September 29, 2020


I assume that you are either looking to build a beautiful architecture website. 🥳 

Or you want to find inspiration for a architecture websites. 😛

One way or the other, you are at the right place! 🎯

We compiled a list of the best architecture websites, some are even award-winning websites

Over the course of my digital career I built plenty of websites and campaigns.

I build digital experiences for entrepreneurs🕴️, startups🧑‍💻 and even brands like Disney, Tiffany, Fendi, Nike, Porsche, Beats by Dre, etc.👏👀

I built websites, and I am still building as you read this, in Chinese, Japanese, English and French... for the US🗽, Canadian🦫, European🥖, Chinese🧋 and Japanese⛩️ markets! 

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I can say with confidence that I have an eye for design and an advanced knowledge of website building technologies.

In this article you will learn valuable things like:

  1. The YY best architecture websites, plenty of inspiration for us to enjoy
  2. How to easily build a beautiful and affordable architecture website with Divi (*alternatively, we can also build it for you)
  3. How and where to host the website for cheap, on SiteGround
  4. Tutorial on how to build an architecture firm's website
  5. FAQ about the best architects' websites

We will also introduce you to the best website builder (easy-to-use) and best web hosting (fast and cheap.)

Building an architecture website is now easy thanks to advances in technology. 🤟

You can simply drag-and-drop templates! It is easy, even my 5 year old daughter could build a website.

Divi is one of the most flexible and easy-to-use website builders on the market.
The main advantage of using a website builder like Divi is that you can build the architect's website by yourself for about 💸 100-200$US (including web hosting, email addresses and domain name.) 

😃 4 Steps to build a beautiful architecture website (easy + simple)

  1. 🦹‍♀️ Inspiration: Have a look at other architects’ websites on the market, the design, the content structure, etc.
  2. 🏗️ Website Builder: Get an easy-to-use website builder like Divi (it comes with a pre-designed theme as well.) I have built tons of websites with Divi
  3. 💽 Web Hosting: Get web hosting to host your website, and a domain name if you do not already have one. SiteGround is one of the fastest web host on the market, if not the fastest! 15 minutes
  4. 🛠️ Start building! We will add a Website Building tutorial as part of this article. If at any step in the process you have questions, just reach out to us via the Art of Growth Marketing's 💭 Contact Page or 👥 Facebook)

Later in this post you will see a tutorial that explains you how to Build a Divi website.

Another option is to hire a freelance developer or web designer. They charge a little bit less 💸💸 than agencies.

One issue we find with doing such a thing is that they often operate as a one-person team, which creates communication issues and quality control problems.

If you were to hire an agency (shameless plug: we are also an agency,) you would pay between 💸💸💸 1,500$US to 15,000$US. In some cases even more than that depending on the level of complexity. 

If you are on a budget and have time, you can build the website by yourself by using a website builder like Divi.   

If you are interested in hiring an agency, feel free to contact us via the Art of Growth Marketing's 💭 Contact Page or 👥 Facebook.

**Full disclosure: when you purchase a software or a tool via a link on my website I may earn a small affiliates commission at no extra cost to you.

1 Muraflex

Simple, yet elegant. 

best architect website muraflex

What makes this website great:  

  • Minimalistic and elegant design
  • Use of vertical text
  • Lots of white space and beautiful images
  • Clear navigation

2 Patchwork Architecture

Hip, very hip. 

best architect website patchwork architecture

What makes this website great:  

  • Loading page effect is truly original. 
  • Simple navigation. 
  • Great mouseover effects (color filter and shadow.)
  • Love the fact that they developed a custom-made cursor!

3 Juliana Cavalcanti

Modern and artistic. 

best architect website juliana cavalcanti

What makes this website great:  

  • The website itself is a piece of art.
  • Visually-driven portfolio.
  • At the boundary of design and art. 
  • Minimalistic, yet not boring at all.

4 Dezwartehond 

Urbanism, architecture and web design meet in a bar. 

best architect website dezwartehond

URL: Dezwartehond 

What makes this website great:  

  • The color palette is original, it has a je ne sais quoi that makes it unique. 
  • Loved the scrolling animation effects on this page
  • Favicon's design is cute.

