October 31, 2020

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We all often get to listen that we need to do hard work to be successful.

But now one tells how much hard work?

Now, many you may think that how can we calculate this? 

Since there is no scale to measure the efforts required to be successful in our field. I, too, agree with this.

Today I am going to explain to you a book that can lead us to success. The 10X book tells us the exact amount of actions to get success. Yes, I talk about "The 10X Rule" book by Grant Cardone. I will explain each chapter of this book with examples. So please till the end to get the best outcome from it.

Grant Cardone is more than a millionaire (billionaire?) He is a teacher, a mentor and a leader.

Chapter 1: What is the 10X Rule?

The 10X rule refers to the fact that you can achieve success in your financial, physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and family life if you multiply by 10 the level of effort in your actions.

To be more clear about where to start and implement the rule; Start by setting goals 10 times higher than what you would typically set and work 10 times more than you usually would meet them.

Writer Grant Cardone says that massive actions must follow massive thoughts since acting and thinking are correlated. The right mindset is essential, the so-called dominant mind, as it will be inclined to take action where people normally would not.

Chapter 2: Why the 10X Rule is vital

10X actions and thinking are vital because they are the only aspect that can help you to avoid unpredictable situations.

When the energy, effort, and time needed to achieve any result are underestimated, you may have feelings of "abandonment" in mind. You will not formulate the persistence necessary to succeed in your objective. Though you correctly calculate the efforts required, you will be sure about reaching your goals.

It would be best if you always increased your actions. Instead of cut down your goals. Success does not just "happen." It is the result of constant and reasonable actions taken at the right time. When you take 10X actions of what you usually take, then you can be assured to get a better result than ever before because you have made 10X possibilities to be successful.

Chapter 3: What is Success?

The meaning of success relies on the current situation of any person in his life. And when his situations change, the definition of his success changes too. For example, if you do not have any job, then getting a job is your success. But once you succeed in getting one, after that, you will start targeting promotion in it. That will be your next success.

Chapter 4: Success is your Duty

We should consider success as the most important factor to survive in this world on our terms.

We should treat success as our primary duty rather than considering it as an option. People who take success as a duty always achieve incredible results, and they set examples for others.

So if you want to be successful, start respecting the success and put some extraordinary efforts to get it. You should be ready to challenge your limitation as you may need to go beyond it to achieve the milestone.

I love this concept so much that I printed it, and added the sentence “Success if your Duty” on the wall right next to my work desk.

Chapter 5: There Is No Shortage of Success

Success is endless. There will never be a lack of success if you are desperate to achieve.

Because people who are not limited by determination, perseverance, ideas, creativity, originality, talent, and intellect always achieve ultimate success in their life.

Millions of people all over the world can achieve indefinite success at different times and massive levels. Your success does not depend on current conditions and resources. You can achieve it in any situation or anywhere, just by approaching in the right way.

Chapter 6: Assume Control for Everything

Successful people take a massive amount of actions in every situation, and these big actions can not be executed without responsibility.

They become able to get success on a higher level and find solutions to their big problems by increasing the level of responsibility.

To become successful, you need to understand that you are responsible for every good or bad thing in your life. Instead of blaming others or your situation, you should take responsibility for your actions.

By doing this, you can enrich your lives' quality and decrease the occasion of apparently unexpected unfortunate events.

I totally agree with the statement that we need to be more responsible and take more ownership. In my career working with brands like Nike, Tiffany, Disney, Mercedes, Bosch, Costa… I used to work with big teams and sometimes, who owned what was not super clear. In such a situation, jump on the opportunity to be a leader!

Chapter 7: Four Degrees of Action

You can not hit success with shortcuts. The more efforts you put, the more opportunities you generate to be successful.

Persistent actions and discipline are the most determining aspect to reach the milestone of success.

You need to approach every day because your future and present life depend on your capacity to put enormous effort.

Most people fail to get success due to operating the wrong degree of action.

Four degree of actions:

  • Do nothing
  • Withdraw
  • Normal action
  • Massive action

Chapter 8: Average is a falling formula

Average thinking and the average level of actions are the only reason for failure. Until you do not go beyond average, you can create a tremendous amount of success.

Optimistic people overestimate how well things will work and then underestimate how much energy and effort it will take to get things going.

The average never leads to anything more than the average and usually ends up paying much less.

Surround yourself with exceptional thinkers and achievers.

Chapter 9: 10X Goals

One of the primary reasons people are not pursuing their goals and cannot reach them is that they do not put goals high.

These are the two activities that Cardone performs to achieve its goals:

  • Write your goals every day
  • Choose targets out of reach

Writing your 10X rule goals daily and choosing very high goals will allow you to influence your potential, which you use to increase your actions every day.

Ask yourself if the goals match your potential. Most would admit that their goals are far from their power because most of the world has been persuaded and even trained to set small, achievable, and realistic goals.

Chapter 10: Competition Is for Sissies

The biggest myth that people believe is that competition is fair and good. You often limit your creativeness because you continually observe what your competitors are doing. It would be best if you had the goal to dominate, not compete.

Take the lead in what others do not want to do. This will create opportunities for you to get an unfair advantage.

