January 27, 2021

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Having a good CRM system is a key to business success. We handpicked the Best CRM software so that you don't have to... no matter if you are a startup, an SME or a big corporation, you will find the right CRM for your needs.


"Designed to keep you selling. When you need to stay laser-focused on the right deals, Pipedrive is here to support you."

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Pipedrive was originally created for sales people but has become a fully-optimized client relationship management tool. Pipeline’s goal in developing features simply put is that everything is built around the activity-based selling.  

Straight off the bat, I have to say this: I know folks at an Saas software startup who are using Pipedrive for CRM and Sales, and they love it. 

In sales, one can’t control the results... but organizing and prioritizing leads till a deal is sealed is something you can control. The specific feature this tool does best is organizing sales leads, resulting to higher conversions.  

It is truly a sales-first software – with outstanding lead management and sales collaboration qualities.  Salespeople like it due to its ease of use and being intuitive. 

Sales Managers prefer this since they need not worry if their Team is using the CRM tool or not. It does really well in setting-up activities and reminders. 

Pipedrive integrates well with popular tools like MailChimp, Google apps and Zapier. Integrations with Gmail and PandaDoc (for proposals) easily create and add up contacts. 

Another useful integration is with Drip, where tracking the website users for broadcast and campaign emails is utilized.   

Pipedrive PROs

  • Fully transparent schedules that you can manage and control like tracking calls, e-mail checking and getting contact history
  • Visual sales for complete and customized pipelines is a major plus for winning deals  
  • Has a chatbot in-charge of screening new leads 24x7 as well as automated meeting bookings 
  • Quality leads generated with customized and intuitive web-based forms   
  • Simple, easy to use and well-designed user interface: helps keep the team organized and on track as it’s always updated
  • Mobile app has a few little extras vs desktop version Solid privacy and security ratings

Pipedrive CONs

  • Limited features vs other CRM tools: no project management tracking user interface, no browser extension and less workflow automations. Is it really a con? Try Pipedrive and let us know. 
  • Room for improvement:  reporting and forecasting functions (Pipedrive is already doing something about it)


"Win clients for life with Copper."

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Copper is not just one of your CRM tools.  

This software develops lasting and meaningful relationships with your clients. It also enhances the type of relationships within your business process team such as Sales, Marketing, Technical, Support and even your Leadership Team.

It’s so easy to use. 

The most distinguishing feature that Copper has is that it natively integrates into the Google Suite. This means managing your whole organization from Google – be it data, support or communication. 

Copper’s objective is to do focused collaborations with your Team, and the people who are important to your business – the customers.  

It is what will help your business grow in the most desirable fashion: keeping loyal customers for life. Industries using Copper are: Real Estate, Agencies, Consulting, Corporate Development and Technology.

Copper has a number of integrations:

  • Outfunnel - launching e-mail campaigns and recording client engagement
  • Reply – sales process automations
  • Aircall – logs call and synch with Cooper’s records automatically
  • MailChimp
  • DocuSign – auto-fill templates for easy sending and signing of e-documents 
  • Slack
  • Xero and QuickBooks 


Copper PROs

  • Has all data in place right from the start: auto-scraping and capture of important account information like contacts, e-mails, call history and more
  • Simulates fully your G-Suite tools so no waiting time - system is up and running in minutes 
  • Customized pipelines and dashboards – determine what figures you have and how to hit these targets 
  • Provision of customer data and interactions by any of these apps: Slack, Google Drive, Google Sheets and Google Calendar 
  • Automatic email sync and e-mail templates 
  • Chrome extension with Google integration can do auto-updating and tracking of prospects and sales leads within the tool (simplified data entry) 
  • Real-time alerts and notifications

Copper CONs

  • Limited workflow automation (no automated e-mails and push notifications when in a new stage in the pipeline)
  • Can be a challenge for people who are not too pleased and comfortable in using Google tools all the time 
  • Additional integration support


"Zendesk makes customer service better."

zendesk crm app screenshot

Zendesk started out as a customer support tool until it has transformed into a full-scale CRM. 

