October 11, 2020

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It is amazing the power that copywriting has on ourselves, I feel that we are not aware enough of the power that words have over us.

There is a big debate on who writes the best copywriting books, but we believe that everything is relative when it comes to creativity. Well, we regardless, we still want to give you our opinion on the best copywriting books out there so out of all our selection, we listed the best 3 at the top! I know, I know, cheeky cheeky. 

It doesn’t matter if you are still on the process of business planning or you are busy writing your 20th sales page. You can always learn something fresh and new from a good copywriting book. Rounded up in this article are 40 of the best copywriting books that you can read to help you launch your new business or grow an existing one further.

Amazing right?  

One thing that I love about learning foreign languages is that we can access a new world. I got a scholarship to study in Tokyo, and I have been living in China since 2011; it gave me the opportunity to learn how to speak, write and read both Japanese and Chinese. I remember that the first think that hit me like a brick when I lived in Tokyo as a student (2004;) advertising is completely different over there. Ads in Japan are... crazy! 

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Being able to read both languages was really helpful in my career as I worked with plenty of well-know brands like Disney, Nike, Fendi, Costa Cruises, Metro, Continental, etc. 

I then got a job in the 2 biggest independent agencies in the world, then I started doing affiliates marketing with blogs and niche websites. This brought me, I can even say that it forced me, to interest myself in the topic of copywriting.

Our list of the top copywriting books is good for everybody, beginners to professionals; in this post you will find info about:

  • copywriting books for beginners
  • creative copywriting
  • digital copywriting
  • blogger copywriting
  • hypnotic copywriting
  • sales letter copywriting

It does not matter if you want to “copywrite ads” as a full-time digital copywriter, as a blogger learning copywriting, someone who wants to sell more via copywriting sales letters (or webpages) or even someone who wants to do sales funnels copywriting, you will find gold nuggets here! Copywriting training and copywriting examples would be amazing, maybe for the next post!

Our compilation of the best copywriting books is good for plenty of different people and industries:

  • agency copywriting
  • sales funnel copywriting
  • ads copywriting
  • fashion copywriting
  • food copywriting
  • emails copywriting
  • and many more. 

Some of the books in our list are by famous copywriters, some are from less well-known figures, but we are sure that you will be delighted by our selection.

If you are considering starting a copywriting agency or become a freelance copywriter, you should read our post How to start a copywriting business.

Top 3 Copywriting Books: My Recommendations

7 figure marketing book image sean vosler

7 Figure Marketing Copy by Sean Vosler

One of the most beautiful copywriting book I have ever seen. No surprise that Sean Vosler was a designer in the past... and that he is working with big names like Tai Lopez, Sam Ovens and other big names. Full disclosure: I (almost religiously) follow everything that Sean Vosler does. 

Gone are the days when you have to deal with the pains and struggles of writing a copy that sells. Sean Vosler's 7 Figure Marketing Copy shares some of the tried, tested and proven methods of copywriting. The book tackles more than 10 copy methods that you can easily follow and use right away to help you increase your conversions in no time.

What I like the most about this book:

  • the amazing and super flexible methods that Vosler proposes
  • all the copywriting templates that you can leverage
  • the long list of resources listed at the end
  • all the videos that come with the book
  • the access to plenty of resources online and the community (I believe you need to pay a little extra) 

It is very cheap for all what you get, it is worth every penny. 

The book also discusses how to fight off writer’s block with 3 very simple exercises that can help you push through. There are also dozens of copy case studies and templates that you can refer to as you write your sales pages. With this book, you are basically getting more than 400 pages of advanced strategies and frameworks for marketing and so much more.

Use this book to learn how to create content that will grab attention and make your readers stay focused on message that you want to tell them. 7 Figure Marketing Copy also presents several strategies that can be used for those stubborn audiences.

It also provides you a very simple way of generating case studies that can emotionally and logically prove all your points. Lastly, get instant access to bonus training and their thriving community. 

Great for entrepreneurs, agencies, eCommerce sellers, email marketers, sales funnels builders, content marketing and pretty much anyone that has a product or a service to sell! Great copywriting book for beginners too.

copywriting secrets book cover russell brunson jim edwards clickfunnels

Copywriting Secrets by Jim Edwards {Clickfunnels}

Ever heard of Clickfunnels, the company that sells a webinar and sales funnel software? Well, the owner of the Clickfunnels, Russell Brunson, partnered with a famous copywriter to deliver us Copywriting Secrets: How everyone can use the power of words to get more clicks, sales and profits..."

What I like about this book is that they not only wrote a book, but they also made a new software that let users drag and drop proven copy to build sales pages (an emails.) 

Every webpages, blog post, email and sales funnel is based on good copy. Like Scott Adams says, stacking skills together makes you a great employee (or business owner.) Copywriting is an essential skill to sell your product or your service, learn the skill! 

professional copywriting kick-ass copywriting secrets of a marketing rebel john carlton

The Ultimate Sales Letter: Attract New Customers. Boost Your Sales by Dan Kennedy

Dan Kennedy copywriting is almost a trademark!