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Chapter 11: Break out of the Middle Class

The middle class is more vulnerable to insecurity and suffering. This seems to be the most trapped, manipulated, and riskiest group. The middle class' problem is that they pursue what is necessary but never follow more extraordinary things.

It is defined as a class where people can freely consume one-third of their remaining income after purchasing basic food and rooms.

But it no longer exists, and almost no members of the current middle-class own one-third of their income.

Chapter 12: Obsession is not a Disease; It is a Gift

Most of the people take limited actions. In contrast, all successful people take every small and big factor of his work seriously and try hard to execute it well. Obsession is a core principle of the 10X rule.

If you are obsessed with your purpose, idea, or goal, you will become equally addicted to complete it and take the best result out of it.

Never consider obsession as a disease; instead, make it a goal too.

I loved this chapter. Especially as someone obsessed with little details, and who tends to micro-manage every bits and pieces.

Chapter 13: Go “All In” and Overcommit

You may be aware of the "all-in" theory as in Poker Game. This is when a player puts all his chips at risk and either gets doubles or lost all. Although I am not talking about money or chips here, I am citing a much more critical condition for your ideas, energy efforts, creativity, and perseverance.

Life is very different from the game of poker because there is no limit to ideas and efforts. You can go “all-in” with your ideas and efforts lots of time because even if you fail, you can again go "all-in" with your massive actions.

Chapter 14: Expand—Never Contract

People who contract in challenging situations never achieve the milestone of success. Because contracting leads you to retreat, it infringes on the 10X rule that requires you to perform with more energy and large amounts in any situation.

However, in some situations, you may need to defend, conserve, and retreat. But you must do that for a short duration, to prepare, reinforce, and perform again.

Chapter 15: Burn the Place Down

You have to be restless and unstoppable. Once you start doing something, stay motivated to put in continuous efforts. Big success demands constant massive actions. People who fail, always go back to their comfort zone after putting some efforts when they find no big results. One rule of the 10X rules is never to stop, be persistent, and go all along.

But winners decide to fight till the end. They know something good results take time. So if you want to succeed, then you must have a burning desire to succeed.

Chapter 16: Fear is a great indicator

You will experience fear while performing new actions at any level. If you do not feel fear, you are not on the right track to win. Fear is not bad, it is something you must accept and try to tackle it.

Fear is just a feeling that prevents people from following their objectives. Fear gets stronger when preparation is done in the last-minutes, and it keeps dominating with time.

Most of the time, fear indicates the right action that one should take at that time.

Chapter 17: The myth of the time management

Time management is one of the most important aspects required to succeed at the 10X rule. Many people do not know how much time they should spend on specific things.

You give yourself to perform more actions by doing things on time. You can schedule the staff to complete them on time. It would help if you started with essential things first.

Chapter 18: Criticism is a sign of success

No one likes to criticize. However, you are on the right path to success, if people start criticizing you.

Do not avoid criticism. Instead, you should accept it and keep working without letting it hurt your concentration.

Your thoughts or actions do not matter; people keep criticizing you. When your efforts start to dominate the field you work in, you become your competitors' major target who gets challenged by your efforts.

Chapter 19: Customer Satisfaction Is the Wrong Target

Customer service is the wrong target; increasing your customers is the right target. Customer satisfaction is essential, but you need to get and grow your customer base before satisfying customers. You cannot have satisfied customers without having customers.

Companies should not make customer service their primary goal. Instead, they should take efforts multiple the number of customers they serve. However, I do not mean that customer satisfaction is unnecessary because disappointed and unsatisfied customers will not like to come back. Yet increasing customer satisfaction is next to impossible without expanding customers.

Chapter 20: Omnipresence

To dominate the field you want to get success in, you need to become omnipresent. Nowadays, television, radio, newspapers, social media, and other mediums on the internet help you a lot to be omnipresent.

You can take the example of all big companies; they let you see their product and service on TV, the Internet and all the place you spend most of the time. Because they know without being omnipresent or being noticed, they can not influence the market.

Chapter 21: Excuses

We all make an excuse. But by making excuses, we can not change our circumstances.

We make excuses because we do not want to take responsibility for our efforts. Successful people never make excuses; instead, they take responsibility for every action they take and the results they get: good or bad. The 10X rule implies that you take FULL OWNERSHIP. No more BS, no more lame excuses.

Chapter 22: Successful or Unsuccessful

Successful people don't have any supernatural power. They are normal human beings like us. However, The main difference between successful and unsuccessful people is thinking, point of view to see the problems, and acting to solve them. Success is just another skill that you can also learn from successful people. You need to observe their habits and characteristics.

Chapter 23: Getting Started with 10X

Do you want to be successful? If yes, then the best time for you to start is Now. You should do not wait for tomorrow because tomorrow will come. The more you will delay, the more chances you will lose to get success. So from now, you start thinking in 10X style and change your limitation to put 10X efforts. The time to start is NOW; embrace Grand Cardone's 10X rules!


"The 10X Rule" is an excellent book by Grant Cardone that gives you a logical reason to achieve big by thinking big. I strongly suggest that you get the book on Amazon (and see if it is available on Grant Cardone’s website.)

After reading this book, you will find yourself a different person who will not fear failure or taking risks. But this book is good for nothing, for those who will not start to take massive actions after reading this book.

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