Undoubtedly, it is very much customer-oriented – a tool that integrates sales, support and customer engagement. It is set to implement and adjust to the changing needs of your business.

It will take just a few hours to be able to have it live and running. Indeed, the shortcut to happy customers. Zendesk is certainly your business partner in growth as you optimize all its features and capabilities.  

This CRM tool is easy to use and intuitive. You can streamline processes and can easily integrate various software with it. Slack, Talk Desk and Gmail are tools that can be integrated with Zendesk which enables better functionalities.  

It’s no wonder it is being utilized in varied industries such as: Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Media, Telecommunications, Retail, Software and Government. Some of the popular companies using Zendesk include Uber, Airbnb and Shopify.

With an interface that’s easy and quick to navigate, it also allows you to create knowledge databases within the system. You can customize more than one database which can be used for your customers, agents and intended departments.  

Zendesk PROs

  • A combined support tool and contact database that’s very practical. 
  • Fast, easy system in setting-up and implementation - learning happens only once, no need for relearning
  • Super useful in having a platform such as community forums to get to know your customers well. 
  • Keeps teams consistently updated with its Integrated channel support through voice, chat messaging and e-mail. 
  • Well-placed ticketing system for organized customer support tasks and functions 
  • Full access to their highly-rated and helpful Customer Service team

Zendesk CONs

  • Fewer features vs. other CRM Tools 
  • Used more as support for companies rather than a ‘high performing’ CRM tool  

Zoho CRM

"Build everlasting customer relationships with the world’s favorite CRM."

zoho crm website homepage screenshot

Zoho CRM has the reputation for being the most preferred CRM globally. Imagine having around 150K businesses operating in 180 countries.  

The core feature of this CRM is that you can have sales, marketing and support in just one platform. Plus emails. You spend more time in managing your business rather than the software.

That said, it can be integrated to a number of useful applications. Business improves with module-based systems. As business expands, you can add more modules.  

It is flexible, easy to use and simple to customize.

With Zoho CRM, businesses become big with more sales conversions, customer engagements and revenue growth.  

It easily integrates with the most used third-party applications: Google Drive, MailChimp, Google Ads and LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Filters leads easily while keeping track of interested customers.

Find the right leads, negotiate and close the most profitable sales deals using this software. 

It can establish the average times for each stage in the total sales process keeping you in control all the time.  


  • Seamless integration offerings from Office Suite, Telephony, Finance, Messaging, Social Media, Events and Meetings and Marketing Automation. 
  • Easy to customize even for non-technical personnel 
  • User-Friendly – you are engaged in one operational platform only.  
  • Work from anywhere: remote features are best to collaborate and communicate with clients, prospects and leads
  • Better lead management can improve ROI
  • Handy in-depth sales analytics dashboards you can utilize for KPI tracking and sales performance evaluations and decisions 
  • With great mobile edition – keeping you connected with both colleagues and clients all the time - decisions can be made quick and easy.


  • Value for Money:  can be costly if your company doesn’t have a stable flow of leads
  • Must have quick, easy access options for custom-made reports using Dashboard links 


"Work the way that works for you."

monday.com screenshot

Monday.com is perhaps the top CRM for small business activities. Its CRM tool is steadily increasing in popularity though it is hugely a team and project management application.

We know its project management branch, but... what does its CRM do?  

You can perform task management for tracking projects and deadlines, sales tracking and collaborative processes for client management.  It can be easily customized with its varied scope of business processing systems.

Monday.com is currently being utilized by companies in different markets like Fiverr, webwork and WIX.  

Imagine marketing people creating their social media calendars and engineers keeping track of their projects’ developments. It is highly flexible that almost all members of your organization can maximize their own processes with this CRM software.  

If you want to have a to-do list, leads tracking and client management and communications all in one place – Monday.com can do that for you. It is a user-friendly interface that makes it a breeze to learn and implement. 