If you have always wanted to sell big, you need to write well, of course. In this modern age of instant communication and email, an excellent sales copy is vital if you want to close a successful deal that works to your advantage.

Unfortunately, most of the sales letters today just end up discarded in the wastebasket or junk file. With the latest edition of writer Dan Kennedy’s bestselling book, he explains all the reasons why there are sales letters that work and while most don’t work at all. Kennedy also shows his readers how they can write copies that businesses of all sizes, shapes, and types can use.

He also provides formulas on how to come up with great headlines, examples and text that are all completely updated, the best way of using graphics, and new exercises that can spark your creativity.
Dan Kennedy is the country’s high paid and most successful direct response copywriter.

With his book, he discusses his own step by step formula in order to teach everyone to write letters that can help generate more sales. Dan Kennedy's copywriting is for you whether you are entering the world of copywriting or you are working as a full-time copywriter. 

If you think you need some help with your copy, this book is something you might want to check out. 

Best Copywriting Books

advertising copywriting breakthrough advertising eugene schwartz

Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene Schwartz

Eugene Schwartz first developed the advertising strategy and concept of breakthrough advertising in 1966. Schwartz was acclaimed for his success in copywriting and later on, he codified all of his insights in the book Breakthrough Advertising.

This book has already been republished several times ever since the original publication, all thanks to the helpful insight that Schwartz offers. His insight is still deemed valid in most advertising circles even after all these years.

Breakthrough advertising comes from that one thing that Schwartz was able to learn how to do better as compared to other people. Schwartz learned how to read and listen to people. Most advertisers try bombarding people with messages they want their audiences to hear.

The purpose of advertising is often to convince and persuade people.
But, with breakthrough advertising, this concept is turned upside down as it begins with what consumers want instead. Schwartz knew and understood that he can speak better to the masses using his efforts in copywriting he can sense their pulse or heartbeat.

Conveying a message is still the main idea behind breakthrough advertising but it is done so based on what the masses already want or wish to hear.

professional copywriting kick-ass copywriting secrets of a marketing rebel john carlton

Kick-Ass Copywriting Secrets of a Marketing Rebel by John Carlton 

If you are searching for that insider shortcut guide to help you come up with sensational ads to help supercharge not only your business but also your wealth and even your life as a whole, despite not being that good writing, then, don’t miss the chance to read and savor each word on this book.

It doesn’t really matter if you are a confused or overwhelmed business owner, a seasoned entrepreneur, or an up and coming rookie that is eager to take advantage of all possible shortcuts, the fastest way of transforming both your business and your life is to learn how to master the unique art of selling.

Sadly, you don’t learn salesmanship in school. This is the very reason why John Carlton decided to come up with this book.

With this one of a kind work, he reveals the most advanced techniques for salesmanship that still didn’t change ever since the beginning of time. People who wore togas used these fundamental principles so that they can make fortunes in ancient Rome through selling chariots.

You will see the same expert strategies at work on millions of long-running ads on magazines, late-night infomercials, websites, and those multimillion direct response letters to snail mail that transform the simplest of business owners into affluent moguls. 

copywriting tips how to write copy that sells  ray edwards

How to Write Copy That Sells by Ray Edwards

With his book, Ray Edwards teaches you that copywriting is virtually the only skill that could help you earn more money. It is also a must that you distill your Copy Thesis or big idea down to just one clear sentence.

Also, if you can accurately describe the problem of your readers using words that they can easily relate to, it will increase the possibility of them instinctively feeling that you might actually hold the answer to their problem.

There are also other big ideas that you can learn from this copywriting book. First is to make your readers know the price of their indecision. When writing your copy, you also have to ensure that you will be focusing 80% on the transformation.

The book will also teach you how to come up with a copy that can convert at a high rate since this one packs with more bullets.

You also need to remember that up to 30% of your sales might start pouring in during the week following the day of your big launch.

Stories refer to the process by which you believe, live, and learn anything.
Use this book to create a copy that will help you sell successfully and efficiently. 

sales copy how to write a good advertisement victor o. schwab

How To Write A Good Advertisement by Victor O. Schwab

Victor O. Schwab was among the most popular direct marketing copywriters of all time. Thanks to his work for "How to Win Friends and Influence People" of Dale Carnegie, it became a bestselling book during the 1930s.

His book How To Write A Good Advertisement is basically a short copywriting course where Schwab provides tested, specific, and concise information on all phases of copywriting.

This includes 100 great headlines and the reasons why they actually work; 22 ways on how you can hold your readers longer; what illustrations should do and what they shouldn’t; 14 instructive split run tests, and so much more.

Even though the book itself and the author is not as acclaimed as the rest of the copywriting classics out there, this book delves straight to the very essence on the exact way of writing a good advertisement.

This book is perfect for all beginners, from aspiring copywriters to small business owners, to help them start things off on the right foot, or in this case, with the right copy.

