November 4, 2020

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If you are now in e-commerce or has expressed interested in it, you are for something bigger and better! What is cool with GrooveKart is that it is easy-to-use, and GrooveKart does not take any commission nor any percentage of your sales. 

It is not often that you’d encounter a platform that has remarkable features at an affordable price.

Great for those doing e-commerce, marketing and selling online – whether you are already an experienced one or just starting in this business.

GrooveKart: eCommerce for y'all

With this new platform called GrooveKart as part of the GrooveFunnels suite – your profits surely will not be eaten up by the rising costs of e-commerce services and new features or upgrades.

What’s in store for you at GrooveKart:

  • high-converting templates 
  • social proof 
  • reviews 
  • upsells, downsells, and order bumps 
  • analytics 
  • countdowns 
  • free native apps 
  • reporting features 
  • retargeting 
  • a built-in support
  • and so much more

Awesome LIST – right?! Who’s with me? 

Plus: These features are all available with a minimal cost vs the high one you have to pay for other platforms!

GrooveKart is touted to be the top-notch e-commerce system by critics and experts alike. 

Ask the Beta Testers who noted that this tool is way more affordable, easier to navigate and has more features vs the current e-commerce providers in the market. Do you get the picture?

And YES – you can import your Shopify store in minutes in just once click. More on this later. 

What is GrooveKart?

GrooveKart is the breakthrough of an eCommerce platform made by GrooveFunnels. GrooveKart allows you to build online stores, sell your products online, and collect payments from your customers. 

These features are helpful for businesses to immediately set-up, launch and sell their products and services online.

Isn’t it cool not to download any applications at all – yep, you read that right (what a refreshing development.)

Great tool really. 

As you know, many e-commerce stores now expect users to download an application at a higher price, of course!

All you ever need is just a few clicks of a button to gain a LOT from this tool, such as social proof to higher converting templates, product reviews, and many other features….

GrooveKart is designed with these distinctive attributes among its competitors: integrity, quality and trustworthiness.

The market has a few alternatives that are really lacking in what this app actually stands out!
So, if this excites you to no end --- why not try this platform to enjoy its many benefits?
You’re welcome!

More perks and features of GrooveKart

Just like in a gallery: sellers are allowed to build an online shop with their prices at GrooveKart.

Don’t worry! The user interface is highly intuitive and customizable so you can easily set-up and manage your account. Who needs a developer?

This tool allows you to use a customized domain that’s unique to them….so sellers can automatically differentiate their brand.

At the other side – the buyers will find it easy to set-up their consumer accounts. There is a ‘Point-of-Sale’ system that’s time-saving and efficient so orders are processed in a prompt manner, ever better than the competitors.

Buyers will find their trading experience a breath of fresh air!

GrooveKart’s Key Features 

Built-in apps (total=20)

Comparing with its competitors – this platform provides 20 built-in apps that you DON’T pay extra for!

Features like these:

  • importing existing Shopify stores
  • product designs
  • store/site customizations
  • built-in shipping
  • countdown timers
  • social media pop-ups
  • coupon finders and more.
  • GrooveKart also fully integrates with third-party applications, notably MailChimp, Zapier and more.

Marketing Tools: All tools provided are built-in which you will need in your business, such as high- converting templates, funnels, analytics and social tools.

Landing Page Builder: Professionally designed to functional features for higher clicks and conversions

Store Builder
: As it is customizable, this builder provides pre-made content and visual blocks, pages, funnels and complete site templates.

GrooveKart Studio

Want to design and customize a beautiful store by yourself?

No code required.

Plus, there is a page builder that you can use for better build-up of your pages.
No need to be anxious if you do not know how to draw or craft a design. This feature of Groovekart is tailored-fit to meet all your needs and concerns.

GrooveKart is a powerful e-commerce platform that helps you save time as you customize your store.

This drag-and-drop feature is most helpful in going through patterns on your products – like maybe tops, jackets, shoes, bags or scarves. Or just any item that you are selling. 

300-pre-customed designs are available - your work becomes a breeze! 

What’s more? There is usual support stuff like ‘Print on Demand Apparel’ and ‘GK AliConnect’ to cover entirely automated dropshipping

No need to leave your own store site. Isn’t this great?

GrooveKart’s Built-in Support - a built-in support group catering to your customers’ inquiries easy and fast – this is really an extra worth watching! 

Easy to Use 

Easy to use and beginners will not have a tough time on missing out something – this is what GrooveKart is all about.