Monday.com PROs

  • Ease of use –   easy-to-follow dashboard and visually attractive user interface
  • Creation of assignment boards called “pulses” within the system:  all client management-related tasks are transparent to the team for quick coordination
  • Dashboards provide clarity of tasks – easy to set-up and adjust when needed
  • Superior team collaboration and communication since everyone is on the same page, knows the current situation and how to work moving forward
  • Integrations keep reports, functionalities and updates centralized 
  • Can manage all calls, e-mails and meetings done with your contacts – easy access when needed
  • Can create simple landing page content

Monday.com CONs

  • May need additional apps and tools to streamline processes through the system so may not be a ‘one-stop shop’ for some business requirements
  • Cannot edit documents attached to items within the platform but Monday.com is working on it


"Get back to growth with the world’s #1 CRM, powered by Customer 360."

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Salesforce is clearly the global leader in the CRM software. This tool works well with all the business requirements you have which can be customized accordingly to your needs. 

The extremely customized systems produce great results such as:  efficient workflow automations, immediate lead searches and fuss-free internal client management processes. 

Creates pipelines with   streamlined processes for your group. Teams can organize and visualize data about their customers, sales transactions and revenue. 

Salesforce keeps track of your channels for potential and closed deals. Salesforce is a remarkable solution for unmanageable sales leads.

Keeps your workforce steady and strong with very useful tools within the system.  Perhaps, their marketing automation suite and data layering are the best in the industry following their acquisitions of Datorama and Pardot.  

Main products are the following: Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud and Service Cloud.  These applications will integrate well for simpler, more informative CRM services.

Salesforce PROs

  • Outstanding in customizing categories for business with their diverse products that integrate well with each other: results to seamless solutions for faster growth 
  • Big wins for sales process: plug-ins and a full app store for customer widgets 
  • Can get varied standpoints on clients with their wide list of settings and report widgets 
  • Insightful reports on sales revenue, average orders and significant sales data like in what stages your clients are in their journeys
  • Good enabler for email marketing and data visualization 
  • Smooth integrations with popular tools like Mailchimp, Zapier and Outlook; Google and Facebook are third party integrations that are also easy to configure 
  • API availability Superior in data security 


Salesforce CONs

  • Enterprise solution: Not practical for fledgling start-ups without a sales and marketing team – essential to have a dedicated team to be able to run it effectively 
  • Re-learning the interface with their unexpected software updates 
  • Learning how to navigate the platform and customizing it to your needs can be quite challenging


"There’s a better way to grow."

hubspot crm

This company was born out of the notion that growing a business means it should be good for customers.

Focus is on ‘inbound’ – people want to be helped rather than bothered by sales and marketing guys.  HubSpot is easily the choice for digital marketing processes and solutions. Their services have been tested to be successful also in the traditional sales methods. 

Enables relationship management solutions for content, social media, sales funnels and digital business systems.  Both user-friendly and flexible to your business needs as you grow. 

What they offer BEST:  inbound marketing and sales. 

Various software on landing pages, e-mail marketing, sales enablement and automated lead management are some of the features of this CRM Tool. No need to do sourcing and coding as data are put together for you.

Hubspot's Main Features include

  • Marketing Hub - growing traffic, converting leads, using e-mail marketing and lead capture forms, landing pages and analytics 
  • Sales Hub - shortened deal cycles, increased close deal rates and productivity-boosting tools
  • Service Hub - exceeding customers’ expectations to help you grow with live chat and ticketing systems
  • CMS Hub - Maintaining a more optimized website with SEO recommendations

Hubspot PROs

  • Outstanding tool for sales and marketing people:  time-saving software to grow traffic and convert more leads and executes the best inbound marketing campaigns 
  •  Excellent data tracking in both pre- and post-sale stages: with metrics on clients’ product considerations before purchase and repeat purchases
  • Integrates with a lot of apps for easy workflow automations such as Gmail, Outlook, Slack, LinkedIn, Zoom and even in social media like Twitter, Instagram and FB Messenger
  • Customer Service software – helps exceed customers’ expectations turning them as your own business endorsers
  • Remarkable offerings of   trainings and educational resources


Hubspot CONs

  • Limitations for personalized email automations 
  • Enterprise solution: Quite expensive for a small business or start-up (best for mid- to big-sized companies) 
  • Too many features can be overwhelming for a small company set-up

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