Even though things already changed since the book was originally published, it still managed to age well and remained applicable even in today’s modern digital realm.

ads copywriting robert collier letters robert collier

Robert Collier Letters by Robert Collier

This book from Robert Collier is dense so don’t expect it to be a quick read. But, you can be sure that this is filled with hundreds of helpful examples of even the smallest details. This book talks about almost aspects and areas of marketing that you can think of, such as how to deal with returns, best linguistic choices when writing sales letters, and distribution, just to name a few.

It is a rather mammoth book and it is safe to say that you might need more than two hours to finish and gobble everything up.

This book begins as it is expected to and is filled with loads of information on all of its pages. The very first point that the author discusses is that advertising is actually scientific. This means that if you are a copywriter, you also need to be an imitator. With this, what he means is copy that will work and not just a simple reinvention of earlier works.

Another lesson you will learn from this book is how you can bring the discussion around to your specific subject. Collier suggests the pattern interrupt and soft sell. He frames this as looking at your sales letter as a personal letter. 

sales letters commonsense direct & digital marketing

Commonsense Direct & Digital Marketing by Drayton Bird

Drayton Bird is the renowned Australian ad-man, copywriter, and among the godfathers of direct response marketing. There is no one in this world who knows more about direct marketing than Drayton Bird.

This only further cements his credibility. Bird was the Creative Director and Vice Chairman at Ogilvy & Mather Direct, which was the biggest direct marketing firm at the time before he decided to open Drayton Bird Associates, his very own agency. 

This particular book distills long years of insight into one volume and is definitely a must-read for all professional and new copywriters alike.

Bird’s unique, often facetious, but always helpful and valuable explanations of the concepts of key direct marketing are guaranteed to leave all readers inspired enough to re-imagine the craft. 

Bird can also be practically considered as an advertising historian that provides copious examples that will support all of his lessons together with background regarding the origins of copywriting aphorisms and concepts.

The audience of this book doesn’t simply end with marketers alone because Bird also offers hard-won and timeless business idea for the throng of entrepreneurs.

If you have always wanted to be a hard-nosed expert on direct marketing, then, make sure that you don’t skip grabbing a copy of this book.

advertising book advertising secrets of the written word

Advertising Secrets of the Written Word by Joe Sugarman

Advertising Secrets of the Written Word is among those very few old school expert books that many new and seasoned copywriters actually enjoy for a good reason.

Joe Sugarman is an artist, an added plus since he made sure that you wouldn’t fall asleep while reading the book. This means that he uses plenty of folk wisdom that doesn’t only make good sense but is also easy to remember at the same time. 

For instance, he states that the purpose of your headline is to make sure that your readers will bother to read your opening sentence. Your opening sentence should then get your readers to want to read the second sentence and so on.

Sugarman refers to this as the slippery slope and this is an excellent heuristic for thinking of how to come up with an effective copy. While other so-called scientific experts try to discuss the headline theory for hours on end without really saying anything, Sugarman was able to nail this in just 5 seconds using the concept of slippery slope.

This book is perfect for anyone who wants to come up with a copy for their business and for freelancers who wish to learn the more nuanced strategies not discussed in most copywriting books. 

direct marketing copy persuasive copywriting

Persuasive Copywriting by Andy Maslen

You have already established your standing as a professional copywriter. You have developed your own brand with a good portfolio of loyal clients. However, for some reason, you are still bombarded by those nagging doubts that the kind of work you do isn’t really something that can connect on a more primal level with your readers.

Andy Maslen knows and understands all of these. And with his book, he will take you by the hand as he explains the things you should to do directly plug your content into the mind of your readers. Through this, your work is going to improve tenfold.

After that, you will have the warm feeling that is associated to knowing that the copy you made actually managed to make a very meaningful connection. Copywriting, after all, is all about forming a connection and being able to persuade your readers.

One thing that copywriters tend to brag about is their English qualifications and skills, their journalism degrees, and the prizes they won in school. Persuasive Copywriting shows that there is another discipline that copywriters need to learn and that is none other than psychology.

It explains the science behind desire and how this applies to copywriting and offers real-world demonstrations to further prove the point. 

scientific copywriting hypnotic writing

Hypnotic Writing by  Joe Vitale

If you want to discover the true secrets behind written persuasion, this book is the first one you need to grab.  Once applied to copywriting, the principles of hypnosis can add a brand new spin to selling. Vitale used hypnotic words for setting the best sales environment and shows you how you can use these words to encourage prospects to take the exact action that you want.

 It is really an effective and fresh approach to copywriting and something that is strongly recommended for you to learn since it is pure genius.

Updated with fresh examples and additional text, particularly from email writing, which happens to be the specialty of Vitale, Hypnotic Writing is considered as one of the best copywriting books that have been published during this century.

If you want to hone your copywriting skills and become a much better copywriter, this is the exact book to read. Once you start reading this book, you will never be able to put it down.

This is an eye-opening read that is filled with authentically new stuff on how to write and persuade better.