Just move things around as you navigate and feel like you need a different visual appeal – at your 1st use.

What’s more; you need NOT be present 100% of the day to monitor your shop! Just need to allot a few hours a week to manage the store. 

Watch the platform work 24x7 as you increase your conversions …that’s a wow!

There’s incredibly a lot of choices when we talk about the platform’s online front – exactly what the e-commerce users need to know.

Yes, you can transfer and switch from any platform you’re currently in use to GrooveKart.
It is compatible to many e-commerce platforms like Shopify – and you can do this quick and hassle-free.

Why? Switching from Shopify can be done amazingly in about 10 minutes…. yay!!!!!

Few steps to follow and there you go – Shopify is imported pronto to the GrooveKart platform! This includes your products, images, customer data and history.

Plug and Play Program 

Time is money, so why lose time integrating different tools when you can have all tools integrated within one central system

Do you hate a tool that seems to have a smooth and simple interface but just gets stuck along the way?

Might happen if you’re in the middle or about to complete your transaction? IKR. It’s so disappointing!

Nothing like that sort of a miserable situation at GrooveKart platform.
Even without any developers around, you can put up a store easily.

Click and Sell Outright

There’s no need for you to be a coding expert to be able to start off with that online business you’re dreaming of (yep, no coding knowledge required!)

Trust GrooveKart - a few seconds or minutes of each day ONLY is needed for you to do the usual: 

  • post products with descriptions, images, reviews/feedback, and more as you prefer. 
  • with professionally designed store templates – pretty cool! 

The next thing – wait for your target customers doing their purchases of your products and services.
Just like that - such a simple, basic process!

Unlimited Upsells

As the e-commerce store is for you to operate:

  • Add as many upsells as possible if you want to heighten the pace of your conversions.
  • You may add unlimited upsells with no extra charges - the best! 

Upcoming Features

Check this: New features in the pipeline are as follows:

  • multiple currencies 
  • VAT for EU sellers 
  • multi-language checkouts.

Best GrooveKart Payment Options

With GrooveKart, absolutely NO fee is deducted from your sales, and NO commission are taken!

For some e-commerce platforms, they usually get a fee for every transaction you made. Ha! Not with GrooveKart at all, never!

For GrooveKart - Your profit is yours only and wouldn’t be shared with anyone. Simply the BEST option for you!

You are be able to receive payments from anywhere in the world as long as the platforms supports your payment gateway:

  • PayPal 
  • Stripe 
  • and many more.


Who should get GrooveKart?

Anyone selling products online!

People who want a centralized platform.

On top of that, GrooveKart integrates seamlessly with all other apps under the GrooveFunnels toolbox, for example:

  • GroovePages (build sales funnels, websites and landing pages)
  • GrooveMail (email automation sequences and autoresponder)
  • GrooveSell (you can even create your own affiliate program)
  • GrooveProof (social proof pop-ups)
  • and all the other tools

If you enjoy selling online, you can avail of this platform for your store at an instant!
Exactly why the developers created this platform to be simple and easy to use.

ALL merchants can use this tool and help track the levels of their conversions!
Have online presence in the blink of an eye, then analyze afterwards!
GrooveKart is definitely not limiting your growth as an online seller – it is not the norm.

GrooveKart Pricing

Once sign-up process begins, all you need is choose your plan from these 3 options:

Annual Plan

  • Pay only $997 per year 
  • Pay $397 every 4 months 

Monthly Plan, can be either of these: 

  • Started $79 per month
  • Basic $99 per month
  • Platinum $149 every month

Money-Back Guarantee: GrooveKart allows 100% money-back guarantee for 30 days after you’ve accessed the license. Guarantee period starts immediately after purchase.

GrooveFunnels is THE 16-in-1 toolbox to boost your business and help you sell products and services. Stop paying for 16 different tools! GrooveFunnels is THE one-stop shop.

Why pay for 16 different tools when you can get all you need in one?

Stop losing money and see how GooveFunnels can help you save money!

Why lose time integrating clunky tools and software when you can use an easy-to-use toolbox of 16 apps made by the same team? 

GrooveFunnels covers all your business needs!

I'd be glad to help, if you have any questions about GrooveFunnels connect with me via Facebook or via the Contact Page  <👀

*Affiliates Disclaimer: When you click on a link on the Art of Growth Marketing website, we may receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. This helps us deliver value to you and produce great content for people around the world. Thank you in advance!

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