for Broadcasts with SMS Integration
A roll-out is in place for sending a broadcast with SMS integration via Twilio. Moving forward, users will be able to do SMS funnels and create sequences. Follow-ups are to be done through SMS. Users can create SMS funnels and create sequences that follow-up using SMS messaging. Other than this, GrooveMail software integrates well with the other tools of GrooveFunnels. Such welcome news!

Groove Mail’s great deal 

GrooveFunnels Unlimited Deal – gives one full access to GrooveMail (and the other GrooveFunnels) for a one-time payment. Pay only as low as $99/month once you shift to a monthly plan after the GrooveFunnels’ launch.

With ZERO additional costs ever - you can build up an e-mail list of up to 25,000 contacts! Yes, you read that right- 25K contact list!

Compare this with the costs of other e-mail autoresponder software in the market and you know you are really in for a great deal!

What is the best email marketing tool?

Well, the question is hard to answer. It depends on many different factors:

  • your needs (duh)
  • the size of you list (you audience, the people whose email addresses you have)
  • if you need a simple email marketing tool to send a newsletter OR an autoresponder with automation and sequences (e.g., if visitor buys, send payment confirmation by email)

In my opinion, I believe that GrooveMail is the best email marketing tool as it allows you to do pretty much everything you would do with an email marketing software.