 It communicates and teaches brilliantly with the techniques exemplified by the book’s writing itself.

professional copywriting ogilvy on advertising

Ogilvy on Advertising by  David Ogilvy

If you have always wanted to sound smart every time you meet clients, attend MLM sales party, Facebook live roundtable, or even in the cigar lounge, David Ogilvy is the keyword. In the internet’s history, there is no other name that has been leveraged better to sell those get rich quick schemes than the name of the Father of Advertising himself.

There is a good reason behind this, of course. This man knows what he is doing and how to do it. He established an empire that is something that the world has never seen before. What is even more important is that you can see him on the book’s cover looking exactly as how successful men should look

Ogilvy on Advertising is considered as a true copywriting classic where he tackles all of   basics behind good advertising that will really sell, including positioning, market research, and creating impactful copy that can make any reader stop whatever it is they are doing. This book is packed with great examples and practical tips that are definitely worth your time.

This book is filled with ads that work and have stood the test of time together with some ads that you need to avoid since they don’t simply work.

Tested Advertising Methods by  John Caples

This is another one of the best copywriting books that literally deserve a spot in the book collection of all copywriters. Tested Advertising Methods penned by John Caples is exactly what its name suggests – it contains proven strategies that can help you sell more. A literal legend in advertising, John Caples had an obsession with split testing.

This only means that all insights you can find in the book were vetted then tested prior to getting included.

Now, this book is an old one. In fact, it is really old that David Ogilvy himself was the one who wrote its forward. And since timeless tips don’t age, this book, despite being old, is definitely worth the read.

This is especially so if you happen to be in direct response copywriting or you are working with paid advertising campaigns.

Many readers agree that the fifth chapter of the book is the best and gives you your money’s worth.

 This is where you will find 5 out of 10 of the ads that make use of Caples’ headline techniques. And the best thing is that all of them work to this day. Caples was among the first advertising experts that really tested the ads that worked.

classic copywriting hey whipple, squeeze this

Hey Whipple, Squeeze This by  Luke Sullivan

Luke Sullivan, the award-winning copywriter, spent 30 years coming up with campaigns for big names such as Time Magazine and Miller Lite. He collected all this knowledge into a single practical guide on how to make ads that include examples and tactics of great and even not that great advertising.

This is the perfect classic for both intermediate and new copywriters who would like to learn more about copywriting together with tips on how to get work.

 Make sure that you grab a copy of the 5th edition that comes with some additions from Edward Boche that will help bridge that application gap between traditional, social, and digital media.

Hey Whipple, Squeeze This always gets better and better when it comes to teaching its readers how to conceptualize, create, as well as execute advertising.

 What Boches has added to the brilliantly thought out how to of Sullivan was something that you might never imagine possible, and this is to guide, understand, and illuminate today’s extremely dynamic and complex digital world then capture this between the book’s covers.

The book is highly recommended for someone who wants to enter the world of marketing and advertising. This is even more recommended for those who has already been in this field for many yars and would still like to catch up.

The Adweek Copywriting Handbook by Joseph Sugarman

With the use of a single magazine ad, Joseph Sugarman was able to sell off a used plane with a value of $190,000 for the price of $240,000. This might not seem that impressive but it is actually a big deal.

This book by Sugarman has been based on the $2,000 course that he taught during the ‘70s, a fact that made him the official godfather of the $2,000 price point of courses. The best thing about the book is that it is really a handbook in every sense of the word. This will walk you through every single step of the process of copywriting and explain all of the emotional elements and triggers that make up a killer copy that sells.

If you happen to be a copywriter who is having a hard time crafting a sales-y copy, the book breaks this down with the methodical approach. I would call his book copywriting 101, it is really for everybody!

If sales has been your weak point for the longest time and you cannot seem to sell any product, stumbling across this book will definitely have a very profound effect on you. The first few chapters of the book will flood you with ideas and make you excited about all possibilities.

modern advertising the boron letters

The Boron Letters by Gary C. Halbert

The legend says that you can easily replace your 10,000 hours worth of practice of copywriting by just reading this book for 100 times. Here, the trick is for you to read it as slowly as you can and take the same amount of time that it will take you to write a copy worth 10,000 hours.

Unlike the rest of the best copywriting books included in this list, this particular book is not actually a book. Instead, this is a collection of letters from the Greatest Copywriter Who Ever Lived, Gary C. Halbert, to Bond, his son.

It is through these letters that Gary shares all of his insider tips for convincing and converting buyers with the use of your copy. He also sprinkles in several pieces of life advice here and there. Even Bond also threw in his two cents under each letter to connect with modern advertising principles.

The Boron Letter is considered a cult classic that actually goes way beyond copywriting alone. If you like to get some insights not only on copywriting but also on advertising, business, persuasion, life, and if you wish to totally skip writing and simply read your way on how to earn millions as a copywriter, the book is the one you should read.

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Top Copywriting Books

copywriting guide the copywriter’s handbook

The Copywriter’s Handbook  by Robert Bly

This book is a classic copywriting guide made especially for people who write or approve copy, including copywriters, creative directors, multichannel marketers, marketing managers, freelance writers, information marketers, and small business owners. Robert Bly copywriter: the man behind the Copywriter’s handbook.