5 Hopdeco

Stunning and well-structured.

best architect website hopdeco

URL: Hopdeco

What makes this website great:  

  • Subtle details added makes a huge difference in terms of first impression (e.g., the lines on the homepage.)
  • Call-to-action right on the homepage above the fold, amazing tactic for conversions and lead generation. 
  • Unique animations when opening webpages. 
  • The website is a creation of Locomotive, a web design agency in my hometown! 

best architect website fabio fantolino architect

What makes this website great:  

  • Clean design. 
  • Original menu structure. 
  • Use of appealing images to enhance emotional reaction.

7 Connect Home Powerhouse Architects

Modern-style design.

best architect website connect home powerhouse architects

What makes this website great:  

  • Love how they compartmentalize areas on the homepage in content sections. 
  • Call-to-action "pill button" in the center of the screen, easy-to-see. 
  • Use of colors, image and 3D renderings is well-balanced. 

8 Powerhouse Architects

Pinterest-style aka Masonry. 

best architect website powerhouse architects

What makes this website great:  

  • Outstanding opening animation and zoom-in effect (on scroll.)
  • Small animations on the About page.
  • The font-family used on the website!

9 Red Company


best architect website red company

What makes this website great:  

  • Hints on the homepage on how to navigate the website. 
  • Scrolling animations are well-executed. 
  • Audacious color palette. 

best architect website rob mills powerhouse architecture

What makes this website great:  

  • Use of films; we say an image is worth a thousand words, how many words if worth a video?
  • Shows clearly the services they offer with examples of works per service easily accessible, great for conversions. 
  • Stunning images taken by professional photographer and edited to create interest. 

11 Tbilisi Gardens

Original design (and great 3D rendering.)

best architect website tbilisi gardens

What makes this website great:  

  • The unique and original approach on the homepage.
  • The 3D rendering of the website when you scroll down. 
  • Copywriting: the use of wording like "Imagine."

12 Ark Shelter

New way of living in nature. 

best architect website ark shelter

What makes this website great:  

  • Copywriting that provides information about all the scenarios about the product (what, how, etc.)
  • 360 degree image to experience the space.
  • Sound! Something rare nowadays on websites. It gives the feeling of being there. 

13 Loen Architecten

Dream-like website.

best architect website loen architecten

What makes this website great:  

  • The color-palette helps creating clear cuts between sections. 
  • Floating images of building in the "Works" webpage. 
  • Mix of real-life images, pre-project drawings and (very) artistic 3D renderings. 

14 Yo Dezeen

Who said image sliders are... a fad?

best architect website yo dezeen

URL: Yo Dezeen

What makes this website great:  

  • Absolutely love the effect when scrolling down, each letter appears one-by-one as if coming in a wave. 
  • The dark theme is truly elegant. 
  • The Blog (rare on architects' websites) is well-done. Notice the loading animation of letters, really nice. 

15 Zikzak


best architect website zikzak

URL: Zikzak

What makes this website great:  

  • Effects when opening and closing the menu (with a fade in/out image that appears in the background.)
  • Use of bespoke icons under the "Services" page (plenty of different services.)
  • Stretching animation effect added to the images while scrolling, very very subtle. 

16 Abcd Architect

Another award-winning website.

best architect website ABCD architect

What makes this website great:  

  • Definitively, the animation effects in the menu. 
  • Contact and Facebook "ghost" buttons at the bottom-right of all pages. 
  • Something we rarely look at: the Contact Form's design.

17 Pomerleau Architecture

A tad corporate, but still stunningly beautiful.

best architect website pomerleau architecture

What makes this website great:  

  • Animations while scrolling that look like they are pulling both text and images up. 
  • Use of big images well-balanced with text. 
  • Clear website architecture, even though the website has a lot of subsections. 

18 And Tradition

Shopify for chairs.

best architect website and tradition

What makes this website great:  

  • This seems like a classic, but we will say it: animation on the landing page. 
  • Very nice use of colors to delimit sections and structure the homepage. 
  • The subtle "Sign up for our newsletter" pop-up.
  • Look at the webshop!

19 Sole Tanche Bachy

Original layout!

best architect website sole tanche bachy

What makes this website great:  

  • Use of vertical and horizontal text, without making it hard to read. 
  • Navigation call-to-actions with red buttons, rare for navigation. 
  • Minimalistic design, yet there is a good amount of written content on the webpages. 

20 Archi Graphy

Navigation like flying, almost. 

best architect website archi graphy

What makes this website great:  

  • The menu's elements are not named in a traditional manner, instead, they use creative vocabulary.
  • Text is tilted up and down when scrolling, something I have never seen before, nice effect. 
  • Their "expertise" section could be a little bit more prominent, but they have original icons for each section. 