The Copywriter’s Handbook reveals tons of techniques for copywriting that will help you write online and print ads, websites, and emails that are persuasive, clear, attract more attention, and sell off more products.

Some of the tips revealed in the book include the 8 headlines that really work and how you can use them; 10 tips to boost the conversion rates of your landing page; the Motivating Sequence with 5 steps on how to generate more profits and sales; 15 techniques to make sure that your emails will get high clickthrough and open rates; the 4S formula to make your copy compelling, clear, and concise; and how to come with powerful lead magnets that can double your response rates.

The book has also been thoroughly revised to include all the new essential information to master copywriting in this digital age that include advice on high conversion landing pages, online videos, and content marketing and totally updated resources.

A book that is indispensable now more than ever, this book by Robert W. Bly remains as the best guide for those who want to work with or write a copy.

writing tips everybody writes

Everybody Writes by Ann Handley

These days, content creation has become more universal. If you are maintaining a social media account or a website, you are actually writing copy in one way, form, shape, or another.

Ann Handley is the brilliant marketer responsible for MarketingProfs and through her book Everybody Writes, the covers numerous tips for creating excellent content anywhere, from Facebook and LinkedIn to online and email marketing copy.

Based on the title of the book, you can easily tell that it is not only meant for aspiring copywriters and copywriters. It is pretty much for anyone who writes, and that includes you. The book is for all small business owners, marketers, and entrepreneurs who wish to hone their writing skill.

After you peruse this list, you will find that this book a unique how-to guide. What makes it different is that this is not a step by step prescription that readers should follow for getting the job done. This kind of books is difficult to nail down in reviews since there are no major aha moments since it is already filled that you will easily lose count of them. You will learn so many things from this book that you will enjoy reading it.

copywriting messages the idea writers

The Idea Writers by Teressa Iezzi

Teressa Iezzi, the editor of Creativity Magazine of AdAge, has already seen her fair share of effective copywriting campaigns. The book combines modern copywriting wisdom and old school tips together with hyper-relevant case studies on different brands that were able to make it big in the landscape of new media.

One of the best things about this book is that it is not only filled with the author’s personal insights. Iezzi also adds in some tidbits of wisdom from more than 50 marketers and copywriters. The book is ideal for traditional marketers or more veteran content managers who want to understand the evolution of advertising through the years.

Teressa Iezzi, the editor of Creativity Magazine of AdAge, has already seen her fair share of effective copywriting campaigns.

 The book combines modern copywriting wisdom and old school tips together with hyper-relevant case studies on different brands that were able to make it big in the landscape of new media.

One of the best things about this book is that it is not only filled with the author’s personal insights. Iezzi also adds in some tidbits of wisdom from more than 50 marketers and copywriters. The book is ideal for traditional marketers or more veteran content managers who want to understand the evolution of advertising through the years.

landing page copywriting how to write seductive web copy

How to Write Seductive Web Copy by Henneke Duistermaat

How to Write Seductive Web Copy

After working as a marketer for 15 years for companies such as Saint-Gobain and Philips Electronics, Henneke Duistermaat gathered all her insights together in a single easy to read and straightforward book that helps people in converting more visitors to customers.

With this book, Duistermaat covers the 6-stelanding page marketp process on how to write persuasive copies together with some common mistakes, some tips on how to write for scanners as well as an editing checklist with 26 steps. Every chapter of this book comes complete with examples and worksheets that can help you practice the things that you learned.

If you are currently writing your landing page copy and you wish to learn more with exercises and examples, this book is truly a must-read.

There is really no need for you to have an experience on marketing or copywriting just so you can take advantage of the advice you can get from the book. The guide will help you to plan, write, optimize, and edit your site copy. This will also help you in writing web copies that can convert visitors to business leads and buying customers. This guide can be used to create more seductive copies for your new web pages or improve your existing ones.

content copywriting content marketing for traffic and sales

Content Marketing For Traffic And Sales by  Daniel Daines-Hutt


Viral content never happens by accident and with this work of Daniel Daines-Hutt, he veers away from his viral wins and more about his understand of what can make content successful on a consistent basis. This book combines the author’s background in the field of direct response marketing with the continuing frontline experimentation to provide the best and most practical book on content marketing that you can find online.

With this book, you will learn that content doesn’t need to be that hard. You can now finally say goodbye to early morning or late night deadlines. There is no longer a need to write just for the sake of it. There are also no more anxieties and feeling as if something is missing.

Instead, you can say yes to more traffic, conversions, and sales and let your content do the selling on your behalf. You can enjoy writing less but still be able to drive real results.

This is a different approach that is very focused and calculated on getting the right people into the right area of the cycle for getting into your funnel. It is a brilliant method on how to use paid traffic for attracting more eyes on your content.

blog copywriting from blag to blog

From Blag to Blog by Jo Watson

If you prefer ready a copywriting book that will make you laugh every now and then, you will surely fall in love with this book.

If you are having a hard time to laugh at all, just grab a copy of this book to see for yourself how charming and humorous Jo Watson can be.

His style of writing is the perfect epitome of having fun while learning. This means that if you wish to learn how you can write blog posts that people will find a joy to read and you also want to enjoy reading while learning on how you can write blogs that people will enjoy reading, make sure you don’t miss out on this book.

As you get to read through every single idea and concept in the book, you will see that you are actually being given plenty of practical advice as the author develops all of his ideas in greatly useful ways. You will also love how there are links given to examples of the author’s own blogs so that you will be able to see every concept in full action.

viral copywriting content rules

Content Rules by Ann Handley and C.C. Chapman

Content Rules is another Ann Handley creation together with C.C. Chapman that covers all the things you need to know on how to create impactful digital content. This is where you will learn how to build out the voice of your brand to how to maximize your reach across the social world.

It doesn’t matter if you are just getting started as a copywriter or marketer or you are looking for you are looking for dedicated content marketing resource, Everybody Writers contains all the essential basics you have to know to help you get started.

This serves as the perfect one-stop resource on how to create irresistible content and build a loyal following.

Do you want to learn how to create blog posts, videos, and stories that will cultivate fans, ignite passion for your services or products, and make your brand shoot to the top? Content Rules will gear you up for online success as it serves as your go-to guide for the science and art of crafting content that people will actually care about.

You can now engage with more customers and boost your presence online like never before with the help of Content Rules.

coppyblogger how to write magnetic headlines

How to Write Magnetic Headlines by Copyblogger Media

It is a crucial skill for all copywriters to learn how to come up with a headline. After all, it is your first impression and it is definitely important for you to make it count as much as possible.

This book from Copyblogger will serve as your guide on how to write headlines. This has been a favorite resource among copywriters and has been remained a consistent favorite through the years.

Take note that your headline serves as the first and probably the only impression that you can make on potential readers.

If there is no compelling promise that can turn a browser into a reader of your page content, the rest of the words you use are pretty much useless and futile. Thus, from the standpoint of content marketing and copywriting, it is a crucial skill to write great headlines.

Each element of a compelling copy has a single purpose and that is to get your reader to proceed to the next sentence and the next down to your final call to action. This means that if a reader stops at your headline, you can say goodbye to success.

This eBook provides with an effective guide so you can write better headlines right away.

blog copywriting making your website work

Making Your Website Work by Gill Andrews

There are instances when a website simply bad and requires tons of serious work. There are also times when a site is already good enough but some simple things hold you back.

The author of this book, Gil Andrews, has already helped thousands of businesses improving the performance of their site. It doesn’t matter if you are currently working on a solid enough site that only requires some simple tweaks or a totally poor website because this book got all the important and helpful tips you will ever need.

If you wish to make the most out of your site, provide your clients with real results or learn new ways of improving the design and copy of your site in a way that you never considered before, this copywriting book is definitely a must-read.

This book provides small gems of ideas to help more technical developers and need to be more oriented with user experience or conversion. You will be glad that the author tool the time of putting together everything in such a way that it is easy to refer to. You just need to follow the ideas you find on the book to develop your website project and improve your website’s bounce rates as a whole.

marketing copywriting copy logic

Copy Logic by Michael Masterson and Mike Palmer

 Copywriter Michael Masterson and direct marketing professional Mike Palmer bring their respective skills together to come up with a methodical guide on how to turn average copies into sales copies that actually sell. This is a sweet and short read that will walk you through the process on how to review and improve your copy as it puts you in the readers’ shoes.

Copy Logic! Is an excellent resource if you are constantly working with other copywriters and you wish to make the process of copy review into an efficient, lean, and mean machine.

Back in early days of direct marketing, coming up with a copy was a long and painstaking ordeal. On top of that, it is also equally slow to train a copywriter to come up with a good copy as this usually takes 2 to 4 years and may even generate hurt feelings along the way.

This book gets rid of these two problems alike. This is so far the best and the fastest way of improving your copy and cutting the learning curve of a copywriter in half.

Just follow the detailed examples and clearly outlined steps to come up with a stronger copy than ever before.

sales copywriting cashvertising

CAsHVERTISING by Drew Eric Whitman

Trainer and consultant Drew Eric Whitman in Cashvertising discusses and explains the psychology behind the behaviors of customers. He doesn’t only explain the principles of copywriting and tackles instead those hardwired instincts that make people convert.

It is a super easy to read book and all copywriter should have this in their must-read collection. There are a lot of facts that not a lot of business people know about when it comes to creating powerful ads.

The biggest ad agencies of New York make use of these different best-kept secrets daily to encourage people to buy. And with the help of Cashvertising, it is now possible for you to do so as well. It also doesn’t matter if you are running a mom and pop shop or you are a corporate giant. All of these techniques have been based on human psychology.

These will work wherever your location might be, whatever type of service or product you sell, and wherever you wish to advertise. The good thing is that many of these don’t cost a single penny to take advantage of.

No matter what products you sell or how you choose to sell it, this fast-paced and practical book will teach you everything you need to know.

modern copywriting scientific advertising

Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins

From the name itself, you can tell what the book is all about. Scientific Advertising might have been written during the 1920s yet its insights on consumer behavior remain relevant to this day. It is a snappy book filled with a plethora of tried and tested techniques on advertising so you can market your products in a more effective way with the use of copy.