21 Mafco House

Less is more. 

best architect website mafco house

What makes this website great:  

  • Minimalistic, lots of space. 
  • Big images balanced with minimal amount of text. 
  • Just... simple. Simplicity is good at the age of information overload. 

22 Neal Ymar Architectes


best architect website neal ymar architectes

What makes this website great:  

  • Interesting mouseover effect on images under "projects."
  • Clear projects button under the menu "burger."
  • Box used as a button (e.g., Contact.)

23 Michael McManus


best architect website michael mcmanus

What makes this website great:  

  • Great use of colors (brown is a risqué color to use in web design.)
  • Great branding. 
  • Original design straight-to-the-point. 

24 Ascui And Co Architects

If Bauhaus was a web designer. 

best architect website ascui and co architects

What makes this website great:  

  • All effects from mouseover, opening the menu, image animations, etc.
  • Simple detail: the vertical lines that split the screen. 
  • The logo animation looping. 

25 St Style

Truly modern web design. 

best architect website st style

URL: St Style

What makes this website great:  

  • Love the serif, thin font-family. 
  • The animation in the bottom-left corner (apparently, the Contact us link!)
  • iPad-ish left-right scrolling. 

26 Studio Gusto

Colorfully branded, and artistic.

best architect website studio gusto

What makes this website great:  

  • The website itself is a piece of art! Love almost everything about it. 
  • The clock navigation, very original.
  • Beautiful and colorful menu.

27 Zand Harirchi

Minimalistic, yet impactful. 

best architect website zand harirchi

What makes this website great:  

  • Unique design. 
  • Great navigation. 
  • Opening the website is like entering a new world. 

Best architecture website builder

Is Divi the best website builder?

Short answer: Yes. We recommend Divi for beginners, and even for agencies and freelance developers.
Why Divi?
Many reasons, the most important one being that you do not need to know how to code!

Even my grandmother could build a website with Divi.

Divi is also a very affordable drag-and-drop website builder to build architecture websites. 

This means that you can build a website by drag-and-dropping pre-made design templates.

That is the beauty of website builders: everybody, and I literally mean everybody, can use website builders to build websites. 

On top of that, Divi has a lot of pre-made design templates for architecture websites which simplifies your life.

Who is Divi for

Divi is great for pretty much everybody.

  1. beginners
  2. website owners
  3. freelancers
  4. agencies
  5. developers

I have built tons of websites with Divi, the last one I build took me 4 hours to build.

Features of Divi

Here are the features of Divi:

  1. no need to code: visual editing, bulk editing, layout library
  2. just beautiful: elegant themes and pre-designed templates
  3. did I say easy?: very easy to use
  4. need help?: support and community ready to help
  5. plenty of functions: contact forms
  6. flexible: ability to copy-and-paste sections (rare feature amongst website builders)

Best Website Builder


5 / 5

The Most Popular WordPress Theme In The World And The Ultimate WordPress Page Builder

"Elegant, beautiful, easy to use drag and drop website builder. Great support and amazing community online. I built tons of websites with Divi."  -Martin Couture


Ease of Use



Rated 5 stars on Trustpilot

97% Excellent Reviews on Trustpilot

Web hosting for architecture website

Web hosting is, simply said, a computer in a data center where you website is “hosted.” When visitors visit your website, they are actually pulling the files (e.g., images, text…) from that computer, or “web server.” Simple.

Using a fast web hosting company is essential.

Why? Because if the webpages do not load fast enough, visitors will close the window and go somewhere else!

What is the best hosting company for an architect's website?

We recommend SiteGround. I host all my clients’ websites on SiteGround

Why SiteGround?

Because SiteGround is:

  • proven to be one of the fastest on the market
  • affordable and reliable
  • secure and easy-to-use
  • great support
  • email addresses

If you are looking to host multiple websites, then we recommend WPX hosting. I host almost all my personal and business websites on WPX hosting

Why WPX Hosting?

WPX hosting is also one of the fastest on the market
their support is absolutely amazing
you can host up to 5 websites on their basic package

Buy your architecture Website domain name

The domain name is basically the address of your website. Just like is the domain name of our website.

If you already have a domain name, do not worry, skip to the next topic.

If you do not have a domain name yet, we suggest that you get your domain name where you purchase the web hosting. For example, if you get the best web hosting at SiteGround, then get your domain name there as well.

Best architecture website templates

If you need more inspiration, we made a list of architecture website templates here.

There are plenty of different templates to help you get inspiration for your architecture website web design.

Best architecture website cost

The cost for an architecture website depends on 2 elements:

  1. build the architecture website by yourself
  2. pay an architecture website agency

If you build the architecture website by yourself, you can expect to pay around 100$-200$USD. This will include:

  • website builder
  • website theme (architecture website template, a pre-made design)
  • domain name for 12 months
  • web hosting for 12 months
  • email addresses

If you ask an agency to build an architecture website for you, the cost will be around 1,500$-15,000$USD. Keep in mind that it could be more expensive. Generally speaking, the agency will provide:

  • consulting
  • architecture website design
  • architecture website template
  • architecture website web hosting
  • website builder for architecture website
  • domain name
  • email addresses
  • tracking for visitors insights (e.g., Google Analytics)
  • training
  • support

Recommend Web Hosting:


4.8 / 5

"The fastest hosting for WordPress websites on Divi, affordable, excellent customer support."  -Martin Couture

Speed 🏃‍♀️

Ease of use 🥳 

Support 💻

Cost 🤑

Rated 4.8 stars on Trustpilot 👏

93% Excellent Reviews on Trustpilot 👏👏


Is it easy to build a website?

It is much easier than ever, especially since the appearance of website builders. 

Can you build the website for me?
Yes, we can build a website for you! Prices start at 1,500$US.
Contact us by email via the Contact Page or via Facebook.

What do I need to build a website?
There are 3 core elements that you need to build your website, each element is explained in details below:

  1. Web hosting (aka a web server) to host your website, like SiteGround
  2. A domain name
  3. Website builder like Divi

What is a website builder
Website builders are software that allow you to easily build websites, webpages, blog posts, contact forms, etc. Website builders leverage tools like drag-and-drop editors and pre-made design templates.

Divi is the website builder that we recommend for beginners due to its amazing design templates and its user-friendliness. 

How common and popular are website builders
Websites builders are very popular and most of them are gaining in popularity.

There are 2 types of website builder:

Website builders like Divi, Thrive Themes, Elementor… built on top of WordPress, which runs millions of websites around the world. The biggest advantage is that you own absolutely everything, but you must get web hosting separately (it takes 15 minutes to do, so it is worth the effort!)

Squarespace, WIX, Weebly… where you pay a monthly fee and web hosting is included in the fee. The disadvantage of those platforms is that you do not fully own everything, and there are limitations (e.g., ads on your website when it comes to basic package.) Of course, they are a good option, but we prefer to own everything!

What is Divi
Divi is one of the world’s most famous website builders.

There are many advantages to Divi:

  • stunning pre-made design templates
  • beautiful themes
  • drag-and-drop editor
  • structure easy to navigate
  • security and stability

Is Divi easy-to-use?
Divi is simple and very instinctive.
Even my 5 year old daughter could use it!

Is Divi flexible?
Divi is super flexible. It even allows you to modify pre-designed templates.

Does Divi have support?
Yes, Divi not only has support, it also has an active community online.

What is web hosting
Web hosting is basically hosting your website and its files (e.g., images, videos, coding files, database, etc.) on a web server.

One of the fastest in the world, secure, reliable and affordable web host is SiteGround.

Another advantage of SiteGround is that its support is amazing.

What is a web server
A web server is a computer-like machine that sits in the data center of web hosting companies.

What is WordPress is the world’s most famous Content Management System (also called CMS.) Millions of websites are run on WordPress, and I am sure that you visited thousands of WordPress websites without even realizing it.

WordPress allows you to easily publish posts, create webpages… it works hands-in-hands with the website builder Divi.

The great thing with the web host SiteGround is that its allows you to install WordPress in one-click.

Quick note, is a DIFFERENT organization, and we suggest that you focus on instead.

What is a domain name
A domain name is the address of your website. For example, our domain name is

If you do not have a domain name yet, we suggest that you get it at the same place where you purchase web hosting.
We recommend SiteGround for buying domain names and web hosting.

What are themes and templates?
A theme is what sets the general appearance of your website, where the images appear, the color palette, the structure of content, etc.