Claude C. Hopkins is usually dubbed as the mastermind behind toothbrushing’s popularity because of his Pepsodent campaign. If you are just getting started, it will help you understand all the core principles on how to make sales and convert your customers to loyal advocates.

This book is an essential work on advertising that was written during early 20th century and continues to be used to this day by people who want to learn the basics and the more advanced aspects of the advertising field. Hopkins is renowned as the father of modern techniques on advertising and students of marketing and advertising widely use this book as their reference.

It covers some crucial areas of advertising such as the establishment of advertising laws, headlines, mail order advertising, strategy, psychology, budgeting, as well as more advanced subjects.

storytelling copywriting wired for story

Wired For Story by Lisa Cron

 Many storytellers claim that good writing only comes to them. While there are people who are born with this innate skill, you can actually learn the art how to hook readers in and make them continue reading. This is exactly what the writing consultant and former publisher Lisa Cron discusses in the book.

This copywriting book tackles the neuroscience behind the experience of reading of the brain and translates it into helpful tips on how to write a compelling copy.

This is a great read for all copywriters although it is also perfect if you are a storyteller who wishes to make your craft better.

You will surely thoroughly enjoy how the author used famous films such as Gone With the Wind and Die Hard, books, as well as others for expressing and sharing her points.

 Cron has excellent insights and offers a fresh perspective on the art of writing through tying on this relates to the human brain, particularly the reader’s brain and use how the brain works to come up with a better story.

This book is a good read that has a lot of clever and unknown information that you might have never heard of before.

marketing copywriting the power of moments

The Power of Moments by Dan Heath and Chip Heath

The New York Times bestselling writers of Made to Stick and Switch explore the reasons why some brief experiences could jolt, elevate, and change you and how you can create these extraordinary moments in your work and life as a whole.

Although there are a lot of variables in the life of a person, your most positive and memorable moments are dominated by four key elements namely connection, pride, insight, and elevation. Once you embrace all these elements, you can invoke more moments that truly matter.

The book also delves into several fascinating mysteries of human experiences. You will discover how even the briefest of experiences can change your life including the experiment where two strangers meet each other in a room and leave it as best friends 45 minutes later.

Most of the defining moments in a person’s life are actually the results of luck or accident so why will you leave your most memorable and meaningful moments to chance if you can actually create them yourself? This book will show you how you can become an excellent author of richer experiences.

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Recommended Copywriting Books

techniques made to stick

Made To Stick by Dan Heath and Chip Heath

There are some ideas that are simply stick and can find their way to your brain and stay right there. These ideas are those that you cannot just shake off your mind.

Chip and Dan Heath are brothers who are really great at understanding the unique psychology behind a business. Dan is a Duke Senior Fellow while Chip works as a Stanford professor. The two of them explore in this book all the different theories that back effective communication together with principles on how to make every idea stickier such as developing curiosity gaps.

This is not only made for copywriters as this is also made for business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers who wish to creation the resonating inception-like campaigns.

Once you finished the book, you will learn one simple thing about communication and that is to just keep it simple. One unexpected thing is that for you to be clever, you should make sure that you are not too complex. Forget about those numbers.

sales copywriting the advertising effect

The Advertising Effect by Jennifer Fleming and Adam Ferrier

Do you wish to know how you can influence the behavior of other people? Adam Ferrier, the respected advertising insider, reveals in this book the ten techniques that some of the most popular brands around the world are using.

These techniques have been grounded in the psychological theory with some award-winning examples in the real world and discover how the best way of changing behavior is through action instead of the conventional practices of advertising including rational or emotional persuasion.

It serves as the ultimate insider’s guide that you can find right now to advertising, the ultimate behavior change. It exposes the techniques advertisers are using to encourage consumers to make a purchase. The case studies and examples show successful strategies together with the award-winning campaigns. It also includes some insights from several notable names in behavior change, philosophy, and advertising.

Advertising is about influencing the behavior of other people. if you want to learn top level principles on how to make people convert, it will be easier to craft a copy that plays into these principles.

inspiration copywriting they ask, you answer

They Ask, You Answer by Marcus Sheridan

This book shows you the changes that modern buyers have gone through and how you should also tweak your marketing and sales if your goal is to reach out to them. If you are now ready to become the most reliable voice in your industry and you feel like you need a good roadmap, this book can surely revolutionize your business. The author of the book, Marcus Sheridan, knows it all too well because this is what he did with his small business and developed the top ranking site in his respective industry.

Multiple talks, publications, and books all over the world have been talking of how Sheridan was able to save River Pools and Spas, his swimming pool company, from the 2008 economic collapse. Today, his company has become one of the country’s largest builders.

Sheridan explains the different types of content needed to come up with incredible results together with case studies of those companies that embraced the book’s principles that include the financial effect of these practices on their organizations.

marketing copywriting start with why

Start With Why by Simon Sinek

People such as Steve Jobs, the Wright Brothers, and Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t share a lot of things in common yet all of them started with a why. This was their innate ability to always start with a why that allowed them to inspire people around them and achieve the pinnacle of things.