You can think of a theme like a car model: the Porsche 911, the Porsche Panamera and the Porsche Boxster all have a specific appearance.

Templates are basically pre-made designs like About us, blog posts, product comparison, etc.

What is SiteGround
SiteGround is one of the fastest web hosting companies in the world, the data proves it.

Having a fast web server is essential as if your webpages load slowly, visitors will close the webpage and go somewhere else!

I use SiteGround for my clients’ websites.

What is WPX hosting
WPX Hosting is also one of the fastest web hosting companies in the world. I have done the speed tests myself, and I can tell you that they are super fast.

WPX Hosting has very fast customer support via chat and email.
WPX hosting is great for people who want to host many websites and create plenty of email addresses.

Why do you recommend Divi?
We recommend Divi because it is a one-stop shop.
Divi has beautiful themes and templates, and I mean really beautiful.
It is also fast, stable, and beginners’ friendly.

The User Experience is great and using the drag-and-drop editor is simple and instinctive. It is also super flexible, allowing you to customize your website as you wish.

Why do you recommend SiteGround
Because it one of the fastest in the world.
It is affordable and reliable.
SiteGround also offers WordPress one-click install.

Why do you recommend WPX hosting
Because their servers are super fast and their customer support is top-notch.
WPX Hosting also offers WordPress one-click install.

How much does it cost to build a website?
If you build it by yourself, you can allocate about 200$US.
This amount should include:

  1. the website builder
  2. web hosting
  3. domain name

If you decide to hire a web developer or an agency, for quality work you can allocate a minimum of 1,000$US. Cheaper options are usually risky… you get what you pay for.

How much does a website builder cost
The cost of website builders is around 8$-20$US/month.

There are free website builders out there, but as we say, the only free cheese is in the mousetrap: their features and functions are extremely limited… and to access the great features you will have to pay one way or the other.

How much does Divi cost?
The advantage of Divi is that it is really affordable at about 8$US/month. The quality of the website builder Divi is outstanding for the price.

The lifetime package is 249$US/lifetime. (I got this one and do not regret it whatsoever.)

How much does web hosting cost?
Web hosting costs around 5$ to 20$US/month.
You get what you pay for, so be wary of super cheap web hosting.

Cheap web hosting tends to be slow… which means that visitors will close the webpage and go somewhere else. In other words, you will lose traffic and leads.

How much does a domain name cost?
A domain name costs around 12$-15$US/year.

How much does SiteGround cost?
SiteGround web hosting costs around 6,99$US/month.

How much does WPX hosting cost?
WPX hosting costs around 20$-21$US/month.

Web designer vs. Agency vs. Build myself
You basically have 3 options: hire a freelance web designer, pay an agency or built the website yourself. Each have their advantages and disadvantages. 

  1. Web designer: affordable, but greater risk in terms of communication and quality of work.
  2. Agency: a little bit more pricey, but it ensures that the work will be top-notch quality.
  3. Build yourself: time is money… and there is a small learning curve. 

Do you get affiliates commissions
When you purchase a service after clicking one of our links we get an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. It allows us to keep creating content like this and bringing value to the world.

Wanna blog? 🥳 Build a website? 🤩 Make money blogging 🤑

If you have ever thought about blogging, having a niche site or an affiliates website? Whether it is to make money online, sell courses, do Amazon affiliates, dropshipping, eCommerce... or to express your emotions or simply write about your hobbies, consider using Divi to easily build your platform. Divi is a visual drag and drop website builder.

Divi's designs are stunningly beautiful, super easy-to-use, and it is very affordable. Divi even has a lifetime plan 

I will eventually have a tutorial, but in the meantime, contact me via Facebook if you need help or if I picked your curiosity.<👀

*Affiliates Disclaimer: When you click on a link on the Art of Growth Marketing website, we may receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. This helps us deliver value to you and produce great content for people around the world. Thank you in advance!

Best Website Builder 


5 / 5

The Most Popular WordPress Theme In The World And The Ultimate WordPress Page Builder

"Elegant, beautiful, easy to use drag and drop website builder. Great support and amazing community online. I built tons of websites with Divi."  -Martin Couture

*Affiliates Disclaimer: When you click on a link on the Art of Growth Marketing website, we may receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. This helps us deliver value to you and produce great content for people around the world. Thank you in advance!


Ease of Use



Rated 5 stars on Trustpilot

97% Excellent Reviews on Trustpilot

Reach out!

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