Through his study of leaders with substantial worldwide influence, Simon Sinek found out that they all think, communicate, and act in exactly the same way and this is the complete opposite of what other people do. Sinek refers to the powerful idea as The Golden Circle and this offers a framework you can build organizations, lead movements, and inspire people. All of these start with a why.

This book can work in both small and big businesses, in politics, and even in the world of nonprofits. People who always start with a why inspire instead of manipulate. The people following them don’t do so just because they have to. They simply follow because this is what they want to do.

ad copy this is marketing

This Is Marketing by Seth Godin

For the past quarter century, Seth Godin was able to teach and inspire millions of marketers, entrepreneurs, fans, and leaders from different walks of life through his blog, bestselling books, lectures, and online courses. He is also the developer of numerous phrases and ideas that were able to find their way in the mainstream language of businesses.

This time, he provides the core of his wisdom on marketing in a single timeless and accessible package. The big idea is at the very heart of his approach. The best marketers never use their customers to solve the problems of their company. Instead, they are using marketing as a tool for solving the problems of other people. These people don’t only make noise because what they do is making the world so much better. A powerful and effective marketing is one that is anchored on emotional labor, generosity, and empathy.

The book will also teach you how you can pinpoint your smallest possible audience; build permission and trust with the target market; draw on the right signs and signals for positioning your offering; and so much more.

copywriting exercises the copy book

The Copy Book by D&AD

It is not surprising that copywriting books are often filled with words. This is why people just love and appreciate The Copy Book by D&AD.

 This book ridiculously looks good and is something that deserves to be displayed and owned in its physical form.

This book contains essays from more than 53 creative and copywriting experts from all over the world.

You can display this on your own bookshelf then flick through this every now and then to get some inspiration. You can also prop it up at your desk at work and you will surely thank yourself that you did so.

While the book is currently outdated, this still remains as a crucial reference work to this day, serving as a bible for the creative directors. Considered as the most challenging area of advertising, copywriting is often left to the hands of the most talented experts such as owners or agency leaders.

This book features a selection of work and essays by 48 top professionals all over the world so you can be sure that everything you read here came from the experts themselves.

writer read me

READ ME by Gyles Lingwood and Roger Horberry

The title of this book tells you exactly what you should do. This delivers exactly what its title promises and these are 10 helpful exercises and tools that can help you come up with more persuasive sales copies.

Read Me is the best book to read if you are just getting started with your career as a writer and wishes to learn the fundamentals on how to craft great messages with the use of words.

If you ever had a hard time creating a powerful message that will really hit the right spot, you know how difficult it is than what meets the eyes. Wouldn’t it be better if you can count on an expert that will explain to you how the professionals do it? And better still, it would even be best if you have access to more writers who are more than ready and willing to pass on their secrets on the trade.

These are the exact things you will find in this book.

poetic copywriting on writing

On Writing by Stephen King

People seem to have this assumption that excellent writing is more mystical and complex than what it really is.

As an author of great success who does away with structure and writes more off of intuition and impulse than the rest of the successful writers out there, no one in this world is probably more qualified and reliable than Stephen King to persuade you that writing is just a simple act where you sit down and write.

On Writing is part master class and part memoir of one of the all-time bestselling authors. It is a superb volume that gives a practical and revealing view of the craft of the writer composed of the trade’s basic tools that all writers should have.

King’s recommendation is based in his vivid childhood memories to his rising career as a writer. Friendly and inspiring with a brilliant structure, this book will entertain and empower anyone who takes time to read through its pages.

good copywriting the ode less travelled

The Ode Less Travelled by Stephen Fry

Writing actually has rhythm to it and it matters because this is the key aspect of an engaging copy. If you wish to discover this rhythm, poetry is the best place to turn to.

Even though this Stephen Fry book won’t necessarily teach you how to sell, this can teach you of the rhythm and pace that are both essential.

According to him, as long as you can read and speak English, you will be able to write poetry. Most of you probably didn’t learn how to write or read poetry and see it as an intimidating and mysterious form.

With this book, Fry makes sure to address this issue by providing aspiring poets the confidence and tools they need for writing poetry for the sake of pleasure.

Also a writer of poetry and an engaging teacher, Fry explains the different elements of poetry using simple terms with no condescension.

amazing writing techniques on writing well

On Writing Well by William Zinsser

On Writing Well is a remarkably practical guide on how to write nonfiction and this is something that applies to almost all genres and nonfiction disciplines including copywriting.

This book will teach you about learning to trust yourself, simplicity, brevity, the essence of surprise and humor, the perks of writing using first person, and so much more.

The book has been earning praises for the sound advice that its gives, the warmth and the clarity of its style. This is for those people who wish to learn how they can write well or those who just need to do some writing in order to get through their day like what everyone is doing in this modern age of the internet and email.


Did we miss any? What are your favorite Copywriting Books? Let us know in the comments. 

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